fluffy and perfect cat

no you guys don’t understand I love my cat so much

my perfect fluffy baby

wonho appreciation

Why I Love Shin Hoseok (x)

He’s Special

  1. looks kinky… (x)
  2. fluff ball (x)
  3. still a cutie (x)
  4. i don’t know anymore… (x)
  5. sleepy baby (x)
  6. fluffy marshmallow (x)
  7. angel sent from heaven (x)
  8. proof he’s an angel (x)
  9. pure baby (x)
  10. perfection (x)
  11. fluffy angel (x)
  12. my dork (x)
  13. flying cat… (x)
  14. playing with his toes (x)

His Hair

  1. be looking like a sexy vampire (x)


  1. puffy cheeks (x)
  2. puffy cheeks! (x)


  1. it’s just so precious (x)
  2. wasted thirty minutes (x)
  3. wasted fifteen minutes (x)


  1. so plump… (x)
  2. his kisses (x)
  3. pouty lips (x)


  1. makes you wanna smile too (x)
  2. beautiful smile (x)
  3. beautiful smile pt.2 (x)
  4. beautiful smile pt.3 (x)
  5. beautiful smile pt.4 (x)
  6. eyes disappears into crescent moons (x)
  7. my baby’s beautiful smile (x)


  1. back in your mouth (x)
  2. there he goes again (x)


  1. so big… (x)


  1. that little tiny mole (x)


  1. it jiggles (x)
  2. that ass (x)
  3. it’s perfect (x)
  4. booty in motion (x)
  5. minnie agrees (x)


  1. a tiny piece of his thigh (x)
  2. them thighs (x)
  3. who doesn’t like thick thighs? (x)


  1. gotta love a man in a suit (x)
  2. you just gotta (x)
  3. “oh, daddy” (x)
  4. this is not okay (x)

Dress Shirts

  1. so god damn good (x)
  2. fucked me up (x)

I Just Love Him (x)

Always Yours

Pairing: Jumin Han / Mc (you)

Genre: Fluff 

Summary:  Jumin was always curious as to why Mc had chosen him, out of everyone in the RFA.

    “Why did you choose me,” Jumin’s sudden inquiry had startled Mc, seeing as they had been quietly cuddling on the couch for the past twenty minutes.

    “What,” Mc looked up at her husband in confusion.

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stupidusernamepolicy  asked:

May I request some Ut!Mob AU GSans and Kitty Cat feels? :D (Tarnish every fluffy AU with some bitter gears and you get perfection >:D)


(BTW, this is by no means how things will end with Crowbar G!Sans and Kitty-Cat. Take it as a…’what if?’ scenario. XD)

i got a cat and named him simba and he literally fell in love with his name twin,  they treat my bed like pride rock and my kitten wants to take his new bff everywhere now

Em: Your time has come
Man: No, please have mercy.
Em: Sorry I have orders * Run to the man ready to attack *
- meow in the distance-
Em: !!!!
-stops what she was doing to go for the cat-
Em: Oh hello little fluffy * grab the cat and start squeezing it * So perfect and soft ah ~
- Meanwhile in the background, the man is trying to escape, but is abruptly stopped by a wild shadow scythe -

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm Skylar but most people just call me Sky. My favorite colors are anything pastel. I don't ship anything really other than me and a ton of fictional characters xD (which is why I write so much reader insert). My favorite flavor of ice cream is French Silk, a super light milk chocolate with chocolate chips, and I have one kitty! Her name is Harley and she's black and fluffy and perfect.

Nice to meet you Sky 😊 oh your cat sounds lovely!

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You're the worst (part 2)


sorry this is so late guys its just that it’s been so hard to get it on to tumblr (I finished writing this part on Monday lmao)

“What the hell are you doing in here?!” you accused, pointing an angry finger directly in his face.

    “Well the dropship is a sweaty crowded mess and I just so happened to see you setup this tent and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Hey! Why don’t I stay here with my friend Y/N,’ ”

    Bullshit. Yes the dropship was probably full, but you had no doubt that he saw you at the fight and watched to find where you were staying just so he could pull a stunt like this. How freaking far would he go to drive you insane? He had to stop sometime!

“I’m a good person. What did I ever do to deserve this?,” you thought helplessly. Maybe you hadn’t always been a perfect little goody-two-shoes but you weren’t exactly the devil either, so why was it that instead of being on Earth it felt like you were in hell?

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