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Neil is 100% one of those people who will reorganize life just to work around a cat. Andrew thinks he’s an idiot when he crouches on the floor to type at his laptop just because King stole the desk chair, or will somehow find a way to make the bed around the cat instead of simply moving the creature.

However Andrew discovers the opportunity when Neil is still recovering from his appendix being removed and suddenly Neil needs to go for a run. Instead of letting him he grabs one of the cats meowing by the bed and drops it on Neil’s chest and watches the fluffy creature curl up peacefully and begin to purr.

Neil never went for a run.

A Warm Welcome [h.s.]

A/N: here’s some hades!harry! Sorry if it’s shitty I’m trying to get back in the game! And sorry for any typos and mistakes! Enjoy :-)


Being a god comes with a large bundle of heightened emotions and Harry honestly wishes that they had an off switch. Celestial beings are called “celestial” for a reason, after all. They’re abnormally better than any human, and thus they must keep an attitude and air that enforces nothing less, but damn feelings for being able to get in the way so easily.

Gods must be calm and collected under the most extraneous situations, they must rule with an iron fist, and most importantly, they must forbid emotions from deterring them in any way. He’s not saying that he hates feeling emotions more intensely; some are worth the toil. Pleasure, for example, is felt tenfold what any human could handle and he can almost say that this alone makes the troubles worth it. But it’s moments such as now that bring forward overpowering feelings that he wishes he could cast aside: a dangerous mixture of excitement and anxiousness.

More specifically, the excitement and anxiousness that comes with the return of his beloved wife, Persephone (or as he calls her, Y/N), from being away for her given six months of the year.

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I just want to give taylor a hug and fill her with goodness and happiness and tell her that she’s a beautiful cinamon roll with fluffy blonde curls who needs to be protected at all costs

Title: So Married

Rating: G

Word Count: 987

Summary: “Um, excuse me, Phil? You basically just outed us.” 

“Well, you outed the…dog calendar.”

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(huge huge thanks to the lovely @phanarchy for the idea!!)

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Ugh best!friend Harry kills me. We need to talk about him more.

Can you imagine best friend!harry being your first kiss tho.

You confess to him one random night that you haven’t been kissed yet and he laughs at first because he thinks you’re joking, but then realizes you’re being serious and just shrugs casually and goes, “I mean, I could kiss you, if you want.”

And you give him a bewildered glance as he sits in front of you on your bed, legs crossed under him as he leans back on the palms of his hands, staring at you with his head tilted slightly to the side and his lips twitching in amusement.

“I dunno, Har. Wouldn’t that be kind of…weird?”

He scrunches his eyebrows, the corners of his mouth turning down into a frown. “How so?”

“Well…wouldn’t it make things awkward between us?”

Harry rolls his eyes playfully and shakes his head. “Things are only awkward if you make them, darling. Plus, it’s just a few seconds of kissing. S’not like I’m trying to shove my tongue all the way down your throat…Unless you’re into that.”

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