Why I hate my friends
  • <p>(At lunch)</p>
  • <p>Nobu: *turns to my girlfriend* Wanna kno how to make her cry?<br>
  • Me:ohgodno<br>
  • Fluffi:Yea!<br>
  • Nobu:smiles at me* We play well together Shinji-kun.<br>
  • Me:*slams head on table kicks, screams, cries, gets awkward looks from bystanders*<br>
  • Fluffi:*gets scared and holds me* What did you do!?<br>
  • Nobu:Wanna see her laugh?<br>
  • Nobu:Pilot the fucking EVA Shinji.<br>
  • Me:*Laughs in between sobs*</p>