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“Hey, this parallel line, you’re on it too, aren’t you? I’ve noticed you, so come and meet me.”

// my location: DB hell, but that hasn’t changed since ever… 

“Your wishes…By now, you’ve probably got a lot of them, don’t you? Well, today’s a pretty lucky day. For me, anyway.~ Just take care not to share the same fate, if you draw from this deck, okay? Good luck.”

// It’s still Friday the 13th somewhere, i think….


1.  Ne, E-ki-kun…Has your “wish” been granted yet?~
2.  A Simple Game, of DIce and Hide and Go Seek…

//The first was on a store Surface Pro tablet thing, and that Yobanashi Deceive is showing lol. The second has been rattling around in my head for a while, as a Nine-Tailed Kokkuri san!~ \(^q^)//

  1. Fightin’ Girl, Let’s go somewhere where fists do all the talking.
  2. Between Red vs. Blue, my personal, self revolution starts today!

// That kind of thing for A-no got stuck in my head, and then I realized it was B-KO’S ANNIVERSARY FOR NISEMONO CHUUIHOU YESTERDAY *quiet screaming*

Why won’t it reach? Why can’t it reach? I just want to reach you, so why won’t you let me? Let me…save you.

// Wow 2 draws in a week that’s good but i’m waking up with the angst whyat


//sO, I HEARD THIS SONG ON THE RADIO, and sooooo it led to a SNOW B-KO going on A DATE!!!!!