Family Ties

Bucky x Reader

WC 1444

Warnings Swearing, drinking, panic attack, hospital visit

AN This was based on the anonymous prompt: Could I request one where Bucky and the reader are getting married but her family refuse to give their blessing. Her dad says it’s Bucky or the family. She’s so torn over it she ends up in the er with severe anxiety. The team show up but her family don’t bother to even call. Tony’s fed up with their shit so he offers to be the one to walk her down the aisle  Nonnie, I hope I did it justice!

You took a deep breath before exiting the car. Quickly walking up the path leading to your parents house, you grabbed at Bucky’s hand, trying to calm him and, truth be told, yourself.

“Babe?” Bucky looked down at you. “You alright?”

You smiled, tightly. “Yeah… you?”

He chuckled, “I’m a little nervous. After all, I’m meeting your parents for the first time.”

You gave his hand a squeeze, “They’re gonna love you. And if they don’t, I don’t even care.”

He knocked at the door and you waited, holding your breath. The maid opened the door, and you hadn’t been there in so long you didn’t know who she was.

“Y/N, here to see mister and missus Y/L/N.”

“Right this way,” she motioned for you to follow her. Bucky just stood there so you gave him a nudge to get going.

She led you to the formal living room where your parents were sitting, having drinks. You stood in the doorway, watching them for a moment. Not much had changed; they looked the same, albeit older, both sitting there drinking in silence, your father reading the paper, your mother, just sitting there.

You cleared your throat and your mother looked up.

“Y/N, don’t just stand there. Come and say hello,” she scolded you, getting up.

Stifling the urge to roll your eyes, you approached her, still holding Bucky’s hand. “Hello, mother,” you kissed her on the cheeks, then turned to your father, who had also risen, “Hello father. This is James.”

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anonymous asked:

I'M SMASHING THE FLUFFY BUTTON. THIS IS THE FLUFF ASK. How would the UT, UF, and SF Bros react to their S/O not really liking to be touched, not going out of their way to avoid it but making it clear that it made them a bit uncomfortable and almost never starting the touching, suddenly climbing on the couch with them and snuggling under their arm as close as possible then muttering "It's because you make me feel safe enough to be touched..." when asked about it?


++ Sans ++

Classic completely respects your need for space. He isn’t the most touchy kinda guy either, so the fact that you can relate, even if it’s on a higher level, is still pretty nice. Despite the fact you usually don’t like to be touched, when you snuggle up to him, Classic doesn’t even ask. If you two are anything alike, which you seem to be, he’d feel the exact same way- which he does. He puts an arm around you and you lean into him more, and after about 10 minutes, you two start kissing each other and messing around, telling bad puns in between and tickling each other because of it. You two have been intimate before, but this is a different kind of intimate, and both of you really love it. Since you both like it so much, you actually start to cuddle with each other more often, and you become 100% openly physical with him, letting him hug you, cuddle with you, hold your hand, even just put a hand on your hips or your shoulders… everything is on the table, and you can do the same with Classic, knowing he’s okay with it.

++ Papyrus ++

Pappy is okay that you don’t like to be touched a lot, everyone has their own boundaries, but what worries him is why. Why don’t you like to be touched? Did something happen that made you like that? He asks you this a few times, and you always tell him that nothing happened, you just aren’t a touchy kind of person. You like to have yourself to yourself, and you don’t like it when most people intrude. When you snuggle up to him, Pappy happily complies, but he asks you if you’re okay. You smile and you tell him it’s because you feel comfortable enough to cuddle with him. In that dazed tone, your sleepy eyes, and your loving nuzzles, Pappy can’t help but blush, and he snuggles back with you, holding you close. He’s a very lucky guy to be able to hold you the way he does, and he knows that. He’s willing to cuddle any time that you desire.


++ Sans ++

Red doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, but by you? All the time. He wants to be more handsy with you but you shrink away from it sometimes, and even if it makes Red upset, he doesn’t really get flat out angry with you. If you’re seriously that sensitive, then there’s nothing he can do to really fix it. As you cuddle up next to him, he doesn’t move at first, and then asks why you’re doing that if you don’t like it. But when you tell him that it’s because you trust him and you feel comfortable with him, Red’s soul skips a beat and he practically turns and tackle hugs you. He loves it whenever you get cuddly because it gives Red an excuse to actually hold you, so he goes on top of you and just starts nuzzling you like crazy. It actually starts to tickle a little, so you giggle and try to get him off, but it’s very cute. Certain people would kill to see Red that lovey, so keep it between the two of you, okay?

++ Papyrus ++

Fell takes your dislike of physical contact as a way of your own self defense, which may be a little inside the box, but definitely respectable. In the Underground, a LOT of monsters refused to even get near each other, so he’s used to not touching other people, no matter how close they have to sit or stand together. Because of this, sometimes you think he’s avoiding you, so there are times where you go up to him, gently grab his forearms, and ask about what’s going on. The fact that you approached him as weakly as you did without hesitation boosts his ego, and Fell will gently embrace you and you two will have a conversation about it, sorting things out. When you snuggle into him, though, he’s caught off guard, but he picks you up and sets you in his lap so it’s easier for you to cuddle. He doesn’t ask any questions either- Fell is just going to take this the way it is, and he’s certainly going to like it.


++ Sans ++

Berry doesn’t understand why you hold yourself so defensive against him. You guys have been dating for a while, he’s even shown you some of his weak side, so why can’t you do the same? He’s confused as to why you don’t like being touched, and you don’t have much of an explanation.. you just flat out don’t like it. This seems like an excuse to him and it makes him upset, and that’s not at all what you intended. Later that day, to make it up to him, you snuggle up next to him, and Berry tells you not to force yourself to do something that you don’t like. But you shake your head and whisper to him that it’s because you trust and love him, and boy, does this send his ego flying upward. He puts and arm around you and the two of you cuddle together. He finally gets into it and becomes submissive after 15 minutes, cuddling underneath your arm and nuzzling into you- this is one of the only times you’ll get him to be submissive. Be careful though, sometimes his nuzzles can become aggressive.

++ Papyrus ++

Rus is a very cuddly kind of guy in general. He’ll snuggle up to people that he’s just friends with, too, and he’s a hugger. It bothers him a little bit whenever you move away or tell him you feel uncomfortable, because he starts to think there’s something wrong with him. Is he becoming too dependent on physical contact? No, that’s silly, many people would hug him back.. so you’re unique, then. Rus becomes careful around touching you, and starts to let you approach him first, so that way he knows you want it. When you cuddle up close next to him, telling him that you just trust him when he asks, he pulls you close and holds onto you tight, not letting you go. Seriously, you’re stuck there. You try to get up to get a glass of water and Rus locks onto you, pulling you into his lap and not letting you go. You laugh and you warn him to stop, and he shakes his head, keeping you there. You guys practically have a cuddle war just sitting there, him holding onto you, and you trying to get out, but you love it. Eventually you just give up and curl up in his lap, head resting against his chest, telling Rus that he won. He’s very thankful that he won.