fluffy angel alice


(( referring to this / gif was made by Alice))

There was typing, clicking, typing. Very usual noises in the office.
And then there was some loud and rather rude cursing in Enochian and a wooshing sound…

and then some noise like the Metatron had knocked his chair over… and his table… and probably some of the pillars of papers and folders still piled up on and around his desk.

Then there was a soft, low and deep growling and a thud… thud… thud… and something big and dark moving down the steps to the lower part of the office where Alice’s desk was…

… thud… thud… thud… thud…

Two humongous paws ‘flomped’ down on the surface of the fluffy angel’s desk.

<<… Alice… >> the voice in her head was accompanied by a whining growl from the beast in front of her.