Danse can be sweeter than one might think. He asks for patience but is well worth the wait. My Sole-Survivor and Danse have a song that whenever it comes on, they share a dance. 

Saint-Saens : The Swan (Le Cygne) - Carnival of the Animals

When the music reaches its final lilting note, Danse will always lean in and place a kiss on her nose. Sometimes she’ll steal a kiss on the lips, earning a chuckle from him.

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I have an ear infection and a fever and I feel like I may actually be dying. Can you give me links or fic to take my mind off just how miserable I'm feeling?

i’m sorry you’re not feeling well, anon– here are a few sterek fics that might help cheer you up:

  • untitled by felicitysmock (Not Rated, 3k) “Sure, I like him,“ Derek scowls right at the camera, “We’re friends.” He blinks, expression suddenly going hopeful, “Why, did he say something?” / “I have worked at Beacon Hills Office Supplies for two and a half years,“ Stiles pretends to hang himself with his tie, glances out of the conference room to where Derek is signing for a package with a suspicious look on his face. “It’s not all bad, I guess?”
  • Bogarted by HalfFizzbin (M, 3k) Alternate Title: “Dick Failwolf, Private Eye.“ (Or, Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.)
  • Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramaphone (T, 8k) “I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
    Derek raised an eyebrow at him. “That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress. Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

and also some fluffy fic reclists!

feel better soon!  ❤ ❤ ❤

55. three meals a day

Genre: Fluff/Mild angst.

Content: Kim Taehyung. Aching bones. Scrambled eggs.

Request: The reader promised Taehyung cuddles after she got home from her friend’s late, but she says she’s too tired and wants to cook something instead and go to sleep, though he plans to get his cuddles anyways + Where you’ve been sad/stressed because of school so Taehyung tries to cheer you up (by @justonetae).

A headache for breakfast, stress for lunch, and lethargy for dinner with a small sprinkle of pressure on the side. That was what your daily life had become, late nights and even earlier mornings, five hours of sleep being a blessing, often deciding to take the night head-on with a steaming mug of caffeine that will ride you through dusk until dawn. It was not supposed to be like this, a dull ache constantly clinging to your muscles, a numbing haze drifting around your thoughts. You were supposed to be enjoying your studying life, for you were learning about what you loved, strived for the absolute most. But with a personality as stubborn as your own, you were not going to allow an hour of revision cover for an afternoon, you needed to ensure that you had milked every last word through the ink of your pen, burned with hot iron into your brain.

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you’re my everything (1)

jeon jungkook x reader,  mafia au

prologue / part 1

warnings: bad language

length: 1.7k

~admin sleepykookie

 It happened less than a week after you met him.

 You were on your way to class, stepping through the classroom door, heading over to sit with a group of people you vaguely knew, when you saw it. A flash of pink in the corner. Surely, it couldn’t be? But as you cautiously approached it, you had no doubt that it was.

 There, folded neatly on a desk, was your pink scarf.

 Sliding into the chair behind it, you warily looked around the room, trying to stifle your disappointment when you didn’t see him. You threw the inoffensive fabric under your desk as the professor walked in, not noticing the crumpled piece of paper left behind when you retrieved it at the end.

 Lunch passed quickly and in a blur - you seemed to have earned back the affection of your friend. Hours had passed by the time you’d left the cafeteria - it was after 2pm.

 You were on your way to a lecture when a hand caught your arm, roughly yanking you into the claustrophobic space between two buildings. Another rough hand was clamped over your mouth, muffling your scream. Eyes adjusting to the dim light, you found yourself looking into a familiar pair of furious brown eyes. It was him, removing his hand from your mouth and scowling - though the other hand remained on your arm, pinning it to the wall. You pressed back against the wall as he spat his words at you, his face dangerously close to yours. “Why the fuck didn’t you meet me?”

 You were taken aback, and more than a little scared. You lowered your eyes, speaking softly as you tried to control the erratic beating of your heart. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

 He grabbed the pink scarf, which was now around your neck, effectively forcing you to meet his irate gaze. “Don’t fucking lie!” He spoke through gritted teeth, “you got the scarf, didn’t you?”

 You glared, retorting with, “yes, but I didn’t know you’d be waiting in some alleyway for me?” He looked confused, some of the anger melting away from his features.

 “How about my note?” Your blank face confirmed his suspicions, and he sighed, looking at you incredulously. “You lost my goddamn note, didn’t you, (y/n)?” You started to defend yourself, squirming away from his vice like grip, before the realization hit you like a truck.

 “Wait, how the hell do you know my name?” You frowned at him, wrinkling your nose, belatedly adding, “and my schedule?”

 A slow smirk spread across his face, his free hand coming up to brush a few strands of hair behind your ear. “I know all kinds of things, (y/n).” His seemingly carefree tone was tainted by danger, eyes darkening as they met your own. “So maybe it would be better if you didn’t ask those kinds of questions.”

 You felt a shiver creep up your spine, dropping your gaze an chewing your lip. You hadn’t remembered him as this frightening, not when he’d seemed to have been protecting you, but in that moment you were scared, hands clammy and throat dry. You mumbled softly, half hoping he wouldn’t hear you. “Why?”

 He swiftly reached out and grabbed your twintail, tugging it gently to force you to again meet his dark gaze. “Maybe you don’t want to know.” You turned your face away from his, hating the possessive way he gripped your hair. He followed his dry chuckle with a less than gentle tug of your ponytail, pulling you after him as he stepped out of the alleyway. He looked almost surprised when he heard you squeal, turning around and raising an eyebrow, giving you a challenging look. You met his glare, trying to retain as much dignity as possible.

 “Where do you think you’re taking me?” Your words didn’t come out as threatening as you had hoped, your voice rising a little too much to not sound childlike. He answered immediately,

 “To lunch.” He looked accusingly at you, “I’m fucking starving.” You started to protest, not wanting to miss another lecture, when you felt a harsh yanking of your twintail bring your face up to his. His eyes were furious, staring into your own. “Sweetheart, do I look like I’m fucking asking?” You looked away, submissively shaking your head. He released your hair, placing a hand on your lower back as he continued walking. You didn’t dare to glance up at him, but you could hear the smirk in his voice as he said, “good girl.”

 Your eyes didn’t leave the pavement for the entirety of the walk to whatever fancy restaurant  he had brought you to, only daring to look at him again once you were sat opposite each other, not really having much choice. You took off your jacket, frowning slightly. “I feel under-dressed.”

 His eyes roamed over you, settling on your exposed collarbone, darkening as he caught a little flesh between his front teeth and bottom lip.

 “Don’t.” He said simply, gaze not leaving your collar. You self consciously adjusted your t shirt, causing his gaze to wander lazily back to your face, resting a cheek in his hand. you tried not to notice him staring at your lips for too long, clearing your throat to bring his eyes back to your own.

 “What’s your name?” You asked curiously, causing him to smile, though it seemed as if he hadn’t meant to. He hesitated a little before answering.

 “Jungkook.” You nodded, repeating the name to yourself, ignoring his attempts to suppress a smile. You continued, sticking out your chin and promising yourself not to break his gaze.

 “Why did you bring me here?” His expression immediately worsened, and he leaned across the table to speak softly in your ear.

 “I think that can wait until after we’ve eaten, okay princess?” You stiffened, flinching a little at the pet name and nodding.

 An uncomfortable silence settled around your table - your food arrived, and was destined to lie untouched, as you looked up at him through your eyelashes, never failing to find his eyes anywhere but on you. You were practically squirming in your seat with impatience by the time he sighed, and his eyes got dark.

 “You can’t guess why you’re here?” His friendly tone was betrayed  by his predatory eyes, searching your face. You felt your heart beat accelerate and heat rush to your face under his stare, shaking your head. His eyes narrowed as he began to taunt you, “come on, (y/n), you’re a smart girl. I think you know.” I think you’re overestimating my knowledge, you wanted to say, but decided it better to remain silent and impassive. However, judging by the furious glare he had turned on you, this did not please him. He leaned forward on his arms, speaking slowly and deliberately. “You didn’t tell on me. Why?”

 You were taken aback, shaking your head, and muttering, “There wasn’t anything to tell… Was there?” He was silent, tilting his head at you with an unreadable expression. Your voice was embarrassingly high as you repeated yourself. “Was there?”

 But he didn’t have time to answer, as a gunshot shook the whole restaurant. At once he was alert, standing up and reaching behind his back to his waistband. He hissed at you, “get under the table.” You stared at him motionless, in shock, and, without facing you, he barked, “(y/n), do you trust me?”

 Trust him? Was he crazy? You barely knew him, he borderline kidnapped you, but you heard a voice that sounded an awful lot like yours say. “Yes.”

 He growled at you, “Then get under the fucking table right now.” You obeyed him, scampering under the table and curling up into a ball, whimpering as you heard the barrel of a gun click from right next to the table. Then screaming, shooting, swearing… You clamped your hands over your ears, muffling the noises, pretending you were somewhere else, at home, safe…

 Someone was dragging you out from under the table - Jungkook grabbed your hand and harshly pulled you along with him - like a naive puppy, you blindly followed. You were thrown into the passenger seat of a car, and he was in the drivers side, tearing out of the car park and onto the freeway with his gun still in hand. You blinked slowly at him, panic threatening to creep in.

 “J-Jungkook?” Your voice was breathy and quiet - he didn’t seem to hear you above his senseless musings. Shit, they found you, he seemed to be saying over and over. Finally, he raised his voice, eyes still glaring at the road ahead.

 “(y/n), am I a good guy, or a bad guy?” You inhaled sharply, watching his knuckles clench over the steering wheel, the messy flop of his dark hair against his forehead, the glint of the barrel of the gun. Yet, you refused to believe what was staring back at you - you wouldn’t believe it.

 “You’re a good guy?” It sounded like a question, the way you voice faltered, but it wasn’t meant as such. His face hardened further, pausing before he spoke again.

 “You’re wrong.”

 Your blood chilled, and you stared in horror at his profile, noticing for the first time the tiny splatter of blood on his sleeve. You started when he spoke again, lowly, dangerously.

“I broke a lot of rules to meet you today, (y/n)… they’re gonna be mad.” You shuddered at whoever they may be, “And now there are people who want you, who are looking for you. I’m not a good man, (y/n), but I won’t let them claim you. You’re coming with me.”

 He spoke as if the circumstances were inevitable, as if there was nothing else he could do. But you recognized the deluded undertones of greed taint his words. You watched the city fly past you from the window, not able or not wanting to understand. A single word escaped your lips, whispered, barely audible.


 You weren’t escaping a response, but when it came you felt the skin on the back of your neck prickle, heart seem to stop deadly still.

“That’s because you are mine.”

omg is this chapter too short or is it okay the next chapter is killing me omg but i really liked the way i could end this wow… @yameme​ omfg im weeping armstealers anonymous someone send help this really isn’t the best but i wanted to get it out bc i have been inactive af forgive me, thankyou for reading this omg i talk way to much what am i doing

~admin sleepykookie

Family of His Own

@blu3tid3s​ request: Dean x reader where Dean is captured by a Djinn again, but he doesn’t see what he saw last time. Instead he wakes up at Bobby’s. He’s greeted by Sam, who’s busy researching their next hunt, and by… (the rest spoils it!)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1204

Warnings: None

A/N: Anyone up for some extreme Dean fluff? I know I am. Hope you guys enjoy! If you have a request, please send it to me here.

Tagging: the Pond @spnfanficpond


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BioWare Devs Show off their Tattoos

A jar of bees. No, really. Blar pls.

At BioWare, we’re big fans of tattoos. It’s common here to catch a splash of color and line work creeping out from under someone’s sleeve. We figured it would be fun to roll up those sleeves and take a look at some of the art that decorates our developers.

See more of the devs here: http://blog.bioware.com/2016/01/27/tattoos-of-bioware/

You smile to yourself as you open the door to the gym, slinging your bag higher up on your shoulder you make your way towards the locker room. You quickly change, putting your hair up as you step into the gym. You look around for anyone else who you may have missed upon first entering and smile inwardly when you notice you have the place all to yourself. You decide to start with the treadmill, and plug in your headphones as you run with The 1975 playing in your headphones. You’re so focused on your pace that you almost miss the small, blonde haired, blue eyed boy grinning at you as he runs on the treadmill beside you. You quickly peek around looking for his parent, but find no one other than yourself and the young boy. You take your headphones out, slowing your pace a tad as you quirk an eyebrow at him.

“Aren’t you a little young to be running on that machine?”

“Nope! I’m trying to run like you do!” He explains proudly, amping up the speed a bit.

You can’t help the small chuckle that leaves your lips as he imitates your running posture. The two of you run for a little bit in silence before you stop your machine completely and look around for another adult, when you still find no one you turn your attention towards the small boy.

“I’m Y/N, what’s your name?”

“I’m Asher!”

“Well, Asher, where’s your mom or dad? Did you come here all by yourself?” You ask, pressing the STOP button on his treadmill, so he’ll focus his attention on you.

“My dad’s here somewhere.” He shrugs, wiping his sweaty forehead with his arm.

“How old are you, Asher?”

“I’m six!” He grins, he opens his mouth to say something else but before he can a tall, dark blonde man is picking Asher up and flinging the laughing boy over his shoulder.

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! You were supposed to stay in the break room and work on your card for Grandma!” The man chuckles, tickling Asher’s sides as the small boy wriggles around in his grip.

“Daddy, stop!”

The man puts Asher down, a sheepish smile gracing his lips when he notices your presence.

“U-uh I’m so sorry ma’am. I hope he didn’t give you any trouble. I can give you a free month to make up for the inconvie-“

“He wasn’t a problem. He’s a real sweetheart, and he just wanted to run with me. Don’t worry about it.” You smile reassuringly.

“Isn’t she pretty, daddy?” Asher whispers a bit too loudly.

“Asher!” The man scolds.

Asher pouts, his blue eyes seeming to grow larger as he looks up at his father. “You said she was pretty last night, daddy!”

A quiet giggle slips past your lips as the man’s face becomes as red as a tomato.

“I-I-uh-I’m sorry about him. He gets a bit rowdy this late at night.”

“It’s fine. I don’t think his dad is that bad looking either.” You smirk as the blush across his cheeks dips down to his neck.

“I-I’m Luke by the way.” He smiles nervously, extending his hand for you to shake.

“I’m Y/N, and it was lovely to meet the both of you. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night?”


You bite your lip nervously, grabbing your things and shooting Luke a quick wink before returning your attention to Asher. “Wear proper running shoes tomorrow, and I’ll show you some proper techniques.”

“Okay! Daddy can you remember my blue pair? I wanna show her my blue pair!”

You giggle softly to yourself as you leave the gym, your stomach bubbling with excitement for your visit tomorrow.

Masterlist // Wattpad

BTS’ Reaction To You Having Tattoos. (14+ tattoos.)

(I was requested to do a tattoo reaction! If you want to request anything, i’m here for you bts needs. ;o)

J i m i n / R e a c t i o n; *As you and your boyfriend were going to the beach, you decided to dress in a bikini, showing off your stomach, chest, and back tattoos to the world* You walked out of the changing room, running over to Jimin, who’s eyes never left your body when you left the changing room. “What?” You said with a confused look. “Do I have something on my face?” You asked, without getting an answer again. After a few long seconds, he finally managed to say something. “Let’s skip the beach for today. Get in my car. We’re going home.” He said biting his lip and eyes still wide, getting sexually frustrated.

V / R e a c t i o n; *You were in the bathroom, putting on your boyfriends t-shirt and putting some panties on since no one else was coming over to the house except V. As you were putting on his shirt to hide your tattoos from him, like you always did, he walked in* “Hey, do you know where-” He said as his eyes fell from your face to your tattooed covered stomach. “W-wow… I never thought i’d say this but… you look super sexy with tattoos.” He said, slowly looking at you up and down, licking his lips. (This was the first time he saw your stomach)

S u g a / R e a c t i o n; *As you and your boyfriend were cuddling on the couch, watching a horror movie, your shirt was riding up but you didn’t notice. As Suga was getting up to use the toilet, he looked down at you for a second, noticing your stomach had something on it* “Y/n. What is that on your stomach?” He said with squinted eyes, trying to see it more clearly. “Oh, it’s my tattoo I got over a year ago..” You said, afraid he’d judge you. “Ahhh cool.” He said as he nodded and walked off to the toilet. He tried to act like it was nothing but on the inside he was fangirling over how cool his girlfriend was because you had a tattoo.

J i n / R e a c t i o n; *You and your boyfriend were cooking a cake while you guys got distracted and started making-out on the couch, waiting for the oven to beep. As the make-out session got more passionate and more sexually, he lifted your shirt to unclasp your bra, but instead found tattoos covering your stomach* Oh my. That’s… beautiful.” He said as he stared at it in awe. “Y-you like it?” You said, sitting up a little bit. “Like it? Fuck. It turns me on.” He said as he kissed you again, rubbing your stomach, while you smiled and blushed. 

R a p - M o n s t e r / R e a c t i o n; *You were in your apartment with only your bra and underwear on when Rap-Monster came in* “HONEY I’M HOmeee?” He said with a handful of bags and a confused look on his face when he was your back covered in tattoos. “NAMJOON!!” You said, quickly turning around, trying to hide your back from him. “Baby…” He said, putting the bags on the floor and taking long strides over to you. “It’s amazing. Don’t be scared to show me.” He said, wrapping his arms around you, embracing you with a big hug and a kiss on the forehead. “Plus. I kinda like it. Turns me on a bit.” He said with a smirk and a wink.

J u n g k o o k / R e a c t i o n: *As you and him were about to go to the movies, you and him were fooling around a bit, seeing who can turn who on first before going to the movie since it wasn’t gonna come on for another 45 minutes. As you lifted your shirt, forgetting your tattoos, Jungkook’s mouth hung low, looking at them. As you finally remembered, you quickly put your shirt down and took a step back. “I’m so sorry… I wasn’t gonn-” You said as Jungkook interrupted with a deep and passionate kiss, rubbing your hips as the kiss got deeper. “You’re absolutely beautiful.” He said, kissing down your neck.

J - H o p e / R e a c t i o n; *You and him were just having a lazy day, just laying in bed all day. As it started to get dark, J-Hope started to get sexual. And you liked this side of him cause he was so sweet and innocent until you were in the bedroom. You guys have never had sex before but tonight, you were ready. As J-Hope ask if you were ready, you nodded. Letting him lift your shirt for him to see your tattoos. You’ve told him about your tattoos before but you were too insecure to show them.* “Y/n. They’re so stunning. Why hide a work of art?” He said as he kissed your stomach up and down, trying not to leave any skin that hasn’t been kissed yet, making you blush and arch your back.

(I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you like this, give it a like and maybe request some shit?)

iii. touch

“Member: Taehyung
Genre: Angst + Fluff
Words: 2,983
Click for mobile masterlist.”

Ashen clouds gloom in the cerulean sky over a golden meadow of leaves and hasty passersby, signaling the long-awaited arrival of the first autumn rain of the year. Cars and buses whir by in a loud array of honks and green lights, piercing through the early morning air in their hurry. Children shoulder their heavy backpacks to school among sleepy chatter, and businessmen briskly walk past them with their briefcases and memorized orders of Americanos and espressos.

Sunset eyes watch over the tableau of orange and grey, hands pressed against the cold window, hair messy and feet bare. The look in his eyes is one of longing as they scan over the city silently, the mere sight of the early morning rush flooding his mind with memories in black and white. It all feels like a distant story now, too far away for him to touch, too distant in time to recall in colors.

Before his mind can travel back to a night of starless skies and free falls and icy waves scratching his skin, a voice behind him pulls him out of his routine reverie, making him calmly turn around to face the early bird trudging into the living room.

“Good morning.”

She looks beautiful, even at 7.30am, even with her hair in messy locks, even in her oversized pajamas, even with not a single trace of makeup on her moonshine skin. Her legs are almost wobbly as her bare feet slide across the floorboard in silent steps, traces of lethargy in her doe eyes as she pushes her hair back from her face and rubs her eyes tiredly.

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Adorable Starters
  • “Guess what I got you!”
  • “That looks cute on you.”
  • “Sorry I worked late today. Want to do something?”
  • “I just want to run my fingers through your hair.”
  • “I’m exhausted. Want to just cuddle?”
  • “Calm down. It’s okay. No one was hurt.”
  • “It’s a beautiful day. Want to have a picnic?”
  • “Want to marathon something on Netflix?”
  • “Care to dance?”
  • “That was a nice surprise. What’s the occasion?”
  • “You are so adorable!”
  • “There’s a festival this weekend. Want to check it out?”
  • “Does this look silly?”
  • “Plenty of room under the blankets…”
  • “Let me help you with that.”
  • “Can we just stay in today?”
  • “I cleared my schedule to spend all day with you.”
  • “How did you like the flowers?”
  • “I feel like going to the beach.”
Stars in His Eyes - honorarystar - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“License and registration, please.”

“He was kidding,” Derek interjects, “He’s just being an idiot.”

Stiles resents that.

“You too, please,” The officer addresses Derek.

“What? You’re gonna arrest me for sarcasm?”

And that’s how they ended up in jail.


For Fluff Friday, I posted this to AO3 earlier this week.

Continuing from this prompt. Solas is gravely injured, but the painkillers are helping… a lot

Takes place in the Deep Roads. ~800 words.

“Cassandra, did you know that half of the new recruits have feelings for you?” Solas called from his stretcher. Cassandra slowed her stride to walk beside him. “They swoon when you walk by. It is fascinating to watch. You give your little nod of approval at their salutes and they look so proud. Some of them giggle about it to each other, both men and women.”

“Is he going to talk like this for the entire expedition?” Cassandra asked, her face practically glowing red even in the dim light of the cave.

“Just until we can get him somewhere that Dorian treat him without attracting any unwanted attention,” Vir said. She glanced worriedly at Solas, holding his hand tightly. They were not moving fast enough for her, but they could not move any faster.

Cassandra’s face maintained its color but her expression grew more sympathetic. “Thank you for telling me, Solas. I shall try to make sure that I do not break any hearts.”

Varric choked on a laugh that died the moment Cassandra glanced over her shoulder.

“Oh, I think that’s part of the appeal, Seeker,” Solas replied.

Cassandra’s chuckle was low and throaty. “I see,” was all she said.

Dorian met them at the next lift, Vivienne at his side.

“I heard someone ran into some trouble,” Dorian began, “and that he was drunk?”

“I heard the same,” Vivienne said, both amusement and curiosity alive on her face.

“Ahh, here to take advantage of me,” Solas said. “Dorian is not my type and the aura of Vivienne’s staff smells like rotting fish.”

Vivienne blinked. “It… smells?”

“Yes, I tried to tell you before. That aura, the lack of mana cleansing. Rotting fish or maybe the breath of a mabari after a fight with a darkspawn. Was that not your intent?”

“Must be an elf thing,” Dorian said kneeling beside him, trying his best not to laugh at Vivienne’s nonplussed expression. “Your magic always smells like sunshine to me, Vivienne.”

“An elf thing, yes,” Solas said as Dorian’s magic began to knit his flesh. He tensed, his knuckles going white as he clutched Vir’s hand.

“Apologies there, Solas,” Dorian said more to mollify Vir than for Solas’s benefit.

“You are doing your best, Dorian, I know that.” Solas coughed a laugh as the pain surged again. “Just pretend I’m one of your walking corpses and just shove the magic in.”

It was Dorian’s turn to blink down at Solas then up at Vir. “How much of this painkiller did you give him?”

“Same dosage I would give myself,” Vir said.

“Did it occur to you that you regularly outdrink both me and Bull. Did it occur to you that you’re immune to at least six kinds of poisons that I know of through resistance training,” Dorian said rather testily. “Perhaps your amatus could have used a smaller dose.”

“Do not blame her.” Solas waved a finger in front of Dorian’s nose. “She is perfect. You have no idea what she has-”

“Shhh- Solas, it’s alright.” Vir ran a finger over his cheek. He subsided with a sigh and kissed her hand.

Dorian only shook his head and continued his task as the lift made its way to the top. They carried Solas to the small camp they had set up in an area deemed safe from Darkspawn and rockfalls. The group left Vir alone with Solas while they made plans on how to continue forward. They would need a bridge and some guards, Scout Harding could contact Cullen to make arrangements.

Solas stared up from his bedroll, his brows creased with pain, but a smile lingered on his lips. Vir sat next to him, bruised and weary from her assault on the giant Darkspawn. Tears ran down her cheeks silently. He reached up to brush them away.

“Do not worry, vhenan,” he said softly, “I will be fine.”

“I almost…” she could not continue the sentence, “This hasn’t happened before, never,” she said, sniffling. “What if-”

“Shhh, it will be fine. We will be fine. And I will be more careful in the future. I promise.”

She sniffled again leaning down to press her forehead against his. He kissed her nose then winced as he tried to get into a more comfortable position.

“Do you need more painkillers?” She asked, “I could try a smaller dosage.” She frowned. “I don’t understand though, it shouldn’t have been high enough to affect you so much, at least not after so long. You were in too much pain…” She caught sight of his expression, the look of mischief in his eyes. She gasped as he pulled her down smothering her laugh with his lips. “You faker,” she murmured softly as she sat up and began measuring out the potion.

Solas only winked in response.

Request Scenario: You end up breaking up with Jimin, but you find out you got pregnant…

Genre: smutty fluffy

Word Count: 1920 {it’s actually terrifying me how easy it is to write so much now without even meaning to}

A/N: I’m so so sorry for updating so slowly, school sucks ass, but I am apart it. so I can get a job and stalk BTS in the future and see all the concerts and fan signs and what not. But I’m hope you like it anon…:) xx


This was all a mistake, why did you even think this was going to work out. Panic was beginning to settle within your bones as you stuffed all your belongings carelessly into your bag.

“No… No, Y/N, stop. Please stop.” Jimin was leaning against the door frame, tears rolling down the cheeks you once loved to poke and to kiss. You knew this was what’s best for him, Jimin’s life would be so much simpler without you… or so you’ve been telling yourself for the past few days before building enough strength to tell Jimin that this was over. You wanted to be held by him, to tell him that it was you two against the world, but it was too much. You could see it in his eyes even when he was telling that a secret relationship really wasn’t that hard– it was. It was difficult for the both of you, all the hiding and sneaking around. You could also tell the pressure of being a good boyfriend and a good idol for his fans was getting increasingly hard to handle, so for him, you decided that it would be better just break it off now.

The back of your throat pained with the guilt of leaving behind someone you’ve loved for the past year, you had to pretend that you didn’t care about him anymore, it was easier that way. Right? Slamming the door against Jimin’s tear-stained face, you stumbled into your car before you let out a scream. Banging your tightly wounded fist on every surface, anger poured out of you.

Why was the entire universe just forcing you apart from the one person you loved the most in the entire planet. Why. And just to think that a week ago, you were laying underneath his weight while he made love to you like never before.


One year anniversary and Jimin thought what else will be better than to tease you endlessly through dinner.m, but insisting that you must at least act appropriate throughout his homemade full course dinner. The wine was coursing through your body, making you filled with heated passion for the boy sitting in front of you in an all black outfit. He knew just how much you craved him wearing all black, having his bright hair contrasting against the absence of color. But sooner or later, you were tired of this foreplay, pulling him into your kiss, you pushed him towards the bedroom.

“Someone’s eager…” He smirked, knowing you were desperate to feel him all over you.

“And someone’s an asshole.” You retorted back, shoving him onto the bed as you see his mood take a monumental shift.

Your back arched in pleasure as his rough hands massaged your breasts, your breathing quickened while your fingers tangled themselves in his sunset locks. Jimin loved to run his hands along the side of your stomach, just barely, before reaching for your back once more, pulling you into his body, skin sticking onto each other, melting into each other. After so long, he had every curve and edge of your body engraved into the back of his mind.

The teasing bites and his thick lips imprinting themselves all over your bruising neck. Your head thrown backwards as the your senses heightened with every touch you received from him. Your lips almost lost its cherry pigment because of the tight grip your teeth placed upon them. You had to have him, you body ached to be filled by him and only him.

“You ready baby?” It was small things like this when you know that you weren’t just having sex, he cared for you to know that he didn’t desire for a quick release. He wanted to be able to replay exactly how your body reacted to him. You soundlessly nodded, feeling you expand within while his length filled every part of you, the veins that ran up  along the side of his shaft, you felt it all. You knew he wanted to go slow, to watch you unravel right in front of him slowly, but you were selfish and needed him now.

“Faster,” you whined, begging for him to thrust into you until you were raw and still feeling the effects the morning after.

So consumed in the moment, Jimin gradually sped up his actions, rocking your entire body with his quick deep thrusts. You felt his length slamming against you in an incredible speed that made you almost lightheaded. Cradling you within his embrace, you couldn’t control yourself from biting onto his collarbone when you reached the peak. The intensity made you buzz with incoherent thoughts as Jimin rode you down from you high.

“Oh my god.” Your body tingled with every move as Jimin looked down into your eyes, smiling shyly before laying his lips down onto yours.

“I love you…” He mumbled tiredly against the crook of your neck, sending a dull shiver down your spine.


The revolting aftertaste remained on your tongue, even after the fifth cup of water. Your head pounded and even a glance at anything edible made you want to hurl.

“Are you okay?” Your friend looked at you worriedly. Just before you could answer, you sprinted into the bathroom once again and the contents of your breakfast decorated the floor beneath you.


Mentally running through the list of food you have eaten for past few days, your friend coughed gently for you attention as you were still huddled over the counter of your coffee shop.

“What?” You grunted, glancing at your friend who was now nodding towards the door.

Red-faced with a head-splitting headache was probably not the best way to see your ex’s best friends standing in front of you with questionable expressions.

“What’s going on?” You managed to speak out, you felt like you could die, but at the same time your mind decided to dive into the worst scenario for why the boys would be all here.

“We are not saying we know exactly what happened between you two, but we do know that Jimin is suffering because of it.” Namjoon walked forward from the group. You wanted to cry out saying he wasn’t the only one, but you kept your mouth shut and face blank.

“Well, I’m sorry for that, but that’s not my—” The fact that your own body couldn’t take the lie was the first sign that you have made a terrible decision.


Every step was heavy, you felt like the world was screaming into your ears all at once, but you kept on walking. Pushing through the door and blindly stumbling into the aisle of the store.

It cannot be… That cannot be why I’m sick.

Your back glided down the cold tiled wall as the small positive sign confirmed your assumptions. Toying the test around your hand, you sat with a calmness that hasn’t visited you in a while. Was it all that terrible though? The worst thing that could come out of this is that you will be a single mother, but you dreaded the moment you will have to tell Jimin. You won’t blame him for avoiding this, but deep inside, you also knew Jimin would take full responsibility because that was the boy you are in love with.

Now your hands decided to shake furiously as your heart began beating out of your chest with the dial tone beeping on your phone. Immediately after one beat, you could hear him sniffling from the opposite side.

“Y/N… Please Y/N. Please come back to me.” You bit your lips from bursting into tears from the hurt you heard in his crackling voice, you were beginning to wonder why you even left in the first place. What were you thinking. Why were you so stupid.

“You have time to meet up?” You whispered, trying to not sound like you were continuously having tears swell up from your eyes.

“Yes, oh my god, yes. Now? I can meet you now. Where are you.” You could hear him putting on a jacket and shuffling through the dorm, you also knew he was going to get in a lot of trouble for leaving at this late hour.

“No, you will get in trouble.”

“I don’t care. You are at home right? I’m walking out right now.” And so you heard the soft blow of the midnight wind through his phone.

Within ten minutes, you heard the doorbell rang through the house. Deep breaths, Y/N. Deep breaths.

“Hi–” you greeting was interrupted by a chilled jacket wrapping itself around you as you were pressed against his chest, breathing in his familiar scent, you momentarily closed your eyes in bliss.

“Y/N. I don’t know what I did wrong to make you leave me, but I am so so sorry. Please take me back. I’ll do whatever it takes, I need you, I cannot live without you. I haven’t been able to sleep, eat, or practice properly. Please, I’m begging you Y/N. Please please….” Jimin’s knee buckled as they came slamming down in front you, “please Y/N… Please be mine again. I cannot live without you.” He whispered defeatedly at the end, out of breath from the quick burst of words.

You stood there in silence as you stared at the boy kneeling on his knees. Would he still stay this if he knew what is growing inside of me?

“I’m pregnant.” You simply stated, not knowing exactly what you were suppose to say to break the news to the unexpected boy.

“Huh?” He tilted his head like a lost puppy with his fluffy hair sweeping to one side. Damn it, how. How does he still look so beautiful.

“I’m pregnant. With child. There’s someone growing inside me. Baby. B-A-B-Y.” After the first time, you could repeat this all day before he got what you meant because you were actually getting excited for finally acknowledging the treasure within you, or maybe it’s just the hormones.

Jimin’s eyes began to widen, while his mouth gapped open, he was in shock alright.

“I understand this was unexpected and definitely not what you want. We are still so young and this will ruin your image in so many ways. I don’t want be the reason why Bangtan looses their Army, but I’m keeping this baby even if you are in the picture or not.” You finally allowed the tears to flow freely down your face, dropping small puddles onto the ground.

“Don’t you ever say such a thing. I will take care of this baby and if we need to get married, then we will. Y/N, I love you so much that no matter what happens, I will always be there for you. For all I know, I’m happy this happened because you are returning to me. I don’t know if I’m ready to be a father, but I’m will do my best. I will not leave you over this because this baby will be taken care of by two parents. Okay?” Jimin cupped your face, tenderly lifting your chin up, so you could actually look him in the eye. His eyes shaping into their smiling slits, which twinkled even in the dimness of your living room. What did you do in your past life to deserve him…

You were now crying with joy, nodding like a maniac, trying to show just how grateful you were of him. You both knew many challenges will be coming your way because of this, but what mattered most was this baby and your relationship. It was you two against the world after all.


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