fluffy or hairless

vincaminor42  asked:

If it's not too much trouble, may I request a State of the Pets Address, please? I was wondering how Pumpkin and all the Incredibly Fluffy and/or Hairless Cats and the Stick Sisters, and any others that are about (like if perhaps you'd gotten another emu, or a bucket of toads, or somesuch), were doing these days?

Cats, good; fluffy and/or not according to their nature; Pumpkin, angry, but let me touch her the other day; one of the Stick Sisters has died, as is their wont; the other continues stubbornly on, eating leaves and smelling like cookies.

dogs: hair gets greasy, dog wax, only some are fluffy while others have thick wiry hairs or extremely short hair

cats: as long as they groom themselves they dont get greasy and even then its only along the spine near the tail, if at all, and all cats are guaranteed to be soft and fluffy (sans hairless)

u know what I love cats I love all cats I love cats that are fluffy and cats that are hairless and cats with one eye or missing legs I love kittens and cats that are pushing 20 I love cats with bob tails and folded ears I love cats that are ‘ugly’ I love cats that rub up on your leg whenever they see u and i love cats who hiss and bite when the wrong person touches them I love cats with missing teeth and patches of hair and cats that are scared of their own shadow I love cats ok all cats are good cats and cats deserve love