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Fill-a-Page February day 09!

I spent way longer on this than I should have done, but oh well. It just wasn’t working so I kept prodding instead of leaving it, and Keith kept getting ~softer~ each time lmao


Looks like Sphena and Data speices swapped… Data is sure wondering why she became so short and fluffy. On Sphena side she grew-up and became much more athletic… I think there’s a little problem here! >w>;;

A little giftie for the sweetie @pencil-arts / @pencil-rebagels with her secretary braixen who’s been Renamoned! I wanted to Pencil up! <3 

marki--septic  asked:

Okay sooo the Anti apperance did not happen in the birthday video like we theorised soo what now dudes? Where did you think it will happen? For my guess maybe valentines day because its like a world celebration (i think) like halloween was...

My guess it’s probably only exclusive to horror games now, which is kind of better in my opinion. :)

Alright so, @levonolev, I love your blogs and I’ve had some free time since finals week is over and to de-stress, I figured why not draw your adorable fluffy sona. I was t entirely sure what color the body was, so I melded several shades of blues, purples and black together. I’m sorry my shading is bad, I haven’t drawn for months… but I really did try. I hope you enjoy!


replied to your post

“what’s the fluffy fury clan do?”

AAHHH!! Let me join your Fluffy Furry Clan too, Mini! XD I will draw the fluffies as offering one day to prove how much I love them! <3

I’m IMPRESSED with your good spirit!
(Tap a sword on your shoulders)
Now you are the clan’s CRAFTSMAN. You shall draw fluffies to prove your true love of fluffiness, Celineakayjs….

This is the best item I give to every craftsmen! Deku Kacchan Sparkling Fluffy Pencils! Please use them with care.

Now we got 5 members! Never thought our clan will come this far. (shred my tears happily ;v;) Fluffy Furry clan welcomes everyone! X’D

another star wars au cherik sketch (x)

padme!charl and anakin!erik au but where no one dies or goes vader ok


I haven’t quite finished my crisis box yet, I still need to write instructions to stick inside the lid so when I’m totally overwhelmed and unable to think I can still use it properly. I also want to write a list of suggestions of things I can do that aren’t in the box, I want to include a helpful crisis plan full of DBT skills so I can refer to it in order to solve my crisis rather than simply enduring the crisis and I want to write a positive and encouraging letter to myself to put in here that I can read when I’m unable to think positive things about myself.

The things I have in my crisis box are:

- Pretty notebook to write feels in.
- Activity book.
- Fluffy pencil case with pencils and pens in it.
- Postcard with a stamp on it so I can either send it to myself or to a friend to reach out to them. This might encourage me to take a walk outside to the post box as well.
- Easy crafts (bracelet making kit).

- Enough yarn to knit a stripy scarf and a pair of knitting needles. It’s an easy project that I can focus on even through the deepest of brain fogs.

- Snacks!

- Soft tissues for crying.

- Peel off face mask. Fun and occupies time.
- Collagen face mask. No idea if this works but might make me feel less awful about myself?
- Tea tree moisturising hand thing. You put your hands in and leave them in for about 20 minutes. It’s super tingly and cold and occupies hands when urges to indulge in negative behaviours surface. It also leaves hands looking like prunes which makes me laugh.
- Nail file.
- Nail varnish.
- Cuticle revitaliser. It helps soften cuticles.
- Minnie Mouse lip gloss. Sophisticated and fancy.

- Sandalwood incense. I love sandalwood incense, it smells amazing.
- Musk oil. Musk is a smell I find exceptionally comforting, it’s like an instant self soothing technique.

- Head massager (the thing that looks like a broken whisk). I find the sensation really soothing and calming.
- Fluffy socks. Soothing sensory information happening all upon my feets.
- Wooden puzzle. Really tricky but solvable, time consuming, keeps hands busy.
- Hand warmer in a mini fluffy hot water bottle case. Warm and soft.
- Granite heart. Smooth, cold, feels really good in my hand.

So there’s loads of things to distract with, loads of things to self soothe with, loads of sensory items for grounding and it’s also going to include stuff I’ll write for myself to help me cope better/solve problems/be skillful. I wonder if I could add more things like the postcard to help me stay connected and not isolate. I feel like I was really focused when I put this box together, I forgot to use it last week when I was really struggling but I’m sure it’ll become easier to realise when I need to open my crisis box. It’s absolutely jam-packed with stuff and though I love the box I may consider buying a larger one so I can fit a few more things in.

Does this mean Erik is the snow-angel of music?

Twas’ feeling rather Christmasy and this happened upon request for more ‘E/C’, and several requests for more of a Kay or Leroux version of the characters. So I pulled out my new colored pencils and attempted it.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Of course this won’t be my last holiday drawing.