I had a dream about Phil that cut off before anything dreamy/smutty could happen, so I used the base of the dream and went from there. I haven’t written much fan fic/smut and I’ve never written about Phil so keep that in mind. Love that man and I feel a little embarrassed writing this but oh well. Enjoy.



Phil was waiting at my steps when I finally made it home, I unlocked the door as he followed me in from the cold.
“Here,” he said as he motioned to my coat, which he began to help me take off.

I got the feeling that he was in a rush, which was more funny than anything. He took my hand as he guided me upstairs. As we walked upstairs I was overly aware of our hands and how sweet he had been the last year, I had a moment of excitement in my chest as we neared the door to my room.

I stepped into the room as he walked in and let go of my hand, I proceeded to hang up my bag and put my shoes by the door as he sat on the couch at the end of my bed.

“What do you want to watch?” he asked

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anonymous prompted: body worshiping and/or marking after the break-up

“I’ve missed this. God, I’ve missed you.” Blaine groans into Kurt’s lips.

“Me too.” Kurt mumbles, pressing Blaine farther up into the door. They’ve barely made it into Kurt’s room when Kurt attacked.

Blaine felt a pang of guilt course through his body, his eyes shooting open and pulling back. “I’m sorry.”

“Stop. None of that.” Kurt presses, kissing Blaine’s jaw.  “Lay down.”

“Okay.” Blaine nods as Kurt backs him up onto the bed, the backs of his knees hitting the side, causing him to topple over.

Kurt lets go, staring down at Blaine against his sheets. They haven’t changed since the first time Kurt’s seen them. He loves the vintage-styled stripes, or maybe he just loves how they look with Blaine sprawled out against them.

“God, I probably look like a mess. I haven’t shaved or gelled at all today.” Blaine chuckles nervously under the attention.

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Just give in (Jooheon) Smut

*Gif credit to original owner*

Request:  Hiii! May i plz req a jooheon fluffsmut where ur both at the dorm nd hes super needy/whiny and touching u and u refuse at first bc the members are home but u eventually give in then after the members r suspicious (hehehe)? thx so much! >w<💕

I hope you like it!

You were dorm with your boyfriend Jooheon and the other boys, all day Jooheon has been all needy and whining, he has been cuddling up to you, following you and watching you all day, normally you wouldn’t mind this but this time it was different. You just couldn’t pin point it. Everyone was sitting in the living room watching films together, while Jooheon had his arms around your waist and kept insisting that you sat on his lap, but you refused. You were an awkward person, so doing things like that in front of the other members made you feel awkward.

Time had passed and you and Jooheon had decided to go up into his room and chill out. You were both just talking and Jooheon started to run his hands over your body slowly, at first you just ignored it and waited for him to stop. He didn’t. You sighed as a hint to him to stop but he didn’t take any notice. He snaked his hands up to your breast and massaged them. You took his hands off you “Jooheon, the other members are here.” You say sternly. “Babeeeee, whyyyy we can just be quiet.” Jooheon said in his needy voice “Jooheon, we can’t we all know both of us can’t be quiet.” You say to him hoping he would get the point. He didn’t say anything back and you continued to go through all your social media on your phone.

Jooheon then tried again and moved his hands down to your area and started rub you though the material. “Jooheon. We can’t!” You say to him once again. He gave up again. Or so you thought. He sat up and pulled you onto him. You instantly felt his hard member under you. You blushed. “See Y/N, I need you right now.” Jooheon said to you. You decided that you would play slightly hard to get. “Nah.” You simply say in a high pitched voice and get off him. You heard him grunt in frustration.

This continued for at least half an hour before he pulled you onto his lap again. “Babe, please.” Jooheon says. “Fine. But you have to be quiet.” You say in defeat. You begin to grind onto his hard member, causing him to hiss at the sudden friction. This caused a whispered moan from your lips too. After grinding on him for a while he finally said “No more teasing.” With that he flipped you over so you were under him. He quickly took your clothes off and then his. “Wow, you look hot babe.” He quietly said to you. You blushed while he stared at you naked form. He connected his lips with your neck, not leaving a part of skin untouched, you breathed heavily at this.

He then kissed down your neck and connected his lips onto on one of your boobs and kissed and sucked all over before doing the same to the other. He began kissing down your stomach and towards your core. “Jooheon.” Was all you said. You could feel him smirk against your skin. He kissed your inner thighs then kissed your core and began sucking in just the right place. “Oh my god.” You said sort of loud. “I thought you told me to be quiet.” He said laughing. “I can’t wait any longer” with that he lined himself up with your entrance and thrusted himself in. “Damn babe, you’re so tight.” Jooheon says overwhelmed with pleasure. He was hitting your G spot perfectly each time. “I’m close.” You say to Jooheon in a breathy tone. “Me too.” He says back to you grunting. You were a moaning mess by now. You felt your end nearing and you arched your back and breathed heavily once again as pleasure overtook your body. You clenched around him causing him to reach his end too.

Jooheon then collapsed next to you. “looks like you’re the one that needs to be quiet.” He said laughing. You playfully slapped his arm. Time has passed and you both went downstairs and sat with the other members once again. “So, what were you two up to then?” Kihyun asked you both. “Nothing interesting.” Jooheon replies back to them. All the boys laugh together “Yeah didn’t sound like nothing interesting.” Wonho says to you both. You look down awkwardly. “Shut up, guyssss” Jooheon says to the others. “Let me know when you find someone who can make you feel that good.” Jooheon said feeling proud at his comeback. You, Jooheon and the other members carried on enjoying your day in each other’s company.

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