fluffy dogs

Next up is Lesser Dog!

Opening Battle Quote

*   * You don’t know why–but you feel that this dog just needs a little TLC!


Despite his overly-fluffy face, this dog doesn’t seem to possess much outward kindness compared to the others in the Canine Unit.

Underneath his extremely loud bark however, there’s a dog who just wants some attention and will do anything he can to get some!

Role in Monofell

As the main scout of the Canine Unit, it is his job to report anything he deems as suspicious to Captain Undyne!

…If only that weren’t classified as literally everything that catches his attention.

Notable Differences

  • He can speak beyond his regular barking.

  • His demeanor is usually vicious rather than inviting.

  • He’s rarely seen playing poker despite his love for it–he’s either missing during the Canine Unit’s daily game of poker or watching off to the side with his attention always on the door–as if waiting for someone.

catharine-mischief  asked:

I love that your first kiss story had them in Newfoundland 😍 it would be the last place anyone would think to look!

:D Thank you!! (and I’m sorry this response took so long)

I’m so into the idea of them escaping to some remote, rural place, where all they have is each other and nature. In some ways, I think it’s what they would need to heal, to create some new reality outside of the world of murder and murder games.

Plus, like… just look at this:

And imagine a big fireplace inside, and big fluffy sweaters, and big fluffy dogs, and mugs of hot cocoa, and hours of cuddling and healing :3