fluff up your hair

What if humans are one of the only species that has involuntary responses to emotions and aliens just find it really annoying?

Like you’re just relaxing, watching a horror movie with your crewmates, and it’s so scary your claws start coming out and your hair starts to fluff up— then suddenly, at the scariest moment, the human just starts making this godawful high pitched sound that makes your ears hurt.

Or you’re watching a comedy and suddenly the human just starts dying. Their breathing speeds up and they start clutching their sides and rocking around, all while making these little yelping noises— you’re just about to call the medics when the human manages to choke out that they are just laughing. Apparently what you took for death throes are actually this species’ normal reaction to funny stimuli. Your confusion then makes the human do it more and louder.

Maybe your human friend breaks up with their SO and you’re comforting them and they start doing it again and you think that you’ve cheered them up. But then, last time they made this noise, they were just breathing quickly— now they’re releasing all these fluids from their eye sockets and nostrils and, while you really want to comfort them because they’re your friend, it’s hard not to recoil in disgust.

Humans are just so loud! If they cut themselves they yelp, if they trip over they shout, if they stub their toes they swear. Species with sensitive hearing can barely be around humans at all, because just hearing them raise their voices in an argument is enough to cause headaches that last for hours.

Alien (and human) entrepreneurs make their fortunes selling noise cancelling headphones for aliens working on human ships.

life hacks from cats
  • you can fix any illness or injury by humming to yourself 
  • nobody should be alone in the bathroom, ever 
  • if you’re scared of someone, just fluff up your hair real big and they’ll probably leave you alone 
  • when you pee on something, you own that thing. congratulations! property is urine 
  • if it makes a sound like food, it is definitely food and you should try to eat it no matter what 
  • hitting someone in the face is an appropriate way to thank them for doing your hair 
  • when your friend is sad, sitting on top of them will make them feel better 
  • if a gross dude is trying to have sex with you and you’re not into it, just shrug your shoulders and walk a few feet away and he’ll forget what he was doing entirely 
  • missed the toilet? it’s ok. just kick some tp over it and nobody will know the difference. it’s also ok if you don’t even manage to cover it up as long as you tried 
  • when you have leftovers, scratching the table around your dish will keep them fresh and tasty until you’re ready to eat again 
  • if you are lonely and want affection, headbutting your best friend at full force is the best way to let them know you want to hang out 
  • jealous because someone else is getting all the love? berate them until they leave the room. the other person will then be happy to immediately transfer their affection to you 
  • silently and grimly kicking your brother in the stomach is a fun way to spend an afternoon 
  • there is no limit to the number of times gravity can be discovered 
  • it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated! find the stupidest possible way to drink water and do that. make sure to get your neck nice and wet for no real reason 
  • when you’re finished styling your coif in the morning, remember to eat the hair you’ve combed out for a morning pick-me-up snack 
  • doors should never be closed. if a door is closed it is a terrible mistake and must be remedied immediately by screaming at your mom 
  • taking a shortcut to your favorite restaurant means that the restaurant will be an entirely different place by the time you get there 
  • for a dramatic and loveable makeup look, wing both your top and bottom eyeliner all the way out to your ears and then draw a little “m” on your forehead 
  • when it’s time to take the edge off, scatter your favorite drug on the floor and just roll around in it until you drool 
  • need exercise? do sprint laps of your house at three in the morning. don’t worry about knocking things over! your health is more important than that ming vase.
Solace (M)

(Gif not mine)


Rated (M) for slightly suggestive content and mature themes

Genre: angst, fluff

“Just stay home tonight.”

You finished tying your hair up before looking up to the mirror in front of you. A smile spread across your face when you saw your boyfriend, Mark standing behind you in the reflection. He was shirtless, wearing only loose basketball shorts and a snapback that held his hair out of his face.

“I can’t,” you sighed as you took a makeup brush off the bathroom counter and swiped it across your blush palette. “I have a late shift at work.”

“Call in sick,” Mark slyly suggested while wrapping his arms around you from behind, making sure to squeeze you tight. “Say you have the flu or something.” He added before placing kisses along your shoulders.

You giggled while you applied blush onto the apples of your cheeks, casually enjoying the tingling feeling of his soft lips on your skin. “As convincing as that sounds, I don’t have any more off days.” You replied while you felt him sink his teeth down on your skin, nibbling on the edge of your neck. You bit your lip from the pleasure and Mark continued with his satisfying actions before speaking up.

“Mmm, why don’t you have any days left?” He innocently asked, allowing you to feel his cool breath against your warm skin.

You finished applying your makeup and set it down on the counter before turning around to see his handsome face. His sharp features and dark colored eyes glistened under the light of the vanity mirror. Mark shot you a teasing smile when you faced him, allowing you to get a glimpse of his tongue piercing and shiny teeth.

You’re the reason I don’t have any more off days,” you stated, throwing your arms around his neck. “I’ve called in so many times so I can stay with you.”

He chuckled, “Baby you make it sound like a bad thing…didn’t I make those times worth it?”

You felt your face heat up at the thought of the steamy nights you two had on your ‘sick days’. You had to admit, calling in sick all the time just to stay the night with your boyfriend wasn’t professional and quite stupid on your part.

But it was sure as hell fun.

“Eh~,” you teased in response and he faked a gasp, looking rather offended before tilting his head down and kissing you hard. Closing your eyes, you were rather quick to respond as soon as you felt the softness of his smooth lips against yours. You felt your body become trapped against his as he grasped the wall behind you – keeping you beneath him while his tongue dragged across your bottom lip, begging for entrance until you parted your lips for him.

As soon as you did you felt the coolness of his silver piercing against your mouth. You ran your own tongue over it, feeling the metal on your muscle as he continued to kiss you with such passion and ease.

You jumped in surprise as your boyfriend suddenly gripped your ass under your skirt, causing him to chuckle within the kiss as you playfully smacked his shoulder. “How about we make this a quickie.” He offered between kisses before seductively dragging his finger down your lip. “You won’t miss your shift, I promise.”

You looked at him as you parted your lips further, ready to take his offer before glancing at the time on your phone.

And with all good things, they had to come to an end as you remembered you had to leave for work in only a couple of minutes.

Mark groaned when you suddenly pulled away – giving you a displeased look and wishing you would give in so you two could then finish what you started on his bed this time.

“As tempting as that sounds…I have to leave already,” you breathed against his lips and he let out an annoyed sigh as you walked out of the bathroom.

“Fine.” Mark pouted, “But I’m driving you.” He announced as he grabbed a white t-shirt from one of the drawers.

“It’s only two blocks away,” you commented while you stood in the front doorway, fixing the last few buttons on your uniform. “I can just walk.”

Your boyfriend shot you a dumbfounded look as he walked towards you clothed and with his keys, “Babe.” He huffed. “It’s dark outside and there’s creeps out there. I’m not going to let you walk to work this late. Besides…I was going to pick you up and surprise you anyways.” He shyly admitted.

You smiled and stepped towards him, “Aw you’re such a good boyfriend.” You cooed before giving him a small peck on the lips.

“The best boyfriend,” Mark corrected with a grin and kissed you again.

You laughed when you saw he had some pink lipstick stuck on his lips from your earlier endeavors. “Also a pretty boyfriend,” you commented while pointing to his lips. Realizing what you meant, he narrowed his eyebrows and quickly wiped the color from his mouth until it was completely gone.

“What a shame, I thought pastel pink really suited you.” You smirked and he couldn’t help but laugh as you two walked out the door.

You bid your boyfriend goodbye as he pulled up to the front of the restaurant you worked at. It was Friday night and the place was booming with people, meaning you could hear the chatter and music from outside.

“Your shift ends at midnight right?” Mark cautiously asked from the driver’s seat while glaring at all the people standing outside.

“Yeah,” you answered and he nodded his head.

“Alright, I’ll be in the front to pick you up then.” Mark promised with a confident tone. “I’ll see you then baby girl.” He added and you leaned in to give him one last kiss before opening the door and getting out of his car.

“Y/N table five is still waiting on their order!” Kevin, your manager called out from the kitchen. You finished refilling another customer’s drink before rushing to the back and grabbing the forgotten order of food.

“Sorry about that,” you politely said as you placed baskets of hot wings and curly fries in front of the customers at table five.

“It’s okay, it’s really busy tonight.” A woman from the table replied with a smile before you grabbed a pitcher of water and refilled her glass. As soon as you were done catering to that table, you swiftly moved around to the other tables in your designated area and made sure they were all taken care of.

You found yourself bringing beer after beer as tonight was game night, which meant people were drunk and screaming like maniacs for their favorite teams. “Move out of the way lady!” You heard a man shout at you from a table nearby, angry that you were standing in front of one of the flat screens as you refilled a beer.

“Sorry,” you mumbled before quickly grabbing the drink and scurrying out of the way.

“Hey baby, we need another round.” Another man, clearly looking drunk called out to you when you passed by him and his buddies. They were all holding their empty beer glasses up, motioning for you to refill them.

You hesitated before going towards them and grabbing their glasses. Their table wasn’t in your designated area but in that moment you decided doing a quick refill wouldn’t hurt anyone as their waiter was nowhere to be seen.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing,” the same man added with a stupid grin plastered on his red face. You noticed the name tag on his shirt read, Louis. He had greasy hair and looked to be about eight or ten years older than you.

His friends held the same appearance and were all wearing expensive dress shirts and loosened ties, most likely from work as they seemed to be the type to stop and drink straight afterwards.

You ignored Louis’ comment as you grabbed the last glass before he spoke up again. “I would do anything to have a pretty girl like you for a night.” He added and all of his friends stared at you with eerie smirks.

“Um, no thanks.” You sassed with a disgusted look before turning to walk away.

But just as you did, you felt a sudden yank to your body as Louis grabbed your arm. “Hey! Let go of me!” You loudly demanded and within seconds your manager came rushing over and pulled the man away from you.

“Get out of my restaurant!” Kevin shouted to the drunken idiots while he pointed towards the front door. “Awe, c’mon. We were just having some fun,” Louis argued as he stood up with his hands up in the air.

Not wanting to hear anymore, Kevin raised his voice. “I’ll call the cops if you don’t leave!” He threatened one last time before the drunk gang of men proceeded to unsteadily walk out of the restaurant.

“Idiots these days,” Kevin further scolded while looking at them and shaking his head in disgust. Looking around, you could see other customers gawking at the scene before continuing to drink while the last commercial finished and the game came back on.

With the rude men now gone, you returned to your fulfilling your shift with much more ease and by near closing time, the crowd had died down as the game was finally over – with only one customer now left at the bar.

You continued cleaning your designated area, taking the last few empty plates to the dishwasher before Kevin stopped you. “Y/N you can leave early once you’re done.” He informed from beside the bar. “I’ll take care of this last customer.”

“Really? Thanks.” You grinned while taking off your nametag and untying your apron from around your waist. You grabbed your belongings from the back lockers and saw it was now only 15 minutes until midnight, which meant Mark would be back to pick you up soon.

With a quick bid goodbye to your manager, you wasted no time in rushing out of the restaurant and closing the door behind you. The cool wind nipped at your skin as soon as you stood outside in front of the building.

You were faced with an empty parking lot and the view of an unusually not-so starry sky. Looking ahead, you could see the street lights on the other side of the road were unfavorably dim while others were blinking uncontrollably.

Sounds of the wind whistling were heard as you leaned against the brick wall, tapping one foot against the concrete floor while you waited for your boyfriend to arrive. You could hear the faint sound of crickets in the plants nearby, strumming their night melodies while you looked back up to the sky. It was a waning crescent moon tonight – just as the news had predicted. You found yourself in awe, gazing up at the light that was surrounded by darkness.

That was until you heard footsteps.

At first you didn’t pay much attention to the sound, assuming it to be the last customer of the night walking to his car.

However as the sound grew nearer, you soon realized you were wrong.

The footsteps began to grow louder and ragged, sounding like more than one pair of feet as it quickly turned into shuffling and scattering across the sidewalk ground.

And it was at that moment you finally looked towards the noise.

It was coming from across the street, with figures hidden beneath the shadows of trees and darkness of the night. You stared ahead, trying to see who was standing over there as you squinted your eyes for a better focus.

The only light available to you was the moon from above and the few dying lamp posts that gave you a chance to see only when they flashed on for a mere five seconds.

And it was at that moment you caught sight of who was standing on the other end. You felt your heart drop as there, standing under one of the dim lamp post, was Louis and his group of drunken men from earlier.

And they were staring straight at you.

However, only this time they weren’t being the loud, obnoxious jerks from earlier, no. Instead they were all silent, merely uttering a thing or two to each other while still looking over at you from the other side of the road.

And each time the lamp posts would flicker off, you could feel a cold shiver running down your spine – making its way through your body and causing goosebumps to form on your skin. You wanted to run back inside – to run towards safety while your manager was still there but as soon as you tried, you couldn’t. It was as if your feet were glued to the floor, not allowing you to move from your current spot as you could suddenly feel all your muscles tense up in fear.

So at that moment all you could do was stare back at them. Biting down on your bottom lip hard, you attempted to keep a straight face despite your trembling features. For a second the men seemed to stop coming near you as they all stayed huddled near the flickering lights.

While keeping your eyes on them, you shoved your hand inside your bag, nervously fishing for your phone until you saw one of them pick up a rock and throw it at the light bulb from above, knocking it out and continuing to hit them all one by one.

And that’s when everything went pitch black.  

With a shriek, your trembling hands were scrounging through the bag, feeling for the phone while your eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness.

But just as that ounce of hope sparked in you when you retrieved the phone, you could hear the footsteps again.

And they were only getting closer.

With the poor lighting of your phone, you found your way to the door, banging on it with all the adrenaline now piercing through your veins when you realized Kevin had locked it up for the night. “Kevin!” You shouted, hoping he would hear you. “Kevin! Open the door please!”

The footsteps were growing closer as you kept frantically smashing your fist against the door. You dared to turn back – feeling numb in the face as you saw they were now running towards you. With no time to spare, you regretfully left the restaurant door, running around towards the back entrance as you could hear numerous cat calls throughout the silence of the night. The things they were yelling at you were disgusting, coming from men who thought of you like some play toy rather than a human being.

Running around the back corner you found the other door, wasting no time in trying to open it until you realized it too was locked. “Kevin!” You called out. “Is anybody in there? It’s Y/N. Open the door please!” You begged as you were on the verge of tears while simultaneously dialing emergency on your phone.

“Hello, 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?” The operator calmly asked from the other end.

But just as you proceeded to speak, the line suddenly shut off. “Hello? Hello?” You repeated frantically before taking a glance at your phone screen.

And when you did, you caught a glimpse of the 1% at the top right corner just before it shut off.  “No…” you whimpered as you frantically pressed the power button – trying to somehow regain battery power as you continuously finagled with the damn thing.

“Well look who it is, boys,” a haunting voice boomed behind you.

You felt yourself snap around to face the predator as you heard more footsteps coming near. Under the dim moonlight you could see a few figures standing in front of you, standing tall and wide as they neared your presence. “What’s a pretty thing like you doing here all alone at night?” Louis asked in a taunting tone, coming closer as the others circled around you like a pack of lions.

You smacked his hand away as he held a finger up to your cheek before trying to push past the group. “Not so fast,” he called as two of his friends pushed you back in the circle. “Don’t touch me!” You hissed at them, attempting to leave again before you felt a harsh yank onto your hair. “Hey I wasn’t don’t talking to you!” The man shouted, his voice laced with alcohol and drunken anger as he forcefully pulled you back to him.

Your back collided with his chest and he spun you around to face him – gripping both your wrists with his large hand as he refrained you from attacking him. “Little bitch! You’re the one that got us kicked out earlier!” He spat until you stomped on his foot and elbowed him in the stomach.

He let out a groan in pain before yanking his hand back and slapping you firm across the cheek, causing you to fall back as you screamed out. You felt your back hit against the hard ground, skidding your elbows and forearms against the gravel of the parking lot as you tried to cushion your fall.

Louis then got on top of you, holding your bruised wrists above your head as he played with your hair, twirling strands of it between his dirty fingers. “Let go of me!” You screamed as tears began to pool in your eyes. “Please just leave me alone.”

But despite your desperate cries, you could hear the Louis’ friends in the background laughing and pointing till their hearts content. You wondered how a group could be so cruel, so vicious to stand there and laugh at you as you screamed for dear life.

“Shut up!” Louis urged, placing his hand over your mouth as he eyed the buttons of your uniform shirt. You screamed again and again, watching as he licked his lips disgustingly.

With all your strength and adrenaline you tried to fight him off, kicking your legs and hips up in a desperate attempt to hurt him and somehow get off the ground.

But as you laid there struggling, more tears streamed down your face as you began to think this was it. There was no physical way you were going to be able to break free from this man…and even if you did, where would you go? His friends were all circling you, acting like a group of hungry hyenas just waiting for their prey to be released.

And it was at that moment that you shut your eyes, wishing not to suffer before you suddenly heard a loud bone cracking sound.

The sound was soon followed by silence as the laughter had quickly stopped – being replaced by curses and yelling soon afterwards. Your eyes shot open as soon as you felt the weight off of you and you were met with the sight of your boyfriend, Mark.

“Don’t you fucking touch her!” Mark screamed, proceeding to kick Louis on the ground as the other men shouted at him. Looking beside you, you saw Louis was profusely bleeding from the mouth, catching a glimpse of his stained teeth as the blood ran down his chin and onto his clothes.

“Fuck you prick!” Louis spat before Mark furiously kicked him again, using more force until Louis coughed out more blood.

Within seconds Louis’ gang of friends started charging towards the two of you, with some grabbing scraps of sharp broken glass from a garbage nearby and rushing forward.

In a 6 vs. 1 fight, Mark knew he couldn’t defend the two of you and instead helped you up, exclaiming an urgent “Let’s go!” while he grabbed your hand and quickly led you away with him.

The two of you ran as fast as you possibly could, with the men all hot on your trails as they chased you. As soon as Mark let go, you ran to the passenger side of the car – racing to open the door as Mark struggled to retrieve his keys from his pocket.

But just as he did, you screamed as one of the men caught up to him, launching forward and hitting your boyfriend on the back of the head with a metal bar. You watched in horror as your boyfriend fell to the ground, laying there lifeless as blood gushed from the back of his head before the man raised up the bar to hit him again.

“NO!” Your voice shrilled as you screamed at the top of your lungs. “NO! STOP PLEASE!” You continued hysterically before you suddenly felt shaken by the hands of someone holding onto your shoulders.

“Y/N wake up! Wake up, baby!”

Your eyes shot open to the familiar sound of Mark calling out your name, urging you to wake up multiple times before he realized you were finally awake. You stared at him with eyes red and full of tears as you struggled to catch your breath. Upon seeing you, his eyes widened as well, looking worried as he cupped the sides of your panicked face.

You took a good look at the man in front of you, frantically examining him and the room you two were in. You quickly recognized the familiar place being your boyfriend’s bedroom before looking back to Mark. He was dressed in baggy clothes and his hair was a mess as he had just woken up by the sound of your frantic screaming.

“Y-you’re not hurt?” You muttered, looking worried as you gripped onto him.

Mark shook his head in response, “No, I’m fine.” He calmly stated and you glanced down to search for any marks or bruises on his arms. “But there were these awful men – they hit you a-and-” you explained before bursting into tears once more.

Keeping your face close to his, he wiped your tears with his thumbs, looking you in the eyes as he said, “Please don’t cry baby. I’m okay, I promise.”

You held him tight, burying your face in his shirt as you tried to calm down. “Shhh its okay,” he consoled as he wrapped his arms around you. “It was just a dream…a bad dream.”

And there the two of you were, holding onto each other for dear life as your tears slowly began to subside. There was something about the sound of his voice that comforted you. It was hard to describe but after a while you found yourself closing your eyes once more as he ran his hand over your head gently, letting you fall back to sleep in his arms as the two of you laid down.

And before you knew it you were asleep, surrounded by the solace of your beloved boyfriend, Mark.

“It was just a dream,” he repeated. “Just a bad, bad dream.”

BTS reaction: their S/O has wild, curly hair

Request:  BTS reaction to their s/o having big, wild, curly hair? Maybe do the same for Day6 too if it’s not too much to ask? Love ur blog btw ❤️ you should really write a fanfic btw, no pressure im just saying I think it’d be soooooo good 😭❤️

A/N: Okay, because you’re literally the sweetest person ever and I feel bad for not posting in so long, I’m doing both to try and make it up to y’all and say thank you for all the support on my last post, the feedback was incredible and it means the absolute world to me that you guys are so understanding that I can’t post consistently right now. Thanks again lovelies, enjoy! Xx


Originally posted by jjilljj

Jin would absolutely love how your hair set you apart from most other girls as it wasn’t necessarily a common look in Korea. It certainly meant that you turned heads for all the right reasons, both your hair and undeniable beauty catching the attention and envy of almost everyone. Of course, this would boost Jin’s ego no end as he got to call you his.


Originally posted by kpoptrashandproud

Yoongi would love your hair so much that he would constantly want his hair to be as voluminous as yours. He would be constantly checking out how flawless your hair just from rolling out of bed while his stylists made sure he looked perfect, floofing constantly and staring at you in a mix of envy and appreciation at his gorgeous girlfriend.


Originally posted by jinful

Hobi would find it amazing how his S/O’s hair more or less defied gravity. He would be in awe of how it made any outfit look glorious and how the sun would bounce of it at all angles, highlighting every colour and curl. Most of all, he’d love how you’d let him play with it while it was sprawled out over your pillow in the morning.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by forjimin

Most of all he wpuld treasure your hair and treat it like it was the most precious thing he’d ever seen. Of course he loved you for so much more than just your hair, he would treasure every lock and would relish stroking it when you would let him. He would be sad when you straightened it even though it was your choice as he thought your natural hair was simply breathtaking. 


Originally posted by sosjimin

The way you brushed your hair from your eyes when you concerntrating. The way you ran your fingers through it absentmindedly and the way it framed your face like a wild mane. All of these things were just parts of what Jimin thought made you so uniquely beautiful and made him weak at the knees. Needless to say he was in love with every part of you, but your hair made him soft.


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

To Tae, your hair would be reflective of your wild and bouncy personality which he loved so much. He loved the way it bounced every time you walked and it would be a common occurrence for him to ruffle your hair or fluff it up as he walked past you, shooting you a wink before wondering off before he fell victim to your rolling eyes. 


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

It would baffle Kookie how whether you had come back from exercising, rolled out of bed or literally been dragged through a hedge backwards your hair looked perfect, every voluminous curl falling immaculately while his stuck up in frenzied tufts. He would be on a mission some days; ruffling your hair and fidding with it in a feeble attempt to make it look messy before sighing in defeat, kissing your forehead while you smirked in victory; something you had the golden maknae didn’t.

Hair dyes | Park Jimin

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

❁Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

❁Summary: Soulmate AU where when your soulmate dyes their hair, your hair also changes to that color. You happen to have already found your soulmate, but why the hell did you wake up with pink hair?

❁Words: 850+

❁Category: Fluff fluff fluff

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Silent Treatment- Niklaus Mikaelson

Summary: After a terrible day your boyfriend, Klaus makes it worse, which results in you giving him the silent treatment.

Pairings: Niklaus Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by malachaisangel

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sweet on you

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summary: soulmate!au where you can taste whatever your soulmate tastes // when you have a really big sweet tooth and maybe a taste for the cute eye candy employee at the bakery on campus too.

word count: 1.4k


pairing: reader x the8/minghao

a/n: tHanks to @lam-sandwich for encouraging to finally write something and supporting my TRASHY stories even though we don’t have the same fandoms ♡

in a world where soulmates could taste whatever one tasted whether or not they liked it or not, you had always thought you were blessed with a soulmate who fortunately shared the same sweet tooth as you did.

growing up surrounded with salty chips and spicy dishes, you were bound in disgust at all the flavors you were forced to experience to rid yourself of that wretched sweet tooth you harbored that caused sickening stares and annoying cavities. but no matter how you were raised, your tastebuds still stayed loyal to the sugary sweetness of desserts.

even as a college student now, you couldn’t resist the pungent aroma of pastries at all. that had all led you to the carat cafe and bakery; a quaint bakery nearby the outskirts of your campus that you had discovered on a late night snacking rendezvous. the bakery wasn’t that spectacular in many aspects, but the fireplace and atmosphere made it a cozy home for all the fellow coffee or dessert enthusiasts during the stressful weeks of exams.

you came here almost every week, and became accustomed to the radiant smiles of the workers and servers here who had grown used to your presence as well.

a chime rang throughout the compound as the door opened, and you shot an amiable smile to the baristas who filled the quiet shoppe with genuinely amicable ‘hellos!’ in greeting.

you made your way to the counter, where your now close friend and the best baker in the world according to himself, mingyu, was carefully checking the desserts in display, making sure that each and every pastry was in top notch condition.

“mingyu! the pastries look delicious as always so don’t worry,” you reassured, and he shot his his head up from inside the display and earned a hard thunk on his noggin. groaning, mingyu muttered something about expanding the display case height for the sake of his existence before turning towards you.

before he could respond to you, a voice called out from inside the kitchen and a head of fluffy brown hair appeared.

“if you weren’t such a great baker, i’m pretty sure they would’ve fired you from your clumsiness already,” minghao snickered while carefully placing a pristine white strawberry adorned cake in the display.

“oh, that looks delicious!” you exclaimed, making heart eyes at the newest creation. minghao’s head shot up faster that the speed of light when his ears registered the melodic voice that could only belong to you.

his brain short circuited and he started mumbling, “ah, yeah it does..” and “do you want to try a slice of it?”

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Bite Me (Bitch)

Originally posted by jjks

Note: This is another reupload with edits from my old writing blog (uyuagashi-fics).  I held a prompt game that was a lot of fun, and the request that time was “Suga + bite + breaking the rules”.  This one fits so well with all the vampire looks BTS has gifted us with.  As always, I added in a LOT more to the original post and tidied up some portions of the writing.  This is very BTVS-inspired in terms of vampire lore but there’s lore from other shows/movies/books mixed in as well.  Also, I lost so much steam with this, and I’m unhappy, but whatever.  

I am currently stuck on a very important portion of my Radio DJ Suga AU, and I need to focus on other writing to get out of my rut.  

Summary:  Your existence should repulse him, but Yoongi can’t bring himself to hate you when he craves your bite.  ~Vampire AU~




Yoongi is in a bizarre state of discomfort when he sits through eighty minutes of an in-depth lecture on vampires during DEM 325 (Demonic Physiology).  The other recruits in his class are studiously taking notes as their instructor goes through slide after slide of vampire anatomy, but he can’t bring himself to write down a word.  He can feel his ulcers acting up when the instructor pays special attention to mortality zones.

“Some of you are taking the laboratory component this semester with me,” Dr. Kim notes with a kind, yet condescending smile.  “And let me give you a hint: vampires are Big on the final.  The bulk of my field research is focused on vampires, so it’s an area I know well.”  She pauses for effect.  “And if I see outstanding talent, there are always positions open in my team.”  

The class murmurs with excitement.  Getting real field experience was the dream for recruits.

Dr. Kim gives the class an indulgent smile once more.  “So make sure you do the reading.”  

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Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 784

Warnings: Nightmare, fluff, smut.

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You shot up from your pillow, hair clinging to your face as you glanced around the dark room. No vampires, no blood dripping from your lips. The only thing you could sense was the loud snoring of Dean as he drooled on his pillow. Letting out a deep sigh, you closed your eyes, letting the tears fall. You were tired of the nightmares, tired of the memory of things that never actually happened.

A small whimper left you as your body trembled, still coming down from the rush of your dream. You cursed as Dean stirred before opening his eyes.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Dean lifted himself from his side, propping himself on his elbow as he reached out for you. His hand gently rubbed your arm. “You’re shaking. Come here.” He sat up completely, pulling you against his chest. “Shh, it’s okay. I’m right here.”

He held your head against his chest as he softly stroked your hair. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You shook you head. It was no use. It’s not like you had the same dreams every night. Every single nightmare was different, but always ended the same way, with you becoming the monster.

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Bring the Heat

You wanted to celebrate your three-month anniversary with Kang Daniel, but instead of a loving date with your boyfriend, your world collapses around you. As you’re left to pick up the pieces of your heart, you uncover a scheme that runs a lot deeper than just your own heartbreak, and you’re not going to take it sitting down.

  • aka, daniel and his friends are fking scumbags and girls supporting girls
  • heavily inp. by this scene in riverdale
  • literally this is what happened:
  • anon: can i pls get daniel angst
  • me: but girl power
  • warning: daniel is a bad guy in this. so are his friends. 

You smiled at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, reaching up to quickly fluff up your hair. It was the day of your three-month anniversary with Kang Daniel, and you wanted everything to be perfect.

You two had decided to meet up at a cute café downtown, and you’d even bought matching couple phone cases for you two to share.

The story of how you two began dating was definitely interesting, to say the least. Daniel was one of the more popular guys at your high school, and never really looked your way. You’d always thought he was handsome, and had a crush on him, but during a party, suddenly, he started talking to you. You figured it was because your best friend and his had started dating then, but even after they’d broken up, Daniel would meet you after class and greet you in the hallways.

Finally, on white day, he’d asked you out, and you’d been thrilled. Now you were here, three months later, almost before school ended before summer, and still going strong.

You decided to leave the bathroom, heading out. You spotted Daniel, sitting casually at one of the tables—with his friends?

“Oh, Daniel, you’re here,” you greeted him with a smile, taking a tentative seat across from him, “and all your friends.”

Daniel shrugged, “they wanted to tag along.”

You nodded, trying to contain the frown that wanted to appear on your lips. Daniel knew how much you cared about anniversaries, and it was weird for him to be acting so flippant.

“Oh,” you nodded, “well, I bought these cute couple cases for us!” You reached into your purse excitedly, setting them down on the table, “We can start using them now.”

One of Daniel’s friends picked one of them up, examining it, “this is kind of ugly, don’t you think?” You flinched at his harsh words, looking down at the table. Suddenly, you were reminded of back in your first year of high school, when Daniel’s friend group would tease anyone and everyone mercilessly. Daniel had always reassured you that they’d changed, but apparently, they hadn’t.

“Give that back,” you said weakly, not even wanting to look back up. This date was supposed to be one of the best days of your life, not totally embarrassing. “Daniel, do you want to start using them?”

Daniel looked at you slowly from across the table, a smirk creeping across his lips, “You know, Seongwoo, I think you owe me $100 (usd).” You faltered, looking up at him, totally lost. “(Y/N) and I have been dating for three months. Pay up.” You watched, stunned, as Seongwoo slapped a crisp bill into Daniel’s outstretched hand, the realization slowly sinking in.

“So this whole thing…” you trailed off, not wanting to even say it out loud.

“It was a bet, sweetie,” Seongwoo snickered at your expression, sliding the couple phone case back to you, “you really thought that the Kang Daniel would date someone like you?”

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Glass Heart - Part Three

Ubbe x Reader

Notes: the smolder continues. 1541 words. Still T-rated. Still planning a final E-rated chapter that will burn your face off. 

Links to Part One and Part Two

The next time you see Ubbe, his chiseled face is wavering as you peer at him through the smoke of the spring blot bonfire. His smile when he recognizes you is like the sun breaking through clouds. He tips his head like he’s about to communicate something to you, but your friends are already pulling you away, toward the feast table.

This festival celebrates the end of winter; its magic focuses on preparation for the summer season of growing and raiding. You know which of those two is your priority. You can almost taste the blood of your enemies spattered on your lips, already starting to hear the clangs and thuds of battle in the crackling bonfire. Spring is the season of possibilities, and your blood is already quickening in readiness.

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In a Shroud of Wings

To keep you warm at night. ❤

Castiel x Reader
Word count: 1,375
Warnings: Mild language
Fluff. It’s soooo fluffy, metaphorically and literally. This fluff will get all up in your hair and everything. You’ll be finding it for days.

My beta reader/husband asked why he needed to be topless. Because he doesn’t want to rip his shirt…Obviously.

**DISCLAIMER: I spell it ‘Cass’ like in the show and the script. If it bothers you, I don’t mind if you imagine away the second ’S’.


Imagine… Castiel warming you up on a cold night with his wings…

You close the motel room door quickly behind you to preserve what little heat there is inside. The icy wind follows you in, and the cold from the snow seems to have seeped into your bones. Your body is convulsing in uncontrollable shivers.

‘Fuck Winter,’ you utter through chattering teeth. You make a bee-line for the bed, unable to bear the thought of removing any clothes, but knowing how uncomfortable you’ll be if you don’t at least take off your bra. You pull the old school changing rooms trick and pull it out through your sleeve.

You tentatively remove your boots and hop up onto the mattress quickly, keeping your jeans and hoodie on. You wrap the quilt around you and bury your face into it too. you sit there curled up for a while, still shivering. The quilt offers minimal warmth. You try to wriggle about a bit, but you are too tired to keep it up, not that it does any good anyway.

You slump down onto the pillows, curled up in the bunched quilt. What you wouldn’t give for a heater or a hot water bottle right now. Or a warm body next to you.

The day swirls around in your head, and your tiredness becomes a heavy weight that overcomes you. You wouldn’t call it sleep, though. You are still shivering, the cold preventing you from really relaxing.
His face flutters through your mind. His face and those deep blue eyes and the kindness he showed you today. His name rattles around your head.


They tell you to think warm thoughts. Well, the angel is a warm thought. You imagine his trenchcoat as an extra layer to keep you warm, his arms wrapped around you.

You think you must be dreaming because you hear the flap of wings. Then silence.

You daren’t lift your head from under the covers to look. the cold air will find you.
‘Cas?’ you chance, your voice muffled by the quilt. You hear movement, and the mattress sinks beside you.

Adrenaline surges through your body, your heart pounding.

What if it’s not Cas? What if it’s some other supernatural being skulking around the dark room?

‘You were praying,’ he says softly. You feel his hand on you through the sheets. ‘Are you hurt?’

His misunderstanding brings a smile to your cheeks. His concern fills you with a different kind of warmth.

‘No,’ you mumble.

You sigh. He can just see the round shape in the covers deflate. You imagine his tilted head and furrowed brow.

You wriggle your head out of the quilt and feel the sharp air bite at your nose. Your hair is a static mess, flopping over your face and sticking out wildly at odd angles. Your eyes find his in the dark.

‘I’m fucking freezing.’

If you squint, you can see the penny dropping.

He is still touching you, on your waist, in fact, and he looks down at his hand. His fingers curve round your shape so he is almost gripping you, and before you have the chance to let your mind devour this fact, you feel the warmth pooling, spreading through your body from his touch. A soft glow emits from his hand, lighting up his face and those glittering eyes that are fixed on you.

You can’t help but groan as the heat fills up your body. Pins and needles start to tingle in your previously numb toes. You feel all your muscles relax.

‘Better?’ he asks, not taking his hand or his eyes from you.

‘Mmm.’ You say. ‘Thank you.’

Finally, he removes his hand from you. Immediately, you feel the cold air begin to creep back in again. You must be tired, and desperate, because you actually whimper. You whimper, for fuck’s sake.

Castiel sighs.

‘This quilt does not seem sufficient,’ he remarks, the offending item slipping over his fingers.

You begin to shiver again, and despite his comment being true, you pull it closer around yourself.

He stands up, because you feel the mattress spring back into place. You squint up at him and notice he is removing his coat. Such a gentleman, you think.

But he continues removing his jacket, his shirt, carefully laying them on the chair. For a moment, you even forget to shiver as you wonder what exactly he proposes to do next.

Your eyes have adjusted to the dark, but you can still see mostly a shadowy figure. In the dim moonlight, you could be forgiven for thinking you imagined what you saw next.

Behind Castiel, two large shadows emerge and unfurl, soft and unkempt. Bold and magnificent. His wings fold up behind him as he kicks off his shoes and kneels again on the bed.

He tugs at the quilt. ‘Take this off,’ he says. You blink up at his shadowed face, tugging it back and pulling it round you.

‘It’s cold.’ you whine. ‘Aren’t you cold?’ You can see him roll his eyes even in the dark, his shoulders slumping impatiently.

‘I’m going to warm you up.’

You let the quilt slip from your fingers as he pulls it off. Another whimper emits from your throat, and you hug your knees to your chest.

Cass shuffles in behind you so you are sat between his legs, and he slides his arms around your middle. Before you have the chance to dwell on his thumbs brushing against the bottom of your breasts, you are enveloped in a warm shroud, soft feathers brushing against your face. You gasp.

Castiel rests his chin on your shoulder, and you feel warmth pooling into your body again. You sigh and relax into him, his wings wrapping further around you. You hold onto his arms, which are still around your middle, and as the effects of the cold dissolve, you follow the urge to lift a hand to the feathers in front of you.

They are soft and warm as they slide through your fingers, the vanes stroking across your skin.

Castiel lets out a sigh into your neck.

‘How come I’ve never seen these before?’ you ask, now combing through the softer, downier feathers.

‘Because you can only see them if I want you to,’ he answers simply. He leans back against the head of the bed, and you slump into him, snuggling back against his bare chest. Castiel kisses the top of your head.

‘You should get some sleep,’ he murmers. You can feel the warmth that is locked in behind his wings relax your body and your eyelids are getting heavy.

‘mmm,’ is your only response.

He pulls you close to him, then slides both of you down so you are laying down, both on your sides. you bury your face in his firm chest, his dark wing draping over you. With your legs curled up, the long, lower feathers reach past your toes, and you can feel them even through your socks. You also feel the soft bed of feathers beneath you and realise that you might never have been this comfortable in your life.

You feel yourself drifting, his feathers still settling and twitching occasionally when you move. Soon, a warm, soft, peaceful sleep envelopes you like Castiel’s wings.


You wake up when you hear your phone alarm, and you open bleary eyes to dim daylight seeping through the thin curtains. You fumble around for your phone, finding it and tapping the screen several times to get it to shut up.

You push yourself to sit up, feeling a warm flush in your cheeks, as if your whole body is glowing. Your heart sinks a little to find that Cas is no longer there. You begin to wonder if you dreamed the whole thing.

But then you look down at the bed around you, and it is littered with fluffy, blue-black feathers. You even find one in your hair and stuck to your jeans. You laugh as you pull them out. As you stand up to freshen up and sort your hair out, you notice a note on the nightstand. It reads:

Sorry about the mess. You fidget a lot. I guess I moulted. Cas x

EXO reacts to their S/O having naturally curly hair

(gif credit to owners)

Request found here.

A/N: Thank you to the beautiful curly haired anon that requested this.

I hope you all like it!


Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

Minseok would have zero issues with your hair. I mean he’s had his share of hairstyles. But it wouldn’t be until one date night when he saw you walking down the stairs with your curly hair bouncing off your shoulders that he would come to admire it. As you neared him, he would hold out his hand to help you down the last few steps and make you blush with a cheesy pick-up line.

“How do you do it to walk in slow-motion like that?” he would ask, twirling you around and letting your hair softly graze his face.

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Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

Junmyeon would be extra kind when it came to insecurities you may have regarding your hair. He would listen to you complain about your limited styling options and would even suggest taking you to a stylist to have your hair straightened if that is what you wanted. Otherwise he would enjoy playing with your beautiful curls and would wrap his finger around them when you two cuddled.

“Your hair always looks and smells amazing, Jagiyah.”

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Zhang Yixing (Lay)

You would be standing in front of the bathroom mirror trying desperately to style your curly hair, when Yixing walks in and leans against the door. He knew about the troubles you had with your hair and how you mostly liked to tie it back to avoid having to spend hours straightening it and basically to not deal with it. To make you feel better he would tell you the story of his hair issues from when he was younger while helping you pick up your hair and compliment you any chance he had.

“Bǎobèi, how is it that you get more and more beautiful every day?” he would ask hugging you from behind and looking at you through the mirror with his head on your shoulder.

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Byun Baekhyun

Baekhyun would have so much fun having a naturally curly haired S/O. He’d love to tease you about your hair, but only when you initiated a war against his. After you made fun of his hair first thing in the morning, he would carefully plan his revenge. You would be in the kitchen preparing him some lunch and he would go up to you and fluff up your hair with his hands and run away. One of the things he loves most about you is your hair. He is the only one that you allow to tease you about it and he would definitely voice his distaste at anyone for commenting something negative about it.

“I’ll always be here for my jagi.”

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Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Maybe you weren’t so innocent when you teased Mr. Sassy-pants, Jongdae during his curly hair phase. So you were not surprised when one day as you arrived home from a long day at work, he laughed at the sight of your unruly hair. You would just give him an unpleasant look and look down at your shoes.

“Ha, you can dish it but can’t take it huh?” he would say teasingly as you went to tie your back. “Don’t you dare, missy. I love my jagi’s hair nice and big,” he would comment as he ran up to you and welcomed you home with a nice soft kiss.

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Park Chanyeol

It was a cool, windy day and you had just come out of the movie theater with Chanyeol. As we curly haired peeps know, the wind along with humidity is one of our biggest enemies.

“Sometimes I hate my big, poofy hair!” you would complain to your boyfriend.

Frustrated with your hair covering your field of view you decide to remedy the situation by sporting a pony tail, but your hair tie gave out and snapped. Noticing that you had become embarrassed, Chanyeol would quickly dash to your side and bundle your hair in his hand, holding it in place as he escorted you to the car, where he would give you one of his baseball caps to wear in the meantime.

“I love everything about you. Including your “big, poofy hair,” Jagiyah,” he would lovingly say as he caressed your chin and started the car.

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Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Being the quiet type, Kyungsoo would not know what to say when you complained about your curly hair one day while at the friend’s house warming party. You would look to him for some reassurance and he would just look at you with a blank look. When you tried to get up to leave, he would gently pull your arm down so that you sat back down and wrap his arms around your shoulder; placing his head on top of yours.

“Please don’t ever think of my wordless actions as a negative thing. I love your hair, Jagiyah. It’s like a sweet smelling, fluffy pillow to me” he would say as he kissed the top of your head.

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Kim Jongin (Kai)

You and Jongin would be having an afternoon date at the park and while he went to go get you a snow cone from one of the vendors, you untied your hair and raked your fingers through it. When he returned he stood in front of you staring and admiring your luscious curls.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” he would say while handing you a snow cone.

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Oh Sehun

We all know that Sehun can be a little shit at times, but it seems that you bring out his sensitive side. When he overheard you criticizing your hair to your friend on the phone, he interrupted you by back hugging you and gently moving your hair back to kiss your cheek.

“Don’t talk like that, Jagiyah? I love every bit of you. Every bit.”

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Secrets Kill 7

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

They say innocent flirting never hurt anyone, clearly they were never in your situation. Being apart of the Avengers was everything you had asked for, and more. Getting close with Steve Rogers was an even bigger plus, that little crush you had on him, became something you couldn’t resist anymore. When you decide to admit your feelings for him, your best friend Jessica announces she’s going to ask him out. You can’t stomp on your best friends happiness for your own selfishness. Could you? But what if Steve doesn’t feel the same for her? Can you convince him to play along? Can you box away your own feelings for Steve to let your best friend find some kind of happiness? How bad could this go, you were a trained spy hiding and lying was a key part in your training.

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You Gotta Be Shittin Me, Right?

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: Hey, idk if this has been requested but I watched a behind the scenes thing for TWD and the director was talking about Daryl’s sexual situation and he said he thought he was a virgin bc he felt he wasn’t the type of person to get close enough w someone to have sex w them so if u have the time could u please write a smut where it’s Daryl’s first time and the reader takes his virginity and he’s like shy and nervous bc he doesn’t wanna be bad at it?

Summary: I really loved this idea. Can you imagine? Daryl is a virgin and the reader takes his virginity. Season 3. Prison. This one got long, enjoy!


You looked over and watched the man that was the center of all your thoughts since you had joined Rick’s group at the prison. You watched as Daryl’s strong arms pierced a steel rod swiftly through the chain linked fence and connect with walker face, on the other side. You stare at his determined clenched jaw and his eyes focused straight ahead at the task in front of him. He heaved his body back and then forth again, piercing another. You watched him as he worked in the steaming heat, although it never seemed to slow you him down, he was hard working man.

You had had feelings for Daryl since nearly the minute you had arrived at the prison. You had been rescued from some walkers by Maggie and Glenn and taken in to the prison. You had only been here for a few weeks, but you had wasted no time at all getting to know people. Maggie and Glenn made sure to introduce you around to everyone and always invited you to eat with them and the others. You were used to being a loner, but you thought it was nice that they tried to include you.

Every meal the entire group would gather around a large table in the middle of the cell block. They would all laugh and talk merrily with eachother, Maggie had told her that things had become peaceful for the group again after setting up the prison encampment. It had been a long time since any of them had a chance to relax a little and call a place home again. You had never had much of a home even in the old world, you were orphaned as a young girl and spent most of your life in the foster care system. You learned real young how to protect yourself, you had had to.

You look back over at Daryl working the fence and rub your neck, peering at the man questioningly. You had been here nearly two weeks and the man had barely said a word to anyone, he worked his ass off and was one of the most respected from what you had gathered, you wondered why he was so silent. You wondered if he had had a similar life, you had known kids who simply, “shut off,” after being in the system so long. He seemed like such a good guy and in this world that was rare. You smile a little to yourself, taking him in and letting your eyes wander gratuitously up and down his gorgeous frame. He was so damn beautiful to look at, you thought as you bite your lip and roam his unsuspecting body.

“I wouldn’t go workin’ too hard on that crush of yours, Y/N.”

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Shutter Speed Ch. 3

I am so sorry this took so long to write but I made it extra long for you guys and I hope it’s okay! 

Ch 1 | Ch 2 | AO3 

“What do you mean you met her?” Jughead asks, walking into their apartment, Archie trailing behind him.

“I mean exactly what I said. I met your model, Betty,” Archie says, like it’s the simplest statement he has ever said.

“I’m confused. How did you meet her, and where was I?” Jughead asks, dropping his bag on the couch and turning around face Archie, who rolls his eyes.

“I bumped into my friend Veronica, that girl I was telling you about from my class? Who I really like and talk to all the time?” he looks at Jughead expectantly, who just shrugs. “Anyways, they were shopping together, and I met her. You were off finding a shirt, and I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you’d freakout. So I told you now.”

Jughead sits on the couch, looking thoughtful. He stares at the floor, tapping his finger on his knee before glancing back up at his friend.

“What was she like?” He asks quietly, eyes looking hopeful. Archie smirks and plops down on the couch next to him.

“She was nice, really nice. Seemed a bit shy I guess, because I was a complete stranger I’m guessing. But really nice and polite.” He turns to Jughead, smirking and nudging his shoulder. “Even cuter in real life, too.”

“Oh, shut up dude. This is strictly business,” Jughead explains, not able to stop the blush that creeps up his face.

“Oh yeah? Gonna get down to business, in the bedroom maybe?” Archie smirks, continuously nudging him. Jughead takes a pillow from beside him, hitting Archie in the head with it. He just laughs and tries to block it, catching it after a few hits and holding onto it. He grins maniacally at Jughead, who groans and gets up, walking to his room.

“I hate you and I’m never telling you anything about my life ever again,” Jughead mutters as he stalks to his bedroom.

“Love you too, Juggy!” Archie calls as the door is slammed.

Jughead would be lying if he said he didn’t get excited when he saw Betty answered his email. He responds quickly, suggesting a time that works for both of them. He wants the shoot to start at his apartment, since he had the equipment he needs already. He tells her the address, and tells her if she needs to bring someone along to help her with her makeup or anything, she can. He leans back in his desk chair, looking up to the ceiling with his hands behind his head. A small smile plays on his lips as he imagines the shoot in his mind. He wants it to be simple, doesn’t want to go all out for his first shoot. He thinks his apartment has enough good areas to use as a backdrop. And if Betty is willing to do another location, he knows the perfect location. He couldn’t wait. Saturday could not come fast enough.

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Reattached Pt. 2/2 [Final]

Genre: fluff, angst, soulmate au, school au

Pairing: Introverted!Reader x CompanyPresident'sSon!Taehyung

Warning: Language

Soulmate au: Everyone is connected to their soulmate with a red string. There are people who can see, cut and reattach said string.

Status: Finished Previous

You leap up in the morning, horrified by the loud banging on your door. It was Saturday, no classes today, so, who is this bastard who woke you up at 6.30 in the damned morning? You wanted to ignore the possible a salesman person, but decided that your door was going to break if you did not do something.

You glanced at the mirror for a second. You looked pretty okay, other than the horrible bird nest hair you had. You dragged yourself to the door, but not opening it. “I don’t want to donate anything. I already got the newspaper. Stop recommending me insurance, god damn you. If its a parcel just leave it there. And stop trying to sell me god damned yogurt everyday!” You called out, thinking of every response to every possible person outside.

“I’m not a charity group, or a mailman, or a salesman, or a yogurt seller, (Y/N).” The voice said. You recognize it instantly, the deep voice that gave you chills every time he spoke seriously. You took a breath, mentally scolding yourself for getting so fazed right now.

“I’m not opening the door, Taehyung. It’s freaking 6.30 in the morning. I want to sleep. And stop banging on the door, it’s going to break.” You muttered, just loud enough for him to hear.

Taehyung, on the other hand, was not even sure why he was here. He knew he had really hurt you the day before, and he really did not have the guts to face you again, but, he just, decided to come here for some reason.

Perhaps, he simply wants to see you, that’s all, just to see if you were coping okay. “No, wait (Y/N)!” He yelled, knocking on the door in a pathetic attempt to try to convince you to open it. “(Y/N)…are you okay? About yesterday, I-”

“Go home Taehyung. It’s freezing outside, freaking 6.30 am. You’ll catch a cold.” He froze, hearing a tone he had never heard you speak with before. It was completely dry, and dead, as if you were simply just a corpse speaking to him. A reason why he adored you so much was, even when you were mad, you still worried about him.

“Taehyung, are you still outside? I don’t want to see you. Please. Just leave me alone. Like you said, I have a sad life. Right? So do yourself a favor and don’t get involved with my sad life.” The boy’s hands began to shake, hearing your quivering voice, knowing how much of an impact his words had on you.

“I-I’m sorry. I’ll leave.” Taehyung muttered, staring at the door, almost seeing the broken you crumpling down, but still staying strong.

You almost sobbed. But you did not. Crying twice for the same reason is really pathetic to you. You slapped yourself, knowing that if you go back to your bed you were going to sob your lungs out, so you went to the living room to watch the television.

“(Y/N). Seriously, stop ignoring me! God!” Clara screamed with frustration after her 3000th attempt to get you to pay any attention to her. You simply stared out of the window, watching the leaves danced to the breeze of the wind, enjoying the scenery.

It had been a while, quite a long while after the incident. You would turn the corners of the hallways, and only see another one, not the front of Taehyung. You missed him. His jokes, his laugh, his weird smile, strange theories for rabbits and his strange way of speaking. You missed bumping into him on the hallways, but you knew that missing him would not do anything but to break you even more.

Clara, on the other hand, was so fed up with you she almost strangled you, but before she could, a boy you have seen a few times with Taehyung walked up to you. You stared at him. “Do you need anything?”

He simply gave you a sandwich with a note stuck on it. “Taehyung wanted me to pass this to you.” He said with a bright smile before walking off. You stared at it, but before you could read it or even do anything, Clara slammed her palms on your table.

“Girl! You literally just had Hoseok pass you a fucking sandwich and you still have that dead face on you?!” She yelled, almost strangling you.


Clara almost exploded. Of course you did not know him. “YES. JUNG HOSEOK?. OH MY GOD.” She wanted to grab you, but kept her calm, slightly jealous that Hoseok approached you and not her.

You just stared at her for a moment, wondering what was up with this ‘Jung Hoseok’ person before going back to the note.

“Taetae here~ You don’t seem to eat much, so here’s a sandwich! Don’t worry, Taetae didn’t make this (you would get food poisoning), Jin-hyung did! Eat more, okay? :D :3 ^-^ ◇w◇”

You wanted to eat it, but the voice inside your brain kept screaming ‘Who was the one who decided to forget all about him? Huh?!’ So you ate it with the excuse of not wasting food. It was quite good actually, as you pondered what he meant of getting food poisoning from his food.

Clara was completely weirded out. One second you were so dramatically staring out of the window as though you were thinking about life itself, and now you are munching on a sandwich given by Kim Taehyung, made by Kim Seokjin, and delivered by Jung Hoseok? “(Y/N)…why do you always get the hot ones?”

You stared at her blankly. “Right…you’re socially gone so you have no idea who is ‘Jin’ or ‘Jung Hoseok’…”

From that day on, he often made Hoseok, who has a smile that could literally be brighter than the sun itself, pass you food with the excuse of being scared that you did not eat enough. Every time you spot Taehyung in the hallway, you wanted to go thank and apologize to him, but also ask stop giving you so much food, but he would run away every time.

So, you ended up begging Hoseok to tell you what to do. He sat down next to you during lunch, thinking for a while, his smile completely showing how excited he is for Taehyung. “I actually don’t know. Taehyung is very weird and complicated sometimes. Well, I mean he does have a cute girl chasing him so-”

“I’m not chasing him!”

“Really? Its pretty obvious that you’re in love with him.” He said, grinning as if he expose your lie. “You have no idea how excited that boy is after he first ever so romantically set his eyes upon you. He wouldn’t stop rambling about how he’s found his one and only true love.”

You stared at Hoseok blankly. “You’re kidding me.”

“What? Its true! He even gives you food ever day, that boy is in love with you!” Hoseok said, slightly giddy that Taehyung has found someone he liked so much. “You two really should make up soon, you guys are really quite a good match! Imagine, the weird alien boy and a no filter brain girl!” You almost choked on your spit. What has Taehyung been saying about you?

You let out a sad sigh, unsure of what to do as Hoseok gently pet your head in an attempt to comfort you, which reminded you of how Taehyung would randomly pet your head and fluff up your hair, which made you even more sad.

You felt as if days were getting by really quickly, you used to be so excited about seeing Taehyung. But you didn’t see him at all! You grumbled, only to now know that ‘absence made heart grow fonder’ is true, unfortunately. You were in your room studying for the worst test that was coming up tomorrow, when your phone started ringing. It was a number you had never seen before. You decided to ignore it, thinking that it was just a salesman or something. But it did not stop ringing, until you finally got sick of it, picking it up.


“Ah! (Y/N)! You picked up!”

Your eyes lit up. It was Taehyung. If anyone knew you, you hated to be bothered in the middle of your studying because you would get distracted and start procrastinating, and Taehyung was no exception. “Yeah. I did. Bye.”

“NO WAIT! I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!” he so desperately screeched into your ear. You swore you went slightly deaf, but he seemed so desperate you had to listen to him. Well, even if he did not beg you, you would still listen to him anyway.

“Fine. What is it?”

“Well…um, first of all, I’m really, really, REALLY sorry!!! You don’t have a sad life! Best! You have the best and greatest life ever! I have a sad life without you! And its not that you don’t deserve a soulmate! Your soulmate doesn’t deserve someone as beautiful and as nice as you!!” He blabbered, talking too fast for you to catch up. You giggled, a red hue forming on your cheeks, sitting down on your bed as you listened to the voice you loved so much.

“Stop flattering me, geez, I forgive you. Look, I’m really sorry too, I shouldn’t have let out my anger on you…I-I said those things so that you would hate me s-so you didn’t have to be bothered by someone like me…” You mumbled, biting your lip as you remembered the hurtful things you spat at him.

“Hm~ Apology accepted! (Y/N), I’m not bothered by you at all, really, I really like you, okay? I mean, you’re so nice and sweet and kind and…judgmental, and weird, and cute and-”

“Stop it, I’m going to become arrogant if you go on like that.” Although your voice was fine, in reality, you doubled over, face completely red as you struggled to keep your cool. You wanted to listen to his voice more, but you have a test tomorrow. On (Insert your worst subject) unfortunately.

“Okay, okay. I really gotta go, I have a test tomorrow which I have to at least get a pass.” As much as you loved speaking to him, you had to save your grades before they plummet and kill you.

“No wait! (Y/N) you haven’t-”

“What? You want me to return the compliment or something? Fine, you’re stunningly handsome, weird, cute, very, very nice voice you have there-oh my god I can’t do this.” You could not go on, it was too cringy for you.

Taehyung, on the other hand, silently thanked all the gods in the world that he got to hear you stroke his ego with that cute voice that he would love to hear everyday. “Aww, how cute, (Y/N)~ But that was not what I was referring to.”

“What?! Oh…um, okay…” Taehyung laughed at your very much embarrassed tone, but his tone getting sad as this was probably the last call you would have.

“(Y/N), uh, married. Me? In a few weeks? Yes?” Taehyung said, unable to form actual sentences.

You almost choked on your spit when you understood what he meant. “EXCUSE ME? YOU WHAT? At your age?! Taehyung you’re still in school! Did you, like, get a girl pregnant and she has to marry you or something?!!? Taehyung WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!” You could barely believed what you heard, the shock overcoming the jealousy. It sounded so bizarre you almost fell over.

“(Y/N), I didn’t make a girl pregnant. The only person I would want to have kids with is you.” You could almost hear a teasing smirk in his tone.

“Excuse you sir I am not getting pregnant when I’m still studying.” You hissed at him, completely flustered and mad, listening to his growing obnoxious laughter.

“So how about after we graduate and-”

“I will hang up and burn my phone if you don’t stop teasing me.” Your face was practically burning right now. Taehyung always teased you, but not in this manner, and it was driving you insane.

“Noooo (Y/N)! Okay, uh. So, she is from a super rich family that owns a very famous company that I can’t remember the name off…and apparently I’m so handsome that she has to marry me? And that my dad’s company will improve if they have relationship with her company??? It’s really confusing, (Y/N).” You could imagine poor little Taehyung with the most confused look ever, just like when you told him your theory that ducks live on the moon as well.

“Well, so, what’s the plan now?” You asked, getting uncomfortably…jealous. You hated to be jealous, it really is an uncomfortable and disgusting feeling but you couldn’t help it. “Who is that girl, anyway? Do I know her?” Only after that sentence you realized your tone was not…pleasant.

“(Y/N), you can’t commit murder, it’s a crime. But I think her name is…Clarince?” Your eyes almost popped out of its sockets. Clara’s real name is Clarine, and you knew that her family owned a really famous company, not that you bothered to remember the name of it, and she has been begging you to listen to her ‘exciting and great news’ for a long while now. “(Y/N)? Are you okay? Uh, can we meet? I have one more thing to tell you.” Taehyung pleaded, his voice getting desperate.

You snapped out of your daze, not even thinking before you,“Sure, where? Now? Its really late, how about tomorrow?” You said, looking at the clock. It was 11.56 at night. Well, it will be tomorrow soon.

“It’s okay (Y/N), I’m right outside your house right now.”


You glanced outside your window, but it was too dark to see anything. You quickly hung up, almost tumbling over as you sped to the front door. “Taehyung it’s literally going to be tomorrow soon you should go h-” all you could see was black and warmth was all you could feel. You caught a whiff of his sweet scent, turning into putty in his arms. You felt giddy, his scent engulfing you. It was not very strong, and it did not smell like some cologne or chemicals, it smelt like him.

“Hey you smell nicer than I thought.” Taehyung grinned teasingly. You glared at him, wanting to return the favor, “Is that so. I thought you would smell like some sweaty dude but I guess I was very wrong.” You replied with a smirk, slightly worried if you two were going to just greet each other by smell, like dogs. The male gasped, putting his hand on his chest dramatically.

“(Y/N)-ah, who’s outside so late- (Y/N)?!” Your heart practically leap to your mouth as soon as you heard your mother’s voice. You spun around, sweating nervously. “Uh hi mom, uh, he, uh, classmate? No wait-Mom don’t give me that look I don’t have a boyf-”

“Hi! I’m Taehyung! You must be (Y/N)’s mom! So pretty! I guess the daughter really does take after her mother!” Taehyung interrupted your nervous stuttering. You stared at him blankly. He seemed very smooth, huh. Your mother simply laughed. “(Y/N)-ah, is he staying over?” She asked with a slightly suggestive smile. Your mom can be very open minded sometimes.

“What?! Mom-”

“Yup, I’m staying over!” Taehyung interrupted you again, his habit of fluffy up your hair kicking in. Your mother smiled at you, as if suggesting something you did mot want to hear. “Very well, don’t stay up too late!” Your mother said, walking back into her own room.

You stared at Taehyung, and he stared back with an equally blank look. “So now what? You gonna camp over at my house? Was that your plan? I have to study, you know!” You muttered, slightly irritated but also feeling very lucky that your mom suggested this. Taehyung pouted, tugging onto your arm as you walked back to your room.

“(Y/N)….I came here because I wanted to tell you something…” he mumbled, sitting on the chair as he watched you flip your textbooks.

“What is it?”

“Well, can you look at my red string?” He asked, flipping you around to make you look at him. You rolled your eyes. Did he really came all the way here to make you find his soulmate?

“And what makes you think I want to do that?” You fumed, unable to move back to your studies due to his hands grabbing your arms.

“What~? Is (Y/N) jealous of my soulmate?” He teased, poking your cheeks playfully like a small puppy. You rolled your eyes, glaring at him, not wanting to admit that he was right.

“No way in hell am I jealous.”

Taehyung’s grin turned wider. “Is that so~? Then why wouldn’t you look where my red string go to~?” He asked, a playful grin hanging on his face.

You narrowed your eyes. “Fine, you idiot.” His red string led to-


It was simply broken. You stared at him, jaw dropped, unable to believe your eyes. For all your life, you thought you were the only one with a broken string. Taehyung simply smiled at you.

“(Y/N)-ie. Its broken, like yours. So don’t be sad that you don’t have a soulmate. I don’t have one either!” He said, smiling widely as he pulled you into his embrace. You stayed motionless for a while, still registering what happened, when you had a thought.

“Maybe Clara’s your soulmate!” You pipped in. Taehyung stared at you, confused. “I mean, if you think about it in the, ‘destiny’ and ‘fate’ kind of thing, that would be why the both of you are in an arranged marriage, right?!” You started to grow excited, happy at the thought that at least one of you would not be sad and all alone for the rest of your lives. At that point, you did not even care about your own broken string, only his. But then you thought. If Clara was his soulmate, he would have the worst and saddest life ever.

“(Y/N)-ie…I don’t want her…I want you…” he mumbled, his heart breaking pout appearing again. You paused your incohorent thoughts. You did not think much of it though, simply believing that what he had was a small puppy love.

You stood up, starting to walk around as you gathered your thoughts again. “Okay okay, but! If I can reattch your string with hers-”


“Don’t worry its an easy task as long as both sides as willing!” You spun around, smiling at him widely, wondering how he would feel of reuniting with his soulmate. Instead, his eyes were dark, simply staring at you. You walked to him slowly. “Taehyung? What’s wron-” before you could finish, he grabbed your wrists, pulling you towards him, a bit too closely and you could only sit on his lap.

“Oh my god (Y/N) how are you denser than I am?” Taehyung groaned, looking at you with a tired look.

You smiled apologetically. “Pardon my dense-ness I unfortunately have 0 experience with love or romance or whatever.”

Taehyung let out a sigh. “Fine! Let me say this very clearly! I. LIKE. YOU. I don’t want to marry fucking Clarince or Clara, and I know who my original soulmate is, okay?” He said, slowly, as if he was talking to a young child.

You tilted your head to the side. “Oh really? Who?”

He almost let out another sigh. “ITS YOU, (L/N) (Y/N). OH MY GOSH.” You practically fell onto the floor. Well, that makes sense. Right? Not to you at least.

“How would you know when I don’t even know??”

“I just do! I mean you’re my neighbour until middle school and I really liked you I kinda found out when I saw you walked outside and I went Oh My God when I saw my string connected to yours and-and-and I think at middle school someone, the ruiner of fate and love and red strings decided to cut the string, and I couldn’t fucking find you until now, I-I-” you stopped him before he went into not-understandable mode.

You stared at each other for a short moment, him trying to catch his breath while your mind try not to malfunction while processing all this new information.

“Then…uh, now what? Taehyung? You okay?” You questioned nervously, fiddling with your red string.

“You could reattach it, you know. I mean I can’t do that but you just said that you can, right, (Y/N)?” Taehyung’s troubled look quickly faded as he grinned at you.

“Yeah, I can, but only if both sides are willing-”

“JUST DO IT ALREADY GOD. I literally waited to meet you for like, I don’t know, 5 years? Why wouldn’t I be willing?!” Taehyung exploded, pinching your cheeks and shaking you. You grinned weakly, slightly taken aback by the fact that he is your soulmate. Wouldn’t you believe that?! Your shaky hands slowly picked up both your strings.

Taehyung watched with awe as you somehow managed to reattach the strings perfectly, no knots, it became just as new again, like magic. You suddenly jolted. “Wait, what about Clara?” Taehyung almost swooned as he watched you fumbled around nervously, unsure of what to do, almost like a duck waddling around with confusion. It was an embarassing habit you had, but it just made you look adorable to Taehyung.

“Nah, just cancel the wedding. My mom only agreed because it was apparently a good chance to find my soulmate? Its not like dad can win against mom anyway. And it won’t severly affect the company so it’s alright.” he said, grinning his signature smile as he watched you heaved a sigh of relief.

“God, Clara is going to murder me so bad.” You muttered, dreading school already.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N)-ie~ Taehyungie will protect you~ Oh! I want to show you something, come with me!” Taehyung said excitedly, his hand wrapped around yours as he pulled you out into the cold night.

“Wait, Taehyung, we have school tomorow-I mean today!” You called, struggling to keep up with him and wear your coat at the same time. The night was freezing, your legs feeling really cold as you werw only wearing shorts. Taehyung looked at you, not slowing down his walking speed.

“Its okay~ I promise! Just trust me, okay? The moon tonight is exceptionally big and bright, you know?” He said, tugging onto your hand lightly.

“Maybe the rabbits are playing with lightsticks up there.” You said jokingly, then shocked that he believed you. It was a 10 minutes walk, before you reached a place you have never seen before. It was actually a lake that you visited in the day often, but it looked so different at night. In fact, the area was particulary dark, other than the few fireflies, and the stars and moon looked brighter and more beuatiful than usual.

Taehyung watched fondly as your eyes lit up, staring at the night sky with awe and amazement, hands fumbling in the air to catch a falling flower before placing it on his hair playfully. There was always something different about you that Taehyung adored. You had strange and weird reactions to things, you spoke without a filter in your head, you were not crazy about dating, you were too honest to the point of too blunt. You openly state the things you hated without a care of offending others, get too excited with meaningless things, too oblivious about certain topics. And like I said, Taehyung adored it all.

“Tae, stop staring at me so much, it’s weird.”

He snapped out of his daze, smiling brightly at you, his cheeks turning pink. “Awww, (Y/N)-ie called me Tae for the first time?? Am I dreaming??” He gasped dramatically, watching as you snapped at him, threatening to never even call his name ever again.

A few moments after you finally settled down from getting too excited about the view, the two of you sat on the grass, the sky completely open and wide for your viewing. “You know, I forgotten how beautiful the sky really is at night.” You mumbled, holding up your hand in a strange attempt to touch the night sky.

He rolled over, lying on his side, facing you. “Hm, then maybe I should take (Y/N)-ie here more often, right?” Taehyung suggested, playing with the soft locks of your hair.

“I’d love that but with two most beautiful things on earth so near me is a little stressful, you know~” Taehyung stared at you blankly before he realized what you meant, his lips curling into a soft smile.

“(Y/N)-ie, you know what’s the best thing that ever happen to me? My string, like this, got connected to yours, like this.” The boy said with a cheesy grin, holding up his string, wincing as you smacked his arm, grumbling about being too cheesy and such.

“I love you.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened, jaw dropping from your sudden confession. You, who had accidentally blurted it out, glared at him. “Oi! What’s with your reaction?” You muttered, lightly punching his arm. You did not expect yourself to say that, not meeting him only a few months ago, but like you said before, there was always something pulling you towards him. You grew fond of his squarish smile, the strange was that he moves his hands more than he speaks, his random not understandable sentences, the way his eyes glimmered so brightly and the way he looked at you so fondly as well. You mentally punched yourself for being so cheesy as you quickly looked away from him.

“C-can you say that again? (Y/N)-ie?”


“Please?” You knew he was making that puppy sad face again.

“I. LOVE. YOU. HAPPY?” Your heart was beating in an abnormally fast rate as you tried to calm down by poking the grass you were lying on. There was an awkward silence and you mentally scolded yourself for even blurting it out and ruining the moment, until-

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

You felt as if your heart just stopped. You knew that he liked you, but love? You looked at him, not expecting to see his face completely red like yours. ‘Jesus this is so cheesy I can’t do this someone help me.’ You thought, but you still could not stop the small smile from forming on your lips. Its cheesy, but you liked it.

“Hey (Y/N)-ie..”

You let him close the distance between you two.

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Shance Fluff Week: Day 2

Author: ac_123 / heroworshiplusten
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Characters: Shiro, Lance, Keith, Pidge (mentioned)
Pairings: Lance/Shiro
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Prompt: Sea/Stars
Warnings: references to serious bodily injury leading to amputation, underage consensual sexual activity
Chapter(s): 1/1
Series: Shance Fluff Week entries
Word Count: 951
Description: There are a lot of places where we can start this story.
A/N: Written for @shancefluffweek.  Based in a modern!au setting.  The warning are there for the sensitive, but there’s nothing graphic about either.

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