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You. (Dean X Reader Soulmate AU)

Short Story Description: Set in supernatural universe. You wake up one day, with no memory or knowledge as to how you got in the middle of a forest. All you know is youre a hunter and a good one. Almost getting killed, however, leads to you meeting the boys. Dean, instantly, feels different with you as you feel different with him. You fall in love, and knowing you have the name ‘Dean’ on your wrist calms you. But without being able to tell Dean your name, you panic. Little did you know, Dean already knows your name.

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five

Characters: Dean, Bobby, Reader, slight mention of Castiel

Warnings:Bit of angst, fluff, and actually happiness

Word Count: 2296

A/N: So so so sorry I took a while to write chapter six ! Its been a tiring week and also, I couldn’t think. Here’s a sorta filler chapter but its kinda cute all in all. Big big shout out to my dearest best friend. @spn-mudkip @spn-mudkip @spn-mudkip

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Chapter 6

“OK, tell me the three most interesting things about you.” Dean looked at you as if you had just asked him to strip naked in the diner.

“Why ?”

“Well, if you want to know me, I have to know you.” You giggled as you put a fry into your mouth. Dean looked at you for a moment and then sighed.

“Fine, well, ” he hesitated.

“If its too hard, you don-”

“No sweetheart, I’m trying to think of the most interesting, calm down now.” You smirked and ate another fry. He seemed very lost in thought. You almost thought he burned his brain at how long it took him to come up with an answer. “Ok, well, I like frisky woman.” You sneered and threw a fry at him. “If I wasn’t a hunter, I’d probably be a fisherman, reeking of fish scent, and I am afraid of flying, like planes.” You laughed at the last one. He mocked you and made a face. “Like if your not scared of anything ?”

“Well, there’s one thing.”

“And what’s that ?” You could hear the flirtatious words softly come out of his mouth. You looked at him and smirked.

“You’ll find out later, big boy.” He looked at you and clenched his jaw.

“Well, that’s not fair, is it sweetheart ?”

“Hey, I didn’t tell you to blurt out your fears, I said tell me interesting things, but I’m not gonna lie, your fear of planes, quite interesting indeed.” You laughed even more which made him blush a deep shade of red. “It’s ok, big boy. It’s just me.” You smiled and shyly reached out and grabbed his hand. What you didn’t know was the sparks you started inside of Dean. The fire of passion you ignited. He knew it would be very hard for him to let you out of his sight for one second. He wanted to protect every inch of you. He felt so nervous with you. He couldn’t pinpoint why. He never got nervous with woman, never. He was always smooth and always knew what to say. But with you, he lost all his words. He couldn’t think straight, all he could think about was you. You lightly squeezed his hand and slowly pulled back. You went back to eating, oblivious to Dean’s staring. He stared at you like as if you were gonna disappear any second. You felt a blush slowly rise in your cheeks. You certainly weren’t used to this kind of attention.


Goddamn. She makes me feel happy. I never thought I’d feel this way for a girl. She may be my soulmate, but even if she wasn’t, I knew I’d feel the same. She’s different. As she grabbed my hand, I couldn’t help but panic completely inside. She was grabbing my hand. I felt like a little kid at an amusement park. The joy, the excitement, the feeling of exhilaration inside. She gave me all that, with one touch. God, she drove me crazy, with passion. Maybe all the talk about soulmates was true. The sparks. The nervousness. The jolts of joy. The fact that I felt whole around her. I never thought I could be happy. I don’t deserve it. I’m worthless. But she, god, she makes me feel like, maybe I’m just slightly, worth it. She makes me feel new. Sure, I’ve known her for a couple of days. But man, if this is only a couple of days, imagine a whole month ? A year ? I wish I could have wishful thinking but sometimes, it could break you inside. I’ll hope for the best. Maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t bring this on her. The burden I am. Maybe it’ll burn her inside with regret and pain. That’s all I’ll bring to the table. What if I kill her inside with my idiotic self ? She doesn’t deserve trash like me. She deserves the best damn man that was ever born. She deserves someone who can love her so much, who could protect her, bring her happiness instead of worry, someone who could really be the one thing in her life to make her be even better, which I doubt. Maybe the universe made a mistake. Maybe Castiel is her chance at happiness. Castiel is an angel, for godsakes. I’m just a broken bitter human. He could be her everything. All I bring is pain. I’m an asshole to think I could be the one for her. I don’t have a shot. I would hurt her, and that’s the last damn thing I would ever do. If I know I’ll hurt her, I’ll keep my distance. It’ll kill me inside, but she’ll be safe. She’ll be safe from the agony I bring. She’ll live and be the beautiful girl I see in front of me.

“Dean ? Dean.” I slowly came back to reality to realize I had completely lost focus from reality into my thoughts.

“Yes ? Uh, I’m s-sorry. I got lost in thought.”

“I know.” She giggled. God, her laugh was beautiful. It was mesmerizing. It made me smile.


“You don’t have to apologize. I was just worried for a sec.”

“Why’s that ?”

“Thought your brain fried up.” She smirked and flashed me a smile. Her sense of humor, I like it.

“Ha, ha, very funny.” She giggled at my remark and I couldn’t help but join her. Her laugh was going to be the damn death of me.


After you an Dean had finished eating and talked for what seemed like hours, you slowly walked to the impala. You couldn’t stop smiling. Dean made you laugh, he made you smile. He made you feel different. As you rode in the impala with AC/DC softly playing in the back, you slowly started to drift off into sleep.

F.   L.   A.   S.   H.   B.   A.   C.   K

Laughing. That’s all you could here. It made you smile inside. A warmth, a feeling of joy. It had been a few years since you genuinely laughed. Opening your eyes to the warm summer heat, you saw Bobby in front of you. He dragged you out of the house. He knew you had been couped up enough. Before you were driving to wherever Bobby wanted to take you, he went evil. You knew he was trying to bribe you out. He went for your weakness. Chocolate red velvet cake. The smell overwhelmed the house. The sweet scent found a way into your room making you smell the air like a starving puppy. You stood up and ran to the kitchen to find a beautiful cake sitting inside the oven. You were about to go and pull it out of the oven when Bobby smacked you with an oven mitt. “Uh, uh, uh, not touching.”

“Bobby, why do you make me suffer ?”

“You can have your cake, idjit, on one condition.”

“And what would that be ?” You crossed your arms and stared him down.

“We go out. We get out of this house.”

“And go where ?”

“Its a surprise. Take it or leave it.” You thought about it. It had been almost 7 months since you left the house. Maybe you did need a good day out.

“OK.” Bobby smiled happily. He took out the cake and you immediately grabbed a fork and started to eat. It was warm.

“Woah, savage, save some.” You laughed at Bobby’s comment and moved a few inches over so he could eat with you.

As you were driving with your window down, you couldn’t help but feel good inside. It had been such a long time since you felt that way. Bobby began to drive slower and then pulled the car to the side of the road.

“Bobby, if you’re gonna kill me, give me a minute to run at least.” He laughed at your comment and grabbed a tie from his pocket.

“Put this on your eyes. I really want this to be a surprise.” He handed you the blindfold and you stared at him. You hesitated, but finally, you wrapped it around your eyes. You felt the soft breeze when Bobby made hand motions in front of your face, causing you to smile.

“I’m trusting you Bobby. However, if you kill me, I’m haunting you.” He laughed again. You felt the sudden purr of the engine turn on again, and the slight movement of the car getting back on the road. About twenty minutes had passed by and you started to wonder what was this surprise Bobby had. You moved your hand around the door, looking for the window roller. Once you found it, you rolled it, your window slowly going down. You stuck a bit of your hand outside and felt a soft, wet wind. It smelled of water and salt.


“What ?” You were now very curious.

“Are we were I think we are ?” Bobby didn’t answer you. A smile began to form on his face, seeing you couldn’t contain your excitement. He parked the car and walked to your door. He helped you step out. Once he locked the car, he grabbed your arms and guided you. You heard beautiful sounds you had always wanted to hear. The floor that you were walking was no longer solid. It made you wobble the whole way. Bobby stopped you and made you take off your shoes and socks. It was a very weird request but once you took off your sock and put your foot down, the cool sensation of sand was soothing. You quickly removed your other shoe and sock and dug your feet into the cool sand. You couldn’t contain your excitement anymore. You took off the tie around your eyes and saw the most beautiful thing in front of you. The soft waves and the warm blue were as breathtaking as you could’ve imagine. You hugged Bobby and ran towards the sea. You stopped right at the line where the sea stopped touching the shore. You took a step and the water grazed your foot softly. You couldn’t help it anymore. You took off your jacket and you put your phone inside it and ran about 10 feet away from the ocean and placed them on the floor. You instantly ran back and straight into the ocean. It was freezing cold but you didn’t care. You kept running into the ocean until the water was reaching your belly button. You closed your eyes tightly and quickly threw yourself under. You rose up, soaked head to toe, smiling the entire time. This was everything you had always wanted. Everything you had wished for. To touch the ocean, be inside of the water, it was everything you had ever wanted in life. You were happy, genuinely happy. You started to cry. You were that happy. You walked out of the ocean and ran towards Bobby giving him a really tight hug. He saw that you were crying and he hugged you tighter. “You OK ?”

“Yeah Bobby,” you laughed softly. “I am. Thank you.”

“For what ?” You let go slowly of your tight embrace and looked at him, with your big watery puppy eyes.

“Everything, Bobby. God, I am so grateful. Thank you. You’re my family. Were a big bag of idjits.” You laughed and Bobby laughed with you. He gave you a soft bump on the shoulder.

“Your not so bad yourself. You make a good daughter.” You smiled at the word daughter. Bobby considered you his daughter. That was one of the biggest things ever. It was very important to you. He was your only family.

E.   N.   D.   F.   L.   A.   S.   H.   B.   A.   C.   K

The bumps from the car startled you awake. You noticed you still haven’t got to the bunker. You watched as Dean drove with a smile on his face. He hadn’t noticed you woke up, so you tried a little sneaky trick. You pretended to move a bit in your sleep. You moved more until you fell onto Dean’s lap. You laid your head softly on his thigh. It was more comfortable than you expected.

“(Y/n) ? (Y/n) ?” You heard Dean whisper your name. You didn’t move. Your heard him sigh a bit. It sounded as though he was relieved ? And then you felt a few calloused fingers slowly brush against your arm which made you stiffen and get chills all over your body. You felt them slowly trail up until they were in your hair. They slowly moved and massaged your head. It was such a great feeling. Suddenly, you felt the fingers slowly move down to your cheek. They traveled and explored your face. First, they slowly touched your lips, following the curves and the shape of them, giving you goosebumps, causing all your hairs to stand on end. Then they slowly moved to the curve of your nose. It tickled, and made a sneeze unfortunately, come out, which made Dean jump. You tried to act as if you were still asleep. 5 minutes passed and his fingers slowly found their way to the bridge of your nose. They slowly traced up to your eyes. They touched your eyelashes tenderly. The fingers slowly moved down again to your lips as if they were their favorite part. They traced and traced the outline of your lips. And slowly, they moved down to your neck and pulled all of your hair back, revealing your face into the moonlight. They slowly rubbed your neck, causing you to smile. You decided you wanted to tease Dean. As he kept rubbing your neck and moving to your shoulders, you let a soft moan escape your lips. “Dean.” You moaned his name. Which by the way his fingers wrapped harder around your shoulders, proved effective.

This was the beginning of something good.

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Tripping On Display

Fandom: YouTube, Danisnotonfire, kind of some AmazingPhil

Pairing: Dan x reader (eventual bf/gf), Phil x reader (friendship)

Words: 2,139

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, swearing (not really), tiniest bit of anxiety, falling down stairs, injuries, lots of fluffy-panicky-Dan and Phil!

Summary: While at a museum, the reader falls down a flight of stairs after a man bumped into her. Some injuries occur, but nothing major. Dan and Phil freak out and reader ends up going to the hospital. Btw 999 in the European version on 911 for my fellow Americans. Please do not read if you have a problem with injuries or blood!

A/N: Idk why I chose this title… I’m writing this at 10:30, okay! Please excuse any spelling errors! I am very tired right now and probably have made a lot of mistakes! Anyway, I hope you like my first ever Phanfiction! Btw in this Phil has a car even though he doesn’t irl, it was necessary for the story! :P


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For The Time Being (ch.2)

this story is set in an alternate universe where time has become the universal currency and people, born with a digital clock on their forearm, stop aging at the age of 20 

Chapter 1 l Chapter 2

Pairings: Jungkook x reader

Word: 3617

Genre: dystonian au / fluffy fluff / angst / maybe a bit of smut idk

Summary: where you fall into Jungkook’s grasp and there is no time for excape

A/N: A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL YOU LOVELIES WHO ENJOYED READING CH.1 AND ASKED FOR MORE <333 tbh it was my first time writing fics so knowing a lot of you actually liked it means the world to me i’m flattered :D btw go watch nirvana in fire so gooddd

Being Jungkook’s personal assistant is like pioneering ventures up the same drastic slope over and over again, each step undermining aged old perseverance, only to find yourself tripping over a certain boulder and falling on your knees repeatedly, bruised and lone. The harder you try, the further away you are from the mountain peak, where he looks at you in haughty disdain as a display of the superiority naturally embroidered within the rich.

As far as you are concerned, there is nothing amicable about Jeon Jungkook. He speaks with a trained lifeless tone, his words laced with authority. He is always one step ahead of you, oblivious of your endeavour to catch up both in actions and in time. Eventually, you give up trying and succumb to this forced isolation. If he is not to pour his heart out to you and make your days easier, you need not ferret behind cold steel bars, risking your life for an unfeeling boy.

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I need good sonadow fanfics and i need them NOW.

Should be ic and fluffy. Angst is good tho. Nsfw is okay but should not be focus. Must be gay as fuck. Bonus points if author is actually gay.

I really need this to function im thirsty as hell

anonymous asked:

Heey sweetheart *-* may I have Atsushi, Midorima, Teppei and Kuroko try to make up with their gf after a huge fight that the boys said something they didn't mean, making their gf cries hard? What would they say? omg so angst and fluffy at the same time hahaha

Hahaha *laughs nervously because this has been at the bottom of my ask for a while* I. Am. So. Sorry!!!! ;___;

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Continuation of the jimin cheating angst texts, by popular demand hahah

Just letting you guys know that my requests are still closed, and I’m just deleting all the requests I’ve received since I’ve closed them off, I just don’t think it’s fair to everyone who made requests while they were open and are waiting patiently for me to do theirs. I’ll try to have requests open again in the next little while. Hope you understand xox

Never Again with a Certain Cat

Marichat Day 5: Trust Me

Summary: In which Chat Noir’s definition of fun greatly differs with his princess.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Marinette rolled in her bed with a groan.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Her eyebrow twitched in irritation.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

With a huff, she opened her eyes. Who in the world would wake her up in this ungodly time of night and disturb her from her balcony’s trapdoor no less?

Welp, only one person fit the bill.

She opened the hatch directly above her bed, glowing green eyes gazing down at her with mirth.

“What do you want, cat?” Marinette said, a hint of irritation creeping in the tone of her voice.

“Good morning princess. He chirped. “Do you want to accompany this knight in his (k)nightly escapades?”

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We're Okay

Summary: Dan is scarred, probably forever, which makes him vulnerable to ‘fits’. Phil, who takes Dan under his wing, tries to make things easier. Its just kinda angst with a really fluffy ending.

Genre: Angsty Fluff

WC: About 5,000

Warnings: Slight violence (not too bad), Fits (like panic attacks kinda), some swearing, vulnerable!Dan and hurt!Dan 

A/N This is based off of like 3 different prompts which I don’t know where the links are, but I did my best to fill them even though this probably isn’t the best

Also I’m considering making another part or two. Tell me what you think I should do!

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Why Are You So Familiar (Reader’s POV)

Summary: You knew he would recognize you, if only you could get the chance to hang out with him.
Members: Baekhyun x Reader (appearances by other EXO members)
Type: Angst (barely)/Fluff (mostly)/ Student!AU/Gang!AU
Length: 2,043 words

This was something that had been in my mind for a while and I finally decided to write it down. I also wrote the same story in the Baekhyun’s POV. I posted that yesterday and will add the link here. I hope you enjoy it. <3

-Admin Kat

The smell of old books and dust filled your nose as you sat against the shelf in the library. You were reading Poems of the Romantic Era and you couldn’t help but smile. All you could think about as you read through the poems was the image of one of the boys in your class; Baekhyun. The way his light brown hair fell in front of his eyes whenever he was staring out the window, or his beautiful eyes and how they seemed to look right into your soul if you happened to make eye contact with him. You smiled a little to yourself at the thought. It was already spring and you thought he would have noticed you by now, but he didn’t seem to. The only thing he seemed to know about you was that you were the new girl who moved to town at the beginning of the school year. Well, it’s not like you have had the chance to be alone with him. No wonder he doesn’t recognize you. You tried to reassure yourself.

“We just need you to take some of these papers to the office.” The librarian’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts as she called out to you. She was in the middle of helping check out the student at the desk. You looked up from the stack of books that you were supposed to be shelving. You slowly got to your feet, smoothing out your red spring dress, and grabbed the stack of papers off of the desk. “After this, you can go home if you would like. It seems like a slow day today.” She told you with a smile. You smiled widely and grabbed the poem book you had been reading and quickly made your way to the office. You were dying to go home and bury your nose back in the book.

You raced down the hall, looking down at the papers in your arms. You were always called a klutz ever since you were young, so it didn’t really surprise you when you managed to bump into the only other student in the hall as you rounded the corner. You lost your footing and fell right on your back, causing the papers in your arms to fly out and your book to tumble towards the other student. You looked up as you rubbed your back and your eyes widened when you saw Baekhyun. Gosh, he was even more handsome up close. You quickly realized the state you were in and hurried to fix your dress, receiving a small smirk from him. You felt your face turning red and you prayed he couldn’t tell you were blushing.

“Ah, I am such a klutz. I’m so sorry. I knew I shouldn’t have been running in the hall, but I needed-” You cut yourself off as you realized you were rambling. You started to frantically pick up the papers that were now scattering the floor. You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye and saw him rolling his. Your heart sank more. You were only barely foot apart and he still didn’t seem to recognize you. However, you were surprised when he held out your book for you, placing it very close to your face. You looked up at him and took it, thanking him as you got to your feet. Well if he doesn’t recognize my face, maybe he will remember my name. You decided as you stuck your hand out for his. “I’m (Y/N).” You stared at him, partly expecting him to instantly remember you and pull you into a hug. But that was stupid to expect. Instead, he simply stared at you, a look of confusion and almost disgust on his face. He stared at your hand and then your face, making you drop your eye contact, before he placed his headphones back on. You let your hand drop to your side. “I’m sorry, for bumping into you.” You whispered as you squeezed past him and hurried to the office.

When you entered the office, you could hear the pelting rain outside the large glass windows. You placed the papers on the desk and went towards the window as you waited for the secretary to get back from wherever she was. As you stared out the window, you noticed Baekhyun walking outside towards his motorcycle. You didn’t understand how such a nice and sweet boy could become someone like this. Such a trouble maker who cared about nothing and no one.

“I see you have a crush on Baek.” You heard a voice say from behind you. You jumped when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You twisted around and saw a boy standing behind you. You recognized him as one of the boys who hung out with Baekhyun and his gang. You were pretty sure his name was Kyungsoo, but he was never in school for you to really be sure. “You know I could introduce the two of you if you want.” He said in a teasing tone. You couldn’t help but take a step back from him, eliciting a laugh out of him. You thought long and hard about it. Could you really trust this boy? Was it worth it to talk to Baekhyun?

You finally decided to take up this boy on his offer. “Okay, do I have to do anything?” You ask a bit hesitantly. You tried your hardest to sound normal, but you knew it wasn’t coming out that way. “Just meet me at this address.” He said as he scribbled down a street intersection on a piece of notebook paper. You were about to ask him another question when the secretary came in and told you that you were free to leave now that she had the paperwork. You looked back at Kyungsoo but decided to not say anything. Instead, you hurried back to your place so you could change. Tonight I will make sure Baekhyun remembers me.

You arrived at the address, which turned out to be the entrance to an abandoned subway, and found Kyungsoo waiting for you. He smiled at you and gestured for you to follow him. You felt a knot in your stomach as you entered the subway, but you tried your hardest to push the uneasiness away. The air was stall in the subway and the area was dim, only lit by the five tins of fire that were huddled in a circle. You could barely make out the figures of eight boys as you approached the group; Kyungsoo leading the way. Your eyes fell on Baekhyun and your eyes widened. Part of you was sure that Kyungsoo had lied and was just tricking you. You had told one of your friends where you would be just in case your assumption was right, but you were happy to see you weren’t. “You guys, this is (Y/N). She wanted to know if she could chill with us today.” Kyung so said as the other guys greeted him.

You sat down between Baekhyun and Kyungsoo and listened as all the guys continued to talk about a gang fight that had went down a few says prior. You could feel someone staring at you from the side and you couldn’t help but turn your head to look at Baekhyun. He was still staring at you and you felt your heart skip a beat as you stared into his mesmerizing eyes. “Can I help you?” You asked in your best attempt at a nonchalant tone. You weren’t sure how it actually came out, but you relaxed as he shook his head. You turned your attention away from him, trying to think of something that you could possibly say to him. You wanted to talk to him about so much, but you just couldn’t think of how to articulate it. The resto of the night, the boys seemed to keep you close, clearly flirting with you. You tried to play it cool, but you knew you didn’t belong somewhere like this.

Out of nowhere, you felt a hand on your arm and you were being pulled away from the group. You looked up and saw that the hand belonged to Baekhyun. He pulled you into a corner that was further away from the group and you felt your muscles tense. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” You asked as you pulled your arm away from him. You stared at him in the dimness, sure that your eyes looked colder than you wanted. However, that didn’t stop him from staring directly into your eyes.

“You’re (Y/N). We went to elementary school together, right?” He asked in a surprising gentle tone. You were surprised by how kind he addressed you now. Your stomach felt as though there were thousands of butterflies fluttering around inside as you realized he finally recognized you. You nodded your head slowly. This was the boy who you had grown up with, only a year older than you, but he had considered you his best friend. He was the one boy you felt comfortable around. The one boy you honestly thought you loved. You had cried every day when your family moved at the beginning of your high school year and jumped for joy when they told you they were moving back in town at the start of this year. However, by the time you found Baekhyun, he was already handing out with these guys and getting into trouble left and right.

“What are you doing in a place like this? With a guy like Kyungsoo?” He asked you in an angry voice. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. There was only way you could get him to realize how bad these guys were for him. “I could ask you the same thing. You were never this kind of guy growing up.” You voice came out weaker than you had hoped and you knew he heard it. You could see the pain in your eyes reflect in his own. “I-I guess people just change.” He sounded just as weak as you did, as though he was trying to convince himself.

“Well there you go. We both changed and I guess now we hang with the same group.” You tried to push past him, but were stopped by him. He grabbed your arm and pushed you back against the wall of the subway. His eyes bore into you and you felt so vulnerable in front of him. “No, you didn’t change. I saw you today in the hall. You are the same girl you have always been. You still read those stupid poems and care about your school work. You shouldn’t be somewhere like this with guys like us.” His voice was a mixture of harsh and worried as he tried to persuade you to leave.

But you knew you weren’t leaving without him realizing who he really was. “Guys like them, not like you.” His eyes widened when you said that. Without saying a word, he grabbed your wrist and led you out of the subway. You heard the other boys calling out to him, sounding a little pissed that he was taking you away, but neither of you cared. You smiled when you saw the smile cross his face the moment you hit the surface.

He let go of your wrist, but you didn’t want to lose his touch. You slipped your hand into his and smiled up at him. “So now what?” You asked teasingly. He smiled down at you and grabbed his motorcycle helmet off the handle of his bike. “Now we go anywhere you want.” He said as he pulled you close. He placed the helmet on the top of your head, pulling you close even closer as he did so and bent down so his lips were only a few centimeters from his. You waited for him to close the space, but realized that he was teasing you. You couldn’t help but smirk. You stretched upwards and pressed your lips against his. His lips were soft against yours and filled you with ease. For once, you were happy to be out in the darkness of the night.

Pink Scales

x Kim Taehyung (V)

Prince Taehyung is the only heir the throne in his kingdom and his mother, the queen has arranged for him to marry. Taehyung doesn’t want to become king or marry someone he doesn’t love. But when he runs away from home everything changes as his heart gets captured by a pink haired creature.

Angsty fluff || Mermaid AU || Words: 5.7K  

Masterlist || Based on the story of “The little mermaid”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

”Sir, hold up!”

”Leave me alone!” He yelled, running towards the terrace door.

“Prince Taehyung, it’s dangerous!”

“I don’t care!” He yelled and ran through the doors, leaving the butler out of breath inside.

Taehyung ran down the stairs off the terrace and across the back yard of the huge mansion.

I can’t take this anymore! He thought as he ran through the gate, reaching the pitch black sea front. Taehyung slowed down, panting lightly as he began walking towards the cliffs by the beach.

He sat down on one of them and threw his shoes down on to the sand next to him before wrapping his arms around his legs and resting his forehead against his knees.

I don’t want to become king….

I want to be free, I want to play and being king isn’t my destiny. I don’t care how royal my blood is.

The voices in his head encouraged him to run away and escape, but he never made it beyond the cliffs.

Not today. Taehyung thought and jumped down from the cliff, grabbing his shoes in one hand and started jogging along the beach.

I’m leaving… and I’m never coming back!

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The Death of a Clan - A Solavellan Fluff/Angst Fic

Summary: Era Lavellan receives news of her clan, goes through the motions, and Solas comforts her.

Rating: PG - Slightly sexually suggestive at the end– but done in good taste and done artfully. Not explicit and quite SFW.

Contains: Fluff and Angst

Word Count: 2519


It was early afternoon when Era ghosted her fingertips along the fresco walls. She found the way Solas had painted her triumphs and stories entrancing, admiring his patience to take on such a project. She traced the lines of Celene’s dress and idly wondered if her death was necessary. She had elevated Gaspard to the throne and Briala had been placed to pull his strings so that the lives of the elves would be bettered. The night was chaotic and there were precious few hours to make a decision, but this was her life now. Era had to make the best choice with the information she had and simply prayed to the Creators it was the right one.

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Why Are You So Familiar (Baekhyun Angst)

Summary: Baekhyun has given up on a lot, but maybe seeing you will change all that.
Members: Baekhyun x Reader (appearances by other EXO members)
Type: Angst/Fluff/Student AU/Gang AU
Length: 1,701 Words

This was something that had been in my mind for a while and I finally decided to write it down. I also wrote the same story in the Reader’s POV. I will probably post that tomorrow and add a link on this scenario later. I hope you enjoy it.

-Admin Kat

The rain pelted down outside the classroom window. The sky was a dark grey and the air felt tense; ready for the lightening to strike. Baekhyun stared out the window, balancing his chair on the back legs. He was feeling impatient, waiting for the glorious sound of the bell to ring. His twirled his pen between his fingers as he counted down the seconds. “Mr. Byun, this is the fifth time that I have asked you to focus in call. If you are not willing to pay attention, then you can leave now.” His professor’s voice called out to him, dragging his attention back to the lecture. The class was now staring at him and he slammed his seat back down on the ground.

Without saying another word, he pushed his seat back and grabbed his bag from the side of his desk. “Gladly.” He said in a cool tone as he headed towards the door. He listened as the class snickered, sure that his professor’s face must have been priceless. He smirked to himself as he left the room. He started down the hall, placing his headphones as he walked and letting the blaringly loud music engulf him.

Just as he was rounding the corner, he felt something slam into him and he jolted back in surprise. He looked down and saw you sitting on the floor. You rubbed your back, having slammed it against the ground pretty hard when you fell back. You quickly pulled down the bottom of your red spring dress; which he couldn’t help but smirk at. He watched as your mouth moved frantically and he realized you must have been saying something that he couldn’t hear. He slowly slipped his headphones down so they were hanging around his neck. “I’m so sorry. I knew I shouldn’t have been running in the hall, but I needed-” You were saying as you hurriedly picked up the papers that had fallen out of your arms during the collision. He stared down at you for another moment. There was something familiar about you, but he couldn’t place it.

He rolled his eyes and bent down to pick up a book that was lying at his feet. Poems of the Romantic Era. He scoffed at the title before handing it back to you. You thanked him and slowly got back up to your feet. “I’m (Y/N).” You said as you stuck your hand out for his. He paused for a moment, the name catching him off guard. He looked at your hand and then back up at your face. Who are you? He questioned you silently. He finally snapped back to reality and looked away from you before placing his head phones back on. He watched as you dropped your hand, mumbled another apology, and squeezed past him on your way to wherever you needed to go.

The rain was coming down even harder when he left the building. He crossed campus at a fast pace; wanting to get as far away from this prison as possible. He got on his motorcycle and started the engine. There was only one place he wanted to be and he needed to get there fast. He started the engine of his bike and sped down the desolate streets. The roads were a mess due to the heavy rain, but this didn’t stop him from riding almost twenty miles per hour above the speed limit. The adrenaline pumping in his veins and his clothes sleek from the rain.

“You’re late.” Chanyeol scolded once Baekhyun arrived. He found his friend standing outside the entrance to the abandoned subway. He was holding a bottle of beer in his hand and tossed one to Baekhyun. “You know Minseok won’t be happy to see you now.” He warned Baekhyun as the two entered the subway.

“Like I give a damn what that baby face has to say.” He scoffed. The boys entered the dim subway and Baekhyun’s eyes fell on the circle of people seated around several tins of fire. “Sup, losers?” He called out and watched as they all stood up, rolling their eyes when they saw him. Jongdae made his way over and gave him a high five. “Long time no see Baek.” He greeted his friend warmly; having been away from the gang while dealing with a hassling neighbor gang with Jongin and Sehun.

Xiumin stood up in the group and glared over at the three boys. “What the hell do you think you are doing here?” He asked Baekhyun in an acidic tone. Baekhyun looked up at him with hard eyes. “Don’t act like you didn’t miss me.” He tossed a bundle of money towards Xiumin’s feet and watched as a smirk crossed his face. Baekhyun knew he was in the clear, but part of him knew that it wasn’t like Xiumin would do anything with all the boys here to witness. He joined the rest of the gang around the fire and listened as Sehun relayed the events of the fight between them and their rival gang.

Just as the story was coming to a close, the guys heard someone approaching. They turned and saw Kyungsoo walking up with a girl by his side. You looked up at them and your eyes widened when you saw Baekhyun. His eyes were just as wide when he started to recognize you. He stared at you in confusion. What the hell is a girl like her doing here? He asked himself as you and Kyungsoo approached. “You guys, this is (Y/N). She wanted to know if she could chill with us today.” He said as you took a seat between him and Baekhyun. He glanced down at you as Kyungsoo went to get you a drink. You were no longer wearing the red dress you had been wearing during school, but was now in a pair of black ripped jeans, dark blue top, and leather jacket. The change in your appearance surprised him, but he couldn’t understand why he was so shocked. It wasn’t like he knew you that well.

You turned to him and he couldn’t help but continue staring at you. “Can I help you?” You asked in a nonchalant tone. He seemed to snap out of it and quickly shook his head. He couldn’t help but stare at you the rest of the night as you talked with the group of guys. They all seemed to be staring at you with the same lustful eyes and it made Baekhyun feel almost angry. What was it about you that was so different? Then it hit him. He knew you were familiar.

He pulled you away from the other guys by the arm and brought you over to the corner. He ignored the sounds of the other guys protesting. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” You asked as you pulled your arm away from him. You glared up at him, but he didn’t seem fazed. He was staring directly into your eyes. “You’re (Y/N). We went to elementary school together, right?” He asked in a gentle tone that you had not expected. You slowly nodded your head. He knew you looked familiar. Just a year younger than him, you had been the one girl who he talked to growing up. The one girl he felt comfortable around. The one girl he honestly thought he loved. It wasn’t until your family moved at the beginning of high school that he started to hang out with the guys.

“What are you doing in a place like this? With a guy like Kyungsoo?” He asked angrily. You rolled your eyes. “I could ask you the same thing. You were never this kind of guy growing up.” Your voice almost sounded disappointed when you spoke. He was taken aback by the pain in your eyes and he found it hard to find the right words. “I-I guess people just change.” He tried to defend himself, but he knew it wasn’t convincing. What had happened to me? He asked himself silently.

“Well there you go. We both changed and I guess now we hang with the same group.” You said as you tried to push past him. He grabbed you by the arm and pushed you back against the wall of the subway. “No, you didn’t change. I saw you today in the hall. You are the same girl you have always been. You still read those stupid poems and care about your school work. You shouldn’t be somewhere like this with guys like us.” He said in a harsh voice, but you could hear the worry that just skimmed the surface.

You stared at him with your big eyes and he could almost hear his heart pounding in his chest. “Guys like them, not like you.” You corrected him. His eyes widened at your words and everything hit him like a bag of bricks. You were right, with you, he never felt like an outsider. When you two were young, he never broke the rules or felt so alone. Just standing here with you again reminded him of this. Without saying a word, he grabbed your wrist and led you out of the subway. He could hear the other guys questioning where he was going. He ignored their calls and smiled at the fresh air outside the subway.

He let go of your wrist and was surprised when he felt you slip your hand into his. He looked down at you and you couldn’t help but smile at him. “So now what?” You asked in an almost teasing voice. He smiled down at you and grabbed his motorcycle helmet. “Now we go anywhere you want.” He said and pulled you close. He placed the helmet on the top of your head, pulling you close as he did so and bent down so your lips were only a few centimeters apart. You smirked when you realized he wasn’t going to close the space himself. You stretched upwards and pressed your lips against his. Your lips were sweet and filled him with a feeling of ease. For once, the darkness of the night actually felt relaxing to him.

Puzzle Piece


Summary: Dan is homeless and Phil is just a ray of sunshine on his stormy world.

Genre: Fluffy angst (holla)

Warnings: suicidal thoughts, depression, homophobic shits

Word count: 3, 156 words (ohs hit)

A/N: you know you really have no hope when you write this in school I saw this around 4 am AND I CAN’T WAIT to write it so here I am typing this in school lolzor(ew) anyways thank anon for being such a nice soul who gave me this prompt(im sorry if make you disappoint I am fail)


“Mum, Dad, I’m gay.” 16 year old Daniel James Howell announced in a hushed voice that was almost drowned by the sound of the rain. With dreaded silence echoed through the house, Mrs Howell looked through dead eyes, almost no light shone through. Almost the same went with the husband, only add the infuriating colour of red welling his skin.

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Love in Time

Dabble in Drabbles 14.3

Marichat mini sin because it’s the day of love! :D

Summary: And in that moment, time stood still.

How does one make time stand still?

How does one stop the clock from ticking to the next second? To just press pause?

Three different ways.

Chat discovered how to stop time in three different ways.

And wished rewind could happen instead.

1.       A kiss

It was an accident. A pleasant and wonderful one, but an accident nonetheless.

(It was intentional. A pleasant and wonderful one, but intentional nonetheless.)

He wasn’t complaining though. From the way his eyes shone and the way his smile showed his pearly whites, one could tell that he was enjoying this.

They were on Marinette’s balcony, wrapped up in her blanket and talking. Talking about anything. Talking about everything.

Although it was Marinette was the one doing most of the talking and Chat just watched her with amused affection.

(“He’s really handsome! And nice and modest! He doesn’t brag, he’s always polite, and he treats everyone fairly, even Chloe.”)

Her eyes were bright and he swore that it shone even more than the stars in the sky, even more than the reflections of diamonds, even more than the light from the Eiffel Tower. Her cheeks were painted with the pink of a virgin rose. Her mouth was a tantalizing temptation.

Adrien would never do these things, think these thoughts.

But this wasn’t Adrien. This was Chat Noir.

And Chat Noir would do these things, think these thoughts.

“Princess, I’m going to kiss you.”


He leaned forward and his lips touched hers.

Time stopped.

The next tick of a clock never came. Everything faded. Only this moment revolved in the space of time.

It was light, like the rays of the early sunrise, like cotton candy, like the shyness of a first kiss.

It was sweet, like the taste of honey, like a Valentine’s Day poem, like the sugars of a first kiss.

It lasted only a second. But in the matter of a second, it was an eternity.

He pulled away.

She grew mad. “You can’t do that!”

“I just did.” He replied cheekily.

“You know I like Adrien!”

“I know.”

“Then why?”

“I was curious.”


“I did warn you that I was going to kiss you.”

“You didn’t give me time to reply!”

“You could’ve pulled away before I did.”

“I – argh!”

Marinette’s cheeks were flushed and she had a small pout on her face. “You’re my friend Chat.”

“I know.” Chat replied.

“Friends don’t kiss.”

“Are you sure?” Chat asked, and Marinette stiffened at the solemnity of his tone. “Because before you love someone, you start first as friends.”

Marinette stared at him. “Then…”

Chat smiled as he stood up and stretched lazily. He gave her a wink. “I’ll be waiting, princess.”

2.       Confession

“I’m sorry.”

That’s what she said.

Everything froze. Nothing moved.

Time stopped.

Only those words resonated around him, inside him, through him.

Two words directed to the half of a whole.

He knows. Of course he knows.

His princess wanted the prince charming, not the knight.

But if her prince was her knight, would she love him still?

“I’m sorry.”

That’s what he said.

She’s crying. He’s crying.

They’re both crying.

Because they’re friends.

They loved the other half of the other without knowing the other half.

And it’s frustrating.

Why couldn’t the half be one whole without keeping any secrets?

They couldn’t help being friends.

They couldn’t help being in love with each other.

They couldn’t help being in love with each other while loving the other half they didn’t know.

Two people.

Four personas.

One large heartbreak.

3.       Death

The darkness edged at the sides of his vision.

But all he saw was red. Ladybug red.

My Lady.

And time stopped.

The clock of Adrien Agreste, the seconds of Chat Noir, dissolved.

Only Death could truly stop Time.


Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Chat opened his eyes, and saw the face of a crying Marinette. She had him wrapped in her arms, her body wracked with heavy sobs.

“Bring him back. Bring him back. Bring him back. Bring him back.”

“I’m back.”

Marinette’s eyes fluttered open. Chat reached out his hand to touch her face and was shocked at his bare fingers.

Chat had returned to being Adrien.

“Chat.” Marinette grabbed his hand and held it tightly. He squeezed back. “Adrien.”

“Looks like the cat’s out of the bag, princess.”

“Je t’aime.”

His eyes grew wide.

“Je t’aime.” She repeated. Her tears still streamed down her face and fell on his cheeks. “Chat Noir, je t’aime. Adrien, je t’aime.”

She cried harder, like her whole world had collapsed and was suddenly pieced back together.

“Je t’aime.”

“Je t’aime aussie.”

Adrien wrapped his arms around her neck and held her, like she was the whole world to him.

I love you.

Je t’aime.



Time stopped. Love moved.

And everything was alright in this broken world.

How does one make time stand still?

How does one stop the clock from ticking to the next second? To just press pause?

One loves.

Well well well, look who was bitten by the love bug.

Technically, it is Marichat. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be angsty fluff.

Happy Valentine’s day! <3

Of Kissing and Things.. (Remadora)

(( I sent this as a series of asks to TT today but then I liked how it came out so I decided to share. @asktheboywholived))

The first time he kissed her, she was in the middle of a rant. Fired up and building momentum on the stupidity of the ministry and the hypocrisy of the anti-werewolf laws. Glorious with hair fire red and eyes sparking dark and angry and then his lips had touched hers and she’d.. fizzled, melted. She’d come back dazed with eyes shining blue and hair a soft blush pink. Remus had flushed and Tonks had laughed, delighted and happy and distracted before she remembered her rant and picked it up again.

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Anything Goes

Description: Dean x Reader. Fluff mainly, a little angst. When Sam gets trapped in the cage with Lucifer, Dean finds himself without a partner so the hunt is on for a new ally. He finds himself in a bar and every good hunting story starts in a bar…
Words: 1,913
Warnings: pretty PG!
Author’s Note: I’m shitty at writing descriptions, I do apologise. I was in a toss up as to whether to split this but this seemed like a natural break! Anyway named after an old musical show tune because there was one verse that reminded me of this request, it just clicked in my head, shhh.

Request: randomvlogstuff From this request, I’ve not pasted it here because I’m splitting it up and I know some people don’t like spoilers of future chapters! This could very well end up 3 or more parts so if you really want to know, take a look at the request… if not? Watch this space!

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I Less Than Three You Too


Genre: fluffy, tiny angst.

Summary: The morning after fic from Phil’s pov.

Warnings: none :)

Word count: 2036

Pain. A lot of pain was all I could feel at that moment. I was also feeling cramped and my head hurt. Oh yeah, the headache was probably because of the alcohol I consumed last night. I didn’t want to drink that much but Roy was trying to get me drunk yesterday or something. Man he doesn’t give up.

The cramped feeling, I pleasantly realized was because of Dan spooning me. I smiled as I realized that he was holding me tighter than usual. I usually stop myself from showing too much affection as there’s a chance that I might do something that is a little outside the ‘friends with benefits’ or whatever deal we were in.

I tried not to move much and relish in but too soon Dan began to shuffle a little. I expected him to push himself away but surprisingly he tucked himself even closer and pecked the back of my head.

My breath hitched and I involuntarily shuddered.

“Morning” Dan said in my hair in his morning voice which is one of my turn ons. Speaking of which I noticed I had a bit of problem down there. It is useless to expect it to go away when your crush is spooning you way too tightly and talking about something in the sexiest voice.

“… way too drunk to know what you were on about.” I heard Dan say and that pretty much made me forget about my boner.

“What was I on about?” I was terrified. I turned around to look at his face which had an expression I couldn’t interpret. That made me more worried.

“You don’t remember anything you did last night or said even?” He said giving me a calculating look which scared me more.

“No” I answered timidly and I swallowed. I sadly realized far too late that I was making my fear too obvious and Dan suddenly looked a little amused. “Don’t be so scared, it’s not a big deal. Actually it flattered me.”

Please say my stupid drunk self did not confess any sort of feeling to him, though the odds did not look at my side right then. “What did I say to flatter you?” I asked trying my best to sound calm.

“That all the ‘best sex’ you have had were with me” he winked.

Okay great, I can shrug that off as no big deal. Literally Thanks to all deities of all religions I did not say anything more reckless. I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and the amused expression was back on his face.

As my heart was no longer on a verge of a stroke, I became aware of my boner (which was pretty much gone down after that) and my intense hangover.

I really wanted some of our usual morning sex, but my head was killing me. I screwed my face and massaged my temples. I realized Dan was still holding me close to his body and hello! I wasn’t the only one excited here. Fuck my head I want him (this is what I always say before having sex with my best friend).

I opened my eyes; he was back looking at me like he was figuring something out or making a decision.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing” he replied smiling a little but continued look at me unusually making me self conscious but I was too gone to think about it then.

“Anyway since we both are not that innocent right now,” I said rolling over him, “let’s just…” and I started kissing him.

It is always like that with us. Most days Dan, for some reason, is all over me at night, and it is not my fault that I give in against my better judgement. I don’t even offer any protest and usually just dive right in. I know that what we are doing is unhealthy for our friendship because we never talk about it. I am scared that if we talk our logic will win over and deprive me of Dan, and yeah even though it’s just sex (for him), it is what satisfies my need for intimacy with him.

I am hopelessly, unrequitedly in love with Dan and when the person you are sleeping with is most important thing to your existence, you become a bit clingy, at least I do. So in mornings, when we wake up in same bed and Dan’s body starts moving away from me when he wakes up, I become desperate to hold onto him, and I can only do that effectively by seducing him.

That’s what I am doing right now; usually just straddling him and kissing him hard does it but today Dan was not reciprocating my kiss with lust; He was barely kissing me back.

“Supp?” I asked. Did I do something wrong?

“I am sorry Phil; I don’t think I am up for it right now. I am bone tired” he lied from beneath me. He wasn’t tired; or even if he was he wouldn’t have denied sex. This is first time either of us had said no to sex.

“Don’t look so shocked. It’s your entire fault. You had me worried a lot yesterday by switching your phone off and being late” he told casually. I knew him too well too know that there was something more to it and that he is up to something or… onto something?

I rolled over and got off the bed. I spent most of my time yesterday getting away from Roy and ended up hiding in one of the spare bedrooms (I am cool like that). It was already occupied but the couple was out cold and thankfully covered under the blankets. I did not want to stay there like a perv but Roy was drunk and had tried kissing me already.

I had gone there to relax a little, away from the heartache that I am always subconsciously aware whenever I am with Dan, which is always. Lucky for me, the backup stock of vodka and pepsi where kept in the same room. I plugged in my earphones and drank away my pain into bliss and woke up in sweet warm arms.

The day went on as usual with tumblr, youtube and twitter for both of us. The unusual part was Dan making a mysterious phone call (he never left the room for privacy for a call when it was just me there)and in the evening telling me to get dressed because he wanted to try this new place he found online for dinner (he’s a lazy fuck, he would much rather order a pizza).

So we took the tube to Green Park and walked for a few minutes till we reached two oak doors. Once inside, we were greeted by a freaking Maitre D and turned out that Dan had booked a table and everything. Why was Dan suddenly craving some fancy dining experience?

When we were sited at our table, I noticed that this place was fancy but also really geeky. Pokemon chairs, totoro print tablecloths and a many figurines and plushies of anime characters. Even the menu was anime themed. Dan was looking at me while I was taking in how awesome this place was.

“I now understand why you got your lazy butt up for a dinner” I grinned at that dork.

He grinned cutely and told me to shut up. “Do you like it?” he asked.

“It’s now one of my favorite places to eat even though I have not tasted anything yet.” His lips curled up slightly more at that. I got a feeling that he wanted to bring me here. I realized our table was sort of isolated from rest of the dining area by a giant pillar. Did the restaurant think that we were on a date when Dan booked a table for two? I turned red at that and hoped Dan doesn’t notice this and gets put off by it.

He was still looking at my face when I glanced at him; he then looked away freaking blushed. Okay, what is up with him? He is behaving like we are on a date or something. For a third person, I agree, things must be looking pretty cozy. That made me some more red.

We were served our food (Thank god for a distraction from that glancing-at-each-other-turning-away-a bit-redder). I had ordered the Colossal Titan’s head made out of noodles and rice.

Halfway in our meal, the Maitre D, who I found out was also the owner, came to ask us how were things; (I definitely wanted to come back, with Dan, preferably on an actual date. Okay I was getting ahead) but before he left I saw him giving a pointy look to Dan and then Dan returning it. He then went away smirking. Was… was that piece of shit waiter flirting with Dan? I suddenly had an urge to call him back and tell him that his place felt repulsive and was too lame to be real.

I drank some water and suddenly Interrupted by Fireworks started to play. Bloody hell, this song is kind of special to us. ‘It would have been ‘our’ song if we were couple’ Dan had once joked. When we first had sex, I had played this song on repeat on my phone to create the ‘atmosphere’. Actually I was then trying to hint Dan that it was more than sex for me, which didn’t work like my many failed attempt in later years.

Dan cleared his throat getting my attention. “So umm Phil, I was, well you were saying that, I mean yesterday when you got home, I wanted to sleep with you, I mean not sleep, I mean ahh…!” He turned really red.

“Fuck I had written down what I wanted to say but…” he mumbled and looked at me embarrassingly. My face showed that I was confused and waiting for him to continue, although I had gotten nervous because Dan was weird today and generally he was pretty articulate.

He sighed took out his phone, “it’s better if you see this” he passed me his phone starting a video.

The video opened with Dan sitting on his bed looking incredibly nervous, and what seemed as, I later realized, yesterday night.

“Hey, so Phil umm if you are watching this then that means I have lost my balls and I am on plan B now and umm I am basically, I am trying to say there, if I had not already… Fuck I hope you don’t see this.”

He sighed and looked in the camera intently for a moment and then said, “I love you Phil, I have always had. I had a thing for you even before you knew I existed and fuck I am, I am in love with you and I am saying this only now because you admitted sort of right now that you have feeling… for me that is. Fucking hell Phil, please say that wasn’t just some drunk talk and that we could be more than, more than what we are now. That we could be real and… yeah.”

The video ended and I got aware that I had forgotten to breathe, tears almost built up and lip quivering. My face was never more crimson.

“You love me? For real?” I chocked out. “Yes” he said looking visibly relieved at my emotional state that must have confirmed that it wasn’t alcohol talking yesterday.

But there were many reasons for why this was too dreamy to be true. I never asked him to be with me as I did not ever see any reasons for him to settle for someone so ordinary like me.

“B-But w-why? How y-you…?” I managed before Dan cut me out, “when you said you loved someone so wreaked like me I did not believe you either. I less than three you too Phil, because…” he said that pulling his chair beside me. He slide his arm around me pulling me closer, cupping my check with his other hand, he said things that made that night the best night of my life.

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I wanted some kind of follow up and engineering sucks