fluffy dogs

chawkin0926 | instagram

When the guests come to visit the dogs their biggest surprise is always the wide variety of the dogs. Big, small, short haired, or long and fluffy coats the dogs come in all shapes and sizes.
What the guests don’t realize is that that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Along with the variety in looks comes an even wider range of personalities that the dogs bring. Each dog has there own lifetime of experience and behaviour that not only sets them apart but requires a different approach when interacting with them. Some are goofballs, some take their job very seriously and some just want a nice cuddle.
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best part is when they have a nice wine mom and a small fluffy dog and like 2 months into your friendship they let you look at their secret book of drawings and youre like “wow miranda i didnt know you were so talented” and then you go on omegle late into the night and scream everytime you see a dick