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Fill-a-Page February day 09!

I spent way longer on this than I should have done, but oh well. It just wasn’t working so I kept prodding instead of leaving it, and Keith kept getting ~softer~ each time lmao


Looks like Sphena and Data speices swapped… Data is sure wondering why she became so short and fluffy. On Sphena side she grew-up and became much more athletic… I think there’s a little problem here! >w>;;

A little giftie for the sweetie @pencil-arts / @pencil-rebagels with her secretary braixen who’s been Renamoned! I wanted to Pencil up! <3 


So the colors are suuuper not showing up right, but that’s definitely because these are phone pictures instead of proper scans.

In any case, meet Izuku and Rei from @pitviperofdoom‘s fanfic “Yesterday Upon The Stair”! I’ll definitely have to make scans of these, I cropped all the ugliest parts out but a scan should fix most of the sins here.

wiishus-warriors  asked:

Okay sooo the Anti apperance did not happen in the birthday video like we theorised soo what now dudes? Where did you think it will happen? For my guess maybe valentines day because its like a world celebration (i think) like halloween was...

My guess it’s probably only exclusive to horror games now, which is kind of better in my opinion. :)

another star wars au cherik sketch (x)

padme!charl and anakin!erik au but where no one dies or goes vader ok

Holy shit, I didn’t make the second drawing an edgy, darker version of the first! The character can still be classified as adorable here! :O



replied to your post

“what’s the fluffy fury clan do?”

AAHHH!! Let me join your Fluffy Furry Clan too, Mini! XD I will draw the fluffies as offering one day to prove how much I love them! <3

I’m IMPRESSED with your good spirit!
(Tap a sword on your shoulders)
Now you are the clan’s CRAFTSMAN. You shall draw fluffies to prove your true love of fluffiness, Celineakayjs….

This is the best item I give to every craftsmen! Deku Kacchan Sparkling Fluffy Pencils! Please use them with care.

Now we got 5 members! Never thought our clan will come this far. (shred my tears happily ;v;) Fluffy Furry clan welcomes everyone! X’D