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One of Those Nights

Can i request a bucky/reader story? They arnt together but she stays with him and decides to watch horror films and in her fear snuggles and they get together?

A/N: this was requested by the lovely @beebeebuck thank youuu send me more por favor!! I hope this is what you were looking for. this is as fluffly as a dust bunny? one-shot

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1406

Movie night is a tradition on the compound. If everyone has a free day on a Saturday, you guys sat around and watched movies: snacks, obviously, included. It was not simple, agreeing on which movie to watch. So there was a system, a set of guidelines. How you chose what to watch was simple. Everyone wrote down a movie title on a slip of paper and put it in a bag. Steve, Mr. Righteous, would pick one, and that was the final decision.

Tonight was one of those nights.

“No I want to watch fucking Star Wars,” Tony shouted at you.

“Look, Tony. I love Star Wars, believe me, I do. But we watch the same one all the fucking time. There are a total of seven Star Wars films, yet you always choose the same one. Every time. You’re lucky we are good people and let you watch the same one every single time.”

“Right, okay. So be a sweetheart and let me watch it one more time?” He begged, changing his aggressive tone into a more gentler one.

You laughed in his face, “You thought.”

Steve, who had anticipated a disagreement, stood there with the movie bag in his hands.

“Should’ve done this hours ago, Steve.” Nat snatched it from his hand, pissed that we couldn’t choose a movie, ever.

“I thought this time we would be able to decide, like adults, not a bunch of dirty sailors.”

Wanda gave him a side eye, “When were we ever able to decide? It’s always those two arguing anyway.”

After we put the slips into the bag, Steve gave it a good shake and picked one. You held your breath, hoping that it would be yours.

“The Grudge?” Steve said. “I’ve never heard of this movie.”

“SHIT NOOOO,” you yelled. “I can’t fucking. No way. Whoever put that in there, I hate you.” You stood up to leave. There was no way you were going to watch a horror movie. Not after that fiasco a few months ago. A story that you did not want to relive.

“C’mon (Y/n). You can’t even handle a fake horror movie? And you call yourself a master assassin,” Bucky challenged.

“Okay, first of all, Tony called me that, once. And second, I will get nightmares and start screaming at night. Can you handle that?” you pointed indignantly.

“I thought you scream with him every night without having to watch horror movies,” Clint whispered with a smirk. He meant to enrage you. Clint was the one person who knew about your flirtations with Bucky. You told him that it didn’t mean anything, but he didn’t believe you. You said to him “I’m a naturally flirty person.”  He said “no one is naturally flirty”.

You rolled your eyes, so much so that it burned.your eyeballs.

“Sit next to me doll, I’ll keep you safe,” Bucky teased, patting the seat next to him. Can’t lie, you heart did skip a beat every time he called you ‘doll’. But you never thought much of it. So you gave into your subconscious feelings and sat down. This was going to be a unenjoyable movie night.

During the movie, any time something freaked you out, you’d jump and yelp. Fifteen minutes into the movie and after your fifth spasm, you got up to leave.

“Sorry guys, I really can’t watch the rest of this. Goodnight,” you waved with a sad smile. Everyone muttered a half hearted goodbye, too engrossed in the movie. But Bucky grabbed your hand as you turned to leave. With a concerned expression, he looked up at you desperately.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” you reassured, patting the top of his head. His hair was soft…What the fuck? Why did you suddenly think that? “Don’t worry Buck.”

“Please stay, it’s going to be boring without you” Bucky paused, then smiled. “I’ll be your security blanket.”

You scoffed and raised a brow, “My what?”

“Yo, you two lovebirds mind? We’re tryna watch a movie over here,” Sam hissed. “Get a room if y’all are gonna chit chat.”

You shot a glare at him, squinting your eyes. Looking back at Bucky, you gave a lopsided smile and agreed. “Fine, I’ll stay. But…” you trailed off. debating whether or not you should say what you were planning to say.

“‘But’ what?”

Oh, what the hell? “I might have to snuggle up real close…because I will get scared and possibly scream.”

“I really hope you two don’t start making out,” Nat quipped.

“Shut up,” you dismissed.

“Alright,” Bucky pulled you back. He embraced you, wrapping his arms around you. “You comfortable?”

You mumbled a yes, too shocked and surprised by his touch. You two normally did not come in contact this much. And you weren’t much of a hugger. But you didn’t mind Bucky hugging you.

In the middle of an intense scene, you started to tense up. The ominous music did not help. You leaned in closer to Bucky, your head practically buried in his wide, comforting chest. You’d whip your head towards the screen and, whenever the scene got too scary, you’d turn away and hold Bucky a little tighter. All the while, Bucky was holding you, wanting to make sure you were okay. At the climax of the movie, you weren’t even looking at the screen. You were gripping onto his metal arm, lips tightly pressed together. Every time you sensed a pop-up, you’d tighten your grip.

“Sorry,” you whispered, face hiding on his chest.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it, doll,” Bucky chuckled. “I can’t feel it anyway.”

“Shh,” Wanda shushed.

You groaned and dug deeper into Bucky. You might as well have been inside of him. Thinking you were invading his space too much, you loosened your hold and only held his arms. But Bucky didn’t mind, so he silently motioned you to lean in. You raised a brow, asking if it wasn’t uncomfortable. He smiled that fucking adorable smile of his and shook his head. With his right arm, he gently pulled you in. Back in his embrace once again, you were now FULLY aware of how intimately close you were to him. He smelled earthy, like a fresh forest after rain. You relaxed into his hug, resting your head comfortably. Bucky ran his hand over your head and through your hair. His touch was simultaneously electryifing and soothing.You could get used to this.

“(Y/n), wake up.”

Your eyes fluttered open, squinting one eye. “Is the movie over?” you croaked.

“Well, it’s been over for a while, but you passed out so I didn’t wake you,” Bucky whispered. “It’s 4 am.”

You jolted awake, and almost tripped over the coffee table. “Shit, I am so sorry.”

Bucky smiled affectionately and reached for your hand and rubbed circles on your knuckle.“That’s alright, doll. You’re cute when you snore, by the way.”

You mentally face palmed yourself. Of course you’d snore while sleeping on top of a sexy ex-assassin.

“Again, sorry,” you sighed in defeat.

Bucky laughed at your expression. Still holding your hand, he lifted your head with his finger. With a confident, yet nervous smile, he looked at you. He had always loved your inquisitive eyes, full of energy and compassion.

“Uh, (Y/n). I was wondering if you wanted to go on a, uh,” Bucky stuttered.

A laugh escaped your lips. You were taken by his boyish charm. Cutting him off, you pressed your lips onto his. You felt him smile at the touch.

“Does that answer your question?” you smirked.

“Yes, but I have one more question for you,” Bucky said with a mischievous smile.

“And what is that?”

“Can we watch go watch a horror movie on our first date?” Bucky proposed.

You blinked once, and with a blank expression you spun around to go to your room. “Oh my god, Buck. You know we don’t need to watch a scary movie for me to fall asleep on you again,” you joked.

He laughed and chased you back to your room, “Oh, c’mon (Y/n)! That’s not what I meant!”

You stopped in your tracks and placed a hand on your hip. “Really? Then tell me what you meant.”

“I just wanted to hear you scream,” Bucky smirked with a wink.

You rolled your eyes into oblivion and strolled off. Waving without looking behind you, you moaned, “I fucking swear, Barnes.”