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Family of Four: A Week In Atlanta

Summary: Everything was going according to plan as Y/N and Wyatt planed to stay a week in Atlanta. Only, the first day Chris and Y/N manage to lose something or rather someone. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 1,686

Warnings: I don’t think it counts as angst but there is a little but everything else is funny and fluffy. One swear word, sh*t. 

Requested: Nope but this is part of @ilovethings-somuch 1,000 Followers Spectacular Challenge. My prompt is, “I lost our baby.” Congrats love on a thousand followers, you deserve it! ♡

A/N: I’m finally posting, hopefully this makes up for how slow I have been updating. Sorry loves, but hopefully I’ll get back on my writing game soon. This was edited pretty quickly so let me know if there are any mistakes or if something makes no sense. Please, please, please let me know what you think of this and thank you so much for reading!

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Y/N wasn’t supposed to be standing in the middle of Chris’ trailer; who was in Atlanta filming for the upcoming Marvel movie. She wasn’t supposed to be taking off her shoes while leaning back on the bed. She also wasn’t supposed to be in the trailer trying to take a nap, in the middle of the day. It was unusual for her to willingly take a nap without any distractions or interruptions.

To begin with, Wyatt wasn’t there crying for her full-time attention nor was there a load of laundry calling her name. She truly had time for herself as everything was quiet; there was nothing better than that moment. At that moment, everything seemed to work out exactly how she pictured it once she booked the tickets to see Chris. She was finally with her husband after a long time of not being with him and she was finally going to be able to sleep next to him. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep but it was difficult to keep herself asleep. Each time the slightest of sounds would wake her up, or she felt out of place sleeping in a bed she wasn’t used to making her contemplate of heading back to the hotel. However, she decided against it once the thinking process tired her out.

It wasn’t long before a text notification woke Y/N up, a text that she wasn’t expecting to get from Chirs. She thought if something were to happen it would be that Chris couldn’t spend enough time with her and Wyatt or they would even lose their passports or suitcases. But no, it was a text that made her heart drop, a text that made her drown with guilt. A text that her husband sent asking if she took their son.

Y/N rubbed her eyes a little harder and got up from her sleeping position. There was no way that was what Chris actually texted her. But no, it was; no matter how much she read it the four worded sentence made her stomach do flips.

I can’t find Wyatt. Is he with you?

Once Y/N got her body to be alert as she was, she quickly called Chris and moved to put her shoes back on. She knew that everything was too good to be true, she knew that she couldn’t fall asleep for that reason. She knew that she should’ve stayed with Chris, knowing how crazy Wyatt could get.

After a few rings, Chris picked breathing rather roughly into the phone, unsure of what to say.

“Chris, please tell me you’re joking. Because if you’re not I think I might have a heart attack or worse,” Y/N spoke quickly, waiting but the silence in the pause gave her the answer she desperately did not want. “Oh god.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Shit! This wasn’t supposed to happen, I swear I put him down for two seconds because there was a security dog and then I got busy but I saw that he was fine so I turned my back for like five seconds but when I turned back he was gone,” Chris rambled and he could hear shuffling through the line and he knew that Y/N was living the trailer. He met with her halfway, throughout that time Y/N and Chris were trying to think of places their son could be. But the places that a curious baby could go was endless, especially since they were on a movie set.

The moment Y/N stepped out of the trailer and saw Chris, she could sense how nervous he was and knew it was best to diffuse the situation just a bit; knowing that making him feel bad won’t make the process any easier. Her husband’s hand ran through his hair, slightly tugging at the roots. His hands needed to stay busy because if they didn’t, they would shake endlessly due to his nerves getting the best of him. This week wasn’t supposed to start off in such a stressful way, not when it took him forever to convince Y/N that Wyatt could finally travel without making the trip a trip from hell.

Y/N smiled tightly at Chris and took his hand, squeezing it reassuringly. She wanted him to know that they were in this together, that these things happened and they were bound to happen again and again. “Okay, I think it’s best if we start where you were with him last and see if anyone around saw him. And we’ll even check with the any of the security who have a dog because God knows how much that baby loves dogs,” Y/N chuckled hoping it would lift Chris’ spirits, however, it didn’t. Y/N left dropped the subject as they walked together, she didn’t want to push him, right now he was feeling a ton of guilt. He lost his son.

They made their way towards the place where everything began and looked around, checking if Wyatt found anything interesting that captured his curious mind. They weren’t leaving anyone who walked by without asking them if they even heard of Wyatt or saw anyone take him. Once they ran out of people to ask, they went around looking upon the equipment. Checking under the tables, hoping that he took refuge under there; waiting for his parents to come and save him. Soon, they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off before stopping, both of them thinking of the worse that could possibly happen.

Y/N looked at up at Chris noticing how his eyes started to brim with tears, making her sigh as her chest began to feel heavy. It wasn’t entirely his fault and she knew that but he didn’t, and his mind wasn’t being the kindest. “I think we should ask the cast members or even some of the cast. Wyatt is adventurous but he isn’t social, he would never go with someone he doesn’t know.”

Chris’ ran his hand rather roughly down his face, trying to disguise the fact he was close to crying. It seemed like everything was falling apart right in front of his eyes. “I can’t believe it, Wyatt is lost because of me. I lost our baby, Y/N. What kind of dad does that?”

“Hey, this happens to all parents and it doesn’t make you less of a superhero dad. Plus Chris we’re not in the middle of nowhere,” Y/N paused as Chris looked at her with a head tilt. “I mean we’re not alone, neither is Wyatt. Everyone here knows us and knows who Wyatt is and I’m sure if they saw him crawling around they would pick him up. Don’t worry Chris, I’m sure we just have to look around just a bit longer.”

Chris reached out for Y/N’s hand tugged her to his body; wrapping his hands around her as he closed his eyes causing a few tears to roll down his cheek. “Thank you for not freaking out.” She was his rock, and it was time for her to be strong for him and Chris was thankful that she understood how his mind works.

Y/N chuckled, “oh, believe me, I am freaking out but I can’t be putting this all in you. We’re a team, Christopher, no matter whose fault it was.” They kept on holding each other, in the middle of the set, needing to take a few seconds before going back to their search party. But before they could let go someone cleared out their throat, causing the married couple to separate from their hold on each other.

While Chris took a second to wipe the trail of tear that stained his cheek, Y/N turned her attention to who interrupted only for her eyes to grow wide. She reached her hand out to Chris, tapping it lightly in a way to make him turn around too. Her husband turned around with a slight smile on his face only for it to fall as he took in the sight before him. There Sebastian was, holding Wyatt in his arms, who was gleefully tugging at Sebastian’s hair.

The moment Chris registered that Wyatt was truly in Sebastian’s arms, safe and sound, he reached out to him and took him in his arms; a huge smile plastered on his face. He held him close to his body as he thought of never letting go, never again. Wyatt was laying contently in the crook of Chris’ neck until he took notice of his mom, reaching out immediately for her hold. Then it was Y/N’s turn to make herself promise that she will never let Wyatt out of her sight.

Chris turned to Sebastian, quickly taking him in for a hug as a thank you for making sure that Wyatt stayed safe. “Thanks, Seb. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

Sebastian smiled humbly, “don’t worry about it, I would’ve wanted someone to have done the same thing with my son if he was wandering around.”

“Where did you even find him?” Y/N asked still smothering her son with hugs and kisses.

“It was actually pretty cute because he was trying his best to keep up with the security dog so I went to pick him up before he could get too far and kept him busy for awhile,” Sebastian shrugged as if it was nothing. He then reached out running a hand over Wyatt’s soft hair. “It was easy to keep him entertained and honestly we had quite the fun.”

The couple thanked Sebastian once again, as their smiles grew each second. Their son was back in their arms, happy and tired all thanks to Sebastian. It may have been a crazy way to start their week in Atlanta but Y/N was right, everyone knew them and nothing could’ve happened to Wyatt. Only, those words didn’t work on Y/N when Chris tried to convince her to stay for another week. Not when each day something else happened to them.

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