Goat Reconsiders New Hairstyle

By Anna Washenko, FluffPo Correspondent

There’s never been a more adventurous era in men’s fashion and grooming, and Wisconsin goat Billy wanted to get in at the forefront of an edgy new look. He told his barber to go wild.

“Billy came back and I laughed so hard, I fell out of my chair,” said Bob Barthwait, a source close to the situation.

“Apparently the barber told him that this was the avant garde look for Parisian goats. I’m not sure who he’s trying to impress here on the farm, but I don’t think ‘blonde bombshell’ is the right look for him.”

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Dog Uninterested in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5

By Austin Knief, FluffPo Correspondent

Cody, a pug from the Greater New York area, reportedly had little to no interest in the season premiere of popular television show Game of Thrones.

According to sources, he’s been doing things like “rolling around” and “licking himself” whenever season five airs on HBO.

“I just didn’t understand it,” his roommate Kyle Bergen tells The Fluffington Post. “Last week was such an exciting episode and all of my friends came over to watch. It was almost as if he was more interested in observing the stationary bowl of popcorn than acknowledging the show’s existence.”

Bergen adds that Cody has even gone so far as to leave the room once the popcorn ran out.

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Cat Hears ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ For the First Time

By Austin Knief, FluffPo Correspondent

Legendary rock band Pink Floyd has had a profound impact on millions of music fans since the group formed in 1965. Sprinkles, a 3-year-old cat from Brooklyn, now understands why.

“I had put the album on so that Sprinkles wouldn’t have to sit in silence while I went on my morning run,” said Jeffrey Kirsten, the cat’s roommate. “When I got back, I found her laying motionless on my bed, staring off into space.”

Friends of Sprinkles have since noticed a severe change in her behavior, and a far more “existential” tone in her meows.

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