antipodeanpixie  asked:

Does your Inquisitor have any serious phobias? What caused them?

Oh wow, one I can’t answer with Zach. If he has any fears, he hasn’t told me yet, or he keeps them well-hidden. So I’ll opt to answer for the fluffquisitor instead, since his is actually relevant.

See, Fluff is afraid of magic. And here’s why.

He’s a youngest (bastard) son of a noble family. Growing up, he was pampered and sheltered, but never given much in the way of responsibility… or autonomy. His siblings were always expected to take over long before he’d ever have to, and they were allowed to give him as much grief as they liked.

His eldest brother was an apostate mage. Everyone in the family knew he was an apostate, but no one actually reported him to the templars because it’d make the family look bad. He was also a little bit, erm, unpredictable. One moment he’d be a perfectly calm, if a bit cruel to the servants, noble, but the next he would be storming about the estate and ranting and snarling as he set priceless heirlooms and tapestries on fire and coated entire hallways in ice sheets.

Most days, Fluff stayed out of the way. Except for the one time he didn’t. And that was when the Fluff learned that some mages really are caged justifiably.


Don’t let his cute boyish face or sweet disposition fool you; the flufftemplar is an asshole. No matter how noble he may seem in his intentions, he remains a hypocrite, a bigot, a racist, and a cowardly bastard who would rather dehumanize an entire demographic than face his own misconceptions and fears about them head-on.

If Teddy the Tiny Angry Necromancer is the Dark Is Not Evil trope, then San the Flufftemplar is his Light Is Not Good narrative foil.

Let’s see how this playthrough goes.