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When you should name your cat after a Bleach character: a handy guide

Author’s choice list. :)

Thinking about naming your new cat after a Bleach character but aren’t sure which one? Just consult this handy guide!

1. Name your cat Ichigo if…

He is fluffy, orange, and fierce.

If your new kitty goes after dangerous string and fierce fake mice without regard for his own safety, he might be an Ichigo kitty.

2. Name your cat Hichigo if…

He is fluffy, white, fierce, and a little evil.

Bonus if he likes to loom over you while you’re sleeping so you wake up to find his face hovering just above yours.

3. Name your cat Riruka if…

She likes to steal your stuffed animals.

If you discover that your cat likes to carry away your stuffed animals for her stuffed animal hoard, she might be a Riruka kitty.

4. Name your cat Giselle if…

She likes playing with dead mice just a little too much.

Especially if she likes to bring them to you to admire.

5. Name your cat Starrk if…

He sleeps. Just, all the time.

Bonus if you also own a tiny kitten named Lilinette who always wants Starrk to wake up and play.

6. Name your cat Yamamoto if…

His eyebrow whiskers are really long.

Bonus if he is old but still occasionally playful.

7. Name your cat Rukia if…

You just can’t keep her out of your closet.

It is her favorite place to sleep.

8. Name your cat Orihime if…

She is fluffy, orange, and likes to eat the weirdest things.

You never knew a cat who loved pineapple and water chestnut juice…until Orihime kitty.

9. Name your cat Grimmjow if…

He is fierce but kinda bad at catching things.

He also HATES closed doors. Just paws and paws at them while meowing sadly.

10. Name your cat Yoruichi if…

She is fast, black, sleek and chill.

And when she doesn’t want to be found, you can never find her.

11. Name your cat Haschwalth if…

His coat is long, sleek, and gorgeous.

Seriously, this cat’s coat is one of the prettiest you’ve ever seen.

12. Name your cat Ukitake if…

His coat his long, sleek, gorgeous, and he likes to bring you presents.

Toys, papers, bits of fluff…Ukitake kitty just wants to make sure you feel appreciated. 

13. Name your cat Kurotsuchi if…

Your cat is really creepy.

Like, he just seems to be watching you, all the time. Plotting your demise, probably.

14. Name your cat Shinji if…

He likes to roll over onto his back all the time.

And he is very friendly with new people. Especially ladies.

15. Name your cat Loly if…

She does not play well with others.

Loly is very territorial and prone to attack. Especially if anyone dares to talk to you.

16. Name your cat Kenpachi if…

He is large and always in play mode.

Kitty Kenpachi is always ready to attack! Also he gets trapped in closets a lot. Not because the door is closed or anything. He just can’t find his way out.

17. Name your cat Chad if…

He is large and never meows.

Sure loves to cuddle, though.

18. Name your cat Byakuya if…

He is standoffish and likes to groom himself.

Kitty Byakuya always wants to look his best.

19. Name your cat Hitsugaya if…

He is perpetually tiny, white, and likes to sleep on your paperwork.

He’s helping!

20. Name your cat Renji if…

He is actually a dog.

I don’t know how you got confused about that.


Where I come from, we have what we call Hitchcock Peeps. And they look from a distance rather fluffy, easy to fight. But when you come closer to them, you notice they are actually quite fierce. Unless you can sort of, toss them at Omega, WHICH I’M NOT SUGGESTING THAT YOU SHOULD. But in case you got caught in a brawl with one, I guess you could do that. 😂

Sweet Dreams, My Dear (Markiplier x Reader) Prologue

Originally posted by heykeykey

Your sleepy eyes scan the screen, monitoring the dream you set in motion a few hours ago. So far so good, you think to yourself as you smile at the wondrous world you’ve created for the lucky dreamer.

You are a Dream Maker. And well, you do exactly that. You make dreams for the people of the world so when they fall asleep, weary from reality, they’re welcomed into a world of their own where anything can happen. However; it’d be a bit insane to think that you’re the only one making dreams for all the people of the world. Even for a high-level Dream Maker or your Boss, that workload is unimaginable. The relationship between Dreamers and Dream Makers is the reason both sides can rest easily. Every time a child is born, a new Dream Maker is born. Well, born is used loosely, more like a Dream Maker is formed from happiness, pixie dust, and clouds. But anyway, this makes it so that each person has their own personal Dream Maker who knows them best: knows their fears, their gifts, the things that make them jovial, even knows if they prefer cute, fluffy bunnies or fierce badass tigers as companions.

Now usually, everything is fine. Dreams are produced, the Dreamer wakes up well-rested and it’s time for the Dream Maker to recharge only to repeat the process once the day comes to an end. It’s only a problem when a Dream Maker doesn’t recharge fully or is too affected by their Dreamer’s mood… This leads to nightmares. When a Dream Maker produces a nightmare, our Boss is alerted and they’re punished based upon the severity of the nightmare. Thankfully the punishments are never too bad, a few days in the land of the living but never anything permanent.

Only thing is, it takes a lot of concentration to control dreams and right now, you feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier. Shaking your head, you sigh and try to concentrate on the screen before you and resist the urge to shut your eyes. What’s left of the night? Maybe an hour or two more? You can last. You’ve done it before, just add a few more cats in top hats and watch how your Dreamer ( Who’s currently donned in suspenders and a top hat himself) would react to the absurd number of dapper kitty companions he has. A soft laugh passing your lips as his surprise yet welcome reaction to the furballs. Yeah, you’ll be just fine!

A loud yell pierces your slumber as you bolt up instantly. Your (e/c) eyes look around frantically only to meet harsh, steel blue eyes that are all too familiar. “H-Hey, Boss, what’s up?” You stammer out, trying to not let your fear show. For someone who is supposed to be the ruler of the ever so delightful Dream Realm, he’d be able to terrify the bravest Dreamer on Earth.

“‘What’s up?’ What’s up?!” He fumes, silver brows furrowing in anger, “What’s up is you dozed off and made a nightmare!”

And surely enough, when your eyes shamefully look back at the screen you see your Dreamer scared beyond belief as he runs away from giant, cat-like creatures with multiple heads and glowing red eyes. Instead of replying, you merely hang you head in humiliation. You’ve rarely done this, maybe a few times while you were a rookie, but not in at least sixteen or twenty years.

You can’t see your Boss’ expression but guessing as there isn’t more scolding, his anger has faded into disappointment. You raise your head a bit only to confirm your suspicion.

“You know what this means, right?” He asks expectantly, his voice holding a crestfallen tone rather than annoyance. One of his previously crossed arms reach out to you, though before you take it, your eyes meet his and share a sullen glance.

“How long will I stay?”



“At least twenty moons, you’re experienced. You should know better and recharge fully by the time your Dreamer is asleep and with how scared he had gotten, it earns at most fifteen moons in itself.” Your Boss informs while adding in a light scolding. He’s like a father-figure to the Dream Makers since you don’t exactly have parents yourself. It pains him to give harder punishments as this, especially when seeing the reactions. And to say the least, yours broke his heart.

“At least twenty moons?! Twenty?! But, Boss I swear, it’s a one-”

“Time thing, yes, I know. I’ve heard it before. A punishment fits the nightmare, (Y/n), and that’s yours. No ifs, ands, or buts. Got it?” He more sternly informs this time.

While you’re about to protest once more, his raised brow stops you. You sigh and accept the fact that you can’t escape your sentence. Your eyes leave his and travel down to the hand reached out to you and finally, you take it.

A blinding, golden light disorients you for a moment. Your body weighing down, your Boss’ hand disappearing from your own. Oh goodness, you’ve forgotten the feeling of flashing down. A heavy pit in your stomach and your feet feeling like lead, dragging you down from your cozy cloud above the ground. You want to scream, you so badly want to scream, but your voice seems to have vanished along with your former weightlessness body. There’s no control and all you know and recognize is that the light is beginning to fade. Suddenly, you have contact with another object, a giant weight hitting into you alongside the new weight of your body you feel.

Groaning, the pain starts to fade as you sit up. You look beneath you, curious to see exactly what you’ve hit. And much to your surprise, it’s a bench. You furrow your brows and decide to see exactly where you are and why your Boss could have possibly thought to leave you on a bench. Yet, you’re only confused more as you analyze your surroundings.

You’re outside.

At a bus stop.

In the middle of nowhere.

And it’s still dark outside.

Yeah, great Boss you have.

Predictions (not)
  • Natsu: Okay I'm giving you all nicknames for the next wave, so we can be even sneakier
  • Gajeel: Grow up-
  • Natsu: SHUT IT, Fierce Fluffy! And get out
  • Gajeel: what the fuck
  • Natsu: Lucy, you will be Stars on Fire
  • Lucy: I can live with that
  • Natsu: Gray, you are Ice Dick
  • Gray: I'm going to kill you
  • Natsu: Erza, you will be Bloodshed Knight
  • Erza: What a lovely name, Natsu! <3
  • Lucy: scary...
  • Natsu: Wendy will be Sky Bunny
  • Wendy: Aww bunnies are so cute
  • Natsu: And I will be Demon Fire
  • Gray: . . .
  • Erza: . . .
  • Wendy: . . .
  • Lucy: Spooky...
  • Zeref: goddammit Natsu

blackfirewolf  asked:

Oh man, I'd kill to read a gravity falls daemons au.

OOOHH MY GOD THANK YOU. Currently my list is this:

Dipper: (he settles when he stands his ground against the alien drone) a sacred ibis, the symbol of Thoth, Egyptian God of wisdom and writing.

Mabel(settles after they escape from the bubble, floating to the ground in a cloud of confetti): purple heron, herons symbolize grace and beauty, even though they’re dorky wader-birds that eat frogs like candy

Stan: California Condor. I’ve always characterized Stan as a survivor, somebody who knows how and when to go to ground to stay alive. So I thought a scavenger, an animal that came straight to the brink of extinction and survived, would be a good choice. Also, please imagine this giant fuckoff vulture staring out over the gift shop, giving everybody the Evil Eye. I bet nobody shoplifts.

(They’re also separated, like witches, though they’d rather keep that a secret - right up until they get desperate, say, when being arrested by the FBI Magesterium agents.)

Soos: tapir. Please look these up. They look like the mutant baby of a pig and an elephant, and they are the cuddliest cutest little shits alive.

Wendy: a fluffy coyote that sleeps in the sunlight patches in the gift shop. (Dipper’s Amalthia keeps landing on his ears as a sparrow and he continues to wearily shake her off every time.)

Pacifica: a white ermine, or stoat. Unlike a real animal, he keeps his white coat year-round instead of shedding it in favor of brown in the spring. Ermines are associated with wealth, but only because their fur is highly priced, worn traditionally by Catholic monarchs.

Preston Northwest: a Spanish Fly beetle. These beetles secrete a caustic substance from their joints as a defense mechanism. This substance- cantharidin- was rumored to be an aphrodisiac for a long time, but is actually toxic, and can be fatal to humans.

Mrs. Northwest: a Madagascan cuckoo. Cuckoos push other birds’ eggs out of their nests to replace them with cuckoo eggs.

Grenda: a capybara, the largest known rodent. She settles after the Northwests’ bash.

Candy: unsettled for that whole summer, but eventually lands as an East Asian dollarbird. 

Marius: a sugar glider

Gideon: unsettled, but she has a tendency to prefer different snakes, or large cats.

Bud Gleeful: Common opossum. She naps in car engines.

Mrs. Gleeful: House shrew. Shrews are tiny insectivores that are incredibly low on their local food chains; they’re incredibly nervous animals. He mostly hides in her pockets.

Robbie Valentino: a tiny, fluffy pomeranian. He puts a studded leather collar on her to try to make her look badass. If you point out that she looks ridiculous, you get about the same reaction as pointing out that fingerless gloves are hilariously uncool.

Tambry: a Himalayan longhaired cat

Thompson: a chocolate labrador

Lee: Newfoundland dog

Nate: Bluejay

Manly Dan: an American Akita, brown and black. Very fluffy, but a fierce guard dog.

Tyler: English Whippet. It’s a hunting dog, a sight hound, but very spindly and weird-looking.

Melody: a green tree frog

Sheriff Blubs: Brown Thrasher

Deputy Durland: a skinny, wild-eyed cougar

Agent Powers: a ridge-nosed rattlesnake

Agent Trigger: an American Sparrowhawk

McGucket: a prickly stick insect

Toby Determined: a Semipalmated Sandpiper

Lazy Suzan: Budgett’s frog (have you seen these? They look hilarious.)

Quentin Trembley: an African land snail. She tends to suction-cup herself onto his face.

Gabe Benson: a pygmy owl

Mermando: a dolphin. Mermaids always settle as fish/water-dwellers.

The Manotaurs all have dog daemons, most of them feral-looking mutts.

The gnomes all carry around chips of bark and tell people they’re daemons. No one is fooled.

Bill Cipher has no daemon. He knows what they are, probably better than humans do, but he’s much more interested in the funny noises these meat-sacks make when their tiny animals get hurt.

And around the town, but especially the Mystery Shack, a Eurasian Griffin Vulture slowly circles. Everyone assumes she belongs to the witch-clans that make their home in the mountains. Stan’s condor (Hyacinth) flies out of open windows, some nights, to sit with a daemon so far away from her human she can barely remember how to speak.