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saw this post by @fanficisgoodforthesoul and went;

this was fun to write!

Warnings; i guess this contains little mentions of NFSW stuff, but nothing major. also they’re college age here so pls don’t attack me thank u bye 
also the f- word for gay sigh

It was October 29th when Eddie Kaspbrak was sitting on his high dorm bed and trying to read a magazine, but his eyes kept on flicking to the boy on his own bed, that was across the room next to Eddie’s.

The other boy wasn’t like Eddie; his hair was much more out of control, he was lanky, he had super pale skin and his hands were super bony— and cold, Eddie had learnt this when they accidentally went for the same tea bag once; so at this point Eddie was pretty invested on the thought his dorm mate Richie Tozier was a vampire.


1. He seemed to have no feelings whatsoever. 
2. He was quiet most of the time (and Eddie had noticed this was only with him, because outside the room Richie was laughing and cracking jokes very much out loud) but when he wasn’t, he was extremely rude— and, Eddie hated to admit it, 
3. he had picture-perfect looks.

But the reason he kept on glancing at the other teen was because he felt uncomfortable being in the same room with him; like he was waiting for him to offend Eddie at any second now. Because besides him most likely being a vampire, Eddie was sure he was also a homophobe.

It all started on the first day of college, when Eddie had already decorated his side of the room; he couldn’t wait to meet his new roommate. He was so excited thinking he was maybe gonna get a new best friend; his childhood best friend Bill had moved away from Maine all the way to Switzerland, Europe for college and even though they did talk almost daily, Eddie didn’t really wanna Skype his best friend half across the world every time at lunch because he didn’t have any friends at his school. Little did he know, that’s exactly what he ended up doing for the first couple of months.

As Eddie was on his bed writing to his diary, the door finally opened, revealing a tall, slender boy with black messy curls creeping from underneath the hood of his black, long hoodie. He had a pair of white headphones around his neck, ripped jeans covering his long legs, in his feet he had blue Converse, and he had a huge training bag with the Nike logo hanging from his shoulder.

Sure, not exactly the type of boy Eddie was expecting— because this one was hot. In fact he was so hot Eddie felt his cheeks fluster, but quickly he swallowed and jumped down from his bed.

“Hi! I’m Eddie!” He said, holding his hand out to the boy with a small on his face, but the other boy just glanced down at his hand and snorted.

Fuck me.” He just mumbled as he made his way to his bed— and he didn’t mean it erotically; he simply meant that he was screwed.

Awkwardly Eddie dropped his hand and glanced at the boy, who had now started to unpack his sports bag, and Kaspbrak climbed back to his own bed.

Eddie cleared his throat before he spoke.

“What’s your… what’s your name?”

The other kid didn’t answer for such a long time Eddie thought he was gonna ignore him again.

“Richie.” He finally said.

“Richie.” Eddie nodded. He liked the name Richie.

“Wait—” the boy, Richie, said, and turned around to face Eddie now. Eddie, who raised his brows lightly.

“You’re Eddie Kaspbrak, right?” He asked.

Eddie was taken by surprise.

“Um, yeah.” He said. “Why?”

“Oh my God.” Richie mumbled, turning back around and now starting to throw his clothes to the boxes more aggressively.

“Is… something wrong?” Eddie frowned.

“I can’t believe I got paired with a fucking faggot.”

Eddie’s jaw dropped as he stared at the boy in disbelief— did he really just say that?

Oh yes, he did just say that.

He wasn’t surprised Richie had found out; because of course he had. Eddie knew that making out with some random boy at a kickoff- party before college started probably wasn’t the greatest idea. Now everyone knew Eddie was gay; but he never would’ve thought someone would take it this bad.

His words hurt, obviously, but Eddie didn’t say anything. He felt the urge to cry rise up in his throat and just turned to his side, not wanting Richie to see the tears that appeared into his eyes against Eddie’s own will; but he couldn’t help it. He was a sensitive boy, and he honestly hoped to make friends. Were all the other students going to react the same as Richie?

However— Eddie didn’t give up.

He knew that he had to at least try and be polite, even if Richie wasn’t. That’s just how he was raised.

So he made many attempts on talking with the boy; but they weren’t successful ones.

Like that one time Eddie was re-adjusting the stuff on his night table and kept on glancing at Richie, trying to come up with a topic— but Richie wasn’t paying any attention to Eddie as he was “busy” reading a comic.

“So… what do you like to do for fun?” Eddie smoothly asked.


Eddie would almost choke on air as he flustered, and Richie calmly flipped the page of his comic book.

“Where did you move from?” Eddie asked another day, when they stepped out of the dorm at the same time.

“None of your business.”

Rude, Eddie had thought and knew better than to ask him more questions that day as he watched the boy take rapid steps further; he clearly didn’t want to walk with Eddie.

But again, one day, he would try.

He was sitting on his bed, watching as Richie sat on his and tuned his guitar, when he decided to speak.

“You got any family?” He asked with a smile.

Richie smiled back; for Eddie’s surprise, but then he spoke.

Again— none of your business.” He said, the smile then immediately washing off of his face before he then got back to his guitar.

Eddie’s smile disappeared too as he now realized Richie had just been faking his.

Even though Richie wouldn’t fill Eddie in on any details about his life, there were some things he’d found out himself.

He learnt to realize that Richie liked to do other things for fun too; like play his guitar, sing (in the shower) and make funny voices (that Eddie heard while he was in the shower.)

He also moved from New York, that one Eddie had found out when Richie once dropped his ID card. No wonder he was so rude, Eddie thought. He’d heard NYC people are a little shallow. Because hey, they do live in the Big Apple.

And about Richie’s family, Eddie had learned they were pretty much… not there.

Eddie remembers one time when him and Richie happened to walk back to the dorm at the same time on a Friday night, and the hallway was full of drunken teens; and for the first time ever, Richie spoke to Eddie without mocking him.

“I just don’t get it. What fun do you get out of drinking yourself to the point where you can’t remember jack-shit about it? Then you’re gonna wake up covered in vomit and piss and you’re gonna call it a great night out. Keep it up and you’ll end up as an alcoholic in no time. Really gives you a great future, not to mention your future kids.“

Eddie had just quietly glanced up at him, immediately turning his gaze away as the taller boy looked back at him.

“Yeah,” Eddie had then said. “Agreed.”

Then there was also the fact that Eddie had seen some pretty bad bruises on Richie’s body during the first few weeks, before they healed away; these were in his arms and Eddie had only seen them for the short few seconds it took for Richie to switch his shirt (and mostly he would mumble something like, “god, you wanna take a photo to make it last longer?” to Eddie, and he would turn his gaze away immediately). Eddie had obviously never questioned them, but something told him that there was a reason Richie turned his gaze down at that one psychology class when they discussed family violence.

That night Eddie heard Richie cry in his bed around one a.m, when he thought Eddie was asleep.

After November 4th, Eddie no longer thought Richie Tozier was a vampire.

He realized he did in fact have feelings; and hearing him cry in his bed, for what seemed like forever, Eddie felt his chest tighten— he wanted to comfort his dorm mate, tell him it’s okay, but he knew that Richie would probably punch him in the face if he even tried to.

Eddie wasn’t dumb. But he also wasn’t rude— that’s why he never once asked about his parents, not even after hearing Richie cry.

And even if he would have asked, he knew Richie would never tell him.

Eddie would still try and be nice to Richie, even more after the dramatic night; he’d hold the door open for Richie (never getting a thank you- though), he’d ask if Richie wanted the last slice of his pizza (he’d take it, again not thanking) and he’d again try and start chitchatting with him— mostly about annoying teachers or the weather, but it seemed that the nicer Eddie got, the meaner Richie got. He’d do little stuff; like if they walked out the same time, he would slam the door shut instead of returning Eddie’s favors and holding it open for him, and Eddie always stepped back just in time before it would’ve hit his face. Richie only ever boiled tea water enough for himself, and whenever Eddie was quietly chuckling to a text on his phone, Richie would mock his laughter in a super girly- way.

But then there were bigger things.

On November 16th Richie stumbled in to the dorm in the middle of the night with laughter, when Eddie was just about to fall asleep.

Eddie got up to a sitting position under his blanket, and he stared into the dark; the only light in the room was the dim blue moonlight shining through the curtains, and there wasn’t one, but two figures; making out.

“What the fuck, Richie?” Eddie blurted out, and the girl let out a tiny scream.

“Oh my God, who’s that?” She asked.

Eddie recognized her as one of the cheerleaders, but nothing more. For a moment he wondered if she was drunk; but he knew Richie didn’t drink, and he figured he wouldn’t take advantage of drunk girls either.
Well, it’s not like he’d even have to. Girls were desperate for him.

“It’s just my roommate,” Richie said. “Don’t worry, you’re not his type.”

Richie wrapped his arms around the girl’s waist, before whispering—

“He’s gay.”

Eddie’s stomach turned around.

“Shit, really?” The girl blurted out, a tiny giggle escaping her mouth.

“Uh-huh.” Richie murmured, kissing the girl’s neck— and for some reason Eddie couldn’t look away.

“He’s staring,” the girl said, staring back at Eddie in the dark room.

“Let him,” Richie said, lifting the girl to his bed and leaning closer to press a sloppy kiss to her lips. “Lil Eddie-Spaghetti probably just gets very lonely.”

Eddie was on the edge of crying again because Richie was being so mean.
The poor brunette had literally done nothing but tried to be a nice person.

However, he tried to not think of the hurt Tozier’s words caused (or was he hurting because he’d watched Richie kiss the girl?) he turned to his other side and pulled the pillow over his head, trying to ignore the giggles and soon pants coming from the other boy’s bed for the next thirty minutes; but Eddie could’ve sworn it lasted for closer to three hours— or at least that’s what it felt like.

On November 20th Eddie rushed back to the dorm after P.E— he never took showers in the mutual shower room because he was disgusted with the thought of sharing the room with so many people, naked.

He had to scrub the dorm shower from head to toe before using it because of Richie alone, so there was no way he was going to shower with complete strangers.

So he was covered in sweat as he stepped in to the dorm, not hearing a sound;
Great, Richie wasn’t even here, he thought. He could take his shower in peace.

He only ever dressed or undressed in the bathroom, because he didn’t want Richie walking in on him naked— for Tozier this wasn’t a problem though, which was weird since he seemed to be pretty disgusted with Eddie’s sexual orientation. Richie was constantly changing his clothes in front of Eddie, and each time it was getting harder and harder for Eddie to not look at him as he sat on his bed and pretended to read a book.

So like every time, Eddie just grabbed the door handle and pulled it open—
Only to find Richie standing under the shower, applying shampoo to his hair. Eddie gaped at him; even though Richie had changed his clothes in front of Eddie before, he had never seen the curly haired boy fully naked; well, not his front, anyway.

But now he was staring at it.

Yes, literally staring at it.

Because wow, Eddie thought.

“Jesus, Kaspbrak!”

Richie’s words made Eddie flinch back to the moment and he flipped his eyes up to Richie’s.

“If you wanna jerk one off go to Pornhub!” Richie blurted out, and Eddie still couldn’t say anything.

“Did you hear me—?” Richie asked, getting annoyed now.

Silence— the poor boy Eddie had lost his ability to speak.

“I am not fucking gay, Kaspbrak!” Richie blurted out, saying the word like it was the nastiest word ever to exist.

And after those words Eddie just nodded, mumbled a ‘sorry’ and shut the door rapidly.

He felt like staying in the dorm would be too awkward, so he walked out immediately, not exactly sure where he was going— but he knew it had to be far away from Richie because Eddie knew that now, once he’d seen it; he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about Richie’s naked body.

November 22th Eddie was coming back from one of his classes and had just made it to the dorm room, when he stopped to stare at the door. There was a paper taped to it.



Eddie’s stomach dropped as his throat started to tighten with the urge to cry, and just then some students walked past him from behind, bursting out in tiny laughs as they looked at the paper. He wondered how many people had already seen it, and even thought majority of the students seemed to know Eddie was gay already, it wasn’t really none of their business. And this was just mean.

Eddie knew exactly who was behind this; which is why it hurt even more.

He ripped the paper off of the door and with intensity shoved it open, stomping in.

“Are you serious?!” He yelled at Richie as the door slammed shut behind him,  staring at the boy on the bed who had earphones in his ears.

He frowned and pulled them down, staring at Eddie.

“Huh?” He just asked.

“I asked, are you serious—?!” Eddie asked again, holding the paper up.

“What’s that?” Richie asked.

What’s that—” Eddie mocked in a low voice. “Don’t act like you don’t know!”

“Jesus, Kaspbrak, I don’t know— what is that?” Richie was confused as he got up to a sitting position.

Eddie was furious as he squeezed the paper into a ball and threw it at Richie, who grabbed it and opened it, glancing at Eddie once more before he read it, a small frown still on his face.

Once he was done he lifted his gaze to look at the brunette, who had his fists clenched as he was breathing heavily through his nostrils.

“I didn’t write this,” Richie said.

“Then who did?!” Eddie snapped. “Because I know you hate me!”

“What?” Richie blurted out.

Eddie’s eyes widened; what the hell was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he just admit it?

“Oh my God, you’re unbelievable!” Eddie threw his hands up in frustration. “It’s so obvious, Richie!”

“What is obvious?!” Richie was so confused.

“That you hate me because I’m gay!” Eddie blurted out, staring at him.

Richie stared back, not saying a word. Eddie looked like he was gonna have his forehead vein burst at any second now, so Richie knew not to raise his voice or make sudden moves or anything that might just trigger Eddie and turn him into a small ball of rage that couldn’t be stopped; so slowly he got up from the bed, Eddie keeping a hawk-eye on his every move.

“You think I hate you because you’re gay.” Richie said.

“Yes.” Eddie answered sharply, watching as Richie made his way over to him, still with rather slow steps.

“And why is that?” Richie asked.

“Because you’re rude to me, you mock me, you act like you don’t know me outside this dorm room—” Eddie held a new finger up at every reason.

“Okay, fine, reasonable.” Richie cut him off, lightly raising his hands up in surrender and Eddie glared at him.

“But I don’t hate you,” the curly haired boy let out a small laugh, and Eddie’s brows shot up fast. How dare he laugh?

“You think this is funny?” Eddie asked in disbelief. “You think it’s funny humiliating me like that—?!”

He shoved Richie from his shoulders lightly, and this surprised the taller boy.

“For the last time, Kaspbrak, I didn’t do that!” He blurted out, pointing at the paper.

“Then who did?!” Eddie raised his voice again.

“Well I don’t know but it definitely wasn’t me!” Richie raised his voice a little too— now he was just getting pissed off.

“Oh— so it definitely wasn’t you?“ Eddie mocked.


“And why is that?!” Eddie was about to get furious; why couldn’t his stupid ass roommate just admit it and apologize?

Why—?!” Richie asked.

“Yeah!” Eddie blurted out.

“You really wanna know?” Richie asked,  annoyed with the brunette, as he raised his brows.

“Oh, please, enlighten me!” Eddie spat— the conversation was heated and the tension in the room could’ve been cut with a knife, it had grown to that point.

“Oh I will!” Richie snapped.

“Great, then do!” Eddie snapped back, and suddenly Richie grabbed his face and smashed his lips to the other boy’s.

Eddie’s eyes widened in shock and he didn’t even kiss Richie back, and then the dark haired boy already pulled away. He was staring at Eddie who was staring back at him, and his facial expression was so freaked out it would’ve amused Richie if the situation that had caused it wasn’t the one it was.

But before Richie could apologize— or, whatever, he wasn’t really sure what to do— Eddie practically threw himself at Richie. He slammed his mouth on Richie’s, he shoved his hands in his thick curly hair, and Richie grabbed him by the waist.

They started to back out towards Richie’s bed, until the back of his legs hit the edge of the bed— and Richie sat down to it, Eddie falling to his lap open legged.

The kiss was thirsty and desperate; both of them had been wanting this for so long, never admitting it to themselves and most definitely not to the other one.

Soon Richie’s hands sneaked under Eddie’s shirt, and he pulled his shirt up and tossed it to the floor— then he started to work on a hickey on Eddie’s collarbone.

“What are we doing—” Eddie breathed out, his eyes closed from the pleasure he felt when Richie’s lips sucked on his soft skin, but soon he pulled his lips away to answer to Eddie.

“Something we should’ve done a long time ago,” Richie murmured huskily, before he attacked Eddie’s neck this time, and a shaky breath left Eddie’s mouth.

“God, agreed.” He blurted out.

After approximately forty-five minutes— the best forty-five minutes of their lives, honestly— the both boys were now lying on Richie’s bed, under the blankets with their cheeks red, and Eddie was snuggled to Richie’s side, finger drawing lazy circles to Richie’s chest.

“So…” he started, and Richie turned his gaze to Eddie, a smirk rising to his face— and Eddie chuckled.

“What was that?” He asked.

“That was…” Richie was trying to think of what to say. “That was something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.”

“And what’s a while?” Eddie asked.

“Ever since I saw your cute ass for the first time.” Richie mumbled, gaze sliding down to Eddie’s lips.

The smaller boy felt his stomach fill with butterflies, before he leaned his head closer to close the gap between their lips for a soft kiss.

“I thought you hated me,” Eddie murmured quietly.

“Seriously? I couldn’t hate you if I tried. You with your weird little OCD’s and fucking adorable giggles…” Richie sighed, gaze focused on the smaller boy’s hair that he was softly playing with, Eddie’s cheeks blushing. “I just… I was confused. I’d never felt like that; because of a boy. But you… God, you sure fucked me up, Kaspbrak.”

Eddie felt his heart flutter at Richie’s words as a smile took over his lips.

“Well— you sure fucked me up too, Tozier.” He said and leaned to kiss him again.

“But you–” Richie started in between the kiss, before pulling away. “You shouldn’t even like me. I’ve been nothing but a asshole.”

“That’s not exactly true,” Eddie said, shrugging lightly. “I’ve caught you off-guard a couple of times.”

Richie frowned.

“Like when?” He asked, and Eddie just smiled.

“You don’t need to know.” He said, before snuggling closer to Richie’s side and adjusting his head to rest on his shoulder, as he lazily spread one hand across Richie’s chest.

Once he did, Richie felt a warm feeling brush all over his body from head to toes; he was the happiest he’d ever been.

He figured that warm feeling was love.

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“The good werewolf’s friends became obsessed with the idea of becoming Animagi, because an Animagus in animal form can accompany a werewolf in wolf form without triggering the werewolf’s killing instinct.

And so in year six, on Christmas, the day before the full moon, Hatake Kakashi received the most marvellous present he had been given since he was seven years old.”

Art and text by 201508lm, translated by me and reposted under the terms of Creative Commons BY-2.5

ceo!tom holland...
  • tom holland, CEO of Holland Industries, was all everyone could talk about 
    • only 21 and already so successful 
    • and extremely attractive 
  • although you couldn’t stand all the buzz around him since you knew him from school, unfortunately losing touch once he took over his dad’s business
    • of course you liked him so it was hard for you to see him around pretty supermodels all the time
  • it was like one am one night and you were craving a slurpee so you went to the gas station

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Anon said: Jealous smut with yoongi from bts???

A/n: hope you like it  - cupcake

You ate the popcorn out of the bowl watching the boys as they played video games. "You guys are so boring I swear" you woke up Yoongi who was sleeping against your chest “not you baby” you gently patted his head

“Eww” Jungkook replied without taking his eyes off the tv

“Says the one” Yoongi sat up rubbing his eyes “can we do something else” your sighed watching Tae and Jungkook rapidly pressing the controller buttons

“Do Yoongi , if you’re so bored” you looked at Jungkook wide eyed 

“JEON FUCKING JUNGKOOK” you got up, Jungkook pressed the last button winning the game and running off . “I SWEAR” you ran after him.

A few minutes passed and you came back into the sitting room holding Jungkook by the ear "Y/n stop!!“ Jungkook whined , making Yoongi turn "no” he was going to say something then he got interrupted by Jin

“Now if you’re done bickering can you help me” you both nodded and Jin handed you a list “go buy these so I can make dinner” you and Jungkook headed to the door bickering about something. You and Jungkook had a weird relationship, you both were best friends for forever . Literally you both met in preschool , but most people thought you two were enemies because you always bickered. Plus he was the one who introduced you to Yoongi. Without Jungkook you wouldn’t be with Yoongi.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP JUNGKOOK” you smacked his arm while walking down the street

“What I’m just being honest” he laughed to himself , you pouted and he hugged you “ cheer up, I’m just joking" 

Yoongi looked through his phone as Jin screamed at Namjoon for cheating , while Taehyung joked around with Hobi. Yoongi was going to leave his phone then he got a message, it was from a friend:

Jay: are you and Y/n a thing?

He paused for a second , wondering why he would ask that

Yoongi: yeah…why?
Jay: oh because 

Jay: I saw Jungkook with her earlier 

Yoongi: and? He’s just tying her laces

Yoongi looked at his phone before tapping into your chat

Yoongi: y/n?
You: yeah
Yoongi: where are you and Jungkook


Yoongi: come home right now

“Jungkook hurry up” you called out as he looked through a variety of ice creams 

“Why, just a second ago you said take as much time as you want” he groaned picking out the vanilla flavour as it was the only one he could afford right now.

“Unless you want to get punished by Yoongi, then you can take as much time as you wan-” he picked you in a bridal carry and dumped all the groceries onto your stomach. He half ran half walked to the counter paying for the stuff. He dumped the groceries back onto your stomach rushing out the door. “What the fuck Jungkook let me down” you grabbed the ice cream before it fell

“You’ve got tiny legs we’re not going to make it on time” you were going to argue with him but he wasn’t wrong

The door slammed open , and bam “Ouch!” You rubbed your head which Jungkook smacked against the door

“Sorry” he dumped you onto the couch where nobody sat “sorry” he repeated again

“Finally! I thought you weren’t  going to come back” Jin joked “now help me cook” you and Jungkook carried the groceries into the kitchen 

Dinner was nearly down, you stole glances at Yoongi who stood at the door watching you and Jungkook playing around. He didn’t say anything tho. “Jungkook stop” you giggled while trying to get Jungkook away from you

“Why what are you going to do” he joked , but Yoongi didn’t take it as a joke. He walked off , slamming his rooms door, causing Jin to look at you

“I think I should..you know go” you pointed at the direction of Yoongi’s room and the boys nodded 

“Just don’t fight again” you nodded and left. 

“Yoongi?” You were going to knocked on his door but the door opened. You looked in to see Yoongi not there. You walked in cautiously , not trying to mess up anything. You didn’t get why he was so pissed , all you were doing was hanging around with your best friend . What’s wrong with that?

Then Yoongi appeared out of nowhere , slamming you against the door with his hands on both your shoulder “Yoongi..” you whispered looking into his eyes which were full of anger

“Hanging out with Jungkook is fun huh?” He said with an aggressive tone , making you gulp 

“Baby…” you couldn’t utter anything else due to fear

“Answer me! Is Jungkook better then me? Is that why you spend so much time with him not me?!” He shook your shoulders waiting for a response . You looked down at the floor, you didn’t want him to feel that way. You tried to look at him but you were too scared , he was never this angry with you. You didn’t know what to do. “Bet you’ve had so much fun with Jungkook right?” “Answer me bitch! How did he touch you?!” “Like this?!” You gasped as he suddenly rubbed your core with his fingers, while planting rough kisses on your collarbone surely going to leave a mark. He kissed you passionately on the lips .

His hands traveled down your back squeezing your butt, lifting you up . You wrapped you legs around his waist with your fingers tangled in his hair. He walked over to his bed , throwing you onto it. 

He bit his lip before crawling on top of you. He lifted up your shirt and you didn’t hesitate to take it off, then he starting to plant kisses on your collarbone, and then planting butterfly kisses on your stomach and chest . You played with the rims of his shirt , taking it off. He then started to unbutton your pants, leaving you in your bra and underwear.

 He swiftly took them off “you’re so beautiful” he whispered  flashing you a lazy smile, when you avoided his heated stare and slightly brought your arms to cover your chest , a pout formed onto his face. He gently tugged your arms away , shooting you with a reassuring smile, lowering his head to where your arms previously were. 

He swirled his teasing tongue playfully around your nipple causing you to arch your back , gripping onto his hair. He fumbled with the leather belt that kept his jeans secure around his slim hips. When he got out of his boxers, the heat in the room raised rapidly and the air lingering with the scent of sex. Yoongi looked down at you as you eyed his member. He quickly put on a condom , not trying to waste time. The tip of his member placed flat against your clit, and slowly started to push his length to your tight clit. You both moaned in sync, arching your back up as you took in the newly found pleasure in your lower region. Whines escaped your parted lips as Yoongi sped up his pace. 

Your mouth agape and your chest heaving as he endlessly pounded into your beaten core. Desperate pants erupted from your throat as your walls tightened rapidly around his member as sign that you were close to reaching your climax

“Yoongi I’m close” you managed to say, hands wandering down his back, digging your nails into his soft flesh , scratching down in attempt to ease the pleasure. 

“Me too babygirl” he grunted in response his thrusts slowed down. Thrusting into one last time , he pulled out of you. He flashed your his famous grin , laying onto your arm. 

“I’m sorry” you apologised as he hugged your body

“Apologise accepted” he giggled 

“Well I guess they’re not coming for dinner” Jungkook murmured to himself , walking away from Yoongi’s bedroom door “I need holy water”

wake up call || shawn mendes

a/n: based on that one video shawn posted on insta where he was shirtless and singing, also a re-upload, read this if confused, love ya! [masterlist]
warnings: nsfw

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“Damn girl! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for 20 minutes!” My best friend Ella calls as I finally enter her car and plop down onto the seat with an exhausted sigh. The belt to my shoulder bags slips down my shoulder and I position it on my lap. Ella has gladly volunteered to take me from college this time or I had to deal with public transportation which I definitely did not want to spend my last nerve to. My life is chaotic enough at the moment and I can’t have other things to tear me down. Recently, I have been very sensitive to everything and even a little unnecessary stuff can be a cause for my outburst. For example, yesterday I was out of ice cream and I immediately started to cry because it was the only treat that relaxes me when I come back home from a very long day in college. Crazy isn’t it? To cry over ice cream?

“Chill, Ella. I’m sorry! I just had this very important conversation with my professor and it took a little while. It’s not going to happen again.” I lean my back against the seat and close my eyes. All I need is silence now. My head is killing me and I really desire to slip into my pajamas and sleep.

“Is it okay for you if I turn the radio on? It’s just boring and you ‘re not going to talk to me anyway.” Ella asks and she gets a nod from my side.

“Sure…” I say nothing anymore.

After she turns on a fancy radio channel, Ella starts the engine and we drive off. It will take us approximately 20 minutes to arrive at my apartment and while driving I spend my time with observing the buildings we pass by. The movements of the car along with the nice music coming from the radio is a perfect mix to make me fall asleep and I think it isn’t a bad idea to take a little nap. However as I am about to drift off, a voice I have not heard for a while sounds through the radio. His velvety voice. Kiwi starts to play and Ella immediately turns it off.

“I’m sorry, babes. I didn’t know.” She apologizes and blushes even though it’s not her fault. She’s the only one who knows about him and our break up. Nobody else in the world has an idea that I once used to date the most popular and successful British artist.

“No problem…” I croak. Hearing the sound of his voice after so many months of our break up causes another wave of pain in my heart. There is still this familiarity in his voice that I could have listened to for hours. I close my eyes and try to prevent tears to leave my eyes.

“(Y/N) are you okay, sweetheart?” Ella inquires with a hint of concern on her face.

“Just take me home, Ella.” Is all she gets as a response from me. The walls I have tried to build the months after Harry has left me begin to crumble down just by a simple sound. Even though it is hard to admit, I still miss him so much although he was the one who gave up on us. He was the one who suggested it was the best way to go separate ways and he made this decision without my consent.

“You know, you don’t have to stay alone tonight. “ Ella soothes me. “You’re more than welcome to join Brandon and I to hang out. He loves you like a sister and a little bit of distraction will do you good. What do you think?” I would like to accept her offer however seeing couples being lovey dovey around me is something I cannot deal with at the moment. Not that I’m not happy for Ella and her boyfriend, I love them both as they were my siblings but it makes me realize that I have no one who cares for me anymore. Harry was gone. The love of my life is not here with me anymore. And it hurts beyond imagination.

“Thanks, El but I really need to be at home. I have lots of studies and projects going on and the sooner I deal with them the better.” By now she is parking in front of my apartment. I give her a soft kiss on her cheek. “See you later.” I tell her and get out.

The ache between my chest still remains as I run up the stairs to my apartment. I take out my key and unlock the door and enter my messy home. Another regular day where I just walk in to an empty apartment. Normally, Harry would always be there before me, cooking a meal for the both of us while he used to sing along to his favorite songs. I loved to watch him in this state. The silence in my apartment is just a reminder of what’s not there anymore.

I place my bag onto the ground and get rid of my jacket and shoes. Right after that, I go to the kitchen to grab a snack and a bottle of water. I head to my bedroom and sit in front of my desk and dwell myself into my studies. It has become my daily routine. Waking up, going to college, coming back and studying. I desperately search for ways of escaping reality and for me this routine is the only way to achieve my goal.

I take my notes and writings in my hand and start studying for the upcoming exams. However, from time to time I feel myself drifting off. A memory hits me suddenly, leaving me breathless.

“Come on babe, I need some loving here.” Harry pouted, laying on his stomach on my bed and waiting for me to cuddle with him.

“One minute.” I said, nibbling on my pen while trying to work on a paper sheet.

“(Y/N)…” He sighed and gets up, moving towards me and all I feel is his strong arms wrapping themselves around me and his breath on my neck. He placed soft kisses on my skin which caused a shiver running down my back. “You already said that 10 minutes ago.”

“I know, H. I’m sorry.” I sighed, rubbed my eyes and let him take my paper and placing it far away from me. He grabbed my hand and led me to my bed where he lied down at first, then opened his arms and I slipped between them. I loved being this close to him because he always radiated a sense of security and home. His one hand ran up and down my arms while his other hand was placed at the back of my head. His lips touched my forehead ever so softly and I felt complete in that moment.

“That’s how I like it.” He whispered. I buried my face in the crook of his neck and inhaled the sweet scent of his cologne.

“I wish I would be always like this. You and me.”

“It can be.” He told me. I looked up at him, our eyes met to a loving gaze.


“When I marry you someday. And of course, when my job gets less chaotic.” His answer made my heart swell. Being with him forever until death did us part was something I wished so badly.

“Will you still perform on stage then?”

“I think I will never stop making music but you know I don’t have always to perform in front of people. If things get serious between you and I and I can promise it will, I will definitely want to settle down and start a family. With you, love.”

I leaned in to connect our lips to a gentle kiss and we spent the rest of the day with many cuddling sessions and talking.

I shake my head and my heart feels so heavy. “You promised…” leaves my mouth.

The desire to continue my studies leaves and I push everything aside and stand up. It has become dark outside and the clock on my walls shows that we have 7 PM. I position myself on my bed, take my pillow and press it against my body. I really wonder how Harry is doing right now. Is he thinking about me like I do? Does he miss me? Does he regret the decision he has made?

I’ve seen plenty of pictures online and he never appears broken or sad. Quite the opposite: he always looks happy and is smiling on every photo the fans shoot. He seems to cope very well with our break up, leaving me being the one who probably suffers under such hurtful heartbreak. I have loved him so much, still do and I gave him everything I had without flinching an eyelash.

Even though it is hard to keep myself away from checking up on him, I still do because after today there is no way that I can relax when I do not see him.

I am about to take my phone as my notifications on Twitter goes on and I see that an update account that I use to follow has posted a picture of him. It leaves me breathless and my heart slams against my chest. He is currently in Shanghai it says.

He looks absolutely and indescribably beautiful and tears just begin to stream out of my eyes as I observe his perfectly shaped face. His hair is messy and curly as I remembered. His outfit consists only of black material which outlined the color of his eyes even more. I always have loved it when he wore black. It suits him so damn well and honestly there is nothing he could not wear without looking like a complete idiot.

A salty tear wets my display. “I’m sorry..” I whispered into silence.”I’m sorry I could not be enough for you when you’re still the one I want.” I scroll further and find more pictures of him posing with his fans and signing autographs. The more I look at them the worse I feel and it ends with me burying my face between my hands and starting to sob.

There is no way I could ever move on. Harry has taken my heart and claimed it as his own, there was no chance I would ever get it back. While he would continue his life like nothing had happened between us, as if I do not exist, having another girlfriend, marrying her and having children, I would be still longing for him. My love for Harry is endless and it will always be that way. Even on my death bed I hope the last few words that will escape my mouth would be me telling how much I loved him through all these years.

“Why?” I sob. “Why did you leave me Harry? How will I live without you?”

It feels like it was yesterday as he ended things with me, tears covering his handsome face. I could tell he didn’t want this as much as I do but he still walked through that door and never came back.

“I’m sorry and I love you.” Was the last thing I’ve heard from him. All the things he said about marriage and settling down with me have been nothing but a lie. A bittersweet lie. He made my hopes up only to crush them afterwards.

I have a look at Twitter again and the update account says Harry will perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. After reading the post, I click on Harry’s profile. I decide to send him one last message and after this one I will never ever bother him and try to continue living my life. As easy as it sounds, it is still the hardest challenge in my life.

I open the DM because I have no other possibility to contact him since I deleted his phone number after he left me. Why do I even do this to myself? Why do I torture myself like this? And what did I do to deserve being treated like this?

I’ve always supported him throughout his solo career, telling everybody that I know how brilliant his music is and even convinced them to buy his album and give him a chance to prove himself. I’ve been there when his mood was on downfall and anxiety played around with his mind. I’ve built him up with my love, with my admiration and devotion for him and he took all of this for granted.

Call me pathetic, stupid or whatever for still wanting him after he left me out of nowhere but if you had loved him as much as I do you would understand. You would understand that you would do anything in your power to keep someone with an amazing personality as Harry’s in your life. But I had failed. I have tried but obviously it was not enough.

I sob hard as I type short sentences, my fingers trembling as I try to form proper words. What would you tell someone if you know this would be the last time you would ever contact him? There are so many things in my mind, I could simply write an essay about my feelings however I don’t want to bother him any longer. He might become sick of me.

“I’m proud of who you become, H even if that meant to break my heart. I will always love you forever and I will never forget you. You will be endlessly in my mind. Go and rock that stage, my little dreamer. X.”

I contemplate for a little while if it’s a good idea to send him this message, it kinda sounds cheesy but what have I got to lose anyway? The person I have treasured and who had a huge amount of value in my eyes is gone anyway.

With a heavy heart and a bit of uneasiness consuming me, I press the send button and the message appears on the screen one more time. I observe it a few minutes and after that I inhale deeply, turn off my phone and lay it on my desk far away from me. I wonder how he will react to my message but for now I cannot deal with it.

I snuggle back into my bed, taking my pillow as a replacement for Harry. I cuddle against it and imagine he was still here with me, embracing my body with his strong arms and keeping me safe during the night.

“That’s it.” I whisper before I slowly drift to sleep. One tear flows down my sore cheek. “It’s over.”

If (Y/N) had known that on the other side of the world, a young man with green eyes and a wonderful dimpled smile is crying over her message like she had over him hours ago.

Princess and the Pauper

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Genre: Fluff, romance, smut, a lil but angst

Pairing: Jeongguk x female reader

Word count: 1.1k

Request: can you make drabble about the reader being BTS’ dongseng (little sister) but Jungkook falls in love with her *smut* hello this is the drabble for being the little sister haha can she be bang pd nim’s niece and she’s not related to the boys hihi

A/N: thanks for the request, I think I actually might make this into a series or at least a mini one cause I left it on an Angsty cliffhanger note💕lana💖


“Oppa! You were great!“ Her hands are all over him, fingers stroking his shoulders and her eyes are staring so deeply into his with such passion and love that Jeongguk feels like he could punch a hole in the wall.

“Thanks Y/N.” He’s patting her head as she stares up at him affectionately. Jeongguk knows she’s off limits, they all know for God’s sake, the whole company knows. But of course Kim Taehyung is so enchanting and elegant that even she falls for him. Jeongguk feels like a meagre peasant, while Taehyung is the graceful and charming prince that sweeps the sweet princess off her feet.

“Oppa, really! Don’t tell the others, but I think you did the best.” She coos, Jeongguk heard, the words rang loud and clear through his head.

“We can hear you!” Jimin whines from the couch, towel stuck to his sweaty forehead.

“Maybe you two should just fuck off, I’m getting sick of your cheesiness.” Yoongi says, his face grumpy as he cuddles a cushion.

“Maybe we should, right Y/N?” Taehyung pipes up, arm wrapping around her waist as she nods, anger bubbles in the pit of Jeongguk’s stomach and his heart is cracking.

“Maybe you shouldn’t.” Jeongguk can’t help but snicker as the two of them jump apart and Y/N shyly tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Samchon! I didn’t see you there!” She awkwardly giggles when her uncle gives an eyebrow raise in her direction.

“Taehyung, may I ask what you were doing?” Their boss is stern and his tone is steely.

“Hugging her?” Taehyung flashes him that smile, that smile that can fool anyone and hypnotise them.

“If I see that again Kim, I swear ill beat you up.” He has a smile on his face but there is something so scary and eery about his voice.

“Yes sir!” Taehyung gives him a cheeky grin, the man gives Y/N a glare and continues to talk about the schedule.

“We’ll go back to the dorm now, but I want everyone in bed. We have an early start tomorrow.”


“No! You pressed the wrong button, it’s the other one.” He watches intently as she sits in between Taehyung’s legs holding a controller, he’s helping her, arms wrapped around hers and hands over hers.

‘Stupid hyung, he’s not even that good at overwatch, I can teach her way better.’ Jeongguk grumbles to himself.

“Oppa, you’re just a rubbish teacher! Maybe Jeongguk can teach me better.” Jeongguk’s eyes shoot up and he stares at her mouth wide open as she sits next to him, pulling him closer.

“Y-Y/N, I don’t think we should be doi-“

“Teach me.” She pouts, Jeongguk’s heart melts at the sight of her cute little face.

“I’m going to bed.” Taehyung yawns and as he passes by Jeongguk swears he winks at him. Everyone is in bed, probably sound asleep, then there’s them, him and her, Jeongguk and the beautiful girl, the princess and the pauper.

“Night Oppa!” She calls after him and his bedroom door slams shut. It’s silent for awhile and then she says something off putting. “I know you like me.” Jeongguk chokes on his own spit, coughing as he shakes his head rapidly.

“W-what? Who told you that sort of thing?!”

“Taehyungie Oppa.” She casually speaks, loving the power she has over him.

“Fucking hyung, I’m gonna kill him.” He mutters under his breath, recovering from his choking session.

“I like you too.”


“I said, I like you too.”

“You like me too?” Jeongguk is stunned and he feels so relieved.

“I like you too.” She says one last time before climbing onto his lap and closing the gap between their lips. Jeongguk is speechless and it takes him a few seconds to register the situation, but when he does he’s holding the flesh of her ass and kissing her back vigorously. Y/N lets out a soft whine and Jeongguk pulls away, gesturing for her to be quiet. He knows she can feel his erection pushing into her because the way she grinding against it is so delicious and he wants to moan so bad.

“Hurry up.” She hits his shoulder and Jeongguk glares at her, enjoying the feeling of her pussy rubbing against his cock. Trying not to make a sound, he pushes Y/N onto the soft couch, hands sliding up her shirt. “Take it off.” She whispers and Jeongguk obliges, discarding it onto the floor somewhere.

“You weren’t wearing a bra? How could you sit so close to him without a bra?” He gets closer, face leaning down to suck on her perky nipples.

“Easy access though.” She shoots him a mischievous smile, pushing his head further into her breasts.

A slight whimper escapes her pink lips and Jeongguk trails kisses down her tummy and stopping just above the place she wants him the most. “What do you want princess?”

“You know what I want, just do it.” Y/N whines, fingers pulling his hair closer to her soaked pussy.

“Fuck, you smell so pretty princess. Is it all for me?” She nods shyly at his words, keeping eye contact as he slides down her shorts. Jeongguk starts to think this is a wet dream but when he pulls her panties away the sight is too real. Her pussy, wet just for him, clit throbbing for his attention. He never wants to leave this haven, but then he realises how stupid that would be, he’s never be able to see her gorgeous face and boobs.

“Just do it!” Her hurried whisper is heard from above and Jeongguk dives in, flinging her legs over his shoulders.

It’s dirty, vulgar, filthy, he’s slurping at her juices while lapping at her sensitive little bud, her legs are tightening around his head as she struggles to contain small whimpers. Jeongguk pulls away, shushing her whine, instead he slides two fingers into her tight hole. “Jeongguk,” she whines as he makes a ‘Come here’ motion, “feels so good, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me princess.” He keeps moving his fingers, mouth now sucking at her clit, smiling when she bucks her hips up, coming undone.

“Can I at least see your dick?” She asks bluntly, sitting up legs still trembling from her orgasm. Jeongguk flushes red and she giggles, crawling towards him. “You just tongue-fucked me, I don’t know why you’re getting so embarrassed.” He gasps as she reaches her hand into his boxers, finding his hard cock and pulling it out. “Fuck,” Y/N whispers in awe, Jeongguk’s cock is not the biggest but god is it a pretty sight, “why didn’t you show this to me sooner?!”

“Maybe because you were too busy kissing somebody’s ass.” Jeongguk snaps back and once again his insides twist when he remembers that in reality he is just a mere slave in contrast to the handsome prince Taehyung.

He doesn’t deserve such a fine princess, she’s too beautiful for a lowly man like him.

Seventeen Hip Hop Unit Reaction: “Girlfriend Walking Around in her Underwear”

Hey guys! I haven’t posted a reaction for a while so here you go!! Requests are open! So make them HERE! This is a svt x female reader reaction! 

(Lets be honest here I never know what to theme these things) Mentions/Implies sex! there we go. Lets be blunt. 

*And as always - this is just a reaction, it is in no way real, meant to offend, or to be taken seriously! I do not own all these gifs!! Credit to owners!*


“Jagi!?” Seungcheol shouted, peeking his head around the door of the apartment. It was his safest way to make sure the guys didn’t catch you wandering around in your bra and pants, again. 

“Just open the door Coups,” Jeonghan laughed, pushing the door slightly. “Y/N doesn’t mind…”

Seungcheol shot him a warning look. “No! I swear you’ve seen my girlfriend in her underwear more than your own!” Seungcheol, quickly pushed Jeonghan behind him. “Wait here. Stay!” he warned, closing the door. “Y/N!? You here?”

It was late in the evening. He could smell your shampoo coming from the bathroom as soon as he walked inside. The steam spreading it about the house. “Y/N?” he said quietly, finding you in the kitchen. 

You were wearing his favourite bra. His eyes wandering ever so slightly across your bare back. But, you didn’t hear him. Not with your headphones in your ears, or the slight bubble of the kettle. He couldn’t help himself, biting at his lip as he wrapped an arm around your waist. 

The yelp left your lips immediately as you ripped the headphones from your ears. “Ahh you asshole! You scared the shit out of me!”

“I love it when you look like this…” he breathed against your shoulder. Even though this was a weird habit of yours, he wasn’t complaining. 

“I’m getting dressed now…” His lips trailed along your shoulder. “I know the guys are here…”

He smirked to himself. “I’ll get rid of them.” 


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It was one in the afternoon. You had been up for hours, had done work, eaten, showered and yet you were still in your underwear. Wonwoo wasn’t surprised anymore. He was used to this, at least that was what he thought. 

“Are you going to get dressed at all today?” Wonwoo mumbled quietly flicking through his notebook as he tried to work on some lyrics. 

You however were laying on the carpet scrolling through something on your phone. “What?” you laughed in response, throwing a look over at him. “Am I distracting you?”

He laughed ever so slightly. It was shaky, slightly nervous, evidence of the way you always managed to make him feel. “Yes.” He was bluntly honest as always. “It’s very distracting.”

You propped yourself up on your elbows, swinging your feet ever so slightly as you watched him. “Hmm, surely you should take it as inspiration,” you teased winking at him and nibbling at your lip.

“Stop!!” Wonwoo cried throwing a pillow at you. With a loud giggle on your lips you pushed yourself off the floor, about to leave him alone when he called, “Where you going?”

Lingering in the doorway you glanced down at your black bra and multicoloured pants. “I was going to get dressed, unless you want to do something else?” 

He tried to stop himself from looking at you. Tried to avoid the way your back curved ever so slightly, the way your bum looked in those pants… The notebook was quickly thrown beside him. 

“You’re such a tease Y/N.”

“Nope you just can’t resist me.”


Your phone was buzzing slightly on the kitchen table. On the screen was a photo of you and Mingyu as he face-timed you. “Hey,” you answered, brushing your hair off your face and checking in the frame that you looked okay. 

“Hey? Is that it?” On his face you could see he was wounded, a slight pout appearing on his lips. “I’m worth more than a hey!”

The slight pause on your end, followed by your giggle wasn’t the answer he was looking for. “Ouch, I thought you loved me.”

“Hmm that’s debatable,” you teased, walking through the dorm with the phone in your hand. Nobody was there, so you took your usual habit of walking around in your underwear. After all nobody was there to catch you. 

“Ow! I didn’t sign up for this abuse!” he argued, pulling the phone back slightly so you caught Minghao, Hoshi and Jun in the background all waving to you. 

“Aren’t you already, I mean there’s three behind you,” you laughed, winking at him through the camera and waving back to them. 

The screen suddenly went black, a loud thump as Mingyu dropped the phone. “Not again Y/N!” 

“Oh Y/N you look amazing!” Hoshi’s voice shouted in the background. 

Mingyu was scrambling with the phone, and before you knew it he was outside. “Why do you do this Y/N?” he laughed, shaking his head as he caught the lace on your bra. “I mean I’m not complaining…”

“Neither is Hoshi,” you laughed pulling a hoodie on quickly. “What are you doing anyway?”

“Well, we were practicing. But, now I have something more important to do…” He threw you a look through the frame. “I mean after all I have to see in person whether or not you really do look good.” 

“Not as good as you though…” 

He winked at you. “Of course.”


You were wandering around the dorm in your underwear, it was just you and Hansol there. So, after a shower you, out of habit, were laying across the bottom of his bed in a bra and pants.

Hansol however was on his phone, stealing glances at the curves of your body trying his hardest not to get distracted. He was used to this. He’d even put away shirts, jeans, leggings, jumpers, all around the dorm just in case.

“Stop staring at me,” you mumbled, feeling his eyes on you even though your own were closed. 

“I’m not,” Hansol sniggered, but his cheeks flushed red as though you’d caught him in the act. “You should get dressed though…The guys will be back soon and I don’t want to have to explain…”

He caught your shoulders shaking with laughter. “You’re cute Hansol,” you whispered. But, with a quick stretch you rolled off the bed. “What would you do if they caught us right now? Hmm?

Your question made him eyes widen. “I…I…don’t know!” he stuttered, a slight laugh in his throat. Hansol’s eyes however were focused entirely on you. 

He stood, crossing the room to you. “I wouldn’t react,” he managed after a moment of gathering his courage. “I’d just keep doing this.” His lips were on yours. The kiss deepening slowly.

“Hansol we’ve got…woah!!!” Seungkwan’s voice shrieked through the gap in the door as Vernon slammed your back against it, slamming it straight in Seungkwan’s face. “Oh my god! Scoups! Get your ass in here!! Vernon’s up to no good!”

“Get dressed. Now!” Hansol stammered quickly, throwing his hoodie at you. “Please, please, for my own sanity Y/N. Please stop walking around like that.”

The thunder of Seungcheol’s hand on the door struck Vernon still, the panic and fear resting in his eyes. “He’s going to kill me…”

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17. Front Porch - Mike and El? :)

17: Front Porch — Thanks for the prompt, Jackie! And for all your support on my fics, always! Hope you enjoy this little something!

The sun was just setting, a pale orange hue streaked across the clouds. Despite the crisp sting of the autumn air on their cheeks, El and Mike sat out on the front porch of the cabin, their hands knitted together, their shoulders warm under a shared patchwork blanket.

Almost a year had gone by since Eleven had become Jane Hopper - El to all her friends and family - and she was allowed outside more often now. During their late night phone calls, El would even recount to Mike how she and Jim were looking for a new place to live, a small house somewhere just outside Hawkins, still close enough to see Mike as much as she wanted to.

And El was taking full advantage of being permitted outside, eager to explore the world and keen to watch every sunrise and sunset that she could, her eyes drinking in the ever changing colours and patterns of the sky.

Even though his cheeks were numb, Mike was glad to be next to her there on the porch, his eyes glued to her face as she stared out toward the horizon over the trees, wonder and awe written on her features. She was so beautiful; much more beautiful than the sky, if Mike had to choose.

“El!” Hopper’s voice sounded from inside he cabin, “Mike! Popcorn’s ready!”

El pulled her eyes away from the sky and back to Mike, smiling at the thought of how much his freckles reminded her of the stars just beginning to twinkle in the darkness.

Flushing, almost able to read her thoughts, Mike squeezed her hand twice. She responded with one quick and gentle squeeze of her own. Their secret, silent code.

“El,” Mike whispered, leaning closer, pressing his forehead to hers and losing all awareness of anything other than her immediacy. He saw her eyes flutter closed and followed suit, just about to brush his lips against hers.

All at once, the cabin door flew open and Mike and El flew apart, their blanket falling onto the dusty porch. Jim stood in the doorway, an expectant and teasingly harsh expression on his face.

“I said the popcorn’s ready, lovebirds.”

Yous a Baby (Tom Holland HC)

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Summary: Dating Tom as a fan who is younger than him (BUT NOT TOO MUCH YOUNGER OR THAT’D BE ILLEGAL)

Author’s Note: Just gonna get it out of the way the reader is at least 18, because we don’t do statutory ‘round these parts. Like even if the younger person says they’re down with dating an older person it’s still the older person’s responsibility to NOT have relations with someone who is legally a child. My friend knows someone who just got arrested for having sex with a minor and even though he said it was “okay” it really wasn’t because she’s a grown as woman who should know better. Okay rant over. I’m going through my requests now so expect more requests to be filled soon. It’s also Thanksgiving next week which means I’ll be hella mellow and will probably want to write. Also gonna try to read the first book in Chaos Walking over the break.

Requested: “do you think you could do a tom x reader imagine or hc of tom dating younger (possibly a fan??)”


Word Count: 672

Warnings: Fluff and swearing

Taglist: @tbholland @stephie-senpai @cersei-lannister @i-love-superhero @chinalois @behxndthemask @ttholland

  • Being younger than Tom was not as bad as people tried to convince you it would be like.
  • When you first got together people attempted to convince you that you had nothing in common.
  • You first started dating towards the beginning of your freshman year of college.
    • You attended school in Georgia and spent lots of time in Atlanta.
    • Partly for entertainment and partly because you were a semi-obsessed Marvel fangirl.
    • You loved seeing pictures from the set and imagined what it would be like nabbing a part on a film.
    • While working in a Starbucks (because college is expensive). 
    • Harrison and Tom walked in near the end of closing while you were beginning to clean the counters. 
    • “Welcome to Starbu- oh my God,” You gasped seeing the Spiderman right in front of you.
    • Tom offered a polite smile, his hands resting in his pockets.
    • As you went to prepare the order Harrison nudged him.
      • “She’s cute and she obviously has a thing for you.”
      • “She is pretty cute.”
    • You returned with both their orders and drew the spiderman symbol next to his name.
    • He softly laughed at the gesture.
    • “I’d appreciate if you wrote your own number.”
    • Your eyes would bug out of your head thinking you misheard him.
    • He nudged his cup towards you and you wrote down your number. 
    • From there you started texting each other and a relationship sprouted.
  • The age gap wasn’t even that big, but you and Tom liked to play around with it.
  • Tom constantly called you a baby, which drove you crazy.
    • “Hey baby.”
    • “You’re such a baby.”
    • “Love this club is for the adults and you can’t go because yous a baby.” 
  • You got him back though, calling him an old man.
    • “Hurry up you old fart.”
    • “Thomas, you can’t keep breaking your nose we need to get you life alert.”
    • “Stop flipping you’re going to break your back!”
  • He constantly patted you on the head like a child.
    • “Thomas stop touching my head.”
  • You certainly had a baby face which didn’t help him teasing you.
  • Tom teasingly insulted you whenever you started annoying him.
    • “What are you 5?”
    • “This isn’t the playground dear.”
  • Dating an actor while still being in school (college/university) definitely got difficult.
    • It was hard to make genuine friendships because most people always had something to gain from you.
    • You would call Tom crying in your dorm.
      • “Baby, what’s the matter?”
      • “N-o-o one like-e-s me, they just want you-u” while hiccuping the whole time.
      • “What do you mean baby you’re amazing?” 
      • “They don’t want to be my-y friend they want to get to you and when I don’t-t tell them what they want to here they start ignoring me.”
    • Tom would feel utterly crushed that school was so hard on you because of him.
    • After you told him that he made sure to visit you a lot more frequently so you wouldn’t be alone.
    • Eventually, people start to catch on to him visiting and would camp outside of your dorm at all hours.
      • There was a situation when two girls broke into your room thinking to see Tom there after reportedly hearing he was at the local airport.
    • You moved out of the dorms after that and into an apartment.
    • The place was small but allowed for enough privacy for the two of you.
  • The media wasn’t the biggest fan of your relationship. 
    • Whenever you were with him on a red carpet they would make snarky or rude comments, which would prompt you to try to escape the event.
    • Tom sensed how you were feeling and ran after you before you could get in the far, cupping your face in his hands.
      • “Darling, please they don’t mean anything. You know I love you. I want you by my side.”
        • Then pulling you into a dramatic kiss.
      • “I guess I’ll stay…old man.”
Seventeen (vocal unit): getting into a fight before they leave for promotions

Jeonghan:  being the petty drama queen he is, he won’t apologize right away even when he knows there’s a chance you two won’t be seeing each other for months. It’s not like he gets mad at you often, so he’d be way too hurt and upset to set his pride aside and apologize first. Once you coax him into talking to you again, he’ll break down and throw his body into your arms. He’d have such a hard time leaving the next day bc he truly did regret giving you the cold shoulder over a stupid fight.

Joshua:  he’d call you out for being childish and ignoring him after the fight, bc you know he doesn’t hold a grudge so now he’s straight up just frustrated w/ you since he’s leaving so soon. “Y/n, stop acting like this…you want me to cry every single day I’m away from you just bc of this argument? Please, just look at me, love…” he has his ways to get you to finally break down, and it’s by being gentle and understanding, until you finally smile up at him.

Woozi:  after taking time for himself to get some air and clear his mind, he’ll start packing his bags early, in hopes of you noticing and feel bad…I mean he never meant for a small argument to turn into a blow out of a fight. When this doesn’t work, however, he’ll quietly walk up to you wherever you were standing, and hug you firmly against his warm chest. “I’m sorry, y/n, I am. You know how stressed we’ve both been since I’m leaving so soon. Forgive me.”

DK:  he just rolls his eyes in frustration and mumbles under his breath bc he’d think you were so unbelievable for getting mad at him for leaving after he just came back. “Then come w/ me! My god, why do you always make it hard for me when I leave you, y/n? You’re breaking my heart….” out of all, I think he’d be the most upset and emotional at you ignoring him. Legit will not leave until you both kissed and made up.

Seungkwan:  won’t even take the fight seriously tbh, he knows better than to leave in a sour mood, esp if he’s gonna be leaving for a while. “I get it, we both messed up and fought…but y/n, that’s not going to make me angry with you or hold a grudge, I know you’re more mature than that. Right?”  Honestly he will apologize, but Seungkwan will remind you how lonely and horrible he’d feel if you didn’t smile and hugged him before his departure.

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