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A good boy and a friend. The old rex enjoys relaxing in scenic spots as he waits for his next meal to stray nearby.

This little T-Rex was made to be roughly scientifically accurate, with a nice coat of ‘feathers’. He’s made with armature wire and polymer clay, painted with acrylics, and covered with rabbit fur. He was painstakingly made with love over the course of a year and he’s finally ready to go to a new home!

He’s available on Esty if you’re interested!

“Is Bruce in here?” Tim figured he might be— Bruce spent a lot of time in the children’s wing of Wayne Enterprises. There were a dozen or so kids in daycare most weekdays, and Bruce liked to hang out.

Tim liked to hang out too. They had nice snacks, and he’d known most of the kids since they were toddlers. And sometimes naps were mandatory.

“Conference call,” Damian told him. (For someone who claimed to hate naps, snackfood, kids, and humanity in general, Damian also spent a lot of time in the children’s wing.) “I don’t know where.” 

He went back to what he was doing, which was arranging a set of pewter soldiers into a complex model of a battlefield, presumably for the benefit of the preschooler sitting next to him. 

“What’s this?”

“The Battle of Issus, 333 BC.”

“Right, obviously.” Tim decided he was curious, so he settled down on the mats to watch.  Damian finished his model; he pulled a marker from the art table and used it as a pointer. 

“Okay. This is the Macedonian army, outnumbered but in the better tactical position, south of the Pinarus River. Their leader is Alexander the Great. And this—” He pointed to his enemy line. “—is the Achaemenid Empire. They’re about to lose.”

Damian tapped his marker on the Macedonian right. “This is the companion calvary, Alexander’s elite force, and they—” he cut off when he noticed his pupil digging in the toy bin, clearly distracted. The kid came up with a battered Transformer, which he set behind Damian’s lines. 

“Elliot. Alexander did not have robots.”

“But,” said Tim, rummaging through the box himself, “did he have wizards?” He pulled a bearded magician out of the tub and held it up for Damian to see. 

“You know he didn’t.”

Tim passed the wizard to Elliot. “But what if he did?”


“How would that go?”


“Abracadabra, Alexander!” Elliot yelled, gleefully smashing through Damian’s entire left flank.

“Damn it, Drake.” Damian sighed in frustration— not quite the rise Tim was hoping for, but still something. He dropped Elliot’s discarded robot back into the box.

“I don’t know what you were expecting,” Tim told him. “Elliot’s four. He’s too young for— what is this— military history?”

“He was doing fine before you showed up.” Damian started to re-erect his soldiers, but he gave it up after Elliot came in for a second pass. “Which is typical, isn’t it?”

“Good one.”

“Thank you.” Damian crossed his arms. “Fine. I’ll bite. When is he supposed to learn this kind of thing?”

“High school? Maybe never.”

“That can’t be right.”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Frequently.” Damian rolled his eyes. “I’m getting a second opinion.”

“I’ll wait.”

Damian checked the room for potential allies. “Thomas?” he called over his shoulder, “You learned military strategy as a kid, right?”

Duke looked up from the book he was reading to a pair of kindergardeners. “Just you, man.”

“Told you.” Tim fished a bag of plastic ninja from the toy box and arranged them pointedly into a row. “How are you still surprised by this kind of thing?”

Damian glared at him. “Okay, first of all? I’m not a— hold on a second. Elliot!”

Elliot froze with a large, plastic dinosaur held aloft over the battlefield. He drew it sheepishly back to his chest. “Sorry.”

“Not in the calvary wing,” Damian told him. “You’ll scare the horses.”

“Here?” Elliot pointed to the front of the phalanx.



“Aim for his center.” Damian turned back to Tim. “Anyway. Why are you still talking to me? I thought we had an agreement about unnecessary contact.”

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oneinsanemuffin  asked:

Honestly I can accept the idea of fuzz on a sauropod. I think the most likely cases for such a thing is if a) the species lived in an area that was known to be cold (ex: Colombian mammoths vs woolly mammoths), or b) sauropods born with fuzz, but they become sparse or nonexistent by a certain point in their lives (Asian elephants are a good example; some calves are born with lots of hair, while all adults have very few visible hairs)

Yep! Just like with theropods and ornithischians, it’s likely that there wasn’t any single “one skin fits all” for sauropods. (But I’d guess the most likely place for there to have been potential “woolly sauropods” would be the south polar region with its cold dark winters.)

We do know at least some titanosaurs were scaly from birth though – there are fossil eggs known with embryonic skin preservation, all showing scales.

That’s why I married you {Kim Jongdae Drabble}

Chen and #22 (I don’t know why I married you) please? Thanks <3

Note: There was so many possibilities for this. I was going to do something really angsty and sad, but I’m not capable of doing that to Chen so instead I wrote something fluffy for our favorite dinosaur. Fighting!~ Mami

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

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You felt unsettled as the sheets of the bed shifted around you at the crack of dawn. It must have been around three am, because darkness still filled the skies outside on the warm summer night. You groaned, stretching out your palm to seek the warmth of your husband to grasp nothing but thin air.

The lack of company brought you back to consciousness. Beside you, Jongdae had placed himself on the corner of the bed, head hanging low as he sat, looking as though he was experiencing the saddest emotions all at once.

“Jagi?” You questioned, voice hoarse from tiredness.

“Huh?” He seemed shocked by your voice. He turned around, looking at you with worrisome eyes. “Why are you awake, honey? It’s late.”

“I could ask you the same thing.” You responded. He looked worried about you, but you were more worried about him. The darkness around his eyes was only growing, and he seemed more restless than usual. He could fool the other members, and the fans, the power of makeup and a brave face is enough - but not for you, never for you.

“I’m just not tired.” He shrugged, but you could see the lies behind his eyes.

“Don’t like to me Jongdae, what’s wrong. Really?”

He sighed, running a hand through his freshly dyed brown hair. “This CBX comeback… I’m just nervous. What if it all goes wrong? I mean, the fans already annoyed about it because SM are calling the ‘first sub unit’ when we used to have ‘exo m’ and ‘exo k’ I mean, I understand their annoyance, but what if this is just going to-”

“Kim Jongdae.” You sat up, voice soft. “You’re going to be amazing.”

He smiled, but he didn’t look any calmer. “Thanks Jagi, I know I can always count on you.”

“Come on.” You said, getting out of bed, wearing only a shirt and underwear.

“What are you doing?” He asked

“I said come on!” You grinned at him, and finally, he obeyed. Getting off the bed with less enthusiasm than you had, but doing it nonetheless.

The two of you snuck past the other rooms in the exo dorms, exhaling loudly when you finally entered the soundproof kitchen. It had been soundproofed when Kyungsoo started doing a lot of movie roles and wouldn’t come back until early hours of the morning. He’d constantly wake up the other members trying to quietly cook himself after not eating all day, that was until the band finally persuaded the company to soundproof the kitchen.

“What are we doing, {y/n}” Jongdae asked, crossing his arms as he watched you with a raised eyebrow as you started reaching for ingredients in the cupboards.

“We’re going to make a cake.” You told him.

“You’re crazy. We’re in our underwear, the others might come down.”

“Live a little, dae.” You teased, “Now are you going to help be reach the flour or am I going to have to start climbing on the counter?”

“I’m coming”

It wasn’t until you stated to make the cake that Jongdae began to smile. He seemed to loosen off, forgetting about his responsibility. You could visibly see the way he laughed freely, living as a normal person and not Chen of EXO with a reputation to withhold.

You loved the way he wrapped his arms around you, dancing his way around the kitchen just to see you smile.

When you finally put the cake in the oven and had made the gloppy, white icing for the top. You collapsed into Jongdae’s arms, pressing your face into the nape of his neck as tiredness over washed you.

“Are you tired baby?” He questioned.

You muffled a response, and he laughed, somehow understanding what you were saying.

“I don’t know why I married you,” he teased, “You’re too good for me. You deserve something so much better.”

You pulled away from him, “Nothing gets better than Kim Jongdae.”

He shook his head, still chuckling. “Why is it after all this time, you can still make be blush like a teenager?”

“I just have the effect.” You giggled, your face lighting up as the timer chimed, telling you the cake was done.

You pulled it out with care, then left it on the side. “How about we finish this in a few hours? I think we should go back to bed. It’s like 5am or something stupid.” Jongdae reasoned, you nodded.


You both went back upstairs, a brighter a perspective, and to your happiness, Jongdae finally got a few hours at least of the shut eye he’s been in such desperate need of.

“Kim Jongdae and {your full name}! I don’t want to know what has gone on in that kitchen, but I’m not tidying it up!” You groaned as you heard the leader himself shout up the stairs.

“What does he think we’ve done? All we did was make a cake.”

“Let’s leave that to his imagination.” Jongdae grumbled, pulling you in close to his side, eyes still closed and comfortable with you at his side.

That’s why he married you.

Because he’s his strongest when you’re at his side.