In which Carmilla make a deal. Her total loyalty to her vampire family against Silas’ (and therefore Laura’s) safety.


The dust of dust.
We are the apple of God’s eye.
We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.

“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right.”

With golden string
our universe was brought to life,
that we may fall in love
every time we open up our eyes.

Sleeping At Last - SUN


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“Y/N, you knew that was my pie! And it was pecan!” Dean exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

It was quite amusing, almost silly, to watch him throw a fit about the empty plastic platter on the table. You fought the urge to smile as he ran a hand through his short hair, his eyes wide and shocked. 

“Dean, it wasn’t that big of a deal,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest and finally losing your will to not smile.

“That big of a deal!? Of course it was that big of a deal!” 

“I’m feeding two people and you’re feeding one, so yeah, I’m eating your pie.”

“Oh, that’s bull, that’s—that’s…what?”



Luke Gets Jumped (Part Three)

A/N: Sorry I didn’t finish it last night, but I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think of the ending, because I struggled with it but I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Thanks for all requesting a part three and for all the nice messages!

Part One: http://5-seconds-of-mischief.tumblr.com/post/123031538376/luke-gets-jumped

Part Two: http://5-seconds-of-mischief.tumblr.com/post/123083435556/luke-gets-jumped-part-two


“Where is he?”

At your panicked voice, the four boys in a bathroom looked to the door, listening as your steps ran up the stairs as John directed you where Luke was. After Luke admitted to needing you, Michael had called, just explaining it was urgent and not telling you whether or not Luke was involved. Which, of course, meant Luke was, and made you worry as you sped through the rain to get to Feldy’s house.

“Oh my god. Oh my god,” Luke groaned, listening as Michael ran to the door of the bathroom to block you before you came in. “Why did we call her? Oh my god.”

“Luke, c'mon, you know she will help you,” Calum said, lightly running his hand up his friend’s bare back. Luke was still only in his boxers, having not even gotten into the shower. He was in a very unstable emotional state, and the boys concluded that he was partially still in some sort of shock, and forcing him into anything was not the best plan of action. Since calling you, they had been sitting on the bathroom floor, trying to coax Luke into taking slow sips of water and get cleaned up. They were too scared to do much else.

“Y/N!” Michael said as you approached the bathroom. “Listen, just wait a minute-”

“Luke?” You yelled, pushing against Michael’s shoulders lightly and bursting into the bathroom. You stopped dead in your tracks as you took in the image of your boyfriend sitting on the ground, slumped against the sink, looking admittedly awful.

Your hand flew to cover your mouth as his lifeless blue eyes met your’s. “Luke…” You gasped in a whisper. In the next moment, tears began to stream down his face, and Calum and Ashton -who were on either side of him- both moved to embrace him. He flinched, but his eyes never left your’s, and in that one moment you felt like you knew everything that had happened to him. His pain, his fear, his anxiety, it was all in his eyes, flashing before you. A sob caught in your throat and you moved forward slowly, kneeling in front of Luke and taking in his bruised, filthy face and body.

“Baby,” You whispered brokenly. “What happened?”

A loud sob broke from Luke’s mouth, and he turned so half his body was behind Calum’s. He wasn’t acting anything like himself, and you realized how fragile the situation truly was.

“He got jumped,” Michael said from behind you, anger evident in his tone. “By a fucking gang.”

“Mikey, calm down,” Ashton softly spoke, glaring at Michael to show that he wasn’t helping the situation. You reached your hand out to brush Luke’s side, him flinching away almost immediately.

“It’s alright baby,” You whispered, sitting on the tile floor and resting your hands on your knees. “Luke, everything will be okay.”

“We need to get him cleaned up before anything gets infected,” John spoke from the doorway, not wanting to intrude but clearly caring deeply for the boy’s wellbeing.

“No hospital,” Luke murmured, turning to face you again.

“Okay, no hospital,” You agreed. You knew he really should be at one, but you needed him to cooperate first and know you were on his side. “Can you take a shower Luke?”

He nodded, and Michael and Calum helped lift him up so he could stand with most of his body leaning against the sink. You noticed the goosebumps running along his dirty skin and immediately turned the shower on again, letting the room fill with hot steam. After a few moments, Luke was still leaning against the sink, making no move to take his boxers off and get in.

“Luke, you’ve got to a get in,” Ashton said, and Luke’s eyes whipped up to meet his.

“Not with all you here,” He mumbled, and you realized what a degrading situation this was for him. Luke was always a very independent person, so to be coddled even though he desperately needed it was not the best idea.

“You guys go,” You said, turning to Ash, Mikey, and Calum. They looked like they wanted to argue but didn’t, making their way out the door, making you promise to get them if Luke needed anything.

You turned back to Luke. “Alright, why don’t we clean you up babe?” You asked, trying to keep your voice as steady and normal as possible.

“I can do it myself,” Luke responded. You doubted that but you knew you shouldn’t push him, so you nodded.

“Alright, I’ll just wait here,” He glared at you as you moved to sit on the sink he was leaning against, and finally moved to remove his boxers. He looked to be in incredible pain with each movement, but he limped his way to the shower, getting in and closing the frosted glass door.

You asked him how he was doing every few minutes, which he would just grunt some sort of ‘fine’ at you. He was shutting off, or trying to at least, and you wouldn’t have it. He was far too important to you for you to let him bottle all those dark emotions up. Around twenty minutes passed by when you asked again.

“Luke, you doing okay?” You waited for his reply, and could see a very cloudy version of his body through the glass. “Luke?”

You hopped off the counter and walked toward the shower, trying your best to steady your heartbeat. The fucking shower was supposed to help, not hurt him more.

“Y/N?” You heard him whisper hoarsely through the glass.

“Yeah, babe?”

“I can’t… I can’t wash my hair,” His voice cracked on 'hair’, and you opened the door, seeing tears and water streaming down his face. His body looked relatively better, but it was clear he couldn’t clean himself as well as normal.

“I’ll wash your hair?” You offered, hoping your gentle tone would soothe him. He stood under the water for a moment before nodding and stepping further into the shower to make room for you.

You quickly stripped your clothes off and stepped in, being aware that there was nothing sexual right now about being in this small space naked. His body was nothing new to you, but in its fragile state, you weren’t sure how to treat it.

“Sit down on the seat,” You said softly, helping Luke sit on the built in seat in the big shower. You lathered your hands with shampoo, immediately beginning to wash Luke’s hair. At certain times he would flinch and push you back, for his head was extremely sensitive in some places. You conditioned even more gently, and used the shower head to rinse away the soap and run lightly down the rest of his body. You stood him up and cleaned him more and watched as dirt and blood made a trail to the drain. When you looked up, Luke was crying again.

“You’re going to be okay,” You whispered, embracing him as he turned to cling to you. You held him under the hot water until he seemed to be drowsy, and then you decided it was time to get out. You helped him dry off and change into the pair of shorts and boxers John had left for him, you changing back into your clothes too.

The boys came back in and sat Luke on the sink, assessing his body. Honestly, he looked worse than he did before the shower, because now every assault was visible on his red and aggravated skin. John came in a few moments later with his wife, whom had some type of medical training from long ago. She gently asked Luke a lot of questions, so he retold the story more thoroughly as his friends got more angered with each mentioned attack. She checked his head a lot to make sure nothing seemed to have damaged him internally, even though hospital tests were really the best way to know. Then she directed to put medicine on any exposed cuts on Luke, so you all went to work, with John, her and you doing most of it and the other three talking to Luke trying to distract him from the pain and sting of the disinfectants. At one point, Luke’s eyes began filling with tears again, but his three best friends stayed right by him, trying to make him laugh and feel safe. By the time Luke was all bandaged up, he was half asleep, and you stared at his blue eyes that looked so weary and worn for someone so young.

“Want to sleep,” He mumbled. You nodded, and with the help of Michael and Calum, basically carried him into the spare room. He laid on the bed stiffly, trying not ro move and hurt himself more.

“Let him rest,” John said from the doorway. “When he wakes up, we’ll get him some food.”

You all nodded and the other three guys slowly left the room, promising to be close by. They informed you Alex and Jack had left and that the party was called off, which you kind of laughed at because of course it was called off. Luke was the one who needed attention right now, not a game of beer pong.

Sometime during his third hour of sleeping, his body began twisting and turning, which you knew was hurting him. You gently shook him awake, and he sprang up from the nightmare, blue eyes haunted and blown out.

“Shh, Luke you’re alright,” You murmured as he breathed heavily, he lifted his tortured gaze to you and began fumbling with his words.

“They were gonna kill me,” He cried. “They told me they would. They wanted to!”

“They won’t get you now,” You assured him, laying him back down. It was so terrible seeing him like this, so fragile and scared. “You’re safe, remember?”
He slowly nodded, tugging on your arm so you laid with him. You wrapped your arms around his large frame, rubbing his back as you listened to his cries slowly fade out as he fell asleep, realizing that his road to recovery might take awhile, but you were more than willing to stick around, because that’s what you do when you love someone.


Slowly but surely, Luke began to get better. The first couple days no one could get him to eat, but once he started up again, his strength began to return, along with a better mental and emotional state. 5 Seconds of Summer had to cancel a couple gigs and acoustic shows, but there was a mutual agreement that Luke shouldn’t do anything until he felt as good as can be. Nightmares still plagued him on certain nights, but you were there to fight them so it was okay. His breakdowns became fewer as the days passed, and you all stayed in Feldy’s large house to maintain a homey environment as he recovered. Liz and Andy came up the day after his attack, and their presence was helpful as well. Exactly two weeks later, you were sitting in the music room with Luke while he wrote a song, when Michael called you both into the family room. Luke was pretty independent now, but you still kind of hovered when he walked, just in case he needed support or anything, since he wasn’t completely healed yet.

“Check this!” Michael said as you both walked in and sat on the couch, him plopping down next to Calum as the news flashed across the screen.

“This morning, they arrested one of L.A.’s worst gangs,” Michael said excitedly. You kept a close eye on Luke as the footage played, not sure that this was the best thing to watch when he had come so far. About seven people onscreen were escorted out of cop cars, being led into the jail by numerous armed men.

“Are those them?” Ashton asked Luke quietly. For a long time Luke was silent, watching the full coverage until the topic changed. Calum shut the TV off once it did, and you gently began to play with Luke’s fingers, kind of wanting to kill Michael for calling you in.

“Yeah,” Luke responded suddenly. “Those are the assholes who almost killed me.”

“They’re gonna rot in jail,” Calum said viciously, quietly seething just from knowing the bastards’ faces.

“Come on,” You spoke after awhile, pulling Luke up from the couch and out of the heavy silence. “It’s lunch time, and I’m hungry.”

Luke started walking behind you to the kitchen. “Hi hungry,” He said, and you could hear the beautiful hint of teasing in his voice, which you had desperately missed. “I’m Luke.”

You stopped and turned around, trying to deadpan but failing when you saw how hilarious he thought he was. You started laughing too, and soon he was clutching his side and wiping tears from his eyes. Good tears though, and you were so happy that he was finally returning to himself.