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Princess Wedding Dresses: Mak Tumang
There’s absolutely nothing like a fluffy ball gown to make a bride look like a princess! Chic embroidery, voluminous gowns, and timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics found in these dreamy designs!

All the times when Rhysand had to hold back

- When he awoke from dreams of her, only to find himself under the mountain lying next to Amarantha. To wake from dreams of her nimble hands creating art and see the woman who used him for her own personal gain.

-When he finally saw her, actually saw her, to find her surrounded my faeries with the intent of killing her. I mean seriously how did he not rip them all to shreds?

-To return to the Spring Court and see her- his ONE SOURCE of happiness, with the man who killed his mother and sister. Tamlin took everything from Rhys, and at that point, also took Feyre.

-IN ADDITION, she was thinking of Tamlin sexually. We need to give him A LOT of credit.

-When he stumbled in on Feyre and Tamlin in their short moments of peace, ONLY TO SEE that Tamlin had used their short time to FUCK, for gods sake. When he wanted to see her escape, to live.

-When he kissed her and had to pretend it was just for the sake of the charade. When he had to look into her eyes and see disgust at what he did.

-When Feyre “died,” all while he had just realized the bond. JUST when he learned how much she mattered to him, she was taken from him. Killed by the woman who tormented him for 50 years. GOOD GOD SARAH.

-And when she was alive once more, she ran into the arms of his enemy. Looked to him for comfort.

-To be awoken every night with images of her puking, with no one to help her. He couldn’t comfort her in any way. 

-When, 3 months later, he heard her plea, and winnowed to her wedding. When he saw her once again in the state of skin and bones, starved. Next to the man that neglected her into this state. HOW THE FREAK DID HE NOT KILL ALL OF THE FAE NOBILITY 

*side note: i know it wasn’t touched up on much- only with a “get out of that atrocious dress” sorta thing, but- to see the woman who had 1) painted beautiful skies 2) survived the trials 3) saved all the courts DRESSED UP in a fluffy gown that in no way showed her strength. Her beauty. Her triumphs. AS A TROPHY OF TAMLIN.

-To see her hate him for saving her. For rescuing her from a toxic relationship. Honestly Feyre I know you’re stubborn but if a hot sexy dark guy whisks you away to a beautiful hidden city you better damn well appreciate it. I get it though. You might be slow, but you got it eventually.

-To think that they’re friendship was growing, only to see her insult him again or question his values.

-To once again hear her cry, to see her locked up and afraid, and not bust the door down and kill Tamlin in the process. OML RHYSAND YOU STRONG BAT YOU<3

-To see her smile, unflinchingly, at TARQUIN OF ALL PEOPLE. The smile he wanted for himself. He wanted to be selfish for once. He wanted Feyre to smile for him, and him only.

-To not tell her everything on Starfall, only because he wanted her to forge her own path- whether that meant she was with him or someone else.

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Good thing it got better… kind of

Don’t You Ever Do That Again | Joe Sugg Smut

“What are you doing?” You asked Joe, walking down the stairs of his apartment to see him emerging from the spare room.

“I was just making sure my ring lights were off” He responded, pausing to look up at you once he had closed the door.

“How long are they gonna be here?” You questioned, hopping off the bottom step of his staircase to meet him. You were dressed only in a black silk dressing gown, since you’d just got out of the bath. You usually wore your fluffy dressing gown as it was much comfier, however the more mature number you were sporting came in handy any time you wanted to entice your boyfriend.

Joe had invited the boys round for the evening. There was no particular occasion, only that he’d spent all day working and he needed to relax. They were all sat in the living room, YouTube videos on the projector as background noise as they drank, ate takeaway pizza and caught up on each others days. You and Joe didn’t live together, as even after a year and a half, neither of you were ready. However, you often spent time at his house and vice versa, even if it wasn’t always together. You’d spent the early evening cooking dinner together and catching up, but as the boys had arrived and you were too tired to entertain guests, you’d retired to his bedroom after quickly greeting them, watching YouTube videos and replying to some emails.

“I don’t know, probably all night baby. Why?” He answered, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I miss you” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling you closer to him.

“Come and sit with us” He suggested.

“I don’t miss you like that” You smirked, lowering your voice.

“Y/N” Joe laughed lightly, leaning his forehead against yours, “I offered to have sex with you before”

“Oh how generous of you” You responded sarcastically.

“You’re so annoying” Joe joked before leaning in to kiss you.

You smiled at him innocently, using your hand to tilt his head to the side, pressing a light kiss to his neck. Your hand moved down his body to his crotch, lightly brushing over it.

“Don’t” He breathed into your ear, clearly frustrated.

“I’m not doing anything” You giggled up at him, kissing his lips quickly before turning and walking back up the stairs as he watched you.

You’d just made it back into Joe’s bedroom, putting your laptop away and picking up a few things off the floor before you heard footsteps up the stairs. Smiling to yourself, you knew exactly who it was and exactly what he wanted. The bedroom door opened and closed quickly, and before you had time to turn around you were thrown onto the bed. You felt Joe on top of you, your back towards him as he moved your hair over to one side and began to kiss your neck roughly.

“I thought you didn’t have time” You said, panting slightly as his hands roamed your body, pushing your dressing gown up to reveal your bare skin.

“Five minutes” He muttered into your ear, before moving slightly away from you to kneel in the middle of the bed. You heard him unzip his jeans and throw them onto the floor. You leaned over to open his bedside drawer, pulling out a condom and passing it to him over your shoulder.

“Someone’s keen” He laughed.

“Shut up” You responded, way too desperate to engage in any actual conversation. You heard the rustling of the wrapper and felt his hand on your shoulder, pulling you closer to him before he slowly pushed himself into you.

Your hand shot out in front of you, holding onto the bedframe for some support as he quickened his pace. As the boys were only downstairs, neither of you could make as much noise as you usually would, so instead the room was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing. Joe’s lips attached to your neck, sucking roughly on the skin as you leaned your head back.

“Oh my god” You whispered loudly, careful not too make too much noise but unable to contain your pleasure.

“Baby” Joe groaned against your skin, “I’m so close”

“Already?” Your smirked through your heavy breaths.

“Yeah. You got me so worked up baby” He responded, gripping onto your waist. You continued for a few more mintues before his grip on your waist tightened, and you could tell he was close.

“I’m gonna cum baby” He breathed into your ear, “oh my god, baby, I’m gonna cum”

“Cum for me gorgeous” you responded as his hand came up to meet yours on the bedframe.

“Fuck” He groaned, moaning as quietly as he could as you felt him reach his high. Once he’d finished, he kissed your neck once again before pulling out of you, disposing of the condom and pulling his jeans on as you turned around to face him.

“Did you like that?” You teased, smiling innocently as he moved to lean over your body.

“You’re a bad girl, you know” He said, lowering himself to slowly kiss your lips as his hand lightly squeezed your thigh, “don’t you ever do that again

“Okay” You giggled as he stood up, smacking your ass before shaking his head, smirking at you as he exited the room. Moments later you the muffled sounds of his voice in the living room, explaining to the boys that he’d had to show you how to do something on your laptop. You laughed to yourself as you pulled the sheets over yourself in the knowledge that the boys had absolutely no idea what had just happened in the room above them.


Rating: Teen

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: Their first kiss was on Homecoming night. The briefest touch, his lips to hers, before Sakura pulled away, blushing. Then again, a kiss not so fleeting, followed by one after another until the sun rose above them.

Notes: I’ve been in a mood for SS lately (blame @xxlovendreamsxx), and it seemed like the perfect time to write this little high school fic. @jjibbless sent me a request for “high school popular kid / nerd AU” awhile back, which ties into the Day 9 prompt pretty well in my opinion! Thank you jjibbless for the request and @sasusakumonths for hosting this awesome event. 




It isn’t that Sasuke Uchiha is a misfit, exactly. He’s too good-looking—and high schoolers are too shallow—for him to be an utter outcast. But he’s the kind of boy who spends more time alone than with their classmates, and if he has any friends besides Naruto, who’s friends with everyone, then he’s keeping them well hidden. Sasuke’s GPA is tied with Sakura’s for the highest in the Class of 2018, but she’s sure that if he’d socialize, people would stop dismissing him as a nerd. Instead, he blows off every dance, football game, and party he’s invited to.

Until homecoming. It’s the kind of warm October evening that you can only find in southern California, late enough in the year that autumn’s edge has calmed the weather from suffocating to balmy. Sakura is crowned homecoming queen, the San Junipero Sharks kick the Gardena Wolfhounds’ asses, and Sasuke Uchiha shows up to a school event. All in all, it’s a beautiful night.

watch the queen

Only a loser would lurk around the corner, pretending not to spy on a pretty girl, and Sasuke is not a loser. He isn’t lurking either. Just standing around, keeping himself busy with people-watching—well, person-watching.

Sakura is sitting with the other girls from the homecoming court, all of them trussed up in ridiculous fluffy gowns and torturous-looking shoes. Ino seems pissed that Sakura took the crown, but in that strangely fond way that characterizes their relationship. Maybe Sasuke is too distant from Sakura’s circle to understand how that odd friendship functions, but he thinks it might be every bit as confusing to witness up close.

Seven months. He has seven months until graduation. He needs to either ask Sakura out or get his head on straight and forget about her.

Moving on would be better. He heard that Sakura is applying to Ivy League schools all over the country, and God knows she’s accomplished enough to be accepted into most of them. Sasuke keeps pace with her academically, but foster kids don’t have the financial backing for Yale. He’s about to age out of the system, and it’s going to take all of his time and energy just to get by. Even if Sakura wants him back—and sometimes, when he catches her looking at him across the library, he thinks she might—Sasuke knows that it’s not enough. She’s beautiful, brilliant, privileged, and loved. Her future is too bright to risk dimming, and she deserves better than anything he could provide.

But then he thinks, What’s one date? It’s not like watching a movie together and grabbing dinner (maybe kissing on her doorstep, if he’s lucky) would turn into something committed. Sasuke can’t hope for any of that, much less more, so why not at least try?

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"it's six o'clock in the morning, you're not having vodka" - Simon

Simon X Reader

Description: 24 “it’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka"

Requested?: yes

Notes: reblogged a thing and a few people sent in numbers. I went on a bit of a ramble tbh 😂😂😂

You sat at the bottom of the stairs. Phone by your side, checking the time constantly. The boys had gone out last night and now it was 6am and they hadn’t come home yet. You were growing worried and had sent messages to everyone and anyone. No one knew where they were and they hadn’t replied, not even your best friend Simon, who would always message you to let you know where they were.

The door swung open, hitting the wall beside it heavily. "Hey, Kate! We’re home!” A very drunk and unstable JJ slurred walking over to you and hugging you tightly.

“I was worried! Why didn’t you message me?” You said throwing your arms in the air and looking straight at simon who was trying to pull off his shoes by the door. “Ah, don’t worry! Everyone, Bed!” You said, laughing at how mother-like you were being.

JJ, Josh and Vikk crawled their way comically up the stairs. You stood up and turned to follow them up the stairs when Simon took your arm and pulled you towards the kitchen.

“Simon! What are you doing?” You laughed sitting yourself at the kitchen counter whilst Simon rummaged in the fridge and cupboards.

“I need vodka!” He said throwing his arms up in the air as he found the last bottle on the shelf. He started to open the bottle but you snatched it away quickly.

“Simon! No! It’s six o'clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka!” You giggled, reaching into the cupboard on your tip toes to put the bottle back. You gave up trying to put it on the original shelf so put the bottle on the lowest shelf. You turned around to see Simon smirking. “I don’t know what you’re smirking at young man!” You said, pointing your finger at him and trying to act annoyed.

But, God, he looked so sexy. His hair wasn’t freshly spiked so looked fluffy and was flat against his forehead. His toned body could be seen through is skin tight white shirt. And all you could think about, was how much you wanted to kiss him.

A wave of emotions ran through you and made you quickly take Simons shirt in your hand. You looked up at him for some kind of feeling that he wanted the same as you. But there was nothing. Simon stared down at you, blankly and, if anything, confused. You let go of his shirt and laughed. Of course he wouldn’t want to kiss me, you thought.

“Good night, Simon.” You said, a dagger impaling your heart as he simply smiles and nods in return. You walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs and go to your bedroom.

You dump yourself down on your dressing table chair. You find your make up wipes and remove any make up that had survived the night. You grabbed your brush and tied your hair into a loose bun. Then, you changed into your black Sidemen tracksuit bottoms and matching hoodie and climbed into bed. Hot tears fell down your face. How could you be so stupid? Simon could have any girl he wanted, why would he pick you? The girl he’s known for 10 years? The one he’s seen with spots and braces?

A light knock at the door wakes you up from your daydream. You quickly wipe the tears with your duvet and quickly say “come in”. A small figure enters the room and your fairy lights light up Vikks face.

“I just came to see if you’re okay? It’s just, I could hear you crying from the next room?” He said, worry tracing his slightly drunken voice.

“Yeah, yeah, you know, hormones and that!” You laughed, trying to hide the fact you were so obviously lying.

“Oh, okay, as long as you’re sure! You know I’m just next door if you need me. But so is Simon, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind looking after you…” he said smiling and closing the door behind him.

You laid back down and pondered on what to do. You got up and grabbed your fluffy dressing gown and wrapped it round you. You opened your door quietly and carefully found your way in the dark to Simons door. You sniffed quietly and tried to fan your face to cool yourself down before going in.

“y/n?” Simons voice called from his room. Shit, you thought. Light footsteps started coming towards the door. The door opened and there Simon was. Stood in the same tracksuit bottoms as you with no shirt on. You looked up at his face and smiled. You were sure the tear stains and the red cheeks would give away to him that you had been crying. “Come here, little one,” he said pulling you to his chest and giving you a hug, “what’s wrong?”.

“I love someone so much” you said, muffled by his chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Who is it?” He said pulling you away from him, but pulling you into his room and shutting the door behind you. “I bet it’s JJ!” He said making you laugh, “oh come on! You totally fancy him!”, he sat down on his bed and so you sat opposite him.

“No it’s not!” You laughed, looking up at him. He looked at you with a questioning look, as if to say ‘who then?’. “Well, Simon, its you!” You said, looking to him again to check for some kind of reaction.

“Are you serious?” He said sitting up and closer to you, making you nervous.

“Pretty sure…” you said, subtly moving closer.

“How long have you..?” He said, trying to move subtly closer but by then your knees were touching each other’s

“A while…” you said putting your hand on Simons.

He picked up your hand and pulled you gently towards him. You sat up onto your knees and wrapped your arms around his neck. Simon placed one hand on your waist and one on your thigh, bringing you closer into him. Foreheads touching, Simon moved in uncertain, waiting for you to accept. You moved forward slowly and gently pressed your lips against Simon’s. The kiss started off slow, gradually got more passionate as your hands roamed his body. His hand on your thigh moved carefully up and planting a firm grip on your ass. His other hand trailed down and he lifted you up gently, sitting you onto his lap. His hands moved back up to your waist and tried to pull you closer again. However, you pulled away, letting go of his hair and putting your hands onto his cheeks.

“Do you like me, Simon?” You said pressing your noses together.

“Yes, of course, y/n. And I have for a while.” He pulled you down on top of him and cuddled himself around you. “Be mine, y/n?”

“Forever.” You said, pulling his arms around you tighter and closing your eyes.

Waking up after a drunken hook up with your best friend Harry

Or when your roommate Niall endlessly makes fun of you for hooking up with Harry while you freak out…

You roll over and immediately groan at the mounting pain in your head. Why the fuck did you drink all that last night? You open one eye, the other barely opens from the gobs of mascara you forgot to wash off the night before.

The phone next to you lights up with a notification, grabbing for it, you notice the time and groan again. You never get a good night’s sleep after drinking heavily, you’re dehydrated body woke you up at 6 a.m.

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Stone Cold- Kris (EXO) Part One

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Prompt: Nothing is ever as it seems, and this especially applies to people. Maybe there’s more to your forced fiance than meets the eye.

Genre: Modern Royalty!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU

Pairing: Kris x Reader

Author’s Note:  ^^^ My favorite GIF of Kris in existence! He’s so flawless, like a sculpture. (God I can go on and on. I know I sound so cheesy right now.) Enjoy!

You cringed as you shoved another handful of chips into your mouth. Your mother gave you a glare from her seat on the couch as you did so. You rolled your eyes and glanced over to your sister in the corner. 

“Can you guys please stop sharing your saliva while I’m trying to eat?” you grimaced, facing the couple. 

She pulled away from her husband and scoffed. “Big sis, are you jealous?” Your younger sister had been absorbed in her marriage to her foreign prince, and after years of being together she was pregnant with her first child. The media was going insane with happiness for the royal couple. Her fantasy in life was to meet prince charming, enchanting him with her beauty, and ride off on a white horse, galloping through the fjords and off into the sunset. While you were extremely happy for her, you were first in line for a throne and were at the point in life where you just wanted to enjoy yourself and prepare for rule. You didn’t need some man ordering you around as you ran your country. 

“Of course not!” you exclaimed, taking another sip of tea. “I couldn’t be more happy to not be married right now!”

“Oh give it a rest, Y/N.” your mother said apathetically, not looking up from the letter she was reading. “You’re twenty five years old, you’ll be in a relationship soon enough.”

You got up from your chair and slipped on your shoes. “I’m going to the stables. I need to get that image out of my head.”

“Y/N!” your sister shrieked after sipping a cup of tea. “The ball is in three hours! You have to get ready!”

“I agree.” your mother glared, taking her glasses off. “Tonight you need to actually look like a princess.”

Your parents had arranged for a royal celebration to celebrate your sister’s pregnancy, and everyone would be expected to go. 

“Leave her be!” your father scolded, glancing over to your sister and mother. “Let her break free for a little while before you force my little girl into a dress she doesn’t want to be in.”

“George, you know that her appearance at tonight’s ball is crucial.” your mother retorted. “You’re not seriously going to let her go off and tangle her hair on a horse ride an hour before then!”

“We have the top stylists in the country working for us!” He grunted, flipping open one of his books. “She’ll be a vision in no time. Go ahead, Y/N.”

“Thank you father.” you said with a sigh of relief, walking towards the door as the guards opened it for you. 

“Tell me Y/N…” your brother in law started as he sat down next to your sister, draping his arm around her with one arm and brushing the dark locks out of his face with the other. “Why are you so against having a family?”

“I couldn’t bear being tied down.” you grunted, looking over at him. “It’s good for you guys. You’re the definition of a traditional couple. I however, need to focus on running my country. After all, I will be queen some day.”

And with that, you left the room. After a short walk through the palace, you exited the building and felt the cool air on your face. It felt good to get out of that suffocating palace. You put your hands in the pockets of your jeans and walked into the horse stables. You noticed someone petting a horse’s snout, their back to you. 

“Hyorin?” you asked. “What are you doing here?”

She whipped her head around, blonde hair falling over her shoulder. She sprouted a small smile as she saw you. “I had an inkling you’d be here before the ball.”

Hyorin had been your best friend since you were little. Back in the day you would both roam the palace, riding on your bikes through the tall hallways, now as young women you gossiped about the other ladies of the royal court. You two had bonded over how you both were against conforming to the standard of a conventional lady. While the other ladies decided to condone upon being pale and delicate like typical princesses, you both threw your heads back in laughter and decided to engage in the political side of royalty, actually contributing to your country, going outside and letting the sun glow on your face, not giving much care to your tanned skin. Instead of cooping up inside a primping yourselves, you both like to go out and ride horses, or go out into the gardens and engage in your books. 

You gave her a slight nod before opening up the door to a stable. 

“How’s your mother taking it?” Hyorin laughed, hopping on her black horse. 

“She of course sided with my sister.” you sighed, hoisting yourself up onto your brown horse. “Naturally, my father took my side, so here I am.” Your sister had always been your mother’s clone. Ladylike, fair, and reserved… while you took after your father, engaging in books to gain knowledge and enjoying adrenaline related activities. 

“As expected.” she giggled. “Lets try not to think about the dresses we’ll soon be squeezed into in a few hours and just ride.”

“You read my mind.” you smiled, taking your horse out of the stable. “Ya!” you cried, letting your horse bolt off across the fields. 

“Hey, no fair, you got a head start!” you heard Hyorin yell from behind you before running off to catch up. 

You took a swig of punch before shuffling through the crowd. The ball went as balls normally did. Royals greeted one another, the men in fine suits and the ladies in breath taking gowns, dancing in the center of the room as the orchestra created a regal hum of music. Duchesses and Barons stood next to each other conversing over stock shares and foreign affairs, Queens and Prime Ministers engaging in small talk over hor devours and crystal glasses of champagne.

You rolled your eyes as you walked past your sister’s group of friends, gossiping about all the ladies’s dresses of the evening and congratulating your sister on her pregnancy. She patted her stomach over the fabric of her pink ballgown with a small smile. 

You glanced down to your own dress. While most girls would opt for a lacy and beaded bodice with an extravagant skirt, you had a history of clumsiness in social situations. So instead, your mother suggested that you wear a slimmer ensemble to move freely and avoid bumping into things, comfortable shoes to avoid tripping, and a red silk fabric to match the punch if you happened to spill a bit on you. 

“How are you holding up?” Hyorin inquired, linking arms with you. 

“I’m doing alright now that I have someone to talk to. I just want to dig into that cake over there.” you sighed. “You look beautiful!” 

“Thanks!” she smiled. Her beautiful bronze skin was simply glowing, complimenting her shining eyes. She was wearing a fluffy white ball gown embroidered with golden flowers, hair pinned up into a chic updo. “You look so chic in that dress, it’s a wonder you don’t have a husband!” Hyorin had always admired that you wore modern ensembles to royal events. 

“Thanks! Shall we go over to the balcony?” you asked, gesturing over to the other side of the room. 

“Yes, it’s so stuffy in here!” Hyorin exclaimed as you both ran off into the crowd. 

Caught up in the moment, you bumped into a wall, tiara falling off your head. However, as you looked up, you realized it wasn’t a wall, but a man. He towered over you with his broad shoulders and strong chest. You took a good look at him. You were almost in shock. He looked like a sculpture, with his chiseled jawline, piercing brown eyes, and flawless skin. 

“Excuse me, sir.” you stuttered, curtsying to him. 

He crouched down to the ground, picked up your tiara, the jewels glimmering as the light reflected off of them. “I believe this belongs to you?” he said, placing it back on your head. 

“Thank you, sir.” you relayed. “Please excuse my clumsiness.”

“It’s no problem at all, miss.” You noticed how he showed no emotions as he spoke, his eyes remaining stone cold. 

“I am princess Y/N…” you told him. “And this is Hyorin, daughter of Baroness Kim Jangmi.” 

His eyes widened and his mouth fell open a little as you announced yourself. “You’re Princess Y/N?” He quickly folded his arms over and bowed. “Forgive my informalities, your highness. I am Prince Wu Yifan.”

You furrowed your brows for a split second. I mean sure, most royals would show respect upon meeting a princess, but he seemed to be especially moved by your identity. “Don’t worry about it, I’m the one who bumped into you.”

He blinked, regaining his cold exterior. “Well, I’ll excuse myself. I give my thanks to the royal family for hosting this gathering. Goodbye, Princess…” He bowed, then turned to Hyorin. “And nice meeting you, lady Hyorin.”

You both curtseyed, glancing up at him as he walked away in a dignified manner. 

Hyorin exhaled and clutched her heart. “Geez, I couldn’t even breathe, he was so stiff…”

You rolled your eyes. “I hate when guys put up a tough front like that. It’s the reason I’m so reluctant to get married. At least he was polite.”

“No kidding, he was stone cold.” Hyorin scowled as she glanced at his back. “Handsome, but stone cold.”

The night went on, and soon the purple and starry night sky was visible through the large glass windows of the ballroom. You spent the night like you usually would, wandering around with Hyorin and greeting various royals over cake and champagne. 

As you were talking to Hyorin about your most recently read book as you stood at the front of the room, your mother ran up to you and grabbed your arm. 

“Come with me, we’re going to address your sister’s pregnancy to the guests.” she told you.

“Why do I have to be up there as well?” you retorted. 

She rolled her eyes. “Just listen to me. Excuse us, Hyorin…” she then pulled you away and ran up the staircase. 

Soon, you stood on the balcony  with your family. A servant grabbed your arm and ushered you over to the corner to stand next to a man. Your eyes widened as you noticed that the man you were standing next to was… Prince Yifan.

What is he doing up here? You asked yourself. Your thoughts were cut off as your father’s voice began to echo through the room. 

“Dearest friends!” He began, arm linked with your mothers. “My wife the Queen and I thank you all for joining us in celebrating my youngest daughter and her husband’s pregnancy. Cheers to the happy couple!”

You clapped your hands along with everyone else. Your sister and her husband joined hands and stepped forward to the front of the balcony, waving and smiling to the crowd. You glanced over at Yifan. He clapped his large hands together as his eyes darted around the room. His mind seemed to be elsewhere. He ran his fingers through his blond hair as the cheering died down. You looked over to your sister as she stepped back to her original spot. 

“While we have invited you here in celebration of her, we have an additional announcement to celebrate regarding my eldest daughter, Crowned Princess Y/N…” your father told the crowd. You perked up at the sound of your name. What was your father talking about? 

“We’d like that the first announcement be to our royal community.” Your mother chirped as she smiled to the crowd. “It is my pleasure to announce that the princess is engaged to be married to Prince Wu Yifan!”

You gasped as everyone began to cheer. Engaged?! Your parents had never even talked to you about this! You hadn’t even met Yifan before today! You glanced over at him with wide eyes. He remained calm and locked his eyes on yours. He offered you his right hand and softened his gaze in an assuring way as if to say “Just go with it”

You blinked and slowly placed your hand in his. He walked you over to the front of the balcony and waved to the crowd. You decided to put on a fake smile and do the same, but you couldn’t ignore the anxious feeling inside of you. How could your family do this?

Yifan seemed to pick up on how nervous you were. He ran his thumb over the back of your hand that he was holding, and gripped it tighter in a effort to silently comfort you. 

You let it go unnoticed on the outside and smiled to the crowd, but on the inside, you couldn’t help but realize that the man who acted stone cold was making an effort to calm you down. And as you glanced at everyone and tried to look as regal as possible when you were panicking on the inside, you tried to tell yourself that everything would be okay. 

Author’s Note: This plot will be continued in a second part and posted soon. Thank you for reading!


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Fionn doesn't really seem the big pda type but what if he and his woman hadn't seen each other in a long time and she went to visit him in set? Would he run to her and pepper her in kissed or keep it calm and collected as he introduced her to the other guys??

I think he’d definitely run over to her as soon as he sees her after finishing off a scene, hugging her tightly after he’s emptied his hands and brushed himself down from mud, and twirling her around as soon as she comes into contact with his body . Maybe pressing a few kisses to her cheek and nudging his face into her cheek or pecking her lips and blushing when he heard wold-whistles and cheers from the cast members behind the two of them once they caught sight of the little affectionate scene in front of them. Exchanging soft I love you’s to one another, squeezing each other tightly, and grinning towards one another as they took time to take in the other’s appearance.

He has her hand in his, his dirty hand holding her soft and clean hand, lacing their fingers together as they scuffed across to the rest of the cast and Nolan who had joined in the huddle of watching them. Introducing her as his girlfriend, letting them kiss her cheek before he tugs her back to his side and wraps his arm around her shoulder.

“Fancy getting some bread and jam in the food tend? I can ask them to make you some toast, especially for you. Strawberry jam, too,” he grins, “your favourite jam.”

“I haven’t had toast and jam since you left. Doesn’t feel right eating it without you sat opposite me in your boxers,” she giggles into his neck and sighs out softly, “have you got more to do today? I can go back to my hotel room.”

“You have your own? You could have stayed with me,” he mumbles, holding the entrance flap back for you to slip inside. Greeted by the producers and directors as well as a few extras sitting around on benches with food in front of them, “want you to stay with me. Stay with me. Haven’t seen you for a month.”

“That’s rubbish. We’ve seen each other though a computer screen,” she snickers, standing beside him at the food table and watching as he piled his plate up with two of everything, “Fionn?”

He hums in response, giving you his attention as he put a few spoonfuls of jam on the side of his plate.

“I’ve missed you.” 

And when they get back to the hotel room, after giving back her room and moving her stuff into his, it’s just them for the night. No one to interrupt them. No work to be done. No lines to be practiced. It’s just the two of them, catching up on lost time, kissing and cuddling on the bed, dressed in the fluffy dressing gowns after having a nice bath together to wash the oil from his body and to wash the plane feeling away from her body. It’s then, when they’re alone, that they get very handsy and touchy and a bit more passionate and affectionate with one another. xx


Q gets these terrible bouts of cold. It’s likely from working underground so much, and the poor man has no natural insulation. He tries to stave it off by layering - three or four cardigans, multiple pairs of socks, fingerless gloves. But nothing really works - not even tea eventually - and he sits there in Q-branch trying desperately to warm up because he just has to finish this one piece….

It’s about then that Moneypenny calls Bond. Who strides into Q-branch and scoops his Quartermaster up out of his chair and carries him - kicking and cursing - out of Q-branch and home.

Once they get home, Bond puts Q into a hot bath - clothes and all - and waits until Q’s lips turn pink again before draining the tub, stripping Q down, and wrapping him up in a huge fluffy dressing gown and a blanket and settling him onto the couch.

Bond will turn on one of Q’s beloved documentaries - probably one about dinosaurs because Q is sentimental like that - and make him some tea, then curl up with Q in his lap and finish the film.

Depending on Q’s energy level, they might engage in some more strenuous remedies, but it’s not necessary or expected.

They do, however, end up tangled together in bed, under a pair of duvets, Bond nearly sweating to death because he’s Q’s personal space heater, and Q’s fingers are still chilled. Bond takes them between his hands and kisses each fingertip gently before laying them on his chest and pulling Q close and keeping him there all night.

Q wakes up warm and rested.

Shut Up & Dance ( Trixya ) - Tammy

Hello! My name is Tammy and this is my first time submitting something to AQ.
I’d just really quickly like to thank Maeve for managing to beta this thing, she did a really great job! 

This is just a real quick one-shot/drabble based around the song “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon.

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Masquerade II: Welcome to Burlesque & Balls. PART 4. [BTS x Reader fic]

With a mask, you could be whoever you want to be. You could be someone completely different, or you could be unabashedly yourself.

**DISCLAIMER: Since this is the second saga of MASQUERADE, there will be SPOILERS! So if you haven’t already, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read Masquerade first before this for context and for better understanding, plus you won’t spoil the ending of that story for yourself. ;) **

Link to previous story here: MASQUERADE

Summary: Being the receptionist of Club Masquerade and working as a barista wasn’t quite enough to make your ends meet comfortably, so when a new place opens up nearby that’s looking for attractive females to perform in a neo-Burlesque club, you jumped at the chance for a new job and a chance to do something more than sitting behind a desk or counter. But just like your financial status, your love life wasn’t all too great either. When it seemed like all hope was lost, fate had other plans for you. Unexpected suitors waltzed into your life in various ways, and unbeknownst to each of them, you play the field, hoping to overcome your fears and finally find Mr. Right among them…

        But it seems you’re not the only one keeping secrets.    

Link to Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Club Au, Masquerade Ball Au, Burlesque Au

Taehyung x Reader x Jimin

Fluff & Smut

A/N: Bless your souls. Please stay hydrated lol 

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           As planned, you were back at the Masquerade Ball. You had thrown on a royal purple dress with a plunging neck line and a flowing floor-length skirt. You adjusted your Gold mask nervously, knowing that you were going to meet V for the first time today. It felt like you knew him already, but seeing each other in person was nerve-wrecking.

           What if you didn’t find each other physically attractive? What would you do then? What would he do? Would you be his type?

           You exhaled as you carded through the fluffy ball gowns on the dance floor and made your way to the bar, the meeting place you and V had decided on. However, your heart flipped over when you found a familiar stranger leaning against the bar seductively. Confidently, you marched over and sat two stools over from where he was.

           Maroon Mask.

           "Coming back for round 2?“ he smirked.

           And you looked over playfully. "I’m sorry. Have we met?”

           He clutched his chest as he slid closer. “Ouch. I guess I really wasn’t memorable enough.”

           You chuckled. “Remind me again where you’re from?”

           Maroon mask licked his lips and leaned over, grazing your shoulder with his finger. “How about I remind your body about that night right now?”

           You shivered in anticipation as you locked eyes with him seductively. “I need a man who can please me from the get go.”

           "Well then,“ Maroon mask smirked. "since you can’t remember who I am, let’s say this is our first meeting and I’ll show you what I can do from the get go.”

           You glanced him up and down. He was well built and through the dim lighting, he was quite attractive. On any other day, you would have given him a try again, but not today.

           "I’m sorry. I’m here to meet someone else.“

           "How unfortunate.” he whispered and pressed a kiss onto the sensitive part of your neck, having you gasp immediately. “Well, if you’re looking for a quick, good time with no strings attached. I’ll be around all night.”

           You got chills down your spine as he traced your thighs. It would be a lie if you said that you hadn’t thought of this masked man every so often. He was a mystery you wanted to unravel, and the very thought of what else he could offer you had you keeling over with excitement in the lonely hours of the night.

           But you shook your head and waltzed to the other side of the bar, aware Maroon was still eye-ing you from afar. You couldn’t help but feel empowered to have had such an effect on him.

           "Coffeegirl?“ A deep voice called out and your breath stopped for a bit.

           Biting your lip nervously, you turned around and couldn’t help the large grin that splayed on your face. As he had stated in your chat, V was wearing a white mask with a black button up and slacks. Very simple, but it highlighted his height and emphasized his attractive physical features instead– like his handsome side profile for one. His shirt was unbuttoned a bit so you could see his collarbones peeking from underneath the fabric. It had you swallowing down your dirty thoughts.


           He grinned widely. “I found you!”

           You laughed as he outstretched his arms and you simply fell into his embrace. It was like you were reuniting with a long lost friend, which was pretty accurate because he knew you on a level most people didn’t.

           "Oh here.“ He pulled out a small rose from inside his jacket and bowed. "For you.”

           "Why thank you kind sir.“ You curtsied playfully and accepted it.

           "Let me.” he chuckled. “I put a clip on it so you didn’t have to hold it the whole night.”

           He reached for your hair and hesitated, “May I?”

           You blushed and nodded. He gently clipped the flower onto the side of your hair, near your ear.

           "Beautiful.“ he exhaled.

           You chuckled. He glanced at you endearingly.

           "Do you wanna dance?” he questioned.

           You nodded, grinning. “I’d love to.”

           He flipped over his hand and you grabbed it tightly as he pulled you towards the sea of closely-knit bodies. You turned around briefly to spare a glance at Maroon mask, who was still leaning at the bar with a confident smirk. His legs were crossed and his arms outstretched tauntingly, like he knew you would come over eventually. Catching your gaze, he stuck his tongue out and licked his lips languidly as he stared back at you with lidded eyes.

           You gulped and spun your head away from the sensual scene.

           V found a decent enough space where the music was blasting and pulled you to him, so you weren’t touching anyone else. He chuckled and started dancing to the beat, shaking his hips playfully as you laughed and smacked his chest.

           "We gotta loosen up first.“ he shimmied onto you, continuing your parade of laughter.

           After a few minutes of timid dancing in front of each other, catching each other’s eyes and averting them as butterflies raged in your stomach, V took initiative and placed his hands on your hips, turning you around gently. Your lips curled up as your heart flipped over. His hands weren’t needy or rough, but careful and protective. Even the way he grinded into you felt like he just wanted to enjoy having you close to him. It was refreshing, but it wasn’t the time and place for such gentle actions.

           You pressed your back against his chest and slowly circled your hips into his. You felt a groan reverberate in his chest up to his throat and you smirked, repeating the movement.

           He whispered into your ear, "I’m glad we finally got to meet.”

           You smiled and turned around, cupping his face, feeling how soft his skin was against your hand. He closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, as if it had been the missing piece in his life. Your heart welled up.

           "Kiss me.“ You whispered.

           "Gladly.” he leaned down and softly pressed his lips onto yours.

           You threw your hands around his neck to pull him closer to you. You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. It felt like laying on a meadow with a light breeze and the sun shining, without a care in the world. You both broke the kiss and smiled at each other, ecstatic and grateful that things have so far been absolutely magical.

           "Want a drink?“ Tae whispered and you nodded, telling him what you wanted.

           He kissed your cheek before pushing through the crowd to grab your drink. You continued to dance as you had been. Everybody was so packed together that it was hard to distinguish who came together and who were just strangers pressed up against each other from lack of space. Suddenly, someone slid in front of you, pulling you flush against him by tugging at your waist. Your breath hitched as you came face to face with none other than Maroon mask.

           "I have some time before your lover boy comes back.” he growled.

           You smirked. “You must really like me if you keep coming back.”

           He grabbed your hand and placed in on his chest, smirking at you playfully. “We both know you’ve been thinking about me just as much as I have been about you.”

           You raised an eyebrow curiously then inhaled sharply. He rolled his body sensually as he guided your hand down his torso onto his evident bulge. Without hesitation, he pulled your arm over his shoulder so you were chest to chest, and he grinding himself into you. His arm around your waist pressed your hips forward to increase the contact. The thin fabric of your dress didn’t do much to help you from getting turned on at the feeling of his hard cock teasing your lower region.

           "You can’t tell me you don’t want this.“ he nipped at your ear. "Not after you’ve seen my dick. Don’t you wanna know how it feels…”

           Your knees almost buckled when he slowly body rolled into you.

           "…inside you…“

           You nudged him away carefully, trying to get a hold of yourself. Feigning nonchalance, you chuckled.

           "I’m not sure how many other females that has worked on, but please, try it on someone else.”

           He smirked and crashed his lips onto yours without warning. As much as your head scolded you, your body melted into the kiss. It felt like sitting too close to a fireworks display. It was hot, yet spectacular. His tongue traced your lips and he soon disappeared, leaving you breathless and stunned.

           What the fuck was that?

           "Your drink, milady.“ V returned and you tried hard not to look as dazed as you felt.

           "Thanks.” You squeaked out and chugged your drink as he stared at you in amusement.

           You continued dancing excitedly. It was fun with V. He and you yelled lyrics to each other playfully and screamed along with whatever the DJ was saying. Other times, it became intimate. He caressed your waist and stomach lovingly as you both matched the rhythm of your bodies. You leaned back into his chest, taking in his touches.

           A couple of drinks in, you both were making out on the dance floor like you had been missing each other’s presence for years. He spun you around, holding you close, and began kissing your neck. Your body relaxed and you pressed further into him.

           But suddenly, your eyes locked with Maroon mask from across the room. He was dancing with another girl, but his eyes were on you hungrily. The corner of his lips turned up as he realized he had gotten your attention. He licked his lips again and his hands began roaming the body of the girl in front of him, all while keeping your gaze. He grinded into the girl aggressively and she bent forward needily until she was on the floor. The girl turned around on the ground and you gasped– partially because V had found your sensitive spot and partially because Maroon mask had done a handstand over the girl and languidly rolled his body over hers, in full control. That was incredibly hot.

           The girl was essentially humping him on the floor, but he was still staring over at you. You moaned with pleasure as V continued to lick and kiss that spot on your neck.

           You were extremely turned on.

           Maroon stood up and walked towards the bathrooms knowingly, leaving his partner and everyone that was around them hot and bothered.

           That was all for you.

           "I’ll be right back.“ You whispered, giving V a quick kiss, and he nodded.

           You hurried to the bathroom area, stealing someone’s shot on the way, where you knew Maroon mask was waiting. He was leaning against one of the doors in the secluded bathroom hallway. He smirked as you two spotted each other. Not sparing a moment, you crashed your lips into his.

           "You are driving me crazy.” you hissed.

           "Likewise.“ he smirked.

           You shoved him into an empty stall and jumped on him eagerly. He grinded into you as he lifted your weight up as you wrapped both your legs and your arms in him.

           "Let me ride your thigh.” You demanded.

           "Needy aren’t we?“

           "Shut up.” You hissed as he sat on the covered toilet while you straddled his muscularly bulging thighs. You groaned as you began rocking your hips on his firm muscles. He hurriedly attacked your neck, adding to your pleasure.

           "Don’t make a mark.“ You firmly stated.

           He hummed into your skin as he tensed and pushed his thigh up into you so that there was negative space between your core and his leg. You moaned, but he swallowed your sounds immediately, not that anyone in the bathroom would care, much less hear you with the blaring music. Your hand pressed onto his clothed bulge as you palmed him at the same pace you were rocking, mimicking how it would be if he was inside you. He panted as he kissed you, his hands roaming your body freely.

           Then his fingers made their way to your clit and began rubbing. You began to rock on his thigh faster, feeling your high coming with the added stimulation. When his tongue met your neck once more, you immediately came undone, and you were riding out your orgasm on his thigh unapologetically. You exhaled, not minding that your panties were now extremely soaked, and a spot on his pants was similarly.

           "Well thanks for that.” You breathed as you let your dress flow out again.

           "What about me?“ he breathed needily and you smiled.

           "Maybe if we ever meet again for round 3.” You winked triumphantly. “But I got what I came for.”

           "Where are you going?“ he questioned.

           You simply smirked and disappeared, leaving him in awe, mixed with distraught at the painful need inside him. You scurried back to V, who was dancing with another girl in your absence. Eagerly, you pulled him away and dragged his face down into yours for a passionate kiss. The alcohol and the present need in your lower region for another release was buzzing through your system, and you wanted him. You wanted to see if everything was truly better with an emotional connection.

           V broke the kiss, catching his breath, and staring at you in surprise. You smiled and turned around, backing up into him intently, taking note that he was growing harder with each rub of your ass onto him. He leaned forward so that your back was on his chest and began aggressively grinding into you.

           Soon enough, he began to leave marks of desire on your neck, which had you sighing with pleasure. It had to be a sin to contort your face with raw pleasure publicly, but you prayed your mask covered enough so it didn’t look rated.

           You closed your eyes and took in the bass of the music thumping on your skin and the sensation of V’s mouth on your neck, the feeling of his dick in your ass. All actions screaming that he wanted you.

           Suddenly, you felt a new pair of hands on your waist and your eyes flew open to find Maroon mask dancing in front. You spun around so that you were facing V, in panic.

           "Do you know him?” he asked worriedly.

           "No.“ You shook your head.

           "Do you want me to tell him to stop?” he tilted his head sweetly.

           You pushed your hips forward to grind into V and shook your head. “I don’t mind as long as you’re in front of me.”

           He smiled as he captured your lips. Meanwhile, your hips continued pushing with wanton desire against each other. You were a bit distracted and thrilled by Maroon mask moving closer to you from behind, but you also felt enlightened and high from V’s skillful tongue inside your mouth.

           While you and V were making out, Maroon was leaving kisses on your neck sneakily. You moaned into the kiss, which had V pull you closer to him to deepen it. This was all sorts of wrong, but it was so enthralling.

           Two guys, vying for your attention. Both men needing you.

           Now, you saw the appeal that had drawn even the kind-hearted Silver to the masks. So you milked the moment, your one hand clutched onto V’s shirt while the other pulled at Maroon’s waist so that they were sandwiching you tightly. You started getting dizzy, feeling the alcohol taking its toll on your body. And like all smart drunk people, you decided that getting ANOTHER drink would help.

           "I’m going to grab a drink.“ You slurred to V and shoved Maroon mask away to make room for you to walk.

           You stumbled to the bar, but before you could open your mouth to order, you felt yourself falling backwards. You felt strong arms wrap around you, steadying you, and you smiled, relieved to find a familiar mask in front of you. The last thing you needed was another stranger hitting on you when you were this badly intoxicated.

           "Let’s get you home.” He suggested and you nodded, clutching onto him for stability.

           Holding you close, he hailed a cab and you slowly, yet audibly, recited your address. After that, you laid your head onto his shoulder and the world turned dark.

           Silver squealed excitedly as she was sprawled on Hoseok’s couch, typing up his and Jimin’s schedule for the week. “I hope Y/N is having a good time tonight.”

           "What’s happening with her?“ Hoseok looked up from his phone.

           "Well tonight was when she was going to meet V for real, but the other guy that she had accidentally slept with last time is also there. She doesn’t know what to do because she’s attracted to both. And it reminds me of the good old days when I was with you and Red Mask.”

           Hoseok scowled at the mention of the past.

           "How does she ‘accidentally’ sleep with a guy?“

           "Oh, well cause she thought this Maroon masked guy was V last week at the ball, but then V texted that he had an emergency and didn’t get to show up.” Silver squealed excitedly. “How crazy is that?”

           Hoseok froze. “Wait what. Say that again.”

           "Ummm she slept with a guy she thought was V at the ball last week?“

           "As in a Masquerade Ball?”

           "Yes? Why?“

           "And this guy was wearing a MAROON mask?”


           Hoseok stared at the air, horrified. "Oh. My. God.”

           "What?“ Silver urged. "You’re scaring me.”

           "Is she with this Maroon mask now?!“ he yelled urgently.

           "I don’t know! She hasn’t messaged me. What’s wrong, Hoseok?”

           "Oh no no no. No no.“ Hoseok muttered as he paced, finally putting the pieces together.

           You were shaken awake and you glanced up to see your house outside of the window. You giggled goofily.

           "Oh hey! I flew home!”

           "Get on my back. Come on.“ he urged and you wrapped your arms around his neck, holding onto him like a koala. He piggybacked you and bent over once he got to your door.

           "Plug in your passcode since I don’t have arms.”

           Sleepily, you did so and immediately, you were hit with the familiar fragrance of your abode. You hummed happily.

           "Alright. Just lay down on the couch and I’ll get things to sober you up a bit.“ he gently laid you down and you heard his frantic footsteps running around your house.

           You shut your eyes, still a bit dizzy.

           "The lights are too bright.” You groaned.

           They were immediately dimmed at your requested.

           After a few minutes, you felt something cool and refreshing on your neck. You opened your eyes and finally, your vision adjusted itself. Your lips curled up to find a White mask hovering over you worriedly. You breathed in relief.

           You had gone home with V after all. It hadn’t been a dream.

           You let him wipe you down with a cold towel, welcoming the cool sensation on your hot skin. He guided you to sit up and had you chug a large glass of water and eat a piece of bread.

           "Better?“ he looked at you intently and you nodded.

           He urged you to lie back down and you obeyed with a big sigh. Your head was getting clearer; the alcohol being drained out of your system as you stared at the ceiling.

           "Um…” he started. “Do you mind if I take off your mask?”

           Your eyes glanced over at him.

           "You’d probably feel better if your face was cooled down too?“ he added. "But I don’t want to be creepy or make you uncomfy…”

           You laughed. “You can take my mask off, if you take yours off.”

           He grinned and for some odd reason, it seemed like it was a familiar smile.

           But it might just be the alcohol messing with your mind.

           Gently, he lifted up your mask and when he saw your full face, he blinked.


           You froze as you stared at this man.

           "How do you know my name?”

           He pulled his mask off.

           "Cause it’s me– Tae!“

           You gasped and sat up hurriedly, but regretted your decision as you immediately got dizzy. He urged you back down into the pillow, laughing.

           "Oh my goodness. I can’t believe this!”

           Your head was reeling, and not just because of the alcohol anymore.

           "I’m not dreaming right?“ You blurted out.

           He chuckled and placed his cold hands on your face. "Does it feel like you’re dreaming?”

           You squealed, “Noooo! Tae! It’s freezing!”

           "But you need to wakey, wakey!“

           He cooed as his hands traveled down your neck and you thrashed about playfully. He giggled and hopped on top of you, continuing his teasing until you both realized the position you were in.

           "Oh sorry.” he blushed and was about to get off you when you grabbed his wrist.

           You propped yourself up and gazed at him seriously.

           "I don’t mind.“

           Here he was in front of you. The handsome bartender you were physically attracted to and V, the masked icon that was simply a culmination of print that tugged at your heartstrings until today. He was one and the same. You were delighted, but you needed to know he was real.

           As if reading your mind, he slid his hands onto your face as you shivered.

           "Sorry my hands are cold.” he whispered as he leaned down.

           "I don’t care.“ You answered as you pressed forward, closing the distance between your lips hungrily.

           He pushed you down gently so that his body lay on top of yours. Your lips danced on each other’s, slowly taking in the events of the past few weeks that had led you both to this moment. Your first fateful meeting, your smooth transition into friendship, the meaningful glances, the flirtatious banter, both of your piqued interest in getting to know each other. Now it seemed that you both had surpassed that first step. You knew a lot about each other already from chatting online, and you felt comfortable expressing your feelings openly through physical contact. Both of you had wanted this since you met.

           Your hands flew up to his shirt and began unbuttoning them as you continued your passionate kissing. Immediately, you propped yourself up and pushed him down so he was sitting on the couch. You threw his shirt to the side and was pleased to find that he wore nothing underneath it. Smirking, your hands splayed on his bare chest as you straddled him. He steadied you by your waist and soon, his hands found your dress zipper.

           You smiled into the kiss, finding it amusing that he was always the one zipping you into your costumes and now he was unzipping you out of your dress. He grinned as if understanding your amusement. You stepped back and let your dress slip off of you as he bit his lip, taking you all in. You threw off the rose by your ear and tousled your hair as he deeply grunted at how seductive you were being. You kneeled down and unbuckled his belt, quickly pulling his boxers and pants off. You licked your lips as his length sprung up excitedly. Your hands hooked at your panties and pulled them off hurriedly. You had been soaking wet since the ball, and you were anxious to be satisfied. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you back onto his lap, kissing you sweetly. You lined yourself up over his dick, staring at him, to see if he would stop you.

           "Protection.” he whispered.

           "I’ve got you.“ you breathed onto his lips as you pushed his bare cock inside you.

           He groaned with pleasure as he felt you tighten around him.

           "Y/N.” he breathed and you smiled.

           He captured your lips, pressing his tongue into your mouth hungrily, and you began bouncing on him; your juices making a lewd sound whenever you did so. He unhooked your bra and cupped your breasts with his large hands, massaging them expertly.

           "Tae.“ You exhaled as you rocked into him.

           "Hm.” he hummed as he began sucking into your neck.

           You placed a hand on his chest and you locked gazes as you started riding him more intensely. He bucked into you as heat was traveling down to his lower half as well. You groaned; it was a bit painful because you rushed straight into having him inside you. Although you were wet, you weren’t completely stretched.

           "You okay?“ he caressed your face worriedly, though his face immediately contorted when you pulled out and hurriedly sat into his dick. You both inhaled sharply at the pang of pain and pleasure.

           "Fuck.” you hissed. “It feels so good, Tae.”

           He kissed you needily as he thumbed your nipples and rocked his hips up to meet yours. You winced and groaned as he began filling you up more.

           "Y/N. I’m close.“ he whispered.

           You got on your knees, hurriedly, and dipped your head down his full length. He cried out and arched his back.

           "Fuck.” he breathed as your tongue swirled around his dick.

           Then you bobbed your head quickly, licking the head of his cock, alternatively. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily. You continued your rhythm, tightening your throat and mouth as much as you could to give him the sensation he needed, flicking your tongue under and down the sides of his length. His hips began gyrating into your mouth as he panted, and you followed his hurried rhythm until he had cum inside your throat.

           You swallowed and gave him flirtatious smile as he caught his breath.

           "Come here.“ he growled as he scooped you up from the ground.

           You squealed as he barged into your bedroom and threw you down on the bed. He lined his face in front of your throbbing core. His breath hitting you down there was enough to send you into whiles of pleasure. Your hands curled into your sheets as his long tongue licked your strip. You moaned as your hips bucked up. You were super sensitive from all the events of the night, so you felt already so close to your orgasm. He glanced up and as soon as he saw that you were already a needy mess, he pushed his face into you and began eating you out hungrily.

           "Oh my god.”

           You cried as he sucked at your clit and then pushed his tongue as deep as he could inside of you. His hands caressed your thighs gently and you easily rocked into his face in no time. He licked you through your orgasm. He pulled his face away as you heaved, lying on your bed limply.

           He grinned and stood up happily.

           You noticed that he was hard again and your body quivered giddily.

           "Open that drawer.“ You pointed.

           He wiped his mouth and obeyed.

           "Glow in the dark?” he grinned as he found the condom package.

           "Yea…it was a gag gift from a friend.“ You explained, mentally cursing Jimin that his gift would be actually coming in handy.

           Tae laughed. "I guess we’ll have to try it next time.”

           Your heart flipped over. “Next time?”

           He stared at you and smiled, stating firmly. “Yes. Next time.”

           He hovered over you and caressed your face lovingly. “Only if you want a next time of course.”

           You lay your hand on top of his and pressed your face into it.

           "I’d like that.“

           He beamed, fixing up your messy hair. You probably looked incredibly wrecked and unattractive, but his longing gaze was making you believe otherwise.

           "Are you comfortable? Are you sure you want this?”

           You nodded. Gone was all the alcohol in both your systems. Gone was the lust that you had enflamed in each other from your scandalous dancing. Now, the air was different. It seemed to mean more. Now, there were real feelings involved.

           "I’m sure. Tae, I need you inside me.“

           He hummed and positioned himself in front of your core.

           His eyes stayed locked on yours as he slowly dipped inside you. You gasped with pleasure as he stretched you out. His breathing also got heavier with the feeling of being inside you once again. He leaned down and kissed you sweetly, as he gradually made his way deeper into you. You felt intoxicated with everything that he was giving you. His gentle touches, the endearing way he looked at you, and the feeling of his gifted tongue smoothing against yours. You moaned as he filled you up, and you passionately made out with him inside you.

           But you needed more.

           "Tae, you can move.” You said breathlessly.

           He nodded, “Tell me if it hurts.”

           "I’ll be fine.“

           He began gently rocking his hips back and forth, and you writhed under him with pleasure. But what started off as languid, soon picked up the pace. He was pushing into you faster and faster as you kept moaning loudly.

           "Tae. Up and right more.” You instructed and he dug into you.


           He had gone too deep and you wanted to melt immediately, but you wanted him to hit your g-spot. You needed him to.

           "Pull back a bit and try again.” You breathed.

           He did so and you screamed, your toes curling, your body electrified.

           "Oh my god. Yes. Right there. Don’t stop.“ You groaned as he bucked into you.

           "You’re okay?”

           "Yes, holy shit. I’m more than okay. Tae. Don’t fucking stop.“ Your hands roamed his body as he rocked his hips, pleasure after pleasure hitting you like waves with each push forward.

           "Tae, I need you to play with my nipples and my clit. I need you.”

           You moaned loudly as he rammed into you hard, his hips sputtering as he too was getting overwhelming close to his high.

           Obediently, he latched his mouth on your breast and his hand shot down to rub circles into your clit, not stopping his rhythm. You began panting louder, your body riding up to meet his. The symphony of your skins colliding added to your heat. He growled as he felt that he was getting close. So not wanting to finish before you again, he pulled out.

           Before you could hiss at the loss, his tongue and fingers replaced where his dick used to be. He flattened his tongue to lick you clean then tickled your clit with the tip of it aggressively. You squirmed, feeling unbelievably close to your orgasm, but not wanting the pleasure to stop. Then you made the mistake of looking down and the way he was looking at you, full of genuine desire and awe, waiting for your approval, as his tongue played inside you, had your head spinning.

           "Tae.“ you croaked. "I want you to finish inside me.”

           He hummed and immediately pushed his hard cock back into you. He thumbed your nipples and you tried not to shut your eyes to revel in your high, because you were mesmerized by his gaze. He was taking in all of your expressions, like he didn’t want to miss a second of what you were doing, and how he was making you feel.

           "Tae…“ you breathed, feeling your release. "I’m going to cum.”

           He kissed your forehead sweetly. “Cum for me, baby. I got you.”

           You groaned. He rammed into your g-spot continuously as he flicked and smoothed over your sensitive buds. With all of the stimulation, you came undone under him. Pleasure electrified your body. You clenched around him and soon, you were both riding out your orgasms together.             

           After you both finished your release, he pressed his forehead onto yours as you both panted heavily. Sweetly, he planted a chaste kiss on your lips, which sent butterflies straight to your stomach.

           "I’ll take care of you.“ he whispered as he pulled out and threw out the condom.

           He waltzed to your bathroom and came back with a warm towel. You watched him lovingly as he wiped your body down with a small smile on his face. 

           "You’re staying over right?” You asked. Your voice came out smaller than you had expected it to be. Deep down, you were afraid he would leave just like the others.

           He glanced at you surprised. “Do you want me to?”

           You nodded and a grin formed on his face.

           "Then of course!“

           He chucked the towel into your laundry basket and warmly enveloped you in his arms. He threw the blanket over your bare bodies and almost immediately, you fell into a deep, comforting sleep.

           The sound of your phone blaring stirred you awake. Your eyes squinted and you found that Tae was still holding you tightly in his arms, sound asleep. You smiled as you reached up and caressed his face. What were the odds of V being him in the end? You were giddy with the thought that this was all blessed fate.

           Gently, you turned around to reach for your obnoxious phone and Tae instinctively clung onto your back, wanting to remain in the warmth of your closely wound bodies still. You giggled at his adorable action and unlocked your phone. Your eyes widened to find an obnoxious amount of calls from Jimin. You raised your eyebrows and then rolled your eyes as you read his messages acting like a frantic parent, wondering where you were and who you were with.

           You quickly replied for him to calm down, asking what was wrong with him. What had gotten into him lately?  

           Then you gasped slightly as you finally looked at the time. It was almost noon already! Your body had never let you sleep in this much before. Tae stirred behind you, kissing your shoulder.

           "Good morning.” His voice sounded rough and hoarse, and it immediately turned you on. Fuck, this guy was unfair.

           "More like good afternoon.“ you giggled as you turned to face him, his arms never unwrapping from your body. His eyes turned into happy crescents as he finally saw your face. Your heart welled up at his gaze. "Hungry?”

           "Mhm.“ He nodded cutely.

           "I have some gourmet cereal.” You grinned and he chuckled.

           "Sounds perfect.“

           "Let me get dressed first.” You picked up the first thing you could find, which was his black button shirt up. Wasn’t this in the living room? You then vaguely remembered Tae kicking it in front of him as he carried you into the room, since it was in his way.

           Smiling happily, you threw it on as he watched you.

           "How do I look?“ You twirled in his large shirt, knowing that your height differences made it seem like a dress on you.

           "Beautiful.” his eyes twinkled as he took the sight of you in.

           You climbed on the bed to press a kiss on his lips. “Come to the kitchen when you’re ready.”

           "Hm.“ he hummed as he stretched, trying to fully wake himself up.

           You chuckled as you waltzed to your kitchen lightheartedly. But he soon followed as you gathered the bowls, spoons, milk, and different brands of cereal you owned.

           "Do you add the milk first or cereal first?” you grinned.

           "Cereal first.“ he answered.

           "I do milk first.” You batted your eyes. “Is that a deal breaker?”

           He laughed. “No, it means there’s equality. There’s no hierarchy between us when it comes to milk and cereal.”

           You giggled as you poured your milk into your bowl and he, his choice of cereal.

           "Plus we won’t have to fight over it.“ he added.

           You smiled as you exchanged items.

           "I like seeing the cereal rise up. That’s why I put the milk last.” he explained.

           "I just like having more milk.“ You commented.  

           "What’re your plans for the rest of the day?” he questioned.

           You shook your head. “Other than Burlesque, none. Club Masquerade has a holiday weekend.”

           "Great.“ he grinned. "Then can I take you out for dinner?”

           You blushed. “I’d like that.”

           He reached for your hand and smiled, “Then we can head to work together ~”

           Brunch was filled with light hearted conversations and a lot of laughter, so much so that it didn’t seem like it had been the first night you had spent together. You could feel yourself glowing as you watched Tae talk or make jokes, and he looked at you with such fondness that your heart couldn’t stop doing somersaults.        

           After you both finished up your cereal, he grabbed the dishes and kissed your forehead. “I’ll wash these. You go shower.”

           You glanced up at him. “Are you sure? You’re the guest…”

           He nodded firmly. “Go shower first and take your time to relax.”

           "Thanks Tae.“


           He walked to the sink.

           You gently wrapped your arms around his back. “You know…”


           "I’m glad it was you.” you confessed.

           Tae grinned and turned around, sliding his hands onto your face. He leaned down and you both kissed deeply.

           "Me too.“

           You felt your heart soaring as you looked into his eyes. Everything seemed to have happened so fast, but it felt so natural, so easy.

           "I’ll be back.”

           Tae nodded as you floated to the shower giddily.

           Now that you were alone, you had time to recollect all of the events that had occurred last night. You smiled to yourself happily, remembering the sweet, careful sex that you and Tae had had on your bed. The way his arms felt around you as you slept, fully naked and vulnerable, but he had been there when you woke up.

           Then the image of Maroon mask seductively dancing and how you had gotten off just simply by riding his muscularly scrumptious thigh flitted across your mind. You felt heat pool down to your lower abdomen and you shook your head. That man was so alluring and magnetizing, it had to be a sin.

           You hummed. You wondered what Maroon looked like underneath the mask. He certainly had a silver tongue and skillful hands. Who was underneath, and what other skills did he have? You shivered despite warm water enveloping your body.

           But you pushed those thoughts and desires aside. Now that you had Tae, there was no reason to return to the Masquerade Ball anyway. Maroon mask would no longer be part of your life. And it’s not like you knew where and when you would be able to meet him anyway.

           Tae sang a song happily as he dried your dishes and put them away. Suddenly, there was loud, obnoxious knocking on your front door and frantic ringing of your doorbell. He flinched and floated away from the kitchen.  

           "Hm?“ Tae tilted his head as he went to answer the urgent sounds.

           Jimin was breathing heavily as he pounded his fist against your door, praying that you were inside and alright. He had been drinking pretty much until dawn, waiting for your message or call on how the night went, if you had gotten home okay, or if you needed him to come save you. But there was nothing until he was already stumbling to your house.

           You had sent him a cryptic and snippy message, which wasn’t enough to satisfy his worries. He had to see you.

           But when your front door swung open, he felt the wind get knocked out of him as he found a shirtless Kim Taehyung in front of him.

           His jaw dropped.

           "Chim Chims!” he greeted brightly. “Good mornoon!”

           Jimin blinked, wondering if he had knocked on the wrong house.

           "…Tae…“ he tried to greet somewhat enthusiastically, but it came out skeptic and overall confused.  "I came to check on Y/N…she said she was going to meet V last night…but why’re you here?”

           Tae giggled as he flung his arms up ecstatically, “Surprise!”

           Jimin raised an eyebrow, puzzled.

           Tae beamed so brightly that Jimin felt the need to shove his sunglasses over his eyes. But he felt his body freeze and his mouth slacken at Taehyung’s next statement:

           "It turns out we’re each other’s perfect match! I’M V! Isn’t it great, Chims?“

           All of his built-up anxieties and a shit ton of alcohol shot up through his stomach at that exact moment, and Jimin bent over and hurled right onto your doorstep.


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20. It’s just rain. You aren’t gonna melt!

“What’s wrong with you?” Aaron snapped; arms outstretched in front of him, shaking his head in exasperation.

It wasn’t even 7am, and he was already close to the end of his tether.

He opened the back door again.

“Out!” he ordered.

He got nothing but a vacant expression staring back at him.

“It’s just rain. You aren’t gonna melt!” he urged as Bruce flicked his gaze between Aaron’s exasperated glare and the expanse of puddles in the back garden as the torrent of rain continued to pour down. “It’s not like I want to walk you in this weather either! Come on, boy, please.”

Robert appeared behind him, wrapping his arms around Aaron’s waist and kissing gently against the back of his neck.

Aaron relaxed into the comfort of his husband’s embrace; his fluffy dressing gown enveloping him in warmth.

“You talking to the dog again?” Robert murmured into his ear as he nuzzled Aaron’s neck. “Only I don’t think they speak English.”

“Ha, funny,” Aaron answered with a sarcastic laugh. “ He’s such a weird dog. I think he’s actually scared of the rain. I’ve never known anything like it.”

Bruce looked up at them both as if he knew he was being talked about. He whined lightly before scratching at the now closed door with his paw.

Aaron shook his head again, peeling himself out of Robert’s embrace to open the back door again.

“Make up your mind, will ya!”

Bruce placed a tentative paw onto the slabs outside, before feeling the rain bounce off his head and retreating back indoors.

Robert laughed lightly, patting Bruce on the head affectionately before heading towards the coffee machine.

“Leave him, if he doesn’t want to go out,” Robert suggested as the smell of rich coffee filled the room.

“Yeah, you say that until he makes a right mess of the floor later because he hasn’t been out all day. As much as I love seeing you on your hands and knees, Robert, I’m not sure it has quite the same effect when you’re down there cleaning up –”

“Yeah, okay, I get your point,” Robert interrupted, rolling his eyes.

Robert made his way to the open door, picking up the half-chewed tennis ball at Bruce’s paws and launching it into the back garden.

“Go fetch!” Robert called out excitedly.

Without a second’s hesitation, Bruce leapt out of the back door and bounded down the garden after the ball.

Robert turned to Aaron and gave him nothing but a smug smile.

Aaron rolled his eyes and shook his head, unable to fully suppress the smile in response to how proud of himself his husband looked.

“Well if you’re such a dog whisperer why don’t you go and walk him?” Aaron suggested with a hint of sarcasm.

Robert scrunched his nose up and shook his head as he leant forwards to pull Aaron into a kiss.

“Nah, if anything you need the practice more,” he smirked. “And I really cannot stand the rain.”

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Can you do all the 30 Days of Domestic Fluff for Luke? And reader?

30 Days of Domestic Fluff: Luke Alvez

  1. Waking Up Together: Luke’s an early riser, you most definitely are not. He likes to wake up with his arms wrapped around you protectively. If he’s not in work, he likes to just hold in you and enjoy your calming presence. He loves it when you mumble in your sleep, although he’ll occasionally tease you about it. Sometimes he’ll wake you up with light kisses as he buries his face into your neck. Even though you hate mornings, you don’t mind this type of wake up call.
  2. Morning Routine: Luke uses the shower first seen as he’s an early riser. You’re more than content to just laze in bed until you summon up the motivation to move. Luke always makes time to take Roxy on her morning walk and you like to join them from time to time. He still values Roxy’s opinion on his fashion more than yours. If he has time in the morning he loves to make you breakfast in bed. He always makes sure to give you a goodbye kiss before he leaves for work, especially seen as he might not be back from a case for a while.
  3. Doing Laundry: You’re more than happy to take charge of laundry duties. After all Luke is away so often and he usually does the cooking so you feel that it’s a useful thing you can do to help out in the house. Although if Luke is home, he can be a major distraction. He particularly likes to pick you up and perch you on the washing machine as he passionately kisses you.
  4. Night In: You both love your nights in, especially if they involve good food and wine. You usually find yourself draped across Luke on the couch. He likes to run his hands through you hair if you lie down on his lap. Occasionally you can persuade him to give you a foot massage, but only if you let him have control of the remote control.
  5. Nighttime Routine: You often go to bed first. Luke likes to be the last one up, checking the doors and windows are securely locked. Sometimes it drives you crazy, especially if he wakes you up climbing into bed but you know it’s just his protective nature. He always tries to not disturb you but is happy when you briefly wake up to allow him to wrap his arms around your waist and pulled yourself closer to him.
  6. Shopping (For Needs): You often do the grocery shopping due to Luke’s job often taking him away. You’re always make sure to get his (and Roxy’s) favourites. If Luke does accompany you, he always carries the bags because “that’s what his mother taught him to do”.
  7. Exercising: Luke can be a bit annoying when it comes to exercise. He’s super dedicated and can be a bit of a harsh trainer (probably due to his army background). Your training sessions also have the tendency to develop into make out sessions.
  8. Wearing Each Other’s Clothes: Luke loves it when you wear his shirts. His favourite thing is returning home from a case to find you relaxing in bed in one of his shirts swamping your frame and skimming your thighs. However he doesn’t appreciate it when you steal his favourite sweatshirt and accidentally get stains on it. Luke also sometimes wears your pink bath robe around the house, just as something he can quickly pull on. You love seeing him, an FBI agent and former army ranger, strolling around in a bright pink fluffy gown.
  9. Nursing the Sick One: You both hate it when the other is sick. Luke especially hates it if he has to leave you to go on a case. He’ll make sure to call to check up on you and stock up the house with all the essentials. He’ll always be there to hold your hair back and run a cool flannel across your face. Luke rarely gets sick but when he does he’s the worst patient. He’ll only relent if you make him chicken soup and let him rest his head in your lap as you run your hands through his short curls.
  10. Hair: You both have a thing for hair - especially pulling it as you kiss deeply.
  11. Coffee and/or Tea: You’re both coffee people. Luke can get a bit pompous, claiming New York has the best coffee. You do like tea every now and then. If you’ve had a hard day, Luke is more than willing to make you a cup of tea to make you feel better.
  12. Cooking Together: Luke’s the better cook so you often allow him complete control of the kitchen. That doesn’t include when you wander in to distract him and you end up on the counter with Luke between your legs.
  13. Washing Dishes: You both share the task. It can be quite messy if the two of you decide to engage in a splashing war.
  14. Homework and/or Job Work: Luke tries to leave his work at the office, he just wants to be in the moment with you when he’s home. Although you can always tell when he’s had a tough day and you’ll always offer to listen to his problems as he does for you.
  15. Family Visits: You both love it when Luke’s family visits. They’re very loving, especially his mother, and are always happy to see you for a catch up. You often organise an outing, usually involving Roxy, to spend time with them.
  16. Trying Something New: Let’s just say Garcia bought you a book of intricate positions as a joke but you’ve both put it to good use.
  17. Kisses: Your kisses are always passionate, yet are always unique. They range from protective kisses on your forehead to tender kisses on your lips to deep kisses as Luke lays you down on the bed. You never get tired of kissing Luke.
  18. Hugs: Luke is more fond of hugs than you’d think. He particularly likes hugging you from behind and pressing a kiss to your temple. His favourite type of hug is when he returns home and you immediately give him a warm embrace, pulling him close to you.
  19. Forgetting Something: You’re the more forgetful one. Luke has often came home to the sight of you sitting outside the front door because you’ve forgotten your keys. He just laughs and teases you
  20. A Heated Argument: It’s rare that you argue but when you do it’s explosive. It’s usually about Luke’s reluctance to voice his feelings. It frustrates you because it makes you feel as if he doesn’t trust you. He in turn finds it infuriating that you don’t realise how much you mean to him.
  21. Road Trips: You’re a big fan of road trips, Luke isn’t. You put it down to the amount of cases he’s handled involving dangerous situations on the road.
  22. Picnics: Sometimes when the weather is nice you both take Roxy to the park for a picnic. It’s one of your favourite date activities to do.
  23. Double Date: It took a lot of convincing but you finally organised a double date with Garcia and Sam. There were plenty of awkward moments (e.g. A repeat of the “fingering techniques” incident) but you were determined to make it a success.
  24. Shopping (For Fun): You both love book shops. It’s funny because you would have never expected Luke to be the bookish-type, but he loves spending time with you looking for new books.
  25. Keeping Plants: You’re both completely hopeless - Luke in particular. Although you do try to keep any of the flowers he occasionally bring home for you alive for a while.
  26. Doctor Visits: Luke always takes you to the doctors. Your stubbornness to admit you’re sick frustrates him and he gets quite worried about you.
  27. Pets: Roxy is one of the most important things in Luke’s life. He was relieved that you realised that. He was also happy you weren’t a cat person.
  28. Vacation: It’s not really an option due to Luke’s training to become a SSA, although he has promised you he will take you on a trip to thank you for your support when he finishes.
  29. House Cleaning: Luke’s a lot more active when it comes to cleaning. The army taught him order and neatness and sometimes it drives him crazy how you can happily leave mess around the house. It equally frustrates you that when you go back to find the mug you set down a moment ago he’s already washed it.
  30. I Love You’s: You both don’t often say it aloud. You prefer to say it through actions. You’re both very protective of each other and knowing that you have each other’s back is the most important thing in your relationship. Luke can often be very affectionate after a case, telling you he loves as he holds you close to his chest as you lie in bed together.