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I'm an artist and I love your line work and coloring. Someone might have already asked this but what brushes do you use and what are your settings? Thanks so much keep drawing dude!!!

agh sorry for answering so late i forgot how i draw

oof the quality is nasty but its readable..

so if u didnt know, i use medibang paint to draw (basically the same as firealpaca but with a black background instead of grey)

Medibang is a bit shit in terms of really customising brushes but hey i’m poor and cant afford shit like SAI and photoshop so i suffer and make do with what’s available. 

aight so most of my brushes i use are ones that i downloaded from the cloud so if you click the little cloud thingy on the sidebar then it’ll take u to more brushes which is where i got mine.

i basically have a couple ways of drawing depending how i feel - for those little pun comics i used a soft brush for lines (either the “thick brush sumi” or the “acrylic”) and for shading i used the “pen” and “fluffy watercolour”. But for other stuff where i want cleaner lines i use the custom pen shown in the pic. 

Acrylic is one i mostly use for lining bigger things if i want crisp lines but still kind of keeping a slightly sketchy style. 

Watercolour is a good brush for painting when u wanna blend the colours together easily (you can adjust how well they blend in the brush setting).

i have Correction set to 2 - for those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a function designed to control how much fluidity you have when drawing lines. If you have it on a higher setting then it’ll restrict you more so the lines turn out a lot smoother (it’s a useful function but if you try to draw too fast it just makes it seem like it’s lagging loads so i dont use it). When on a lower setting you get more control which is better for sketching. 

thats like all i can think of but if u need any more tips hmu

Alright so, @levonolev, I love your blogs and I’ve had some free time since finals week is over and to de-stress, I figured why not draw your adorable fluffy sona. I was t entirely sure what color the body was, so I melded several shades of blues, purples and black together. I’m sorry my shading is bad, I haven’t drawn for months… but I really did try. I hope you enjoy!


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In the Beginning.

Dean x Reader (Butterfly Effect Story, Read “please read this note” for guidelines)

PLESE READ THIS NOTE!!!: This is a butterfly effect series. Meaning you as the reader have choices as to how your story plays out. After each section you’ll be given a two to three option choice. The choice you pick will change how the story plays out for you. When asked: (What do you do?), you’ll need to click on the bold choice you’ve made below that, which will lead you to the next part of your story.

Warnings for this section: Second paragraph is suggestive.

A/n: Butterfly Effect series. Meaning if you don’t start at the first you won’t understand a damn thing. Lucky for you this is the first.  

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“I don’t understand these feelings. The ones that lurk deep within my core. What’s worse is I have no idea how I’m supposed to act upon them.” You put down on the top part of your pen before continuing to write in the leather bound journal.

“Dean’s the type of guy with two sides. One is loving wrapped in a sugar coat of enough sweetness you’d get a tooth ache. The other would bind you to the bed with handcuffs. Watch as you lied beneath him, begging for a thread. Waiting until all hell was about to break loose before finally bringing release.” Shutting your eyes you paused, envisioning everything you were jotting down. “Thing is, I can’t decide which part of him I crave more…maybe it’s just him in general. Or maybe it’s-”

“Whatcha writin’ ?” No other then Dean’s voice crept up behind you in a singsong tone. Stopping your train of thought mid sentence.

Your hands quickly placed themselves on both covers of the journal, slapping it shut quickly before shaking off what little mind games still frolicked in your head.

“Something called non ya’.” You chimed back at him, holding the journal tightly to your chest. Even as you spun yourself once in the desk chair your dragged out to the Bunker’s main table.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got a middle schooler crisis book filled with pink fluffy innocence.” He laughed lightly as he spoke from behind still.

“It’s not a crisis book, for one. And where do you see any pink fluffy innocent anything?” Closing your eyes tightly at the thought of a thick pink fluff covered diary with an equally fluffy pen, you couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“Well if you let me read it, I’m sure I could pick out all the Princess Penelope entries.” While you couldn’t see the smile creeping on his lips, the sound of his voice painted a perfect picture of his equally perfect facial features.

A firm hand took control of your chair, spinning it around only until your eyes were in sight of his. He paused his movement, only for a moment. Long enough to draw a thick line of invisible tension between the eye contact you made. Bending over he slipped his hands over the arm rests of the chair before speaking in a deep cook tone.

“Unless you’ve got something about me in there.” His eyebrow cocked upward. The devilish smile he played on his tauntingly perfect lips only threatened the goosebumps on your arms to reveal their presence.

(What do you do? Click your on your answer below.)

Lean Forward and Kiss Him

Act Normal


Paint blobs Ruby and Sapphire! Colours edited a bit in Photoshop! They’re so soft and pretty!💖💖

Art by @msdanig-gem
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FAQ (For the people who keeps asking me crap)

What drawing app do you use?
: Medibang paint pro

What editing software/app do you use?
: Powerdirector APK/ Kinemaster APK

What is your gender?
: this is personal hoe, dont ask me again

What tab do you use? : Samsung Galaxy tab A

What are your/you’re pronouns?
: Them/They/Xe/Xem/Xyr

Why did you stop your Hamilton animatics/why did u stop your Hamilton fanart
: I cant stay in one Fandom kid, Im the artist its my choice

What country do you live in?
: Philippines

How old are you?
: 13-14

How do you draw?
: With my head and my hand

What pens do you use for drawing in Medibang?

 : Pencil (rough), Pen and Fluffy watercolor 3  

Can we be friends?

: Sure, but dont think that were friends immediatly, cuz it would sound shitty to me. I dont trust people quick, and understand that i dont want to talk or something. Dont claim that we are “Close friends/Best friends” if i say so.

Sorry for sounding rude


 • Don’t repost one of my drawings without my Permission 

 • Don’t OWN the drawing 

 • for the IG reposters, there is no such thing as “Creds to Artist” you reposted someone’s art without knowing the artist