fluffy dogs

okay,, some trc disability headcanons that probably each occur in their own au since most friend groups aren’t like mine where we all just happen to turn out to be disabled

-i’m so enamored by the idea of bad ass cpunk blue sargent. blue developing a chronic pain disorder in her early 20s and getting herself a fire truck red rollator that she decorates in a garrish fashion. blue trying everything from herbal teas courtesy of maura to fancy specialists courtesy of the gansey’s connections for her pain. the only thing that helps is figuring out how to meditate herself inside of a tree for a couple of hours, but that’s exhausting in its own way. 

-ronan who has used a wheelchair since childhood and YES it’s got skull spoke guards u plebes. ronan with a super fluffy service dog named chainsaw. ronan installing hand controls in the bmw and decking anyone that cracks jokes about him racing in his chair. (oh fuck i bet ronan has named his chair of course he did!!! boy names everything!!!)

-adam w magical nerve damage or dysautonomia after cabeswater leaves him. things don’t go quite back to the way they were before bc sentient forests are bad at human anatomy and physiology and signals get crossed. adam readjusting to a body that is unpredictable in an entirely different way than from before and learning that he actually has to take care of himself. 

-bonus: gansey just snapping his fingers and making elevators and ramps appear for his friends.