Huffington Post Finally Removes Most Articles About Fake Email Inventor

Over the weekend, it appears that someone at the Huffington Post finally realized that hoping the fuss over its entirely bogus “history of email” series would blow over wasn’t going to happen. In case you missed it last week…

…after making “national security fellow” of a has-been NFL player with a history of “9/11 INSIDE JERB!!1`~2” posts and killing pedestrians while drunk, Huffington Post published an entire series about “how email was invented” written by a guy who’s been falsely claiming to have invented email for years.

Apparently “editors” (assuming there are any) at FluffPo aren’t up on the hip new search engine technology which is the only reason they have jobs?

Anyway, they took most of the articles down except an older one with Deepak Chopra on the label, LMFAO. Homeopathy is bullshit and so is FluffPo.

Huffington Post Responds To Truther Hire: Dude, That Was Like Five Years Ago

After it was exposed that the Huffington Post hired former NFL player, convicted manslaughterer and 9/11 truther Donté Stallworth to cover national security, Arianna and the gang have been in damage control mode.

lol. FluffPo is like foxnews.com1 for the “left.” Next up: lead health editor Jenny McCarthy.

#NewHuffPoHires is a fountain of lulz, BTW.

1. To be fair, huffingtonpost combines the best aspects of The New York Post and The Daily Mail with a Spock’s beard take on foxnews.com. How they do it all with a crew of rhesus monkeys, blow-up dolls and surplus EssayBot 2000 units, I’m sure we’d all love to know.