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Tuesday Recommendations

The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference. It’s just a bunch of stories I loved and I’d like to share with you.
*The NSFW fics are tagged as such - 18+ only!
**You can expect some swearing in my personal notes.

Steve Rogers

  • Little Monster (W.I.P.): Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 by @hellomissmabel - {NSFW} - Annie, you’re incredible! You had to be the first in the list because you already know how much I FREAKING LOVE this series! The amount of work put in this series is impressive and the characterization is seriously interesting. The plot is so well-thought-out. Everything happens here: fantasies, suspense, intensity and you can only have tons of questions at the end of each chapter because the rhythm changes and gets even better! It’s incredible and you can’t predict the future of the characters which is the best thing ever!
  • Super dominant, super possessive Super Soldier by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFW} - I’m such a slut for Dom!Steve… oops. Ava, you’re torturing me with that hot build-up, that damn sexual tension and that perfect dirty talk and that little perfect heated promise at the end. You got me going and once again, the tingles were so incredible that I had to take a little break and go back to read the end. Stunning!

  • Not a One Time Thing by @literallyanyfxndom - {NSFW} - Actually, I really enjoyed this one because of the plot and the build-up: it’s fresh and the chemistry is what I love the most with Steve being a real sweetheart. The rest of the Avengers playing the matchmakers is my new favorite thing!

  • Late by @VindictiveGrace on AO3 - {NSFW} - For a first time writing a Reader insert fic… this was incredible! So sexy and I love the writing style, it’s so light and sometimes funny. Steve was amazing, not OOC at all and I even liked the fact he just wants his girlfriend to relax, no matter the consequences. I especially loved the edging part of the story.

  • Stop Lying by @avengersimaginings - {NSFW} - Can we discuss the fact that Reader being a villain is actually very good to read/write and it should become more important in our fandom. Thank you for writing this gorgeous piece of hot fic. It was amazing to read more of hot-blooded and “dark” Steve.

  • The Engineering Lab by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - Let me tell you something… you ruined my panties, girl! This sexual tension between Steve and Reader is almost too much to handle. Your writing is on point and as much as I’m not into anal, this piece of art was amazing and so hot! The stealth suit of sin (as I call it) and the handcuffs: holy fucking shit! That was wonderful.

  • Caught in the Act by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - Stop everything and lock yourself in your bedroom because that thing is just so, so good and so intense! I’m just a big fan of the balance between surprise, sexy and funny. The ending was brilliant!

  • Civvies by @after-avenging-hours - {NSFW} - Hot damn. I can’t even tell you how much I love this one because there’s almost everything I love about Steve. This is some amazing fic written with an incredible talent. It was intense and so were the tingles! If you need more conviction: Steve wearing jeans hugging that pretty little as of his.

Chris Evans

  • Just Friends: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5A / Part 5B by @ohevansmycaptain - The plot in this new mini-series is honestly very good and you’ll either disagree with Sebastian Stan temporarily or you’ll be an extreme Chris x Reader shipper. Fluff and humor, as ever, the best mix of all. The chemistry between Chris and his friend is so well-developed and the jokes are awesome. Tender, soft, flirty and funny. Definitely Chris! I LOVED IT!
  • Fix Up by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFWish} - Ava! You know you’re killing me, don’t you? You know this could happen ‘cause everyone says – especially Anthony Mackie – that Chris’ driving is terrible! It was so hot and yet, with the little fluff at the end, it stays so steamy and flirty!

  • Jelly Beans by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFW} - The amount of fluff was phenomenal and the fluffy smut was beautifully written. It was so soft and the way you described how they behaved… And the jelly bean idea is pure genius! You know how much I love the way you write Chris, he’s the stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork we adore

  • Drunk Texts by @4theluvofall - {NSFW} - Alert. Things are getting hot and interesting here. Actually, the introduction is quite hilarious because I just love the way Chris is written. A bit of Dom!Chris to make your day look better is all you need. And lastly, the gif used works so well with the whole dynamic of the one-shot.

  • His Devilish Fingers by @theycallmebecca - {NSFW} - I love the writing style so much! This was so amazing, heated and passionate. The way the pleasure switches between Chris and then Reader is so well-written and I really enjoyed the fact it happened also silently. Honestly, Becca’s dabbles are so good - NSFW or not - that I couldn’t choose more. So, check her Master List and enjoy the great work. It’s worth it.

  • Not Your Typical Frat Boy: Part 1 / Part 2 by @i-dont-do-rpfs - {NSFW} - Frat Boy Evans? Yes, please! This is so good and the dynamic between the frat boy and the real Chris is amazing. Suffer with me and drown in hotness and the want to punch Chris and then yourself in the face… you will understand.

  • The New Model by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - I absolutely loved this work and I made an effort to enjoy the Daddy kink lightly used here. The plot, the place and the way Chris is written is very new and work well together. As ever, I’m just a huge admirer of the writing style which is very inspiring and pure art.

Miscellaneous characters

- Johnny Storm

  • I Don’t Know Why I Instigate by @bittenbyimagines - This is just so funny. Johnny can’t keep his hands to himself and especially when he’s feeling hot… this perfect set when he was experiencing the first side effects of the cosmic storm in Fantastic Four.
  • Drunk Enough by @imaginesnthings - I like the way the author explored furthermore the struggle Johnny began to feel during the events of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – where he realizes that being this womanizer won’t last forever and he has to find THE one. It’s just a really great one-shot.

 - Curtis Everett

  • Terrified by @chrisevans-imagines - {NSFW} - Brilliant! We need more Curtis in our lives and Ava is one of the authors who fulfilled our wish. He got his head straight and finally made the first move. I really loved this one because this shows the soft and venerable side of his personality.
  • Shhhhh by @captaincorruptor - {NSFW} - Everything about that one-shot is perfect: the writing is just brilliant and the characterization is on point. Curtis: the tortured soul, but the caring leader. What I love the most - apart from the brilliant smut itself - is the way the atmosphere in the train is described. Read this one, seriously.

  • After Hours: Part 1 / Part 2 by @ariallane - {NSFW} - An AU worth reading. I’m so glad because Curtis deserves so much love and this is all about him and his pleasure and comfort. It’s nice seeing him happy after what happened in the train and it’s actually very, very hot! Especially the last part.

- Jake Jensen

  • Accidental Friend by @misshyen - The humor and the fluff were so mixed so well and the characterization is very accurate. I loved every bit of this and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. When I read the first paragraph, I literally had his voice in my head singing Don’t Stop Believin’.
  • Smooth Criminal by @such-fun - Cutest piece of writing here! The awkward and adorable dork we love so much perfectly written and the plot is actually so cool because that’s something he would totally do.

  • Shut Up by @samuelsbucky - {NSFW} - I was so damn happy when I read it because it is the FIRST Jake Jensen x Reader smut I found in years! A very bold Jensen we have here, but this is honestly so good!

- Frank Adler

  • Perfect Distractions: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 by @always-an-evans-addict - {NSFW} - This mini-series starts to very cute and then stop to hot damn… the chemistry is great and Frank is such a little tease, always taunting Reader. I particularly enjoyed it because of the atmosphere.
  • Cupcakes and Rainstorms: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 by @angryschnauzer - {NSFW} - That was wonderfully written, I’m such a big fan of your style and it’s so inspiring. Everything was perfect: the way you wrote all of them, the interaction was amazing and the build-up perfect. It was so smooth and natural. You’ve done such a great job.

- Mike Weiss

  • What’s Left by @forceimagines - {NSFW} – Here is the ONLY Mike Weiss fic on the internet, so you can’t pass this one up because this might one of my favorites. The balance between angst – which is very necessary, knowing Mike – and the smut were perfect. It hits right in the feels and the ending opens to many possibilities. Bravo.
peaches: tom holland fluff

“hi peaches,” you laughed, approaching the hospital bed from its right side. your boyfriends eyes fluttered open drowsily and a soft smile set on his lips. “ready to go home?” you asked, pressing the back of your hand to his face, feeling the warmth under his cheeks.

“what time is it?” he asked, his mouth is full of cotton pads so his words are muffled.

“little after four, bub.” you tell him, brushing some hair off his forehead. he makes some incoherent replies and you look to his younger brother behind you to see if he can understand what’s happening. harry shrugs and you both laugh a little at tom’s delirioum.

a nurse pops in, giving you instructions on his medication and how to clean the wounds. she gives you a list of the soft foods that are ideal for your boyfriend to eat. she gives tom a pat on the shoulder with a sympathetic smile before leaving.

“hey! excuse me! wait!” he calls after her but it’s too late and she’s disappeared behind a heavy door. “ah man. i didn’t get to tell her about the transformers.”

“what transformers?” harry asks with an eyebrow quirked.

“in the other room she was talking like a transformer!” he reasons and you shake your head.

“alight, lets go. c'mon, peaches.” you say again, pulling his arm so he sits up. he stares at you for a minute before nodding and letting you help him into some shoes. he slides off the bed, going straight for you. his taunt body wraps around yours but his weight is unusually balanced and it sends you stumbling a little.

harry goes to take one of your boyfriend’s arms but tom waves him off before reattaching himself to you. walking is awkward at first but eventually you get it to work and head towards the car.

“excuse me, missy.” he says, tapping on your collarbone. you’re almost there and harry’s a little ahead of the two of you. “you’re using our secret nicknames.” he pouts and you avoid the urge to peck his swollen cheek.

“i’m sorry, baby. but i just saw you laying there helpless. i couldn’t not call you it.” you say, reaching across his face to anchor your hand on his ear and press a few kisses to his neck. “plus harry won’t say anything.”

“are you kidding me?? he’s already got at least four jokes about ‘peaches’.” he frowns.

“well do you not want me to call you that anymore?”

“no! no! i like it too much.” he mumbles and you two finally reach the car. you help him into the backseat and buckle his seatbelt. “just have to keep up my cool guy act when i’m around the lads.”

you couldn’t help but laugh and placed a firm kiss to his forehead. you make sure he’s correctly situated before pulling away. but toms hand catches your elbow.

“please don’t stop calling me that.” he frowns and you can tell he thinks that he’s upset you.

“alright, love. you’ll be my peaches forever.” you grin, kissing his forehead a couple times. he smiles contently, his head still in a dreamy state.

harry is a giggling mess as he climbs into the drivers seat as you get in the passenger’s.

“what are you laughing at, harry beary?!” tom hollers from the back and harry instantly turns red at the childhood nickname. tom laughs longer than he should have before settling himself down.

the car ride is mostly peaceful except for tom’s soft singing of “sweet home alabama” that harry can’t help but post on instagram with the caption “peaches is drunk”.


What a lot of people lack is the understanding that our idols and celebrities are humans. I know Grayson and Ethan are a source of happiness for a lot of us (me including) and they themselves have taught us so much about living. Just following them as a fan has encouraged me to get into fitness, and enjoy life a lot more. But, because a lot of us look at them as a source of happiness we tend to forget that they’re just two 17 year old boys. They’re kids, hell, they’re still figuring things out right alongside us. They aren’t perfect, and they suffer from the same things as us. Social media has this tendency to show only the perfect polished versions of people, when in reality they’re just like you and I, they have heartache. They have depression and anxiety. They make mistakes. They have issues in their lives too. I think as a collective we need to come to that conclusion that shit happens and they’re not always going to be able to please everyone. They have to take time off for themselves. They need time to heal. Life puts all of us through the toughest shit and no matter how perfect someones life seems, it’s not. Ethan is struggling, Grayson is struggling, just like you and I. We need to support each other, and them in our times of struggle. Love endlessly peeps 💖

darkly-stark  asked:

Tony and Peter come back to earth so Tony can introduce Pepper/Rhodey to his and Peters new child.

“Wow! It looks exactly like last time.” says Peter when they are in the living room of the Stark Tower.

“Well since we were here a year ago and nobody else lives here, yeah it does.” grins Tony and Peter sticks his tongue out.

He goes over towards their bedroom and opens the door. They are visiting earth because of their son. Tony said he wanted him to live on earth and space. Kinda like them.

So Rocket flew them here a few minutes ago but will leave again and help the guardians on xander out.

Peter looks at one of the wardrobe doors. The door leads towards a wardrobe bigger than his room is on the milano. Normally the door is a dark brown.

Now it’s a bright green.

“Uh Starlight?” calls Peter and looks at the door. Why the fuck would somebody come in here and paint the door green?

“Yes darling?” asks Tony back and a moment later he enters the room. Their son is still sleeping on his arm. Peter looks at them and smiles. Gosh he loves them so much.

“Your wardrobe door is green.” says Peter then and shows it to Tony.

“What the…” starts Tony and then looks down at his son.

“Heck?” he tries and Peter giggles. Tony tries so hard to be a good father and if you ask Peter he is the best.

“Well open it!” says Tony then and Peter does.

“Fuck.” says Peter and Tony gasps. But then he can see whats behind the door and swears, too.

Its a nursery. And what a wonderful one. There is a cute little crib on their right. A changing table and so many toys.

“Do you like it?” asks Pepper behind them and Peter nearly jumps at that.

Tony turns around to her and Peter can see tears in his eyes.

“I l-love it.” says Tony and sobs. Peter takes his son from him, so Tony can hug Pepper. Peter sees now Rhodey behind Pepper and nods at him. Rhodey smiles back.

Peter has met Pepper and Rhodey a lot in the last years and he really likes them. (He may be a bit afraid of Pepper, but who isn’t?)

“Thank you, Pepper. Its really beautiful.” says Peter when Tony hugs Rhodey and kisses him wetly on the cheek.

“Its nothing. We made it two weeks ago, when we knew you would come home.” answers Rhodey and Pepper nods.

“Well now lets see our godson! I’m still angry at you for not showing us any pictures! I mean he is already 6 months.” says Pepper and Tony steps in front of Peter and his son.

“Uhm wait a minute, please?” says Tony and he takes a big breath.

“What is it?” asks Rhodey and he sounds worried.

“You know uhm… Peter and i are both…man and we can’t give birth to a child.” stutters Tony and Pepper rolls her eyes.

“Yeah no shit.” says Rhodey and Tony glares at him for using a swearword in front of his baby boy.

“Anyway…he isn’t human.” says Tony and looks down. He isn’t embarrassed of his son. He loves him more than the whole world. He would die for him.

But he is afraid that Pepper and Rhodey would look at him weirdly.
He can’t have them look at his son like that.

He remembers that when he was a kid everybody used to stare at him, just because he was famous. And now people would stare at his son…just because he doesn’t look like them.

Its hurts him. But he wouldn’t change a single thing about his son.

“Oh.” says Pepper but she just sounds surprised not disgusted. Peter goes over to her and takes the blanket from his son.

Pepper and Rhodey are silent. Tony wants to take his son back, but then Pepper takes him from Peter.

She snuffles and cuddles him.

“Whats his name?” asks Rhodey and he smiles. Tony can’t believe his luck. They like him.

“Yim.” says Tony and Rhodey nods. Its a mixture out of Jim and Yondu, that Tony made up. Peter loves him so much.

“Hey Yimmy.” says Rhodey now and holds his hand out. Yim grabs a finger and giggles.

“Oh he likes you.” says Pepper and then she is crying happily.

“Everybody likes me.” answers Rhodey easily and Tony laughs.

“He is beautiful.” says Pepper and Peter has to agree.

He doesn’t care that their son has blue skin. He doesn’t care that his son has aerials and purple eyes. He loves him, just the way Tony loves him.

Its their son. Thats the only thing that matters.

Scared to be Lonely (Grayson)

Tired. Grayson felt tired. No more, no less. His long day had begun at 3am, when he got out from under his warm white duvet with his headphones nearly chokimg him to death. “I’ve got to stop falling asleep to music,” he thinks, unrapping the tangled cords from around his neck. He unplugs them from his phone and sees a message from his close friend appear on the screen. The next came through about an hour before simply saying, “busy?” He doesn’t think as his thumbs type back quickly, “was asleep.. awake now.” Instantly, he receives a response. “Can I come over?” “Ofc.”

By the time she made it to his Los Angeles apartment, the sun had began to rise. It was beautiful, the sky turning a light pink as it shone through his open window. They watched it together in eachothers arms underneath that same white and crinkled duvet.

“Why’d you come over?” Grayson asks, feeling her warm cheek against his bare chest. He plays with her hair gently, tucking it behind her ear and smiling when he sees how her body shivers from his touch.

“I was scared to be lonely,” she says, and with each word her lips brush lightly against his skin. She sits up now, turning to face him. She had enough of the sunrise, and frankly, she found the boy laying next to her more beautiful than any sunrise she’d seen in California.

“Well, now you don’t have to be,” Grayson’s eyes lock on hers, but soon his attention is drawn to her pink lips. He doesn’t think, he just acts, and this act consists of him capturing her lips with his.

At first they kiss innocently, like a couple would after a first date. She pulls back and looks at him momentarily, almost as if for permission, before leaning back in. Then their kiss becomes more intimate, and it shows how much they truly need each other.

Grayson cups his hands around her soft face, her skin feeling like satin against his. He thinks she tastes like coffee, probably from trying to stay up all night, and she thinks he tastes like strawberries but she doesn’t know exactly why. Soon he pulls away from her lips and begins leaving kisses down her neck. He uses his teeth to tug and pull at the sensitive areas of her skin, listening to her soft moans. He can hear the smile in her voice as he continues to brand her, making sure she remembers she was not alone this early thursday morning.

One thing leads to the next, and soon Grayson has all her clothes off and scattered on the floor in his room apart from her undergarments. He’s on top of her now, his big hands roaming her small body as he kisses her deeply and needily. His right hand grips her thigh, slowly parting it away from the other. When his fingers brush over her clothed heat, she shudders beneath him and he can’t help but smirk at how little effort he put in to drive her wild. He uses his middle and ring finger to slowly rub circles around her fabric covered clit, causing her moan his name against his lips. He continues doing this for awhile, feeling how her hips buck up against his hand in search for more.

So that’s exactly what he gives her. She pulls away from his lips for a moment and he takes this time to remove the rest of the garments from her body, revealing her small, perky breasts and her glistening pink center. Grayson takes one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting on it gently, making her back arch against him. His right hand takes her unattented boob, massaging it and rolling the nipple between his thumb and pointer finger.

“God, Grayson. That feels so damn good,” she breathes out, in awe at how good he’s making her feel with such little effort. His lips unattatch from her breasts and he makes his way down her flat tummy, kissing right around her belly button piercing. He always loved that thing, even though he never saw it this close before. Something about it just drove him crazy.

Grayson’s lips place a small kiss, rught above her clit, making her body jolt with electricity. His fingers and mouth work together at pleasing her, his lips and tongue teasing her clit while his fingers pump slowly in and out of her.

“Faster,” she begs, and so he complys. He begins thrusting his fingers at a more rapid speed, the noise of her wetness making the bulge in his sweats throb immensly. He can tell she’s close to her first orgasm when her moans become louder and her body moves more uncontrollably underneath him. One of her hands tangles in his messy bedhead, tugging and pulling at the strands, pressing him deeper into her.

As his fingers curl inside of her and his lips suck on her swollen clit, he feels her tighten around his digits, her thighs squeezing together and trapping his face in her heat as she cums. She convulses against him, screaming out his name so loud, over and over again, that he knows his neighbors are going to file complaints.

When she finally recovers, her body relaxes and he lifts his face away from her center, his lips covered in her juices. His tongue swipes his plump lower lip, then his top, then enters his mouth as he tastes the sweetness that remained on his skin. She sits up again, pulling his face to hers, kissing him openmouthedly, tasting the odd flavor of herself on him.

At that moment, Grayson feels her small and slender hands trail down his stomach, reaching under the elastic of his sweatpants and pulling out his throbbing member. It twitches at her touch and she smiles against his lips. She slowly begins to pump his cock up and down, making Grayson’s jaw clench in response. She does this not long because she knows how eager he is to feel her mouth around him.

Grayson stands up and she falls to her knees, immediately taking his member into his mouth. At first she sucks on him slowly, letting her tongue swirl around his head before taking in all she could. She bobs her head quicker now, eliciting grunts from his mouth. He looks down at her and loves the way she looks with his cock deep in her mouth, something about the sight triggering some primal instinct.

Grayson’s hands pull her hair into a makeshift ponytail as he begins thrusting himself into her mouth, hearing the sound it makes when the tip of his dick hits the back of her throat. “That’s it babygirl, choke on daddy’s cock.” Grayson usually wasn’t like this, but god, she was giving him the best head he’s ever had, so why shouldn’t he try to enjoy it a bit.

Her jaw is getting tired now, and he knows it too, but she keeps her composure and even throws in a few moans around his dick that send him vibrations throughout his body. He knows he’s close to coming so he pulls away from her, marveling at a strand of saliva that stays connected from his mouth to her dick. She giggles too, wiping it sway with her hand.

“I want to be on top,” she says, a playful look on her face as she climbs on top of him. Her legs wrap around his toned torso and he uses his hand to slowly guide his tip between her folds.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he smirks as she slowly lets herself fall around him. He fills her up to the brink and at first she doesn’t think she can handle it.

“Shit, Gray. You’re huge,” she whimpers as her hips slowly begin to bounce up and down. She lets out a few moans and so does he, feeling as she swivles and rides his dick so perfect like a porno.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he groans, his hands gripping tight at her waist, guiding her, pulling her down onto his cock with more force. Her breasts jiggle infont of him as he helps her pick up speed, feeling his release not too far away.

“Fuck me,” she cries, the palms of her hands resting on his chest as he takes this opportunity to thrust up into her. With each thrust she feels her stomach tighten, and she normally doesn’t do this, but to intensify her orgasm, she brings a hand to her clit and begins rubbing it at as rapid pace as Grayson continues to fuck her.

“Oh fuck, babygirl. Keep doing that and cum for daddy,” Grayson’s voice is deep and full of lust as he feels her pussy clench around him once again.

“Oh daddy, I’m coming,” she moans out and he watches as her body convulses once again. It doesn’t take much for him to release too, heavy pants and deep groans coming from the back of his throat.

It takes a long while for them to recover, and somehow they end up in the exact spot as they were when they were watching the sunrise. Her head rests on his now sweaty chest and his hand runs through her light hair.

“Thanks for keeping me company,” she finally says after a long while.

“I would never leave you lonely,” Grayson’s words echo in the room empty apart from them as they are left to reminisce on the time they just spent together.

Tuesday Recommendations

The fics listed below can be old or fairly new, so this has no timeline. Neither an order of preference. It’s just a bunch of stories I loved and I’d like to share with you.

Steve Rogers

  • Hold on For Me by @poorcap - It broke my heart and then fixed it, but it was so damn good, guys.
  • Shape of You by @gruzovoy-vagon - I literally felt tingles in my lady parts, it’s like Steve was really there. Hot, hot, hot! Please, listen to the song for maximum effect!
  • Hands on The Wheel by @angryschnauzer - Dammit, this one was so good because I’d literally act like that next to this man… and then do the exact same thing. Probably why I love it so much and the ending is hilarious! Please, read this one.
  • Steve’s Little Insecurity by @mllx-anazra - Dying of cuteness and fluff, this is so beatufiul! My Stevie I love so much.
  • Photograph by @callingmrsbarnes - Fluffy smut, honeymoon and Steve Rogers, why would you want more?
  • Captain by @callingmrsbarnes - Oh, my God. Dom!Steve, I’m all for that, but this one is amazing, perfect even. Everything. Everything about it is pure sin. Literally had to take a cold shower. The writing is perfect.

Chris Evans

  • Nightly Routine by @theycallmebecca - Short and pretty light in the smut, yet really nice and hot.
  • Manners by @poorcap - Words cannot explain how much I love Aly’s writing and this blog is one of my favorites out there. Please, check out her Masterlist and enjoy!
  • I Knew A Woman by @the-violent-peach - Wow. Bow down. So beautifully written, it’s gold… it’s gorgeous. This is pure art. I really, really want you to read this one!
  • Picture This by @ariallane - Aaaah, what girl never thought about being a photographer and work with the hottest sweethearts in the planet. Like seriously. Read this, it’s so cool and another major turn on in this fic… DA FAMOUS RED BELT! Also, go read the Snowed In mini series, worth it!
  • Satisfied by @rookbcdhi - Discovered it on AO3 and finally found it on Tumblr after four months! Read and you’ll probably understand why I didn’t give up.
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Better Than a Shirt [smut]

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New Start 

Request: Please do a grayson imagine where you have a boyfriend but he likes you and then you break up with your boyfriend and then you know he likes you :)

arguing, fluff…                        photo creds @ couplenotes


Streams of golden light seeped through the large french windows and into the lower level of the rustic cabin. The setting sun sunk gently past green pine trees and the bubbling stream outside, and added a subtle warmth to the living room where you and your friends all sat. You were all stuffed between the squashy couch and the table on the floor, layers of thick blankets acting as your seats around the game of monopoly that you huddled around. It was your family’s vacation home, but you’d invited your friends on a winding road trip to visit for the weekend, and now, it was your last night here, and you celebrated with a classic board game night. 

“We’re out,” you sighed in defeat, throwing your metallic game piece across the room.

“Mmm,” said your boyfriend, vacantly giving you a wave of his hand but keeping his eyes to his lit up phone.

You coughed lightly and forced a smile, “Um, James, babe, want me to grab you anything to drink?”

But he was so absorbed in whatever was on his screen that he didn’t bother to answer.

“Anyone else?” you offered lightly.

“Ooh, tea pretty please,” your friend Amber smiled.

“Make that two!” Violet perked up.

“Sure thing,” you grinned, already heading for the kitchen. You walked around the island counter, filling the kettle with water and listening to the sounds of the bubbling liquid heat up as you tried to stay poised. You placed your palms on the cool marble countertop, gnawing your lower lip rather roughly. You raised your head to gaze out of the little open window in front of you, your mind going fuzzy as you focused on the scent of the pine trees.

“Um, hey, (Y/N),” came a voice nervously from across the kitchen.

“Oh, hi, Grayson,” you snapped into reality, turning around and pushing your hair from your eyes.

He wore a black shirt paired with a checkered red flannel and some ripped skinnies. His hair was slightly ruffled,  and his dark eyes glowed from the sunlight.

“What’s wrong?” he asked straight away. “And don’t say nothing,” he said when you opened your mouth. 

“Nothing?” you said softly, your teeth grinding together.

Grayson smiled and shook his head, making his way closer to you and leaning against the marble island. “You’re biting your lips, which is what you do when you’re anxious, now tell me.”

You pursed your lips together, shifting your head to stare at the wooden floorboards.

“It’s…James,” you sighed.

Grayson’s nostrils flared, his grip tightening on the counter, but you didn’t notice.

“When we first started dating, it was new, a-and exciting, he was so sweet, but, now..” you paused. “I don’t know, I’m not a lovesick puppy who needs attention all the time, but it’s like he doesn’t even know me anymore. He comes home late, reeking of alcohol, he flirts with other girls, and well, it’s like everything we had before is-”

“Gone,” Grayson finished for you.

You nodded, meeting his concerned gaze.

“Sometimes his good side still shows through,” you gulped nervously.

“’Sometimes,’ doesn’t sound like boyfriend material,” Grayson stated blankly.

You laughed quietly, “am I a jerk for thinking that?”

“No,” Gray’s lips twitched upwards, “you’re human.”

He outstretched his arms, and you stepped gladly into his warm embrace, his hold around you warm and comforting as you nuzzled gently into the crook of Grayson’s neck, breathing in his cool aroma. He squeezed you lightly and swayed you in his arms.

“Sorry to interrupt,” came a sour voice from the opposite side of the kitchen.

Grayson released you, but didn’t turn around.

“James,” you breathed, offering a smile.

“Well, I hate to bother someone who is clearly making tea,” he said through clenched teeth, his green eyes narrowing.

“I was just-” you began, your temper flaring.

Grayson brushed your fingertips lightly with his own, mouthing, ‘don’t.’

You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath, regaining your composure, “do you want some?” you asked James.

“No,” he snarled lightly, “ I want to know why this guy has his hands on my girlfriend.”

“It was a hug!” you laughed in disbelief, “Are you really mad at me for hugging someone?!”

But you couldn’t help but feel your heart beat faster as James approached you with urgency, his face coming inches from your own.

“Is this funny to you?” he breathed.

“Dude, lay off,” Grayson finally spoke in warning.

James pulled away slowly, tilting his head and turning to face Gray with a loud scoff. “So, you’re (Y/N)’s little friend?” he spat.

“Yeah, I was at her dinner party from last week, remember? Oh wait, no you don’t, because you bailed on her.” Grayson challenged with a raise of his eyebrow.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” James said, his eyes darkening.

“I think I’m the only guy in this room who seems to be treating (Y/N) with the respect she deserves,” Grayson said with no hesitation.

James gave Grayson a rough shove, which hardly phased Gray.

“So, you have a thing for my girlfriend?!” he laughed. “You thought you’d steal her away from me, hmm? Well I have news for you, only I get to do the things  that you could only imagine of doing to her-”

“I know you’re cheating on me,” you whispered softly.

A low silence rang out, the only sound being that of your faltered breathing.

“What?” Grayson and James said in sync.

“I know you’ve been seeing someone else,” you spoke a little louder.

James turned his focus to you, “I’m no-”

“Oh please,” you snapped in annoyance, “it doesn’t take a genius to figure out who you were suddenly so interested in texting all the time. If you’re going to cheat on me, and least be man enough to admit it. And the worst part is that you would dare to come in here and speak down to my friend, and after what you’ve been doing!? Go to hell, James…We’re done.”

“DING!” rang the kettle as you finished.

And with that, the weight that had been resting on your chest was finally lifted, the words you were too scared to previously utter were falling easily off your lips.

You decided a dramatic storm out would be the best way to go, but barely two steps out, James had grabbed you roughly by your wrists.

“Now you listen here,” he began.

“Ah-ow,” you gasped at the feel of his fingernails digging into your flesh, “you’re hurting me.”

“You don’t get to decide when I’m allowed to speak.”

“J-James, it hurts.”

“Listen to me.” He dug harder, so hard that he began to draw blood.

Burning tears came to your eyes, but in one swift movement, James had toppled harshly onto the floor.

You gasped out in pain, rubbing your wrists lightly, and staring at one very pissed off looking Grayson Dolan.

“He deserved it,” Gray snarled, sweeping you into his arms and making his way outside before you could protest.

He led you down the leaf strewn driveway and all the way down to the stream, but you felt so numb and worn out that you didn’t bother feeling guilty about nuzzling into Grayson’s chest, your warm tears soaking into the fabric of his tee.

He placed you softly onto a flat rock on the edge of the water, taking a seat beside you. You sniffed and bent down, washing the blood off your skin in the freezing water. The wind was cool on your skin, the sounds of the bubbling stream relaxing. 

“I’m sorry for dragging you into that,” you mumbled after a few minutes.

“I’m sorry you had to date that pathetic excuse of a human being.”

You plopped back down by Gray, looking up into his stern expression. Grayson stared out at the trees, his hands clasped together in his lap.

“Gray?” you said softly.

He turned his hazel eyes down to yours, “Yeah?”

“Is it…Is it true, what James said? That you have a thing for me?” you gulped, searching Grayson’s features.

Grayson sighed, his eyes lingering on the stones before meeting with yours again, “Yeah, it is.”

“Oh.” You shifted slightly, turning back to the water.

“Sorry, (Y/N), I know that you had enough things to worry about already, but if we’re being honest then-”

You shut him up by grabbing his hand and taking it in your own, keeping your eyes forward as you laced your fingers gently through his.

“Don’t apologize,” you breathed, “you’re right, things are complicated, but all I know is that I really need you here right now.”

“And with you is the only place I want to be,” he smiled softly.

Your lips twitched upwards, “What did I do to deserve you, Grayson Dolan?”

“Exist,” he responded without hesitation.

You laughed quietly, taking the briefest of moments to tug Grayson in by his flannel and bring your lips gently to his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed in the second that you kissed his bronzed skin. You pulled back, running your thumb gently against Grayson’s full lips as he struggled to process your actions. Grayson opened his mouth, but then quickly shut it, deciding instead to pull you into his warm chest. And no words were necessary as you rest there, feeling more happy in this moment than you had in months. 

Just seeing photos taken with the twins within the last week hurts my heart and genuinely has made me upset to the point of tears. They look so unhappy. I never want to see them hurt like this ever. It’s genuinely upsetting to me that despite the fact that they’re clearly going through a terrible patch people are still pestering them to upload, and to take photos with them. I get it, you see them and it makes you happy. But, you know, I know, we ALL know, they’re going through one of the roughest points in time in their lives so far and deserve that alone time without cameras on them. They deserve to live like they’re just two kids from jersey for the time being. Forget youtube, forget LA, and forget whatever amount of followers they have. They deserve the time to work through THEIR ISSUES ALONE. They deserve to spend time with their family. They deserve to spend time working on their mental health. Don’t forget that they’re just two kids. They hurt, and they have struggles. Please if any of you see them in public don’t ask for photos or anything. The timing really isn’t appropriate. Please treat them like they’re humans, not animals in the zoo. Please don’t forget they’re just kids. Please.

Rising Tide

Pairing: Jimin, Jungkook, BTS, fluff, angst, happy ending

Jungkook woke to the sound of a soft melody and sighed. This is the third time this month. He rubbed his eyes and sat up trying to figure out the song, trying to figure out how bad it really is.

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If You Were To Ask

If You Were To Ask by MiaGhost

Pairings: Sam Winchester/Gabriel

Length: 1954

Rating: G

Warning/tags: Human AU, One-shot, Best Friend, First Love, Fluff

Summary: If you were to ask Gabriel Novak about his first love, he wouldn’t tell you about girls who held his hand or gave him Valentine’s or the bad boy he liked or even that one guy he’d dated the whole summer he was fifteen.


I love everything about this fic. I love the premise, I love how it’s written and most of all, I love the fluff. This fic is so sweet, and cute. A great fluffy snipped for a snowy Tuesday. Love it- Lauren 

I adore this story! It was very nicely paced as we read into the backstory of Sam and Gabriel’s life together, and that how no matter how many people Gabriel may have liked or dated in between, he was always going to be with Sam. Very sweet and the best story to read while in the middle of a snow blizzard this morning! - Gisselle

Tuesday Nights

Requested by @teenwxlfies

AN:// Thanks for the request! I hope this fulfils your desires. I am taking requests if anyone wants to slip one into my ask box. Feedback is always appreciated :)

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Word Count: 887

Warnings: Major fluff. Enjoy 

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Tuesday nights are my favorite. Eating popcorn and being surrounded by blankets and pillows while wearing nothing but my underwear is the best. Wait- scratch that. All this plus being snuggled up against my man is the best. I hummed softly as Cody shifted, wrapping his arms around me and moving my hair so we can properly spoon without him getting strands of hair in his mouth. Nothing can beat this moment.

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Draw Something

Draw Something by StarlightDragon

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Rating: M

Length: 3462

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, Match Making, Drawing, FLuff, Artist! Gabriel 

Summary: Gabriel Novak meets Mary Winchester through the phone game Draw Something, and before long, the two of them start texting. They’re friends, and then things start to change when Mary mentions that she has a son Gabriel’s age.


I really love the premise of this fic, it’s really unique. I don’t know what Draw Something is, but it seems really interesting. I like the fact that Gabriel meets Sam through Mary and that Mary not only knows her son’s type, but actually sets Gabriel up on a blind date with him. Simply wonderful- Lauren 

I really liked how Gabriel and Mary sorta bonded back and forth and Mary basically is claiming Gabe like her own son. It was so cute and Gabriel’s reactions to Sam was so adorable! -Nikki

This is so cute and original! I absolutely love the idea of Mary and Gabe having a relationship through something as silly as a phone app. And of course Mary would set them up! Awesome fic.- Patty

Coffee, Lucky Charms and Love You

Coffee, Lucky Charms and Love You by BuzzCat

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Rating: G

Length: 1611

Warnings/Tags: Fluff, Breakup/Make Up, AU, Human AU

Summary: Sam wasn’t necessarily surprised to hear the window sliding open. It had been a long night and Dean had crashed on his couch, so it was entirely possible his brother had opened it for some fresh morning air. But as Sam rolled over and checked the clock he realized two things: Dean had gone to work two hours ago, and never in his life had he heard his brother crave fresh air in the morning. Sam sat bolt upright in bed. He was being robbed. Someone had broken into his apartment and he was being burgled at this very moment.AKA, Gabriel needs the good coffee, Sam has the good coffee, and both of them have Feelings


This fic made me a little sad in the beginning, because the thought of Sam and Gabriel not being together always makes me sad, but fear not! It gets better! Gabriel breaking into  Sam’s house to eat his cereal and drink his coffee is so adorably Gabriel and Sam’s eventual reaction is so wonderful. Perfect- Lauren 

So cute! And I love the happy ending. Sam is much more forgiving than me though! - Patty

Very adorably Gabriel, breaking into Sam’s house to eat cereal and drink coffee because he missed him. Thank goodness they were able to talk, in their own special way, and see they were meant for each other and get a happy ending! Love it! - Gisselle

Honestly Gabriel that’s not how you woo someone, there’s front doors for a reason. But this was absolutely adorable even though Sam probably will be tempted to lock him out next time.-Nikki

Coming Tuesday - The Little Things

Dean doesn’t always say I love you, it’s in the little things

I’ve got a Dean x Reader fluff-fest coming for you sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening. It’s a little 1k blurb about all the ways Dean shows the reader he loves her. 

I’m so in love with it. Hope you guys like it as much as I do. 

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  • Me Wednesday to Monday: I'm really pissed off about this Berena storyline; I don't want grief, I want fluff.
  • Me Tuesday: ohmybabiesiloveyousomuchbernieyoureperfectdonteverchangemyheartmyheartisgivingoutdidshejustsaypartnershedidshedidandnowshesholdingherhandandnowthehugandohijustwanttobeheldlikethatmybabiesaregoingtobeokthatsthegriefoverwithyayyaybeingacheapdramahoeneverfeltsogood