actual conversation between me and my mom

Mom: “so which one of these boys are you gonna marry? The blond one that looks like a long breadstick?”

Me: “wait what”

Mom: “This tall one-” *points to Luke* “he kind of resembles a breadstick, don’t you think?”






Mom: “what??”

basically the entire phandom’s reaction to the polaroid

I’d like to say a big thank you to michael clifford for wearing a bright red leather jacket so I can find 5sos at the iheart awards in seconds

The stars were exceptionally bright tonight. So bright in fact, that Dean couldn’t even blame Cas for forcing him to pull over so that they could watch the sky for a bit. Bright enough to make Dean forget about how uncomfortable the cold, unyielding hood of the Impala was. It was good, observing the stars with Cas. More than good… No worries existed here, in the middle of nowhere, at the side of a deserted road, where Dean was curled up against his best-friend-turned-lover.

Yet at the same time, it was an unwanted reminder. The way Cas was gazing up at the sky. The many twinkling lights that were reflected in the angel’s eyes. The fondness in Castiel’s smile as those eyes repeatedly traced the endless constellations that were without a doubt so familiar to him.

“I’m sorry…” Dean whispered a sudden apology to the angel he’d grown to love, tilting his head at the endless sea of black above them. “I’m sure you miss it… I guess to you that’s kinda like home, huh?”

Castiel’s eyes immediately flickered to Dean’s, abandoning the maze of stars without hesitation.

“No…” Castiel murmured before dropping a delicate kiss to Dean’s cheek, then shifting to make himself even more comfortable in Dean’s arms. “It used to be… But for a while now, my home has been right here.”

For the first time in his life, Dean felt a little special. He was possibly the first human to ever receive a gift from the sky, a gift from God himself.

Holding Cas closer and pressing a kiss into dark tousled hair, Dean spotted a falling star in the distance. There was no need to make a wish; Dean already had everything he wanted, right here.

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Wait so does this mean that you have a whole bunch of unfinished comics that you've never posted?

yes of course! idk why but i felt like animating during this m!a. here are some unfinished ones i worked on but abandoned:

this one they’re jumping off of a building that had an exploding bomb on it. it was gonna be part of a comic but i didn’t have enough time to make the rest of it cause yknow school.

(i got lazy with these ok) france and england just went on a really big mission together and bonded with each other. after their adventure though, france was called in by their agency to transfer back to paris, but on the docks as they were saying their goodbyes, england freaks out and confesses his feelings to france 😯

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*holds out microphone* • • "How do you feel about Calum's arm veins when flexing?"

you know me so well i have SO much to say

ok wELL my mind goes fucking insane bc all im thinking about is how amazing and secure youd feel if he was kissing you and wrapping his arms round your waist






Post-Ep for 4x16, because there are so many emotions in my heart right now.


He understood why she needed to go—August was a friend, and he knew Emma only had those in short supply. He wouldn’t push his presence on her, either. He felt that she needed to do this alone.

She turned to head for her vessel, but before she got more than two steps, she turned back to him, and grabbed his arm. Her reddened eyes had lost their angered edge, and had taken on a hesitant one. “Can I—can I stay with you? When I get back?”

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Single Pringles Harry and Niall are dateless at the game even though it's Valentine's Day. Funny tho they're surrounded by couples but they're the ones caught on the kiss cam ? :) I'm so excited to read new stuff from you again!

Harry edges further down the row of seats, mumbling his apologies as he steps on shoes and bumps popcorn bags and hits the back of peoples’ heads sitting in the row below. He’s not the most graceful creature in the world, that is a confirmed fact, but there is no reason for Louis to have picked seats all the way in the middle of a row for any reason aside from tormenting Harry.

Finally, thank christ, Harry finds their seats and the back of Louis’ head. From what he can see, Louis is animatedly talking to someone in front of him so Harry cranes his head to get a look and he sees Eleanor standing slightly in front of Louis and another couple facing them, and then he trips and bumps into Louis’ back and his cover is pretty much blown. 

But Louis isn’t angry at being disturbed, far from it, because he turns around and smiles wide at the sight of Harry behind him.

“Harry!” Louis ropes Harry close with an arm around his shoulders before he gestures at the guy in front of him, all short brown hair and a warm smile, broad arms curled around the girl in front of him. Harry nods his head as Louis introduces them, “This is my friend, Liam– we had International Business together– and his girlfriend, Sophia!”

“Nice to meet you, Harry.” Liam says, reaching a hand and Harry juggles with the three drinks in his hands, the ones he only filled half way because he knows better, to return it. “Hey, are you with someone?” Liam asks, suddenly and a little randomly, but it’s not too much of a stretch because Louis is here with his girlfriend and Liam is here with his girlfriend so it makes sense that Harry would be here with his girlfriend as well, but no.

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⭐Au Request⭐ - Calum breaks up with you and instantly regrets it.

Part 2?

'Jock ’:Calum Hood Oneshot


A/N: This was supposed to be a blurb but now its a long drabble. Oh, and Calum says like three words but read it it’s still good I promise :3

Pairing: Calum Hood/Reader

Word Count: 1520 (This was supposed to be a blurb)

Other A/N: I don’t know why but I thought of acidcxlum when writing Jock!Calum so here Mia this ones for you :*

The wind blew at an uneven pace as small droplets of rain continued to beat down from puffy white clouds.His head shook in denial of the erratic weather that was now escalating into something worse, as converse-clad feet continued to freely scurry along the tarmac covered concrete in order to reach the school entrance. A small film of rain water now present on the tips of his ebony locks, causing Calum to shake his head in annoyance; the hour of styling with various sprays and waxes now miscompute. The time on his phone read 8:00, giving him plenty of time to unwind of the previous nights events before settling back into reality as the sky continued to rise from complete darkness. And once his body became accustomed to the crude chill of the crisp morning air, images of the night before started to flash in his mind, the closer he got the school building.

It was a night to end the weekend: starting off in a high,(literally), but ending with a low from the thought of being pulled out, and pushed into the building in which he is educated in. The first hour of the fiasco started in a friends house. The party was more than just a little heavy; barely clothed, sweaty bodies packed together in a large huddle, as smoke choked the air. It was an atmosphere one would probably find claustrophobic. But due to the intoxicating mixtures of various alcoholic liquids that were poured down their throats, their minds were clouded with the insobriety that Vodka and Whiskey provided. Pills were being passed around, resembling the situation in which children would go insane for various sweets their mothers handed to them: keeping them quiet as their minds fell further into oblivion. Calum was more used to it than anyone else. Being part of “the elitists” of the school came with its own set of incentives: and erratic parties just so happened to be one of them. So of course with a “small get-together”, it wouldn’t be revolving around lady fingers and flavoured iced teas. Instead of formal vocabulary, curses ruthlessly left the mouths of rebellious delinquents who had nothing to lose. Something strong would be poured down their throats every few seconds, throwing cups to the ground in drunk states. Their way of a pathetic act of rebellion. But parties like this one were renowned. If you came to a party like this, expect yourself to be popular to at least the rest of the year. Everything else that happened last night? It’s now nothing but a blur that only resulted in sharp shoots of pain that immersed his skull from the smallest of thoughts.

But whilst his thoughts were perfecting each word he would pronounce to his crop of friends at lunch about his encounters became disrupted; as his feet now pressed against hardwood floors with two doors pulling back to allow him entrance. As soon as he entered the school building. he now stumbled upon an unusual sight. It would usually be a certainty that the narrow corridors would be packed to the brim with students. Nerds, Jocks, and a variation of people who represented different ‘social-groups’ would immerse the skinny hallways, and several events would be taking place within the time period to reach class A to class B: 5 minutes. From a fight, to a couple ruthlessly making-out in front of a locker; there was a lot that arose when one would simply walk to their next class. This time however, it was like barren land. The presence of the hallways was immaculate: and demonstrated the talent of the caretakers whom has to deal with several disgusting acts of students: mainly litter. He took a quick glance at his gold watch, which now showed Calum that he had five minutes until his next class would start.

One thing Calum did like about school was that his locker was close to the main entrance of the building. In a short space of time, he could accomplish a lot from the location of his locker. He didn’t have to strut around the school in order to find it, and when he did, he could either be on his way to a class, or on his way home more quickly compared to another student. In addition, his pin was simple. All he had to do was remember “5593”.

With only a couple of minutes to spare, his backpack was pulled out of the confined space of his locker, and swung around his shoulders. The heavy weight his backpack provided reminded him of the homework he was yet to complete, a small strain that was applied onto his shoulder blade for a mere few seconds, before disintegrating into a non-existent pain. Although it was only a couple of minutes to himself, it gave Calum time to revel in the simplicity of peace. Similar to the feeling of fresh air he felt earlier, even though he was in what he liked to call “another juvenile facility.”

However, what he thought was an empty corridor, was an incorrect thought. The sound of his footsteps became unsynchronised with another pair of feet that walked along the polished floors, the sound of squeaky movements becoming more audible, the closer he was reaching. Calum wasn’t usually bothered about seeing others, as others mainly feared him. But this time around, it was different. 

The student that peacefully along the same floors as Calum was a presence that due to his popularity, was unusual in a sense. Most of the time, it would be girls clad in tight dresses, emphasising assets whilst giving them a view that drunk underage boys wouldn’t mind taking a small peek at. With a number of thoughts about the girls of last night refusing to leave his mind, a cocky smirk formed along his plump lips. A complete opposite to the firm line earlier that refused to move from his mouth on the car ride here. 

Her smile illuminated her entire face, giving her an ethereal glow as her mind continued to drift into her own world. Paying no attention to the presence of anyone else, it was as if her time in high school was one she enjoyed: the direct antithesis of Calum Hood. With locks pulled back into a tight pony tail, a black ribbon secured the pin straight stands of hair, giving a full view to the symbols that decorated her right ear. But it was her outfit that caught his attention: all black. Usually, the distinct colour difference between the articles of clothing that him and his “crew” wore compared to other students represented their position in the hierarchy of the school. The darker the colour: you’re either more popular, or there was a darker, more mysterious aspect to your personality that was waiting to be discovered by the right person. But he knew one thing: she wasn’t as popular as Calum Hood.

There was an aspect one would feel from looking at someone for the very first time, that made you feel an instant physical attraction. He knew now in his thoughts, that she was different. The primary thoughts about drunk sex faded from his thoughts as she continued to keep her head up and straight, focusing on returning to her favourite room to continue with her impending masterpiece. Her artistic streak was evident from paint that faintly glistened against the skin of her palms. Green, purple, and blue splotches of watercolour paints messily graced the soft skin of her palms, whilst the rest of her clothing continued to stay in the perfect, creaseless state.  

And once she finally diverted her view to the side, her mind was disrupted about the previous thoughts of band and art. With eyes focusing on his physical presence, small flutters started to occupy the lower half of her stomach. The narrow hallways meant that they were close, but at this very moment, neither of them minded that. Red lip stain covered lips unable to form words, as Calum mirrored the same expression. When Calum was drunk, he mastered chatting girls up. Several childish words would leave his alcohol covered lips to form a slurred sentence, inevitably receiving the approval of drunken comrades as the night got heavier. But once sober, another side of him was present that no one ever witnessed. His high status in the school was supposed to mean that confidence would be the only thing to see from him, but shyness always coincided. The view of her pulled him back for a moment, and made him realise that true beauty isn’t always skintight dresses and achingly high heels. 

Their steps walked in sync as they both continued to walk past each in the hallway, as her irises connected with his chocolate brown eyes for a brief moment. The smug grin Calum had a moment ago was replaced with a nervous smile that highlighted a crush. And with a rosy hue forming on his cheeks from shyness, not intoxication, he knew that he needed to find out who she was. 

‘Excuse me miss?’