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Head cannon about Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper, Soldier76, Zenyatta, McCree, Genji and Hanzo raising babies/children?? That was a lot of characters, whoops.

~I only do up to 5 characters so I’ll just do the first five. Feel free to send another request for the others/more. 


  • Their first word was ‘Boom’ Junkrat was ecstatic. Roadhog wasn’t. 
  • Junkrat is the baby’s uncle. Roadhog didn’t have a say and doesn’t particularly mind. They both have a lot of energy, if he can tired them both out together it’s killing two birds with one stone.
  • There’s definitely pictures of the baby sleeping on his stomach. Junkrat took thousands of pictures of them.
    • The baby’s first bomb: It’s only a toy that lets out confetti but Roadhog still looks terrified.
    • Their first steps: Toward Roadhog. They landed in his arms.
    • The day they created their first weapon: It’s an older model of Roadhog’s hook in a launcher. It was modified to shoot the hook and to shoot bombs on another setting. Junkrat and Roadhog are proud of the kid’s ingenuity.
  • The fridge is overloaded with their drawings and grades. In the later years, he stores the older ones in the attic. The attic is full of memories. 


  • His baby’s first language is Spanish because it’s the language he speaks most often. Their first word was Mío (Mine). They quickly learned the word ‘No’ after that. 
  • One of those parents that hand makes their kid’s Halloween costumes. 
  • The teachers fear him. If his kid is in trouble, he’s down at the office immediately ready to raise Hell. 
  • The PTA Mom™. He’s got the whole place on lockdown. He doesn’t get along with anyone but no one dares to try and tell him he’s wrong about what’s best for the children. 
    • Makes the cookies for the meetings. 

Soldier 76: 

  • Their first word was ‘da-da’ He cried when they said it. 
  • He’s got billions of home movies of his kid. They’ll be embarrasing blackmail later but honestly, he just likes filming their smiles and laughs. 
  • He’s tired. Someone give him a nap. I can only imagine him with the most hyperactive child to counterbalance him. 
  • He’s not the best when it comes to emotionally connecting to his kid because of how gruff he can be but when it comes to expressing interest, he’s got it down to a science. 
    • His kid likes this new thing? He knows all about it in two days. 
    • New TV show they’re obsessed with? He’s all caught up. 
    • New video game? He’s not good but he can play. 
    • New sport they want to try? He’s at all the games. 


  • Zenyatta’s baby took a while to speak. He started getting worried. They said their first word in Zenyatta’s garden. It was ‘Flower’ He melted.
  • He lets them ride in his lap and loves to hear them giggle as they float around. They fall asleep in it often too. He loves to feel their heartbeat against him.
  • A big fan of fluffy onesies with animals on them. He likes to play with their little feet. 
    • Also a fan of overalls. 
    • and footie pajamas when they get a little older.
  • They remind him of how wonderful humanity is. The world is still full of surprises for him and double the amount for them. Watching them learn about the world and seeing their wide awe filled eyes is easily his favorite thing.


  • Their first word was ‘uh oh’ when they caused a big mess and McCree couldn’t even get upset about it. 
    • They’re a clumsy kid in general. They had a lot of bumps and bruises all the time. A few scars here and there. Nothing major. 
    • McCree is constantly scrambling to keep up with them. 
  • He’s the parent that always leaves his baby in a diaper and just let’s them run around without anything else on. 
  • 9 out of 10 times when he’s missing his hat, his kid has it. They like to dress up as him. He has pictures. 
  • A family cook out kind of dad. Makes the best burgers and plays sports with them if they like to. The cook outs have everyone over and the kid gets to sees the other overwatch members and play with their kids. It’s a fun time for everyone. 

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imagine superfamily in fluffy onesies.

tony gets them, bcs he’s a giant dork. baby peter is pooh bear and he looks so freaking adorable in his soft lil red and yellow bear suit that steve literally can’t handle it when he comes in and finds his two best boys curled up warm and cosy, playing pop the cheeks.

peter’s shrieking in excitement, sitting on tony’s stomach and clapping his chubby hands against tony’s puffed-out cheeks to make them pop, again and again. steve watches them quietly for a few minutes, his heart feeling so full and warm that it could burst.

then tony glances up and sees him, and his eyes light up. ‘daddy’s home!’ he says to peter, and swings him up in the air and comes over to steve.

that’s when steve sees that tony’s in a onesie too, and oh god, is he trying to kill his husband with the cuteness? tony’s onesie is orange and black, tiger striped, and tony’s bouncing up and down with peter in his arms, saying ‘onesie day! i’m tigger!’

‘tigger!’ peter yells.

‘no, you’re pooh,’ tony tells him. ‘pooh bear, red and gold, because they’re the best colours, aren’t they, pudding?’ tony always calls peter pudding, because he’s so fat and round.

steve laughs and opens his arms and pulls them both in, kissing peter’s downy head and the smiling corner of tony’s mouth. 'love you,’ he murmurs, and tony melts into him, onesie and all. peter wraps his little arms around steve’s neck for a hug, and steve holds them both, breathing in the quiet smell of his little family.

'there’s a onesie for you too,’ tony says, nestling into steve’s neck. he’s trying to hide a grin, and steve narrows his eyes at him and flips the hood over his face.

tony giggles. 'hey, stop it, you brute,’ he says, wrinkling his nose and pushing the hood out of his eyes. 'i had to get it made to fit, because you’re so freakishly big.’ he traces gentle little circles on steve’s chest with his fingers. 'you’ll love it.’


peter is pooh bear, and tony is tigger. so naturally, steve… is piglet.

he loves it.


'you’re adorable,’ steve tells tony later, when they’re all three snuggling together on the couch, peter sleepy and happy and sucking on his bottle, splayed out across steve’s chest.

tony grins where he’s tucked against steve’s neck, stroking peter’s silky hair with gentle fingers. 'says the giant man in a piglet onesie.’

steve kisses his forehead, nuzzling into tony’s warmth. 'i love the onesie,’ he says softly. and tony nestles against him, because they both know he really means i love you.

(more ficlets under the 'stevetony ficlet’ tag on my blog)

Bts Reaction to you making them wear Matching onesies.


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Jin Can’t stop laughing when he sees you with a Banana Onesie on.

“Ahh Y/n don’t make me go through that again!”


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Yoongi only agrees because you promised you’d take a nap with him if he wore it, But then he realizes that hip hop is dead..


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Hobi would steal the Onesie away, not even waiting for you to say anything. Rushing to put it on and match his Beautiful S/o!


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You came running at Namjoon excited to give him the Onesie, Accidentally tripping on the way. Making him laugh and remember why you’re a great pair.


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Jimin being the squishy boi he is would accept it immediately, taking any chance he gets to be cute for you.


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Taehyung would love how fluffy the matching Onesie was. Snuggling into it like it was his new home.

“Y/n it’s so Warm!”


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Matching Bunny Onesies.. *gif says it all *

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Hey! Hopefully this is okay? But you could you please do an RFA+V+Saeran comfort a reader with Nightmares? Thank you so so much!!! <3

Of course it’s okay! And ahhh thank you to everyone who followed me, I woke up this morning to 30 followers & 50+ notes on my first hc post, thanksss ❤

Yoosung :

  • With how clingy he is while sleeping, there’s no doubt he’d immediately wake up if his s/o was having nightmares or if they woke up in a panic because of one.
  • He’d be worried but he’d also be extremely sleepy since it takes some time for him to wake up completely – he’d be a bit slow to understand what happened at first and will be confused as to why they’re awake so early in the morning.
  • Once he does though, he’ll fuss over them and do what his mother did when he had nightmares as a kid; put extra pillows under their head, cover them with two more blankets, he’d bring them some hot chocolate and bring Lisa so they can cuddle with her; he’d even sing a lullaby if they asked him.

Zen :

  • He’s so worried omg his s/o will be the one who has to calm him down because he’ll make a mountain of it; he’ll ask what was wrong, if they had trouble breathing, if they also had psychic dreams like him..
  • Once he’s alright, he’ll wrap his arms around his s/o and whisper comforting words in their ear before singing a lullaby to get them back to sleep.
  • After they’re asleep, he’ll probably spend an hour brushing their hair and trying to make sure they’re not about to have another nightmare again, he feels like maybe if he watches over them, he can protect them from bad dreams.

Jaehee :

  • She gets a little motherly when she wakes up to her s/o trembling from a nightmare; she’ll hold their shoulders and gently hush them, telling them it was just a dream and that everything was fine.
  • She’s not the very talkative type but she’d try to talk to her s/o about anything that came to her mind so they could think of something else and hopefully feel a little better.
  • If they didn’t want to go back to sleep, they’d make mug cakes together and watch tv until they fell asleep – when it’s morning though, Jaehee will spend hours on her laptop trying to find ways to help her s/o so they wouldn’t have nightmares anymore.

Jumin :

  • He won’t wake up right away but if his s/o tries to leave the bed or if they start crying, he’ll be up in seconds. However, he’d be at loss as to what he’s supposed to do to help them since he’s not used to this. He’d just hold them and wait in silence so they can get over whatever happened in their dreams.
  • He’d get them a glass of water and ask them if they want to take a relaxing bath with him, especially if it was an especially bad dream and they woke up sweating and shaking; he’d sit behind them in the bath and gently wash their hair, nuzzling sleepy kisses in their neck until they tell him what’s wrong.
  • If his s/o let him, he’d get an appointment with a doctor so they could get medication or a therapy depending on why the s/o has nightmare.

707 :

  • He doesn’t really sleep at night so he won’t be in bed most of the time his s/o has nightmares but he checks up on them all the time, especially after learning the troubles they have when sleeping.
  • He’s not the best with serious stuff but he hates seeing his s/o distressed and his priority would be to put a smile on their face again. He’d do what he does when he has his own nightmares : build a massive blanket fort, watch funny vines and eat a bunch of stuff. He’d wear a fluffy onesie what a loser and be their cuddle fluff-wearing man.
  • He’d have trouble leaving his s/o alone for the night because he’d be worried in case they had another nightmare; he’ll get some sleep with them and wake up early to finish his work.

V :

  • He’s a light sleeper and wakes up every time they have a nightmare. He doesn’t say anything, he already knows what’s wrong and he’ll just rub his hand on their back until they calm down.
  • He’ll just tell them that he’s there if they want to talk about it but otherwise, he’ll go to the kitchen and come back with a glass of water or a cup of tea before lighting a candle on the bed side table.
  • He won’t let them go back to sleep until they’ve relaxed. He’s willing to do anything they want, be it looking through the photographs on his camera until morning because they don’t want to fall asleep again or hold them in his arms, tracing patterns on their shoulder as he kisses the back of their hand until they’re too tired to stay awake.

Saeran :

  • He has his own nightmares so he understands how they feel and I don’t think he gets to sleep much either so he’s probably already awake when they wake up from their nightmare.
  • He would softly press his forehead against theirs until they calm down and then, he’d talk about his own dreams to persuade his s/o to share theirs with him; he’s never had anyone to talk to about the things keeping him awake, and he’s tired of keeping everything to himself so he’ll want to share his thoughts with them – even the bad ones.
  • He’ll hold their hand and put some background noise to help them sleep, he likes the sound of rain hitting the roof and waves crashing on the shore – it calms him down – so, he’d download one of those apps that lets you choose and combine sounds like these.

Hi! My sister has baby quail (Texas a+m (the yellows) and pharaohs (the brown ones))! They are about a day old here. If you put your hand in their cage they will think you have a treaties and will do a Tall. The quail say hi!

Hi Glorious Tiny Quail Friends! 😀🐥🐸🐥

The Stickyfrogs say hi! They like your soft, fluffy onesies and they are most impressed you are practising your Tall at 1 day old! 😀

The Stickyfrogs send you all a happy smile and a forest of treaties for growing big and strong! 😊🐸🐥😊

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

For @justbeachy81 because she’s a savage who watches Christmas movies before Thanksgiving 😘 ❤

Set mid-season 9, shortly before Trust No 1

December 2001

The strands of colored lights draped across the Douglas fir bathes the living room in a prismatic glow, twinkling off the tinsel, awash in the warmth from the logs crackling in the fireplace. Or it would be if their apartment had a fireplace. But alas, it did not, so the Mulder-demanded yule log on the television – for the ambiance, Scully – would have to suffice. The air is thick with the sweet scent of baking and pine; Bing Crosby croons softly from the record player in the corner.

I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me.

The lack of an actual fire doesn’t temper the warmth expanding into Mulder’s chest as he gazes with overwhelming happiness at the room before him: stockings on the mantel, reindeer rocking horse in the corner, his perfect other in the kitchen, and their son in front of the Christmas tree, surrounded by festively wrapped boxes bound with shiny ribbons. William lays happy and babbling on the crimson tree skirt, reaching a chubby hand towards a shiny ornament ball on the lowest branch, his face reflecting the unbridled look of wonder one only finds in children.

Mulder’s chest clenches with the nostalgic ghost of Christmas past. Christmas had always been Samantha’s favorite holiday. She was enraptured by the lights and decorations and insisted on driving around for hours to look at them, her face pressed to the cold window, that very same look of awe alit by the passing glow.

“William!” Scully worries from her spot behind the kitchen counter, wrist deep in sugar cookie dough, Mulder’s long sleeved tee pushed to her elbows over a pair of leggings. “Don’t pull on those! Mulder, can you get him?”

Mulder chuckles and sidles up behind her, sliding his arm around her waist. “Don’t worry, Scully,” he presses a kiss to her cheek and darts his tongue out to lap a streak of flour off her jaw. “They’re the shatter-proof kind.”

He swipes a finger into the mixing bowl; Scully slaps at his hand as a warning.

“Stop that!”

“I only want a tiny taste,” Mulder wheedles, licking the glob of dough from his finger. He tilts her chin and lowers his mouth to hers, “Mmm, sweet.”

She pulls back, smiling, and licks her lips. “Indeed. Now go get your son. He’s trying to eat one of your balls.”

“I believe my balls are for your consumption only.”

He brushes his hand along the curve of her hip and gives her ass as firm squeeze, earning himself a swat to the upper arm.

“Go!” Scully demands, laughing as Mulder sneaks in to steal another kiss, under the pretense of the mistletoe that just happens to be hanging above her head.

Mulder crosses the room and scoops up his son into his arms. “Hey buddy, c’mere. What are you doing? Are you trying to land yourself on the naughty list already? It’s only your first Christmas, little man.” He flips the antlered hood of the fluffy reindeer onesie up onto William’s head, grinning down at him.

All the conspiracies he had chased down over the years, all the false leads he had followed, all the risks he had taken, all the things he had lost, had been worth it if it had brought him here, to this moment, to this apartment, to this family, to this love he had been certain would never exist for him. He doesn’t know what he’s done in any of his lives to deserve this; all he knows is that he has finally found the truth he had been searching for all that time, the truest truth holding them together.

He jostles William to his hip and brings him over to the window, pointing to the lamp-lit street below. “Look, William, snow. It’s snowing! Snow!”

William stretches his hand towards the glass. “…no,”

“Scully, did you hear that?!” Mulder says excitedly. “William just said ‘snow’! Granted, I would have preferred his first word to be ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘alien’, but it’s alright, we can work up to that.”

Scully laughs, wiping her hands on a towel, and joins them at the window. “Mulder,” she corrects gently. “I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Most babies don’t start forming real words until around the first year mark, so we still have another five months or so to go.”

“Nuh uh, I heard him Scully! He said it! Our son is a genius, I’m telling you.”

“Oh, well in that case, I guess he must take after me,” she ribs.

She kisses the look of indignation off his face with a laugh before wrapping her arms around him, her head nestled into his shoulder, and dropping a kiss on William’s head too. They turn back to the window to watch the falling snow swirling, swirling, swirling in the wind, drawn into a wonderland dance by the unseen forces pulling in different directions.

Mulder had never been a huge fan of snow – a few near-death arctic experiences will do that to a person – but looking out over the cityscape, quiet and peaceful, blanketed with a fresh layer, not yet disturbed by humanity, he couldn’t help but be taken by the beauty of it all. It was a fresh start, a new beginning, a life free of running and chasing and searching. Where his life had once been defined by his singular quest to find his sister, it was now replaced with a journey of a different kind. One not of pain and longing, but of love and belonging.

Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams.

“You’re thinking about them again, aren’t you?”

“What?” Mulder turns and the living room dissolves back to the New Mexican desert caravan, his arms achingly empty, the watchful gaze of Gibson Praise upon him. “Stop reading my mind, you know I hate that shit.”

Gibson smiles with an empathetic scoff. “I don’t have to read your mind to know what you’re thinking. Your face says enough. It’s only temporary, you know. For their own good, and yours. Maybe next year you’ll be back with them.”

“Yeah,” Mulder turns back to face the dry desert that keeps them painfully, desperately apart, looking out into the expanse numbly, not a flake of snow in sight. “Next year, Scully,” his voice barely audible. “I promise I’m coming home to you and our son.”

I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.

#DanversSistersWeek Day 3: Nerd Sisters

i DID manage to write something on all my flights, but it’s quite rough. hope you enjoy! As always, catch this along with my other one-shots on AO3 in Mean Peach Mojito.

“Uh, babe? What’s in this big-ass red box?”

Alex looks over at her girlfriend who is currently waist-deep in their storage unit. All she can see of Maggie is the back of her thighs and her ass – she’s nearly spread-eagled on top of some of their more sturdy boxes to be able to reach what’s in the big red box in the back.

“Oh, uh, don’t worry about that box.” Alex hopes she sounds nonchalant, but her voice comes out high and strained.

And, obviously, Maggie notices. She notices that Alex is embarrassed and, like any good girlfriend, she seizes the opportunity.

She pulls herself back up and turns to face Alex. “Babe, what’s in it?” She’s got a shit-eating grin on her face which only grows as Alex fidgets and mumbles something inaudible that definitely has the words “Kara” and “stupid” in it.

“What was that, babe?” Maggie’s eyes are twinkling now, and she’s dimpling, and Alex hates how much she loves her.

Alex crosses her arms over her chest and tries to resist. “It’s nothing,” she says, trying to will her voice back to a normal register. “Just some of Kara’s old crap.”

But Maggie isn’t a decorated detective for nothing. She knows Alex is lying, but she can also tell that whatever is in this box has crossed over from funny-embarrassing to anxious-embarrassing, and she changes tactics immediately. She clambers over another couple boxes so she can stand right next to Alex, reaching out and rubbing her arm with one hand.

“Babe, it’s okay,” she says, and her voice is soft and tender now. “You don’t have to tell me what’s in it. I was just messing with you. But, really, it’s fine for you to have secrets. You don’t have to show me everything.”

“No, I – no, it’s not a secret.” Alex rolls her eyes at herself. She’s such a drama queen sometimes, and she really doesn’t mean to be. She just isn’t used to someone who isn’t Kara watching her all the time – someone who actually cares about the nuances of her emotions. “It’s just embarrassing, but it’s not, like, bad.”


Alex shakes her head. “No, not DEO-related.”

And Maggie just gives it a beat of silence. She tilts her head, just the way Alex likes, and smiles softly, dimpling just the way Alex likes, and holds Alex’s elbow, rubbing her thumb up and down Alex’s skin just the way she likes. If Alex doesn’t say anything else, she’ll drop it, and will leave the mystery of the big-ass red box unsolved.

But she has a sneaking suspicion that Alex – who is a pretty great liar when she really needs to be, and who has a propensity for wanting to show Maggie everything about herself, is going to say something. Maggie’s pretty sure that Alex wants her to know what’s in the box, and just doesn’t know how to say it.

So Maggie waits, with the tilt and the dimple and the soothing thumb.

And Alex fidgets, and then sighs heavily, and then blushes as she says, “It’s our dress-up box.”

Maggie had been steeling herself not to react, no matter what Alex said, but she can’t help it. Her eyebrows fly up and her jaw sags a little. She hasn’t heard those words in that sequence since she was a little kid.

“Your…dress-up box?”

Alex nods a little – her face is still pink and she’s clearly a little embarrassed but not afraid or anxious or upset. “Yeah, me and Kara’s. From when we were kids.”

And Maggie doesn’t mention that Kara didn’t show up until Alex was a teenager, and that most kids out-grown their dress-up boxes by the middle of elementary school. She just nods in understanding.

Alex hasn’t kept a lot of stuff from her life. This storage unit is mostly books and Maggie’s old furniture. Alex has just a couple of boxes from her childhood, and has functionally nothing from between college and when she’d met Maggie in the way of mementos or knick-knacks or sentimental belongings.

This big-ass red box – this dress-up box – is clearly something special. It’s the one big thing she’s made sure to keep as she’s moved from apartment to apartment, from city to city. She keeps it here, not in Eliza’s garage or anywhere else back in Midvale. She keeps it here, in her storage unit, with her baby blanket and her dad’s telescope and all of the books she used to read out loud to Kara.

It’s clearly incredibly important to her. And if Maggie met someone in bar that she didn’t really care about who mentioned still having their childhood dress-up box, that they used into their late teens, Maggie would give them so much shit for it. Or if, for example, Winn still had his, he’d never hear the end of it from her.

But Alex? Her sweet, tender, soft, loving girlfriend, with the huge heart and the huge wall between herself and everyone else? Her wonderful girl who would make a blanket fort just to snuggle her sister in a second, but would use her bare hands to murder anyone who looked at her sideways?

Maggie wouldn’t dream of making fun of her for something that obviously means so much, that she’s kept so close.

“Wanna take it back with us?” Maggie asks, hoping she sounds casual. “Might be fun for you and Kara to look through it together, if it’s been a while.”

And Alex equivocates a little, and makes dismissive little sounds, and rolls her eyes. Like it’s embarrassing. Like she hadn’t ever considered something so lame.

But her eyes are wide and little soft, and she, finally, after looking at Maggie and finding only love and trust and support, nods.

So Maggie carefully makes her way into the back corner of the unit and Alex charts a parallel course along the other wall, so they both end up on opposite sides of the big-ass red box. They heft it up together – it’s not too heavy, but it’s just too big for either of them to carry on their own, and they start the slow and awkward process of maneuvering it out to the car.

After dropping it twice, and Alex having to rescue Maggie from another box that nearly swallows her whole (and treating her trauma with a light make out session), they finally emerge with it. They pop it in the backseat of the car and, for the rest of the time they’re arranging the unit, Alex keeps darting her eyes over her shoulder, back to the big-ass red dress-up box.

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Squeaky says hello to all of the stickiest of frogs!

Hi Squeaky! 🐸🐰😊

Gumby sends you a big kissie and a gentle Gumby hug!

She thinks you are looking quite fabulous today, with your fluffy onesie and sticky-up ears! 😊😊

Gumby hopes you have had a very wonderful day of rabbiting! 😀🐸😀

S.Black: Halloween Scare

Prompt: “I accidentally scared the trick-or-treater you’re babysitting and now I’m the one scared because goddamn you’re intimidating when you’re angry”

Sirius Black. Marauder’s era.

Summary: In which you’re babysitting and Sirius the Asshole scares the kids.

Warnings: None. Swearing, I guess.

Genre: Slight angst, fluff

Words: 2235

Halloween was one of my favorite seasons. Not only did I love the decorations and aura of the spooky season, but I loved the trick-or-treaters and festivities.

I had moved into an apartment at the beginning of the year, now completely independent from my parents. My apartment was small and I could always hear the rock and roll music coming from the people next to me. Regardless, I felt much better there than in my parents’ home. But, now I had to worry about bills and money now, which I was personally struggling with. Whenever I wasn’t at class, I was working. Mostly at a coffee house down the street. In my opinion, they had some of the rudest customers whom rarely left tips. This frustrated me to no end as I wasn’t making the amount I needed, but then a miracle happened. I got a stable babysitting job.

It was a single mother who lived down the hall from me. She had two adorable kids, an eight-year-old boy named Jack and a five-year-old girl named June. Most of the time they were easy to manage. I’d help them with their homework, make their dinner and then we’d watch some television before bed. When their mother returned home from her shift at the hospital, she’d pay me a fair amount of cash and then I’d walk two doors down to my own apartment.

On Halloween, Mrs. Benson called me sounding frantic. The hospital called her into work the night shift as they were understaffed. She sounded very apologetic as she begged me to take Jack and June trick-or-treating. I was planning on going to a Halloween party with some friends that night, but the thought of the children looking all sad in their costumes made me say yes.

“You’re a blessing, Y/N.” Mrs. Benson swore. Her scrubs were decorated with pumpkins for the holiday.

“No problems, Mrs. Benson.” I replied with a smile. “I’ll have them in bed by ten.”

“Ten!” Jack exclaimed behind me, dramatically flopping back onto the couch. He was dressed as Superman and was very excited to get going. As soon as I walked in the door he jumped up, ready to start trick-or-treating.

“Keep complaining and I’ll make it nine.” I teased. That made Jack shut his mouth and turn his attention back to the television.

“My manager said I can go home at one, so I’ll relieve you then.” Mrs. Benson promised as she kissed the kids goodbye.

“Bye mummy.” June sulked. She had been looking forward to the night with her mum. She had been telling me about her costume and how they were getting milkshakes after at a local diner. June was only five, but I could already tell her mother’s too busy schedule was hurting her.

Once the door shut, I crouched down to June’s level. She had her pumpkin bucket in a limp hand and was wearing a fluffy black onesie on with cat ears and face painted whiskers and nose. She looked adorable, even with a pout on her face and tears in her eyes.

“June?” I said softly, touching her shoulder. “I knew you were looking forward to your mum is with you, but I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for me. We can still get milkshakes though if you want.”

June perked up at the mention of milkshakes. It wasn’t hard to pull of five-year-old out of a funk. She gave me a little grin and swung her bucket by her legs. “Let’s go, Y/N!”

I gave her a grin back before standing back up. Jack hopped off the couch, snatching her own spider bucket with him. “Yeah, Y/N! Can we go now?”

How could I say no to a puppy-eyed Superman? I nodded and they a few whoops before heading for the front door. I grabbed my purse and the sparkly witch hat that was basically my entire costume. I had to rush over here, so I threw on some light jeans, a red long sleeved top and a pair of comfortable boots. We were staying in the apartment building to trick-or-treat so I only brought a lightweight coat with me. I made sure to grab Jack and June’s coats on our way out.

“Don’t run off, or we’ll go straight home,” I warned. I doubt I’d actually ruin their night over one of them wandering off a bit, but it was good to put the warning out there.

We decided to start near the top of the building and work our way down. By the time we made it back to our floor their buckets were weighing down their arms. We stopped in front of the apartment down in between my apartments and their own. It was the apartment I knew for constantly having music blaring. Tonight seemed no different as I could hear the sound of Led Zeppelin seeping through the door.

I rolled my eyes at the music blasting but knocked on the door anyway. The music lowered significantly and footsteps headed for the door. There was a long pause and I started to think the people were even ruder than I imagined and were ignoring trick-or-treaters.

“What’s taking so long?” Jack asked around the candy in his mouth.

“I think-” I started to speak but was cut off by the door swinging open and a long haired guy with a bloody nub for a hand stood there hysterically screaming.

“My hand! AAAH!” He screamed, stumbling out of his apartment towards us. It looked so real, but I knew it couldn’t be.

June tripped while backing away and her candy scattered all over the hall. Jack screamed with the man and backed onto a wall. I, on the other hand, looked very pissed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled over his screaming.

He stopped the act and looked up at me with a wide grin. “It’s Halloween. Just some fun.” He shrugged like it was no big deal.

“What are you twelve?” I hissed. He was rather handsome and I’m sure in another scenario I’d find his grin was charming, but right now I wanted to slap it off him. “Scaring little kids isn’t exactly my idea of fun.”

“Told you she wouldn’t find it funny, Padfoot.” A light brown haired man in the doorway said. He looked as annoyed as me.

“Oh, she just needs to lighten up.” The man waved his nub in the air nonchalantly.

I huffed at him and clenched my fists. “Asshole.” I didn’t want to make a scene in front of Jack and June. I stepped forward and spoke soft enough for them not to hear. “Try it again, and I will actually kill you. I’m sure no one will miss an asshole who scares kids for fun anyway. Remember, I know where you live.”

That seemed to touch a nerve because he looked a bit worried. “Okay, dove.”

I turned back to the kids and saw Jack now nervously sucking of a gumdrop and June still sitting in her candy.

“June, are you okay?” I asked softly.

She looked up at me with big teary eyes before letting out a sob and exclaiming, “I hate Halloween!” She got up and ran into the Benson’s unlocked apartment, leaving behind her candy.

I turned back to the man who now only had a deep frown on his face.

“I’m-” He began.

I cut him off with a firm, “Asshole.” I grabbed Jack’s hand and tugged him with me to follow June’s trail of tears.

“June!” I called into the empty house. Jack went to watch the Muppet Show while I took care of a crying June.

June eventually fell asleep after an hour of tears. I felt so bad for her. We didn’t even get the milkshakes she was so excited for. I crept out of her bedroom, making sure not to wake her up.

“Is Juney okay?” Jack asked. He was organizing his candy into piles on the living room floor.

“She’s fine. Just don’t be too loud I just got her to sleep.” I sighed, flopping down onto the couch. “You should be going to bed too,” I told him.

Jack groaned. “Five more minutes?”

I shrugged. I didn’t want to make their night even worse. “Okay.’

Jack stayed up until 10:10 and I had to help him up from where he had curled up on the floor and guide him to bed. Once he was snoring in his bed and I had checked on June, I sat back down in the living room. I flicked through the few stations, yet nothing interested me.

A soft sudden knocking at the door stole my attention. I put down the remote and stood up, cautiously walking to the door. In the peephole, I could see the asshole from earlier, bouncing on his feet with anxiety and his hand behind his back.

I pulled the door open a crack. “What?” I asked in a dry voice.

“I- Listen. I didn’t mean to scare the kid so bad. I’m sorry I made her cry.” He held out June’s bucket which had, even more, candy than it did earlier. “Here. I added some. I’m sorry, dove.”

I opened up the door wide enough to take the bucket from him. His hands were fully intact this time. Now that I wasn’t steaming with anger, I actually looked at him. He was tall and lean and kind of reminded me of a dog. He was dressed like a typical rock fan, Led Zeppelin tee and all.

“Thanks,” I grumbled, about to shut the door.

The guy put his foot in the way and said, “Wait!”

I opened the door with visible confusion on my face.

He cleared his throat. “I’ve seen you around. In the lobby and stuff. We’re neighbours so I thought, I don’t know maybe we should get to know each other.”

I pondered on it for a minute. If he had appeared at my door without ever scaring the kids, I’d jump at the chance to make a new friend, especially one so attractive. But, now I was put off. I opened my mouth to say no but was cut off.

“Before you say no, please just try first.” He looked at me with the most convincing puppy eyes I’ve ever seen.

I opened the door a bit wider. “Fine. Come in, but only for a little and don’t be loud.”

He smiled and walked in. “I’m Sirius Black, by the way.”

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

I made some hot chocolate for us and we sat at the kitchen table. “So, what did you want to say?” I asked after swallowing a gulp of the liquid.

“Well, I’m Sirius.”

‘Got that already.”

“-And you are Y/N. What are your kids’ names?”

I snorted. “First off all, they aren’t my kids. I’m the babysitter. But their names are Jack and June.”

“Oh well, that’s a relief.” He mumbled. “So where do you live then? I mean, I always see you around.”

I had to think of if I’d ever seen him before. I hadn’t as far I could remember. “I live on the other side of you.”

Sirius faked looking shocked. The way his eyebrow shot up told me that he knew this already. “Oh really, interesting. I know who to borrow sugar from now.”

I raised my eyebrow at him. “Why do I feel like you knew I lived next to you already?”

Sirius spluttered, “What? No way! I had no idea.”

I rolled my eyes, but I found his nervousness somewhat cute and entertaining. “Sirius…” I said in a warning voice.

Sirius sighed, leaning back in his chair. He looked up at the ceiling to avoid my eyes. “I might have known.” He grumbled. “I see you in the lobby getting your mail or leaving your apartment in the morning. We leave our apartments at about the same time. I wanted to say hi or something but you always looked so busy. I probably sound like a stalker.” He chuckled.

“Kind of.” I giggled and he gave me a playful glare. “Maybe if you had I would have found your little ‘joke’ earlier funny.”

“Still very sorry about that.” He pointed out.

“Mhm…” I brushed it off with another sip of hot chocolate.

“I want to make it up to you.” He leaned forward to look me in the eye. “Let me buy you lunch tomorrow. Dinner, if you’re busy.”

That surprised me. It didn’t disappoint or disgust me though. Sirius seemed nice and had proven himself when he returned June’s bucket.

“Like a date?” I asked cocking my head innocently.

“If you want it to be, dove.” Sirius gave me that wide grin from earlier. “Only if you want it to be.”

I paused to think about this before nodding. “Okay.”

Sirius raised an eyebrow, smiling growing even bigger. “Okay?”

“Yeah, let’s go on a date, Sirius Black.” I nodded again like I didn’t have a stomach of butterflies.

Sirius gave a whoop of glee which I shushed and glance at the kids’ rooms to make sure they hadn’t woken up. When they didn’t stir I looked at Sirius while shaking my head and chuckling lightly.

“I promise I’ll have my whole hand this time, dove,” Sirius promised.

He better. Otherwise, my threat from earlier was going to be fulfilled


“SIBLING WAR!” Headcanons.

Hello! im so so sorry for not updating this series! I’ve been busy with college work and these weeks i have the final tests.In the first week of June i’ll finish writting the next part of this series. I also need to catch up on the next chapters!

I got so many prompst regarding DC LOT, I’m so sorry for not be able to write them! as i said before, this summer i’ll write them all. Sooner than you think!

I’ve got a lot of prompst to continuate this series, i will do them all once im free of college in June. until then, i’ve let some easter eggs in these headcanons.

What happens in them can maybe happen in the official Part4!

So enjoy these hc, that way the wait for the much wanted part4 will be shorter.

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“Sibling war!” (Waverider crew x reader) Part1  Part2   Part3  HC (Here we are!)

  • Well, we all know they’re overprotective assholes.
  • So after Savage and your last heart….they don’t let you out of the ship
  • Like, really. They don’t.
  • You try to sneak out
  • “(Y/n) Where do you think you are going?” Len appeared in front of you, as you felt Mick behind you.
  • S*it
  • “huh,…I was getting-getting a glass of water? Yes water!”
  • “bulls*it, go back to your room” Mick said.
  • You pout but do as you were told
  • You’ll sneak out after they go on a mission.
  • When they got away, you successfully escaped.
  • You made new friends!
  • There was this superboy fellow…he was nice.
  • …Until they cached you
  • “(Y/n) (y/l)! what the FUCK?”
  • “Sara, errr this isn’t what it looks like?”
  • “you are coming with us, NOW!” Rip hands grabbed yours.
  • “But, Con and I-“
  • “WHOS CON???”
  • “Me”
  • Your fam glared at superboy, who stood there.
  • “Let’s get going, we are needed elsewhere” Kendra eyes never left superboy’s as she was threatening him to back off.
  • “You and I are going to have a talk” Len said
  • “oh no”
  • “oh yes” said Mick
  • You were grounded
  • Again
  • Srly, you ain’t 5 anymore.
  • Well
  • That was until a crazy woman hit you with her so called “GREATES WEPON IN THE 52 UNIVERSES….THE REGRESIVE GUN! THE AWESOME GUN THAT TURNS YOU IN A YOUNGER VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!!!!!OH SO GREAT!!!OH SO USEFUL!!!!” (Her words, not mines)
  • Now you were 2
  • And the Waverider couldn’t get enough of you
  • “Are you sure she can’t stay like this??” Ray coed “SHES SO CUTE!”
  • “No, now stop hogging her!” Mick said as he swooped you up. “She’s my little wildfire” Mick’s beard ticked you and you let an adorable laugh escape.
  • “AWWWWWW!” Coed everyone.
  • Kendra and Sara stole you from Mick and ran to their room.
  • “YOU-“
  • “There are kids present, Mick” Len put one of those horrible cereal bars.
  • “UAGH!” Mick coughed.
  • Hours passed before the guy could see you again
  • Kendra and Sara got out of your room with a white fluffy onesie with bunny ears and a lil tail.
  • The guys looked at your cuteness
  • They were cuteness overload
  • The first to come back was Ray, who hugged you tightly
  • “OMG, SHE’S SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE!” ray’s hair tickled your nose and made you sneeze like a kitten.
  • “Give her to me” said Len.
  • “no” ray answered.
  • “to bad” Len hit Ray in the shoulder and grabbed you.”gonna take MY little sister” And ran to their room
  • “SNART! GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER!” Rip yelled, running behind snart.
  • “NO”
  • “Sh-sh-shhhhip!!!” you laughed
  • AAAAWWWWWWWed everyone
  • Rip glared at Len.
  • “Give”
  • “no”
  • The next day, you were still a lil bundle of joy
  • The crew was so enamored with you
  • ……AAnd the  JSA kidnapped you
  • Yep
  • The crew went bonkers
  • So bonkers that they got kidnapped too, (or would it be adultnapped?)
  • You rescued them
  • Yep
  • How? Would you ask
  • Easy, this lil cute chubby face*squishes (y/n)’s cheeks* so cute
  • You had the JSA tied around your lil finger.
  • “Can i hold her, now???” stargirl says
  • “No.” Mid-nite says
  • “Awww,please?” Courtney insists
  • “….”
  • “let us hold her!” Vixen insists.
  • In the end they got to hold you.
  • “You ain’t going back with them, you’re ours now.” Mid.nite said
  • You started crying
  • No one could make you stop
  • “If you release me, I’ll calm her” Len said
  • “….release him”
  • “but-“
  • They did
  • And Len shushed you and sang you a song his mom used to sing to him
  • Then everyone got free and flied with you back to the ship
  • “MA BABIEEEH!!!” Cried Stargirl
  • “We’ll get her back” Said Vixen
  • Once in the Waverider
  • Everyone was fighting to get a hold of your tiny form
  • Like flying horrible cereal bars
  • A fight fight
  • Then Jax and Stein got a hold of you.
  • “she looks sleepy, we should read her a bedtime story” Jax said.
  • “Well, I got the Quantum vortex theory of the ultimate black hole, it’s a good thesis.”
  • “….” Jax looked dumfounded at Stein. He didn’t have any more books.
  • “…well If that can’t make her sleep, nothing will.” Jax said
  • A page in the book and Jax and you were soundly asleep.
  • Your soft breaths made everyone come to see your cute, peaceful expression.
  • …. Until Jax snored
  • That broke the moment
  • “…Do we have to return her to normal?” Ray whined.
  • “Yes, even though she’s the cutest thing ever” Kendra said.
  • Rip looked at you, grabbed your tiny form and went to your room.
  • He laid you on your bed, and caressed your hair like he did before.
  • You  looked at him and smiled, he smiled back
  • “Go to sleep, darling”
  • “p-pa-pa-paaaa-a-PAPA!” You smiled and raised your arms to Rip
  • His eyes clouded with tears.
  • He grabbed your hands and kissed them, making you giggle.
  • “Yes, darling. I’m here, you are safe. Papa is here.”
  • You yawned cutely, and feel asleep with Rip’s hand in you.
  • “My darling princess” He kissed your hairline.
  • In the end, they turned you back to normal
  • Much to Ray’s, Kendra’s and Sara’s sadness for losing their lil’ bunny.
  • “You can still dress her in fluffy thing you know?” Jax said
  • “Don’t give them ideas? Grumbled Mick.
  • Ken, Sara and Ray’s eyes twinkled
  • “Great, now you gave them ideas.”
  • “It’s all your fault” Mick said as he slapped Jax’s shoulder as he leaved the kitchen. Jax saw the face of revenge in your eyes
  • “s*it” thought jax
  • In the end the Waverider got a pretty lil bunny and an angry lil kitty.
  • Oh so much photos
  • Oh so much blackmail.

Maggie is happy to show off her fancy new post surgery cone and her new hairdo!

Hi Maggie! 😀

Tiny likes your new hairdo, now he can see your lovely pink stomach (like Tiny’s) and your luxurious fluffy onesie! 😀🐸🐱

Tiny also likes your cone accessory, he thinks you look most fashion forward! 😊🐸

Tiny sends you two buckets of treaties and a big Tiny kissie!