fluffly kittens

Ok ok ok…

Y’all know, that T’Challa knows Tony lost practically everyone on the accords, right? So what if the new King of Wakanda sent Tony a kitten? A fierce fluffly kitten to make sure Tony has company. And when the kitty arrives, Tony about cries over the cute and looks at Rhodey and says: “I’m not crying, you’re crying! Shut up, Rhodey!” even if Rhodes hadn’t said anything.

But see, cats are capricious and Tony thinks the kitty is not gonna like him all that much, but you know what? That fucking baby cat follows Tony around the facility and sleeps with Tony and sits dutifully besides the coffeemaker in the mornings and adores the shit out of Tony Stark, perhaps that’s why baby fierce Wakandan cat takes one look at Ross and hisses and when Ross doesn’t back off -maybe chiding Tony,- baby cat catapults off the desk and swipes at Ross’s cheek with a vengeance.

That night Tony makes sure kitty gets fresh salmon for dinner and sends T’Challa a text that simply reads: “Thanks.”