Monopoly - Dan Howell

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It was around 7 in the afternoon, the sky was already dark. She and Dan were sitting in the couch, having a small chat. “How’s life?” Dan asked her and looked at her, giving her his full attention. It had been months since she has seen Dan, and to be honest, she did miss him.

She just shrugged, her life had been shit lately. “Do you have monopoly?” she suddenly asked. “Yeah, why? Do you want to play?” Dan smiled at her and raised an eyebrow. “I’d love to! It’s my favorite game,” her smile was growing every second. “Do you have red wine?” she questioned, getting the game ready for use. “I think so, I’ll go and check, love,” Dan replied with his nice smile, she felt her cheek go hot, but she shook the feeling off her. He came back with a large wine bottle in his hands and two glasses in the other. “I don’t know if you like this wine, I usually have your favorite. But Phil must have bought this last week.” Dan told her and laughed a quick laugh.

She shook her head as she laughed. God, he loves her laughter, it’s soft and it sounds like a calm note. “Are you ready to play? I’m gonna beat your ass, Howell!” she giggled, and once again, that perfect note laugh. “Sure, good luck.” he replied and sat down, ready to play.

After about an hour or so she had drunk a bit, she wasn’t drunk, so she was all giggly and tired. “I-I love this game.” she said and placed her hand on Dan’s, not noticing what she just did. His cheek went red and warm, just like hers did earlier. She looked up at him and gave him a small smile. “I win.” she said softly, Dan didn’t care that he just lost, he just looked her in the eyes and smiled. “I win,” she repeated, now smirking at him. “W-what?” he asked after a few seconds finally realizing what just happened.

A small sigh came out her mouth, and another giggle. “I win, Dan.” Dan looked at the board game and laughed. “Congrats, you did actually beat my ass.” he said, the smile was still on his lips. “Beat is my nickname.” she whispered and leant forward, Dan’s heart beated faster and his breath hitched.

I’m falling for you, Daniel.



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I have been really into SpideyPool, SpideyNova and Peter x Harry. My tumblr is filled with Spider-Man, Deadpool, and SpideyPool references and hilarious comic scans. I have also been heavily into the fan fiction and this one writer YCHBS writes really well. I love her style of writing. :3 

So, I decided to draw some fanart and stick with the Ultimate Spider-Man look and feel. I did add a little bit of my own style in there but the colors are still dumbed down to simple lights and shadows rather than full on gradients. 

I used the “All My Circuits” text and changed it to something I thought was a little funny. I almost want to consider this a title page to a fanfic I have had in my mind for a while involving all three of them. Peter just can’t decide and ends up with them all or has little oneshots with each one that kind of overlap one another. Anyhoo, here is what I have been working on! Fluff-Smut lol. I don’t normally like to do perverted or kinky images but if it has some humor in there, why not! I all for humorous porn or something that can be taken far more lightly than it could be intended. Plus Deadpool is there so it makes up for it. :3 

Spidey, Nova, Harry, and Deadpool all belong to Marvel Comics ©

Ankles and Sweaters - Joe Sugg

Request: Could you do one where y/n calls best friend/secret crush joe to come help her go to the hospital from a hurt ankle Bc she falls in the shower while dancing? No smut just funny and fluff

Smut: No

Requests are OPEN!

A/N: Awe! I don’t know why but I feel like this is totally something Joe would do. 

I hope you like :)


“Joe…” You said into the phone once he had picked up.

“What’s going on?” He asked, casually. He was currently filming with the boys and you didn’t want to disturb him but you didn’t know who else to call. Even if you had called one of the others, you still would have been disturbing the video.

“I need a ride somewhere…” You knew you were being vague but the thought of having to explain to him what really happened really embarrassed you.

“Okay love, what’s going on?” 

Love. Joe was the only person who called you that. He was also the only person who made you feel that. He had been your best friend since you could talk and somewhere along the line, you had fallen in love with him. But of course, he treated you like a little sister and you knew you could never escape the friend-zone.

“I just…I need a ride to the hospital, okay? I’m fine, I just need a ride.”

A couple of minutes later, there was a knock at your door and footsteps entering your apartment. You looked up from the ground as the footsteps got closer and looked at Joe.

“I fell…” You said, trying to get up from the ground. “In the shower…dancing to Conor…”

“Oh babe,” He said, trying to help you. “You never fail to make me laugh.”

“Ow,” You whined as you stood up. “Um…Can you grab me a sweater…I don’t exactly have clothes on…” You said, holding your towel to your chest. 

As you sat on the edge of the bathtub, you looked down at your swollen ankle and knew you had really done a number on it. 

“This is actually mine.” Joe said, holding out a sweater that you had stolen from him. You had spent the night at his place one time and fell asleep in the sweater and he hasn’t seen it since. “But it looks better on you anyway.”

“Can you…” You awkwardly asked.

“Oh right!” Joe turned around, letting you change. “Ready?”

Joe wrapped his arm around your waist, helping you walk. 

“Joe…” You said, as he helped you into the car.



“Always.” He said, kissing your forehead.

Keeping My Wedding Vows- Gerard Way Fluff/Smut

I may have taken the self consciousness a little bit too far, so slight warning for a slightly depressing theme.  It’s sad, but it’s also mostly positive, I think.

I was going to be Cyber Satan and make you guys cry…. but I didn’t. I would have ended it that way There would have been a bigger warning on this, and I don’t want that.

I also did not describe body parts as I usually do, as this wasn’t supposed to focus on just the sex.

Anyway Anon, I hope you enjoy it. I loved writing this one, I got all giddy waiting to get to my computer to finish it!



At first, you knew something was up.

First it was the fact that Gerard was playing with his food, eating only a little at a time. You weren’t all that worried. You felt as if Gerard was just trying to be a little bit more healthy, you always prepared more than enough for your daily meals.

The next flag was when he refused to engage in your sexual games, or even your affectionate ones for that matter. He never turned you down.

Then, you noticed he wasn’t taking his pills, rather, storing them in a box in the second drawer of his dresser. Did he think you wouldn’t notice? For God’s sake you go in that dresser every week!

You sat down, on your bed, counting how many tablets he didn’t take. You felt a sharp pain fly through your stomach. You felt like such a terrible wife… you weren’t able to catch his downward spiral.

You look up to see him in the doorway. His face was pale, and his eyes were wide. “I-” He started. You didn’t let him continue. “Tell me. Now. No excuses,” you say firmly, looking him dead in the eye. “Gee, I care about you, please,” You beg, setting the box of pills gently on the bed and get up.

You make your way over to him, your bare feet squishing themselves into the plush carpet. “Y/N. I don’t want to talk about it,” he answers.

“You are.” Your reply was aggressive as you grabbed his shirt, and pulled him toward the bed. You walked backwards, guiding him, and finally sat down, jerking him down with you.

“Y/N… I can’t stand it anymore.” His eyebrows lift, and his eyes soften.

You look into his eyes, begging him for some more information. “Alright, Gerard. What started this,” you whisper, talking to him kindly.

He looks down, licking his lips, hesitant to reply.

“I feel so worried about you when you don’t talk to me about your problems. I feel so, so…useless when I can’t help you. Gerard, can you please, try to tell me what sparked it this time.” You try to be assertive, your emotions cast over your voice, making it shaky and unstable.

Gerard grunts, shifting on the bed to find a more comfortable position. The box spring squeaks lightly. You grab one of his hands with yours, running your thumb over his knuckles.  He sucks in a deep breath, and opens his mouth to speak. You look up at him.

“It started about a month ago,” he started, explaining solemnly.

Apparently, it was due to your constant need for him.  

He felt as if, a woman like you wouldn’t be attracted to a man like him, because of the weight he put on. One day, he looked in the mirror and gave up.

He was simply, in his eyes, just not attractive to himself. If he wasn’t in his eyes, how could he be in yours?

He didn’t know if it was because he stopped taking his medicine, or if it was just a new state of mind he was floating in, nevertheless, he couldn’t stand to look at himself.

He started dodging your attempts to bed him, attempts to kiss him, attempts to touch him. He isolated himself from you, keeping himself, and you in a state of loneliness.

“I just wanted to flatter you, I wanted to woo you just as I used to… and now, I can’t even keep my mind off a much greater solution, and it’s so damn selfish… Y/N, I’m so damn sorry.” His eyes well up with tears and flood down his pale face, leaving him shaking as he tried to hold his sobs in.

You change the subject, putting your head on his shoulder, trying to convince him you were always going to love him the way he was, no matter how he changed.

You stroked the gold band on his ring finger. Smiling to yourself, trying to keep in tears of your own.

“Do you remember the day that you proposed to me?” You whispered hoarsely, twisting the ring around his finger.

Gerard attempted to open his mouth, squeezing his eyes, trying to push the rest of his tears out, but they just kept coming. His head bowed, and you sat up, pushing his head to your chest, stroking his hair with your other hand.

“You didn’t do anything big. It was in that coffee shop, just down the street from our house,” you smile, kissing his head as he weeped into your breasts. “It was quiet, and everyone clapped, the whole ten people who were in there with us.” You smiled, combing tangles out of his black hair.

Gerard clutched at your waist, and his head fell into your lap, dampening your sweat pants with the liquid falling from his eyes. His sobs almost drowned out your voice.

You sniffled, tears gliding down your soft cheeks. “I said yes and started crying right there. I wondered when you were going to lay the big question down,” You let out one big sob of your own, and continue. “I knew my answer was going to be yes, no matter how you asked, or where you asked.” Gerard’s hand grasped at the fabric of your pants. He felt guilty.

“I was almost going to ask you myself,” you laugh through your tears. “I remember, when we got home, you made us take a picture, and you made me call your mom and tell her.”

You pull him up to look at you. You hold his face in your hands, looking at his hazel eyes, red a puffy from crying. His body was shaking.

“Gerard, you are the most handsome and attractive man I have ever laid my eyes on. From the first time I saw you, and even now, you still hold my eye, you are just as attractive now as you were then.” You swallow, getting emotional yourself. You could see Gerard’s eyes get brighter, as you reassured him.

You wipe the tears falling from his eyes away with your thumbs, and look at him for a long time before you finally have yourself under control. “I love you, Gerard Arthur Way,” you say with a shaking whisper. “I always will.” You sniffle, and his tears keep going.

You hug him, and let him cry into your shoulder, clenching onto your shirt as he did so, soaking you to the skin.

Your smaller body shook with him, he sobbed loudly, choking on gasps of air as he tried to calm down. Petting his back, you whisper that you love him, over and over and over again, not missing a beat in the repetitive speech.

You finally laugh, trying to lighten the heavy mood clouding the room. “You’re handsome, and sexy, and I would think so even if you decided to shave your eyebrows off.”

“I considered it.” Gerard forces a laugh into your shoulder, and sits up, wiping his tears off with his sweatshirt sleeves.

He sniffles. “I love you too,” he replies, his hoarse voice squeaking.

You kiss his forehead, right in between his brows, and then on his nose. You plant your lips on his softly, tilting your head as he kissed back.

“You’re so handsome, Gee.” You mumble against his lips, only pulling back to look him in the eyes and say it again. You bite your lip, “You’re so handsome.”

You kiss his chin, just a soft peck on it, feeling some stubble.

You trail one peck, after another, dragging out the length of each, feeling his burning skin on your mouth.

You reach for his sweatshirt, and slowly pull it over his head, and then try again with his shirt. He hesitates.

“Gerard, there is nothing that is going to make me run away from you, darling. It’s okay,” you whisper.

He nods, taking it off for you.

“I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see you.” Your hand roams down his creamy chest, caressing each curve he had, gently, as if he might break like the china in the next room.

You push him back, gently, letting him scoot up and lay his head down on the pillows. You kiss his lips, some more, gently pulling his bottom lip in your mouth and sucking on it, as you rubbed your thumb sweetly in the middle of his chest.

You hold his hand, entwining your fingers in his as you kissed him gently, your lips hardly touching his.

To you, he was the most God damn handsome man on the planet, and you were going to make him realize that.

You finally let his hand go after gripping it for so long. You let your hand trail down his stomach, stopping at the waist band in his jeans. You look him right in the eye, smiling softly as you unbutton his pants. He helps them down, taking his boxers down too.

You were gentle, kissing down to his collar bones, your lips almost massaging the skin that covered them. They were wet kisses, gentle down his chest, careful not to leave any hickeys. You continued kissing, over the extra skin Gerard was so afraid of, and the extra body fat he found so repulsive.

You you mesmerized by his body, and you always were. You two always molded together, and you still do.

You continue to kiss downward, right below your belly button. You lifted his leg up, kissing down his beautiful pale thighs, and back up again, right up next to his length,

You kiss in one spot right in the middle of his pelvis as he waited patiently. You wrap your hand around him, pumping gently at the length in your hand. You kiss closer, and run your tongue up , making him shudder

Gerard’s breath made you shudder slightly, and his hand reached down to grab your free one. Through the sucking and the slurping Gerard had groaned loudly a couple of times, clenching hard at your hand.  You look up at him, your hand still moving on his length. “Gee, I love you so much,” You whisper, and kiss his lower stomach and back down again.

You lick up to his tip, revolving around it in away that made him shiver.

He twitched. Gerard was so close to an orgasm, you could see it on his perfect face, as his dark eyebrows furrowed together, hiding some of his clear hazel eyes.

He opened his mouth, lips slightly pink and swollen, and he gasped as he reached his climax, his hips rolling into your hand as he spills.

You crawl your way up, grabbing his left hand, kissing the palm and running it over your face. They were calloused, but soft in some spots. They were big and strong, his nails wide and short.

You kissed up his ring finger, minding the golden band. Right now, his palms you were sweaty, due to the contact you just engaged in.

You massage his wrist, working your way up, his bicep, and to his shoulder. You kiss the very tip of his middle finger, and trailing your lips down his hand, kissing his knuckles.

You open your eyes from their closed position and look at him. You could see the drifting joy in his eyes.

You loved his eyes. Today they were a solid color, the textures in his eyes decided to be lighter this morning, bringing out more green in his eyes. They were a beautiful hazel, bright too, always contrasted from his dark lashes. They always seemed to have a creative glimmer in them, that would grow twice the size when he talked about art, or music, and even science fiction.

Some days, they were more brown than anything, when they were, he was usually in a focused mood, working on something, or even playing his stupid video games, which you didn’t mind much, it was always amusing, and even cute to see your husband engage in such childish games.

It seemed like you were staring at him a long time before you opened your mouth to talk. You hold his hand up in front of your face, pinching the base of his ring finger where his ring stayed. You peer around his hand, looking him in the eye again.

“Gerard, I married you because I loved you. Your body, no matter how it changes will always be attractive, will always be sexy, with always be arousing to me. Physical things like this flesh don’t mean much when you marry the soul. I married you, not your body,” you smile brightly, resting your face gently on his risen hand. “I said I was going to cherish you, I said I was going to protect you the day of our marriage,” you say thoughtfully. “I said I would love you in sickness and in health, and hell that’s what I’m doing Gerard. Keeping my wedding vows.”

Gerard smiles, a genuine, teeth baring smile.

You loved his smile, even with his age you could still see the youthful apples of his cheeks when he smiles. His teeth were small and white. He had character lines from smiling, and talking. He was usually a very happy and giggly person, which is another thing you loved about him.

You smile back, wider than before and sit up, taking your sweat pants off. Gerard’s eyes wandered nervously downward, looking at your frame in your panties.

You straddle his waist, leaning over and kissing him softly on this lips. They were slimy, but oddly pleasant to you. You were barely locking lips, the kiss only ghosting pink flesh over another’s.

Gerard’s hand finds it’s way to the back of your head, the other to your back, pressing you closer as he gained confidence. You stop supporting yourself with your hands, and bring them up to Gerard’s face, stroking his cheeks as you kissed.

You sat up, pulling your top off your torso.

Today, you didn’t bother to wear a bra, there just wasn’t a reason. You weren’t going out. It was just a lazy Saturday at home.

Gerard’s gaze fell to your breasts, respecting the curve of them, every line, every mark as he cupped them in his hands, running his thumb over one of your nipple, making your body ripple in pleasure.

In an awkward movement, making you both giggle, Gerard sat up, pressing his back against the bed frame.

His laugh always made you laugh. It was contagious to say the least. you couldn’t help but admire him. Despite his flaws, which you weren’t oblivious to, he was pretty damn perfect. He made you so giddy and warm. He was such a dork…he still is such a dork.

You cling to his body, kissing him passionately, the kiss getting a little bit more intense, but not by much. Gerard was still self conscious, and you could tell by how he moved. He wanted to keep his stomach hidden from you, so he leaned as far back as he could. He lifted you slightly off his thighs.

Gerard did however, decide to kiss down your neck, gently making you giggle. It tickled a little as his lips glided smoothly and effortlessly down your skin. He sucked at the skin on your collarbone, only lightly, careful not to leave marks.

Another awkward shift and your panties came off. You could feel his erection poking at your thigh.

You reach around and grab him, guiding him into your core. You gasp at the contact, sweat already forming on your hair line.

Gerard bites his lip, seeing you moan out. He tries to keep his in.

You move slowly, and giggling at Gerard’s attempts to be quiet.

“Gee, just let go. You’re gorgeous, babe,” you laugh, moving your hips, rolling them lightly over his.

He puts his head in your shoulder, groaning quietly to himself as you pleasure him. He grips your arms, and you lift his head up, locking lips with him, and kissing him passionately, wrapping your arms around his neck, pressing his head closer to yours.

You moan into the kiss, finding a good angle. It hit just the right spot. You were trying to please him.

You bounce, making Gerard’s mouth fall open.

“Y/N,” he whimpers.

He then wraps his arms around your waist and flips you two over. He holds his hands just above your shoulders and takes one big and deep thrust. This reduced him into a weak and sweaty mess.

You hold his face in your hands, stroking his face as he moved slow. You didn’t speak, but you focused on the sensual feeling of this encounter and his eyes, his glorious, loving eyes.

He had nothing but respect for you, and you had nothing but the same for you.

Gerard’s pace picked up only slightly, moaning out.

You couldn’t help but admire his face as he groaned. He was so handsome, the way his mouth hung open, his glossy lips so exposed.

You kissed him, holding yourself up and tugging on his hair.

Within the next few thrusts, Gerard had you reaching your climax, Your eyes widened as you fell back, arching your back and letting this powerful orgasm rip through your body. The heat made your blood boil.

You were a sweating mess, your walls clamping down and releasing over and over. You moan quietly, your mouth hanging open as Gerard continues to move deep inside of you.

“Gerard!” You gasp.

Finally, he spills inside of you, knowing about your birth control.

You sigh in relief.

Gerard pulls himself out and collapses next to you. He breaths heavily, catching his breath.

You turn toward each other, your body getting smashed up against your husband’s chest. You look up into his eyes. He holds your stare. “I love you for who you are,” you pant. “Gerard, no matter what anyone says to you, you are handsome, sexy, gorgeous, spectacular, fabulous. Whatever the hell you want to be,” you chuckle slightly. “You don’t need to look like the stick thin stereotypical rockers. Since when were you a stereotypical rocker?” You raise your eyebrow at him, questioning. “You are you. You are unique. Don’t listen to the negative things, listen to what you know deep down inside is right,” you continue on.

Gerard’s face goes softer, looking at you dead, his cheeks blushing. He smiles slightly, the corners turning up a little.

“Gerard. I love you, no matter your body shape, the color of your hair, or even if you have a lack of eyebrows someday.”

“Y/N,” his voice was still sore. “I love you so much, and I can’t thank you enough for catching me.”

You nod, smiling at the attractive man in front of you. “Now, promise to take your meds today?” You ask him, tracing circles in his chest.

“Yes. I’m also very hungry,” He replies, answering your next question in the process.

You jump out of bed, putting clothes back on and head off to the kitchen. You forgot about the pancake batter you left in the fridge.

“I’m on it Gerard!” You yell making your way into the kitchen, pulling your shirt on.

Gerard follows, putting his pants on and swaying his way into the kitchen with you. “Here, let me help. It’ll go faster,” he laughs cheerfully. “I’m hungry,” Gerard admits.

The rest of the morning was filled to the brim with happy and cheery Gerard, the one who tweets good morning every day when he wakes up, the one who smears pancake batter on your nose when you’re not looking. The Gerard that loves himself.

anonymous asked:

So, I'm an Annon lurker. I don't have a fanfic account and I don't tumble, but I've been on a SasuSaku kick for a while and I always enjoy your posts. If I need some happy feels I re-read some of your fics. Anyway, I woke up with a head cannon today and wrote it for you. Feel free to share it to spread the love. I don't think I've ever come across a fic about them bridging the gap between fluffsmut and gonna rock your world smut. Awe crap, how can I send this?

Quick glances, shy touches, and flushed cheeks were the hallmark clichés of a newlywed couple. As their relationship had grown and expanded to include physical intimacies it had surprised Sasuke how easily it had been for him to fall into the habit of small affectionate gestures. It was as if marriage had lifted the weight of uncertainty from his shoulders. 

Suddenly, he could hold her hand anywhere, give up as many chuckles as she could pull from him, get lost in her gaze for as long as he liked whether they stood in the midst of a milling marketplace or alone amongst the trees. She had chosen him and pledged to the world that she intended to be beside him forever and for a reason he couldn’t articulate it was different from the countless similar vows she’d made to him and to herself. He suspected that this change was wholly in his mind but marriage had given him a new identity, a fresh purpose. He was no longer the lone survivor, a Konoha shinobi, a traitor, a neo-Sannin, or a wanderer; he was a husband. 

He had wracked his memory for examples of husbands and was brought time and again to what little he’d observed of his parents’ relationship. He had become the head of his clan, like his father had been, but a clan of just two. So, with no headsman duties, no police department to oversee, and no village elders to oppose what he was left with was the sole duty to ensure his wife was safe, well, and happy.

Yet, Sasuke was beginning to find that his insecurities about their relationship, instead of vanishing, had seemed to shift from what he should do to whether what he did was good enough. Sakura, as always, was patient and grateful for any and all of his attentions and as happy as that made him sometimes Sasuke worried that Sakura’s selflessness limited her own satisfaction.

He wanted her to know that she could be upset with him and correct him. That not everything had to be perfect just for him, but for her as well. That as much as he loved timid, blushing Sakura he also loved drunk, dirty-minded Sakura and bold warrior Sakura.

But of course, Sasuke could find no way to arrange these half-feelings into something he could hope to successfully articulate. Sasuke was no fool, he knew he had no great gift with words especially when the topics surrounded his feelings or the woman who was now his wife. Sasuke had always been a man of action and thankfully it had always been a cornerstone of their relationship through the years that Sakura understood that about him and was one of the people best at understanding what his

Very cute so far! After waiting a few days though, I still haven’t gotten the rest, so idk if maybe tumblr ate your messages

Destiny Fic Master Post

My writing and my faves by others. I’ve reorganised this by character because while I came here to write fluffsmuts about Commander Bae this turned into a whole lot more. Written by me unless stated otherwise. Complete unless stated otherwise. Probably M/F unless marked. NSFW is marked. 

Commander Zavala

Lord Shaxx

Lord Saladin and the Iron Lords







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word choice

summary: Lucy is not amused that she has to babysit Erza’s brats after soccer practice today, especially after Erza explains that Jellal is “distracting” her. Jerza. Implied Nalu.
M. Your imagination can make it higher, I’m sure.
also posted on: Fanfiction

notes: Originally going to be <500 words. Oops. Relatively experimental writing. Not my usual and I’m not sure if it should be called fluffsmut or smutfluff. Or just plain smut.
more: Also, yes, I know it’s Angst Week. My muse likes to oppose me.

Erza falls directly into her bed when she comes home from work.

She feels worse than the wilted carrots that sit in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, still unable to participate in one of the week’s dinner stews—and when she remembers about the vegetables, she huffs again into her pillow, remembering that she still has to get started to working on dinner…

Not to mention she still has to pick up the kids from soccer practice in about twenty minutes.

So she kicks off her heels and rolls completely under the cover and between the sheets, making her body as comfortable as it can lie in her business casual pants and button up shirt. She rubs her eyes, blinking against the afternoon sun, but she lets the light warmth settle over her body.

She channels her inner house cat and closes her eyes. She decides to nap for just a moment, reaching her hands down to the waist of her pants to shimmy them down as she starts to fall…








No. Just…one…more—


“Mmrph, Jellal—“ Her eyes open and she sees his face on the other side of the pillow.

He smiles in amusement. “Good morning, love.”

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Just give in (Jooheon) Smut

*Gif credit to original owner*

Request:  Hiii! May i plz req a jooheon fluffsmut where ur both at the dorm nd hes super needy/whiny and touching u and u refuse at first bc the members are home but u eventually give in then after the members r suspicious (hehehe)? thx so much! >w<💕

I hope you like it!

You were dorm with your boyfriend Jooheon and the other boys, all day Jooheon has been all needy and whining, he has been cuddling up to you, following you and watching you all day, normally you wouldn’t mind this but this time it was different. You just couldn’t pin point it. Everyone was sitting in the living room watching films together, while Jooheon had his arms around your waist and kept insisting that you sat on his lap, but you refused. You were an awkward person, so doing things like that in front of the other members made you feel awkward.

Time had passed and you and Jooheon had decided to go up into his room and chill out. You were both just talking and Jooheon started to run his hands over your body slowly, at first you just ignored it and waited for him to stop. He didn’t. You sighed as a hint to him to stop but he didn’t take any notice. He snaked his hands up to your breast and massaged them. You took his hands off you “Jooheon, the other members are here.” You say sternly. “Babeeeee, whyyyy we can just be quiet.” Jooheon said in his needy voice “Jooheon, we can’t we all know both of us can’t be quiet.” You say to him hoping he would get the point. He didn’t say anything back and you continued to go through all your social media on your phone.

Jooheon then tried again and moved his hands down to your area and started rub you though the material. “Jooheon. We can’t!” You say to him once again. He gave up again. Or so you thought. He sat up and pulled you onto him. You instantly felt his hard member under you. You blushed. “See Y/N, I need you right now.” Jooheon said to you. You decided that you would play slightly hard to get. “Nah.” You simply say in a high pitched voice and get off him. You heard him grunt in frustration.

This continued for at least half an hour before he pulled you onto his lap again. “Babe, please.” Jooheon says. “Fine. But you have to be quiet.” You say in defeat. You begin to grind onto his hard member, causing him to hiss at the sudden friction. This caused a whispered moan from your lips too. After grinding on him for a while he finally said “No more teasing.” With that he flipped you over so you were under him. He quickly took your clothes off and then his. “Wow, you look hot babe.” He quietly said to you. You blushed while he stared at you naked form. He connected his lips with your neck, not leaving a part of skin untouched, you breathed heavily at this.

He then kissed down your neck and connected his lips onto on one of your boobs and kissed and sucked all over before doing the same to the other. He began kissing down your stomach and towards your core. “Jooheon.” Was all you said. You could feel him smirk against your skin. He kissed your inner thighs then kissed your core and began sucking in just the right place. “Oh my god.” You said sort of loud. “I thought you told me to be quiet.” He said laughing. “I can’t wait any longer” with that he lined himself up with your entrance and thrusted himself in. “Damn babe, you’re so tight.” Jooheon says overwhelmed with pleasure. He was hitting your G spot perfectly each time. “I’m close.” You say to Jooheon in a breathy tone. “Me too.” He says back to you grunting. You were a moaning mess by now. You felt your end nearing and you arched your back and breathed heavily once again as pleasure overtook your body. You clenched around him causing him to reach his end too.

Jooheon then collapsed next to you. “looks like you’re the one that needs to be quiet.” He said laughing. You playfully slapped his arm. Time has passed and you both went downstairs and sat with the other members once again. “So, what were you two up to then?” Kihyun asked you both. “Nothing interesting.” Jooheon replies back to them. All the boys laugh together “Yeah didn’t sound like nothing interesting.” Wonho says to you both. You look down awkwardly. “Shut up, guyssss” Jooheon says to the others. “Let me know when you find someone who can make you feel that good.” Jooheon said feeling proud at his comeback. You, Jooheon and the other members carried on enjoying your day in each other’s company.

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anonymous prompted: body worshiping and/or marking after the break-up

“I’ve missed this. God, I’ve missed you.” Blaine groans into Kurt’s lips.

“Me too.” Kurt mumbles, pressing Blaine farther up into the door. They’ve barely made it into Kurt’s room when Kurt attacked.

Blaine felt a pang of guilt course through his body, his eyes shooting open and pulling back. “I’m sorry.”

“Stop. None of that.” Kurt presses, kissing Blaine’s jaw.  “Lay down.”

“Okay.” Blaine nods as Kurt backs him up onto the bed, the backs of his knees hitting the side, causing him to topple over.

Kurt lets go, staring down at Blaine against his sheets. They haven’t changed since the first time Kurt’s seen them. He loves the vintage-styled stripes, or maybe he just loves how they look with Blaine sprawled out against them.

“God, I probably look like a mess. I haven’t shaved or gelled at all today.” Blaine chuckles nervously under the attention.

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Im sorry to ask, but can you like make a masterlist with all the imagines you have done pleasee!!!

Sorry this took me so long to respond to! I was at my Dad’s for Father’s Day and I don’t get the internet there on my computer and couldn’t access the links from my phone. But here you are::

Fluff fics: http://danhowellfever.tumblr.com/fluff

Smut: http://danhowellfever.tumblr.com/smut

Etc: http://danhowellfever.tumblr.com/etcfics

Angst: http://danhowellfever.tumblr.com/angst

And my biggest flop, To Dare To Fall: http://danhowellfever.tumblr.com/todaretofall