fluffy haired babies

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How was Otabek when he was a baby?

Baby Otabek was small, cute and too pure for this world !! <3

And before Otabek found out he was a god, he lived with his adoptive parents Yuuko and Takeshi near a village. They were, just like hercules parents too, farmer. As he got older he took care for their sheeps and spend almost every day on the grassland and imagine about adventures.

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Things you need to remember: Izm, pushing Mu in the shopping cart, collecting snacks, when Mu frantically points to the can of salted almonds on the shelf and screams DAD MY NUTS, GET MY NUTS

(Family AU where .D and Izm foster/adopt Eid and Mu lol)

Tony Stark holding babies. 

Tony Stark cradling the backs of tiny baby heads, making sure they’re supported so their necks won’t get damaged. 

Tony Stark leaning in to smell downy, fluffy baby hair. 

Tony Stark smiling when the baby squeals at him, encouraging them with little noises of his own. 

Tony Stark and babies. 

I Miss My Baby - Theo Raeken imagine

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Based loosely like so loose it doesn’t even connect to the story other than the title and the tempo off Adele’s cover of Fast Love (it starts at 1:45) by George Michael at last night’s Grammys.

Summary: Y/n is Theo’s girlfriend and has been even though he’s gone,being stuck in Hell for 6 months. One night she gets the surprise of her life.

Warnings: sadness,fluff,that’s all i believe


Life seemed so lonely without him. My parents were killed by the Alpha who bit me, thought they weren’t worthy enough of life so he ripped their hearts in front of me but not before biting my arm. I had no one to come home to , Theo lived at my house and we treated it as if we were a married couple funny enough. I still had the pack but I couldn’t help but feel Completely,Utterly,Alone…. 

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