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Pidge quick, before they get back, tell me all the strange secrets, specifically about Keith, I'm sure he does weird stuff. Come on quick before they get back


Keith: PIDGE!!!

Lance: Photos or it didn’t happen.


Lance: omg…

Keith: … why… do you have that?

Pidge: You should never trust me with sleepovers.

A.N. Couldn’t think of anything.. so I’m projecting.

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I Was Waiting For You

||| Requested by @treetops68 a long time ago 😂 |||

A/N: A short follow up from a one shot I have written before. You can read it here if you want ~

Lee Hongbin x Reader

Genre: fluff

Word count: 655

Originally posted by thisisjustforfunval

“Y/N are you sleeping?” Hakyeon asked brushing a strand of hair from your face.


“You so are.” he smiled.

“I’m not, I’m just resting my eyes.” you answered.

“Yeah right.” he said trying to stand up to wake you up.

“It’s not that comfortable on my lap.” he laughed. “You should go to your tent.”

“Ugh fine.” you finally said. “And I thought we were having a moment.”

“There will be plenty of those when you wake up. You should get your sleep while you can, we will be going hiking tomorrow.” he said going inside.

You stood by the fire for a few minutes and decided to head in as well. You zipped up your tent and almost screamed when you saw someone staring at you from the darkness.

“Oh my God, Hongbin! You scared the hell out of me! Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I was waiting for you.”


“Well I won fair and square to sleep in the same tent as you, so I wanted to enjoy it but you were taking so long.” he whined.

“Did you seriously wait for me for two hours? You were the one who went to sleep earlier, you could have stayed by the fire.”

“But you stopped Hakyeon, not me.”

You were surprised by his statement and you both remained silent for a good minute just looking at each other.

“What, are you jealous?” you finally teased. Even in this darkness, you saw his face flushing, he lay on his side, so you couldn’t see him but you sneaked up to him.

“You are, aren’t you?” you said tickling him.

“Y/N don’t.”

“No way, you do this to me all the time.”

“I’m trying to sleep. Let me sleep.”

“Now you’re trying to sleep?” you laughed. “Come on Hongbin, don’t be a child.” you said shaking him but he suddenly turned around, grabbed your shoulders and rolled you over, so that you were positioned beneath him.

“I told you not to tease me.” he said pinning your hands on the opposite sides of your head.

“Oh so scary.” you scoofed as he leaned in closer.

“What now?” you asked, he stared at you for a few long seconds before crashing his lips with yours. You were so shocked, you only started struggling after a while, so he finally pulled away.

“What are you doing?” you shouted, you could feel your cheeks starting to burn, you wanted nothing but cover your face with your hands but his grip was strong.

“Payback.” he smirked.

“That’s not how this works-” you were about to say when a voice came from the tent nearby.

“Can you two finally stop whatever you’re doing and just go to sleep!” someone shouted. You two were dumbstruck for a moment, you didn’t know who that was, perhaps Taekwoon but if he heard you, the others probably did as well. You looked at Hongbin and you could see he was just as surprised as you were. He let go of your hands and fell down on his back near you. He looked at you from the corner of his eyes. You curled up into a ball and covered your face. You were so embarrassed. You couldn’t believe what just happened. It was hard to control your feelings as it was but now this. You felt his hands on your waist as he pulled you to him.

“We should go to sleep, you know we are going hiking tomorrow.” he said snuggling into your neck. This wasn’t your first time sleeping with him like this but now it felt completely different, he was more affectionate. You lay there in his embrace for at least an hour, unable to escape as he held on to you tightly. When his grip loosened you turned around and saw that he was finally asleep.

“So cute.” you thought hugging him back. “Maybe it’s not so bad.”

Blessing - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader x dad!Stark

Words: 1179
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader x dad!Stark
Featuring: Clint Barton
Warnings: lotta love, cheesy ending.
Requested by anon
Pietro goes to Dad!Tony to ask for his blessing to marry reader. Tony’s not to keen on the idea because it’s speedy, but he makes reader happy and that’s all he can ask for as a loving father. Fluff ‘n’ stuff please.
Authors Note: I’m sorry this took so long to get out, I have been very unmotivated recently. Just happy it’s finally done :)

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

“Tony, I need to talk to you!” Pietro ran around the base all day, trying to find your father long enough to get him to speak. Tony kept dodging Pietro and hiding from him by saying that he had to do work all over the base.

Clint rolled his eyes when Tony ran into the kitchen. “I swear, Tony, if you do not talk toPietro he’s going to explode. Just give him a few minutes to talk. He’s your daughter’s boyfriend, what if it’s important?” Of course, Clint knew what Pietro wanted to talk about; he’s basically Pietro’s father.

And Clint wasn’t lying; it was one of the most important things that could happen. “I don’t want to talk to him; he makes me mad! And to know he is having…intercourse… with my daughter does not make it any better for me,” Tony argued.

Clint cocked his head and rolled his eyes. “Come on; they have been dating for nearly two years. Give him a break; he’s really not that bad.”

Tony slowly turned his head to look at Clint. “You know what this is about, don’t you?” Tony walked closer.

“What? No, no, what gave you any idea that I know what he wants? No, psh, no!” Clint lied as he stood up to get away from Tony.

“Clint, get your ass back here!” Tony shouted and ran after Clint, but was stopped by a gust of wind.

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Before It’s Too Late (part 4)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluff and stuff

A/N: I hope ya guys like this fic so far :\\ ik it’s pretty boring.

You and Bucky were the last of your friends to leave. Staying true to your words, you came around 3 to get Bucky. The two of you went down to your car and packed up before hitting the road. The drive to your parents house was 41-45 minutes long but once you got there, you couldn’t help but smile.

“Come on.” you nod your head over to the front door.

You make sure Bucky’s behind you and when he is, you ring the doorbell repeatedly. The door is pulled open and you see your mother with a scowl on her face.

“I hate when you do that you little asshole.” she huffed and you laugh.

“Hey momma.” you let go of your suitcases and pull her into a hug.

“Hey baby, it’s so good to have you home.” she squeezes you before letting go. As she does so, her eyes trail up to Bucky who smiles.

“Hey Y/M/N.”

“Hi Bucky.” she smiled.

“Bucky’s gonna spend Christmas with us mom, there’s some family complications on his end and he had nowhere to go for the holiday.” you briefly explain, leaving out the part where his mom told him to not come home because you knew that if you told your mom she’d get on the phone real quick with Bucky’s mom.

“That’s fine.” your mother beamed. “Come on in, it’s cold outside.”

The two of you enter the house and you smile before turning to your mother. “Where’s dad?”

“Taking a shower. He was working on the car and got all dirty.”

“He’s always working on a car.” You chuckle, shaking your head.

Your mother smiles and nods upstairs. “Go and get unpacked.”

Nodding, you turn away and make it upstairs to your room.

“Here it is in all its glory!” you exclaim with a wide smile as you turn around to face Bucky.

He smiles. “Aww it’s exactly how I remembered it.” He strolls in, stopping in the middle of the room before turning to you. “Fucking ugly.”

You playfully glare at him before entering the room yourself and shutting the door. “The only ugly thing in here is you.”

“You need to get your eyes checked, doll because I’m the most beautiful human being out there.” Bucky boasted.

You scoff. “You might be the most beautiful human being out there but I’m the most gorgeous human being out there and gorgeous beats beautiful any day.”

Bucky smiles as he watched you throw your suitcase on your old bed. “I can’t argue with that now can I?”

After getting unpacked you and Bucky stood at your door, examining your childhood room.

“So,” he started. “How’s the sleeping arrangement gonna go? I was thinking you take the floor and I get the bed seeing as I am your guest for the next four weeks.”

You playfully roll your eyes. “Get off your high horse, Buck. It’s gonna be like it always has been; I get my bed and you sleep on the air up mattress. Just like when we were kids.”

“You gonna let me sleep in your bed with you, just like when we were kids?” he smirked over at you.

“I only let you sleep in my bed because you had nightmares.”

“Well what if I have nightmares again?”

“I’ll hold your hand.”


You look at your friend and smile. “I promise.”

Before you could look away though, Bucky starts speaking again. “Nuh uh, we gotta seal our promise.”


Bucky wiggles his pinky at you and you groan. “Oh my god no Bucky. Just take my word for it.”

“Gimme your pinky.”

“We stopped pinky promising in high school.”

“Give. Me. Your. Pinky.”

You let out a sigh before extending your pinky out to Bucky. You see him smile and he grabs your pinky with his. The both of you lean in and kiss your pinkies thus sealing your promise.

“There now let’s go downstairs, I’m hungry.”

“Hey,” he spoke up as the two of you left your room. “What are our plans?”


“While we’re here. What’re we gonna do? We’re gonna be here for four weeks.”

“Oh!” you exclaim. “Well the gang is gonna go to Wanda’s moms place for Christmas so that’s where we’ll be after we open presents here of course.”

“Oh yeah, I need to go Christmas shopping. So far all I got is socks for Steve and some book about planets for Bruce.”

You snort. “Nice present for the man you’ve been friends with for your entire life.”

“Steve won’t mind. He loves socks.”

After eating dinner you helped your mom clean up while Bucky talked with your dad in the living room.

“So.. are you two…” your mother trailed off and you groan.

“Oh my god does everyone know about my feelings towards that man?”

Your mother chuckles. “Hey, a mother knows her daughter.”

You roll your eyes. “Well, if you must know, no we aren’t… together. Bucky has a girlfriend and-“

Your mother gasps. “He what?! Are you serious?”


There was a pause before: “Is she ugly?”


“What! I just wanna know.”

“Oh my god.” You chuckle. “She’s very nice and very pretty which sucks. I can’t find a single reason to hate her.”

“Here’s a reason; she’s with Bucky.”

You let out a laugh at her response. “That’s what Pepper told me.”

“Who’s Pepper?”

“This girl that Tony is madly in love with. She’s great, you have to meet her sometime.”

The two of you finish and your mother turns to you. “Hey… Bucky’s missing out on one hell of a girl.”

You smile and shake your head before pulling your mother into a hug. You stay in her embrace for a bit before pulling away and sighing.

“Alright well I’m gonna go to sleep. Got a lot of Christmas shopping to do for my friends.”

“What about me?”

“Is my love and affection not enough?” you question, making your way to the kitchen door.


“Oh my god mom, you ask for too much.” You playfully groan.

“I didn’t say that when I had to feed you and change your nasty ass diapers and take you to the emergency room when you fractured your arm and-“

“Okay, okay,okay! Present. Got it.”

Your mother smiles. “Thank you! I love you!”

You leave the kitchen and shake your head. Upon entering the living room, Bucky looks over at you and you smile.

“I’m gonna head to bed now. I’ve got Christmas shopping to do for like twelve people.” You say and Bucky nods, standing up.

“I should go to sleep too.” He announced before turning to your dad. “Tomorrow. You. Me. I’ll show you how to play darts like a real badass.”

Your dad laughs and shakes his head. “You’re on.”

After saying goodnight the two of you head up to your room and quickly air up the mattress beside your bed. You hand him a pillow and some blankets before settling down in your own bed. The two of you lay facing the ceiling before you shift so that your laying on your side now facing Bucky.


Bucky turns on his side. “Hey.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything.”

Bucky’s face is illuminated by the light of the moon shining through your window and you can’t help but mentally acknowledge how utterly beautiful he looks.

“Why didn’t you go home with Kristen? I thought she was the one?” you throw in the last part to ease the tension.

Bucky chuckled. “I say that about every girl I meet.”

“No kidding.”

Bucky slaps your arm.

“No but uh, I dunno why. I didn’t think to ask, really. After the conversation with my mom I was a bit down. I was gonna just stay at the apartment.” He says and you nod, staying quiet. “Plus, I don’t know if she’s the one.”

This peaks your interest and your eyes widen. “What?”

“I just… I dunno. Isn’t it a bit too early to decide if she’s the one? I mean I like her and all but isn’t it too early?”

You chuckle lightly. “You’re asking the wrong person, buddy.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you suck.”

You nod. “Suck and swallow.”

Bucky makes a face and laughs.

“That’s sacred information, my dear friend. Keep it to yourself.” You add.

“Well it’s a good thing I like women who suck and swallow.” his fingers trailed up and down your arm and you swat them away.


Bucky laughs as you turn and face your back to him. He gets comfortable himself and lets out a sigh. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

You smile. “Goodnight, Bucky.”

A/N: the readers mom is based off my momma. She’s pretty cool… don’t tell her I said that. Anyways as always it is late so I shall edit this when I wake up. I hope ya enjoyed this part and tell me what ya think!


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[ insomniac ]

words; 11.7k (this is a fic i wrote like 4 months ago, never got around 2 it posting lol) 

genre; mostly the fluffs, first kiss n stuff like that :-) i guess there is some suggestive stuff but its quite light. 

synopsis; wonwoo is the strangely quiet boy that sits in the back of class and would rather be reading than listening to the lessons. his appearance is also quite questionable, with dark rings under his eyes and disheveled hair. 

he’s earned the nickname, insomnia, and you’re curious to discover if the quiet boy matches what everyone seems to call him. 

There is nothing but silence, a still unsettling silence that sticks to every corner of the room as watery streaks of moonlight bathe the boards of oakwood. A clock sits on the bedside table, the black numbers being highlighted by the bright blue that lays behind them. At this time, the world is quiet, the only sound being the blood rushing through your ears or the steady heart beat thumping in your chest.

A bed is placed snuggly into the corner of the room, a thick comforter lying neatly over the old mattress that carries the stains of spilt coffee and tea. Nothing is out of place, all the clothes are folded with precision and tucked away inside the dresser, every book on the shelf has its spine turned out, each series perfectly aligned with the next. It might even look as if no one ever stayed inside the room for it was always too clean and organized, or maybe whoever slept there had too much time on their hands. 

Just as the digits on the clock struck 3am sharp, the door handle slowly swiveled and a figure emerged from the hallway, a tall glass of water curled in its fingers. After sitting down on the mattress and taking a very long sip of its beverage, the figure shifted to the centre of the bed and crossed its arms over its knees, back slouching and tufts of ash coloured hair falling carelessly over its eyes.

Noise. Why was it always so noisy?

The hallways acted like a speaker, amplifying every little clink or clank down the long corridors until it faded away. Only a few more weeks left of school, only a few more weeks left of angsty students who were constantly slamming their lockers and scuffing their shoes, only a few more weeks of fed up teachers who couldn’t even bother to yell at their class because they knew it was worthless. 

You could hardly wait to get away from it all and finally be able to isolate yourself back into silence, sweet, sweet silence. After navigating your way through the morning crowd of zombies that moved slower than molasses, you set your heap of books down and pushed in your earbuds. You liked being alone in class, before the lights were turned on and curtains were tugged open. You could just slouch at your desk and let your foot tap against the tiles while listening to something you actually wanted to hear and not the brainless conversations of the people around you.

Then the door was opening, and a streak of yellow light washed over the floor for a few seconds before disappearing. Another student was here, though he hardly looked like a student. His frame was tall and lean, prominent collar bones resting under his milky skin tone while messy ash tinted hair almost covered his eyes. 

Yes his eyes, they were dark, very dark, like someone dropped a splash of black food colouring into his irises. Discoloured circles lay under his lash line, like the result of someone who hadn’t slept in weeks while his attire consisted of a loose long sleeved white shirt and dark grey sweatpants tucked into worn out sneakers. His name was Wonwoo, but everyone called him Insomnia because that’s exactly how he looked. Like someone who couldn’t sleep.

Wonwoo stared blankly across the empty classroom as he readjusted the books swept under his arm, his hollow gaze sweeping right over you like you weren’t even there. Suddenly the bell began to ring and before you knew it, the zombies were flooding into the class, their voices still drowsy from the morning atmosphere as they plopped down lifelessly into their seats. Everyone was sitting except for Wonwoo, he just stood there with his usual blank stare, his back slightly slouched while he remained like a statue.

“Wake up Insomnia and take a seat already.” Someone called from the back of the class, but Wonwoo didn’t take a seat until Mrs. Kang the English teacher walked in, her heels clicking against the tiles while she pushed up the glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. She patted his should while slipping past him to get to her desk and it wasn’t until then that he finally moved, his eyes flickering slightly before finding an empty desk near the back. Wonwoo was just as fascinating as he was strange, and one day you wanted to have a real conversation with him just to see what was going on inside his head.

“You’re bringing a guy over?”

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Lunchtime drabble: searching the ship

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship
Word Count: 496
Pairing: Kirk x Reader
Warnings: fluff ‘n stuff. Parentheses are Jim’s thoughts.

Jim forced himself to walk not run through the corridors of the ship looking for her. Bones said she had come back from the away mission with only minimal injuries and had released her from Medbay before Jim could get there. He checked their quarters, she wasn’t there. He’d tried to reach her on comms, she didn’t answer. He knew of only one more place to look for her and if he didn’t find her there, he would issue a ship-wide order for everyone not currently doing another job to look for her.

The doors to the smallest observation room opened as soon as he reached them. A good sign considering she had a habit of locking them when she wanted to be left alone. Even though this was the smallest observation room, it had the biggest windows. In fact, three of its four walls were floor to ceiling windows. On a couch facing the center of the middle window, he saw her sitting, her back to him.

“You turned off your communicator.” (Please be okay).

“I just wanted a couple minutes to regroup.” her soft voice floated around him, wrapping him in its warmth.

“Do you want me to leave?” (Please say no).

“Do you have time to sit with me for a little while?”

“Of course.” (I would die for you, sitting with you is a given.)

He walked over and sat down next her, putting his arms around her and pulling her back to his chest, he hands resting on the small swell of her belly just now beginning to show through her uniform.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked gently as her head leaned back to rest under his chin. (I love your voice).

“It was a minor injury, even Leonard said so, but it scared me.”

(It terrified me. I can’t lose you.)

“Maybe I need to send Ensign Beckett on away missions until after the baby is born, Jim.” She didn’t sound uncertain, but he heard something in her voice. Regret?

“If you think it’s time, Y/N. I will support you either way.” (Please stay safe.)
She sat up a little and turned in his arms to peer up into his blue eyes.

“Jim,” Y/N smiled, “you would be happier if I stayed on the ship, wouldn’t you?”

“I want you safe and I want our baby safe, but I won’t stifle you or tell you how to do your job.” (Please stay on the ship, I love you so much).

“Alright, Captain Kirk, I will ask Ensign Beckett to take over my away team duties and I will work from the ship until the baby is born and then we will revisit this.”

“Whatever you decide, Lieutenant Kirk.” (I wonder how soon after giving birth Bones will let her return to work? Maybe never.) Jim smiled and pulled her back to his chest as they both watched the passing stars in a thoughtful silence.

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Wakandan Adventures (2/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3,042 

Summary: Bucky is bored and decides Y/N is the best way to solve that problem. 

Warnings: all fluff and stuff. 

A/N: Thank you for the amazing response to the first part, here is part 2! This one was inspired by Sebastian’s interview with James Cordon last year! Hope you enjoy, feedback is greatly appreciated. Also if you would like to be tagged, just send me an ask/message! 

Tags: @flightofthefantasies  @ipaintmelodies @gondorgirl01  @bucky-on-a-bike  @jarnesbrnes @pickledmoon @moody-fangirl  @ladybrett9 @supernatural-harrypotter7 @i-saved-me @widowsfics @canumoveyourseatup-no @the-witching-hours12-3 @douleu-passion

Bucky was sitting beside you in an office chair, spinning around in sheer boredom. He was trying his best to gain your attention, but didn’t want to speak, so instead he only let out a deep sigh now and then, hoping it would get you to pay him just a little attention. His boredom was taking a toll on him, so he grabbed a pencil, throwing it in the air and catching it again to entertain himself. That didn’t last long. 

“Y/N” he called out, you didn’t react.


Still no reaction. He let out a deep sigh and slammed the pencil down at the desk hard enough so it would startle you. He was sure to get a reaction out of you and even smiled a bit, but to his dismay, you didn’t even flinch, only continued with your work as if nothing was going on beside you.

“Y/N” he dragged out your name this time and had even gone so far as to start whining. James Buchanan Barnes, the former Winter Soldier was whining.

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HEY LOOK ITS MY FURBSONA!!! u might b able to tell but i was super inspired by the primary color furby but i also wanted to put a very “me” twist. idk their name but their fur is soft and fluffy and their hair is very curly. when u press their tummy they yell “i love you!” and giggle. they r also v loud n autistic n gay and nb liek me

Family [a Legends Of Tomorrow imagine]

Request: Hi, I was wondering if you could do a Legends of Tomorrow imagine for me? I’ve been having a rough time lately with anxiety and my weight (I’ve struggled with an eating disorder since April) and I could really use a pickup. Could you maybe do one where the character (a girl, a teenager) is on the Waverider and is just having a hard time and they help her through it. And I really like Snart, Ray, Sara and Jax so could you have them be really close with her? Just like “sibling” fluff and stuff?:)

a/n: I’m always here to talk, don’t forget that please

WARNING: body image anxiety

You have never been too comfortable with your own body. There is always something wrong or weird about it. You’ll never tell anyone about it; that’s what you had promised yourself from the day puberty hit. Aka, before you even thought about space and time and stepping foot on the Waverider.

Now here you are, staring at your body in the full length mirror. You poke at your stomach, your arms, your thighs, anything you don’t like. You aren’t eating nearly enough. 

Ray enters, “What are you doing, Y/N?” Ray asks quietly, crossing his arms, frowning and furrowing his thick eyebrows, “Please stop that.” he mumbles.

Before you can come back with a snarky ‘stop what’, Len steps in, followed by Jax and Sara. “And don’t pretend you don’t know what Boyscout’s talking about.” the cool man drawls, looking at you with his pretty blue eyes. “We know, Y/N” he states, those eyes filled in worry, like Ray’s, but his face is calm. You gulp, tears creating in your eyelids.

“And we want to help.” Jax pipes up, stepping closer to you so that he can wrap his arm around your shoulder. You lean into him, sighing as you focus on the ground, playing with the end of your dark green bomber jacket.

Sara’s hand creeps on your shoulder, gazing at you with wet eyes. Her other hand cups your face, brushing some of your tear streaks away. “We’re here for you, beautiful. Whatever you need from us, we’ll make it happen. Right guys?” she turns her head to the three men, blonde hair falling in front of her eyes.

Jax and Len nod, staring at you with care written all across their faces. “Of course we will. You are apart of the family, Y/N. We love you very much.” Ray beams, cradling you in his strong arms, coddling your head to his chest. He kisses the top of your hair; Sara does the same, followed by Jax.

Len hugs you from the side, scrunching his black t-shirt slightly. “You are very strong, kid. You can do anything. We’ll be here if you need us.” he encourages, rubbing your arm soothingly.

You dry your face, cracking a small, weak, smile. “Thank you guys. All of you. It means a lot to me.” you sniffle.

“Any time, Y/N.” Jax hums. You feel better; you had family that wants to help you.


What if Ultra Magnus was too embarrassed to kiss Rodimus, so he doesn’t usually make any move to kiss him. Rodimus doesn’t mind, if it means he gets to make Magnus flustered by kissing him. 

So the first time he does kiss him he covers Rodimus’ optics and Rodimus just stands there confused until he feels Magnus’ lips brush against his. He’s grinning really wide when Magnus removes his hand and quickly walks away with an embarrassed look on his face.

Megatron just rolls his optics and orders everyone back to work while Rodimus is smiling so happily. 

You are scaring me (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hey can you do an imagine where Peter and the reader are dating and one of them has anger issues and a bad incident happens like they even start throwing things and then later apologizes and it’s just fluff and stuff? Idkkkk

A/N: Really -when I say really, I mean really- angsty.

You sit on Peter’s couch, hearing him scream at you and trying not to cry.
‘’You could have gotten hurt!’’ Peter screams. ‘’Do you even realize that? Do you even care?’’
‘’I know, Peter’’ you whisper. ‘’I just wanted to help you.’’
It had all started when you decided to help Spiderman. You had been on a date with Peter at the park when suddenly a man started firing a gun. Peter had quickly changed and run up to the man, and even if you knew you should have just hidden, you couldn’t help but run behind Peter, afraid he would get hurt. The man had almost shot you before Spiderman caught him, and after the shock had left your body, Peter instantly got mad and started to shout.
‘’Well, you can’t help me! You don’t even know how to throw a punch, for God’s shake!’’ he screams. You flinch and look away, tears welling up in your eyes. ‘’Look at me when I talk to you!’’ he shouts, grabbing your shoulders and turning you around so you have to face him. ‘’I don’t want you helping me! I don’t want to have to worry about you! Are you really that stupid that you can’t understand ‘’stay here’’?! Shit, [Y/N]!’’ he screams, taking the first thing he saw -the TV remote- and throwing it across the room.
You are crying by now -sobbing, even. You try to wrap yourself in your arms, covering your face with your hair.
‘’I’m sorry, Peter’’ you whisper. ‘’I’m sorry. Please, stop. You are scaring me.’’
He looks at you and his expression instantly changes as he sees the tears running down your cheeks and the position you are in -curled up in a ball and wrapping yourself in your arms.
‘’I-oh my God’’ he whispers, walking slowly to you. ‘’I’m sorry’’ he says. Just as he is about to touch your cheek, you flinch and back away, just by instinct after hearing him shout, moving a little on the sofa. He flinches back, hurt about what you have done, but even more hurt about him being the reason as to why you have done that. ‘’I shouldn’t have screamed at you,’’ he says ‘’you didn’t deserve it. I know you just wanted to help. It’s just-if anything ever happened to you, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I’m so sorry-oh my God, I’m such a monster’’ tears are running down his face, his hand on his face as he stands on his knees in front of you, the sound of his sobs echoing through the room. ‘’Uncle Ben tried to save people and died doing so, and I can’t-I can’t bear with the thought of the same thing happening to you.’’
You wrap your arms softly around him, getting off the couch and sitting next to him on the ground. You run your hands through his hair, pressing soft kisses to his forehead.
‘’I will not leave you, Pete. I’m so sorry about what I did -I shouldn’t have done that, and I should have just paid attention to you. I won’t put myself at risk again, I promise’’ you whisper, your lips pressing against his forehead as they move.
He wraps his arms around you, putting his head into the crook of your neck, his breathing against your skin. You slowly fall asleep like that, both of you curled up and not waking up until Aunt May arrives thirty minutes after and softly wraps you both with a blanket.

Adorkable (a phanfic)

Summary: Just a little something with no real plot about Dan and Phil being their usual dorky selves.

Genre/Tags: Fluff n stuff, domesticity, comfort, dorks being dorks

Warnings: Profanity/swearing (this is Dan and Phil we’re talking about, so it’s to be expected); one very, very brief reference to kinks/sex (you have to squint to see it)

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. I am not making assumptions or statements about any of the characters shown in this story, it’s all for the sake of story-telling and should not be taken seriously. 

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: Inspired by a moment from the PINOF 8 Bloopers where Dan talks about his ‘Dandle’ and Phil gives a cute eyeroll (even though i didn’t mention it in the story), I though it was too good of a prompt to pass up! (Lbr though, there were so many cute moments in PINOF 8 as a whole, they’re too precious to exist.)

Also, the events that take place in this are in no particular chronological order so yeah

(This was so much longer than I expected it to be, but as it’s my first I’m pleased with the final result!)

Reviews/advice are appreciated ^_^

Thank you to @kathax397 for being my beta! :3


Dan often found himself contemplating why his and Phil’s fans called them dorks.

He wasn’t disagreeing, it was just funny to see how the phandom responded to the way they presented themselves, especially as its opinion could change from day to day. One day they might be called ‘soft and squishy’, the next ‘dads’ and ‘sexy noodles’.

Other opinions stayed consistent - they were normally the truest ones. Nerds? Hell, yeah. Lanky? You know it. In love? Of fucking course. Well, the last one wasn’t information they’d released to the world just yet but their fans could see it anyway.

‘Dorks’ seemed to be more on the consistent side.

Dan pondered the accuracy of this statement. Just how dorky were they?


The two of them were sat in their office filming a Gamingmas video. Today it was a second attempt at Akinator, but they were making the genie guess Christmas-themed characters instead. Both boys felt content and weren’t taking anything seriously.

Well, anything except for Christmas on Phil’s part.

Phil had always been a holiday enthusiast, but it amused Dan to see just how seriously Phil was taking it.

Sure enough, when they chose to talk about Mrs Claus, and inevitably the first question to pop up was “Does your character really exist?”, Phil set about convincing Dan to answer ‘Probably’ instead of ‘No’.

Neither believed in Mr and Mrs Santa Claus of course, but Phil was insistent that they kept up the Christmas spirit. (One excuse he’d used in the past was that he didn’t want to ruin it for younger viewers, but Dan doubted many of their viewers were of that age group.)

Phil pointed to the screen and said, “No! Nhh- probably! PROBABLY.”

Dan just leaned towards Phil and gave him a look while he rambled on about not ruining the Christmas spirit. Truth be told, he found Phil’s insistence quite endearing, but he wasn’t one to admit it.

He only looked at Phil for a second or two, but it was an affectionate one that said, God you’re a dork. Phil was none the wiser to Dan’s gesture, and so Dan withdrew and returned his focus to the computer screen.

Again, he secretly loved his boyfriend’s enthusiasm and it brought him joy to see him so passionate about something, but that didn’t change the fact that his boyfriend could be a total dork.

So how dorky were they? Quite dorky.


Everyone has bad days.

Whether it be because of illness, or drama, or just feeling crap, everyone has bad days.

Dan knew this all too well, as someone who was prone to an existential crisis every other week. He had learned to accept it over time.

The one thing he couldn’t bear to see was Phil having a bad day.

Phil was, as many of their subscribers had succeeded in pointing out, a ray of sunshine. He was too humble to agree, but that didn’t make the statement any less accurate. He was always smiling, always optimistic and brought brightness with him wherever he went. He always knew exactly what to say, what to do, what to offer when someone was feeling down. Ever since they’d known each other he’d been like a beacon or a light at the end of a tunnel for Dan. He’d always supported and loved him unconditionally. He was literally his guardian angel.

So to see his guardian angel feeling down in the dumps felt worse for Dan than when he himself felt like that.

It didn’t matter what was happening: Phil took priority, especially when it was a bad day. End of discussion.

He had woken up one morning exhausted and with a nasty fever, and probably wouldn’t have said anything for fear of being an inconvenience if Dan hadn’t noticed the heat radiating from his shivering form. They had been supposed to go to a meeting that day; Dan told Phil that he’d chain him to his bedpost if he had to to prevent him from going (not in a sexy or kinky way, to which Phil feigned disappointment) and that he certainly wasn’t abandoning his sick boyfriend for just a bloody meeting, which could be rescheduled anyway.

Dan made himself Phil’s personal slave for the day which made Phil, being a ‘selfless little shit’ to quote what Dan told him, feel quite guilty, but he hadn’t even the strength to get out of bed on his own and Dan, being an ‘even more selfless little shit’ to quote what Phil replied with, insisted. He supplied extra pillows and blankets, kept him sufficiently watered and fed, gave him all the required medicine, made sure the thermostat was always at a warm temperature and helped him to the bathroom for the toilet and even a warm bath.

However, most of the time Phil just wanted Dan there with him in bed holding him. Whether they were watching an anime, scrolling through Tumblr and laughing at all the memes and gifs, taking a nap, or just lying there, Phil wanted Dan by his side. Dan was more than happy to oblige, clambering over to him, settling down under the duvets, wrapping his arms around Phil protectively and pulling him as close as he physically could.

Having Dan with him was the one thing that really made him feel any better. Of course, Dan’s body heat warming him up helped, but really he was just glad to have such a caring and compassionate person close to him in his life. He was grateful that he could have someone so perfect as his boyfriend, as someone who loved him back and reminded him of that with the words “I love you” every few minutes (although Phil wasn’t sure why he didn’t think he was anything special), as someone who risked getting ill himself by holding Phil and kissing him on his temple, his cheeks, his lips, anywhere on his face, but didn’t give a fuck.

With Dan he felt safe and protected. With Dan he felt like he was worth something.

Dan didn’t normally show his sappy side, so Phil always enjoyed the show while he could, snuggling up to him and intending to stay awake but barely being able to keep his eyes open while Dan encouraged him in gentle tones to get some rest. It continued like this for most of the afternoon, drifting in and out of consciousness until he finally fell into a deep sleep and awoke in the early hours of the morning, still feeling disgusting but not quite as much as he had twenty-four hours ago. He reached for his glasses and realised that he was still wrapped up in Dan’s warm embrace. Phil tried to shift his position a bit without waking up his slumbering partner so they’d both be more comfortable, but despite his best efforts Dan woke up anyway, smiling as he opened his eyes and took in the sight of Phil still in his arms. He pulled him in for a soft kiss before asking quietly,

“How are you feeling?”

“Still feel like crap, but it’s been worse.”

Dan seemed content with that answer, so he snuggled up and made Phil promise to wake him up if anything happened before closing his eyes and starting to drift off again. Before he could however, Phil whispered,

“Thank you.”

“Mhhhhmm? For what?”

“For being here. For looking after me, when you could have gone to that meeting or got some video work done. Instead you’ve been caring for me all day, loving me, trying to make me feel better, and I appreciate that.”

“I’d do anything for you,” replied Dan, before pulling him in for a longer, deeper kiss.

When they pulled away, Phil shuddered mockingly.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a sap.” Not that he didn’t like it. Quite the opposite.

“I’m your sap.”

“Dork,” retorted Phil.

As they both settled down and Phil was once again embraced by sleep, he heard one final murmur,

“Your dork.”

So how dorky were they? Very dorky.


The 19th of October.

For most people it was just another day in the run-up to various holidays.

For Dan and Phil, it was the day their lives changed forever.

It was the day they first met each other, at Piccadilly Station in Manchester. It had been one of the best days of their lives.

One of, because over the years many more happy memories were to come.

On the morning of their anniversary, neither could be bothered to get out of bed. Normally this was because they rarely woke up before noon, but today they were content to spend the morning basking in each other’s presence.

As they lay tangled up in each other’s arms, one couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. The only sounds to be heard were content sighs and whispered declarations of love between passionate kisses. They worked together to create a dance of romance, of amour, of devotion for the other.

Today was all about them, about the ups and downs they had gone through, the unbreakable bond they’d created.

Some time after noon, they were still in their cocoon of love and affection but were instead lying against each other, enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, they gathered enough willpower to get out of bed and binge-watch some Netflix in the living room, but space between them remained non-existent. They had their arms around each other’s waists, and Dan practically laying on top of Phil with his head in the crook of Phil’s neck. They didn’t really watch anything, instead they focused on feeding each other pancakes and looking into each other’s eyes, which could captivate them for hours on end.

However, they didn’t have hours on end. Phil had booked a reservation at a restaurant (nothing too fancy, as their combined social awkwardness, clumsiness and other traits didn’t bode well with ‘fancy’) as a surprise. They’d been to it the first time they had travelled to London all those years ago when the prospect of their own radio show had arisen. He figured Dan would appreciate the gesture and the sentiment.

The problem was, Dan was also planning a secret date night out.

Not only that, it was at the exact same restaurant.

They thought alike in that way.

As they lay there on the sofa, just enjoying the moment, both of them were contemplating when they should speak up that they’d organised a surprise. Of course, neither knew that the other had made plans and weren’t even sure if the other would want to, so for fear of being turned down they remained quiet.

Until finally, Phil spoke up,

“Hey Dan?”


“So I was thinking, I kinda have a surprise for you later…”

“What? Are we going out?”

“Yeah! I just really wanted to get out and, y’know, have an official celebration! So what do you think?”


Phil froze. He wasn’t sure how Dan would react to the prospect of going outside, even if it was their anniversary, but he wasn’t expecting this.

“So… no?”

“No, nononono- fuck, that’s not what I meant, fuck fuck fuck… I’d never turn down any opportunity to be with you, you know that.”

“So what’s wrong?”

“The thing is… I kinda made plans for us as well…”

Phil stared at Dan, who was burying his face into his shoulder in embarrassment, before bursting into fits of giggles.

“You… made secret plans wh-while I, too, made secret plans… M-may I ask what th-they were?”

“To got to the first restaurant we visited here in London, when we came to visit about the radio show,” murmured Dan quietly.

Phil’s giggles turned into full-scale laughter.

“Don’t laugh, you’re embarrassing me!” Dan complained.

Phil calmed down enough to say, “Ummmm, this kinda ruins the surprise, but I may or may not have booked a reservation at the same place…”

Dan looked up for the first time and said disbelievingly, “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Phil started laughing again at Dan’s expression, shaking his head in response.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” replied Dan before burying his head in Phil’s shoulder again but this time shaking with laughter.

Eventually they both calmed down and just smiled at each other, still amused at the hilarity of the scenario.

“You’re such a dork.”

“That makes both of us.”

“I guess we really are perfect for each other, then.”

So how dorky were they? One hundred percent dorky.

But they were dorky together.


And there it is… My first phanfic! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

The Unexpected soulmate -Part 1

Characters: Bucky, Tony, Natasha, and some other avengers.

Mainly fluff n’ stuff and emotional stuff to☺

Y/Bf/N - your best friends name

Backround: You are a wizard from a magical land called cinthea (the source of all magic) you mainly control dark magic but you are able to preform a little bit of light magic. You have been dating bucky for about a year and Tony drives you off the wall as usual. In your land soulmates are the most important thing a person could have and when you know a person is your soulmate, it feels like something stabbed you in the stomach.

Summary: You and Bucky have been dating for about a year but he has been getting very distant lately and you can’t figure out why.

Please don’t judge if this is an epic fail, this is my first imagine and I have no idea what I’m doing.

Present day: IT was a Saturday evening and you and your boyfriend Bucky just went out on a date. You went to a fancy French restaurant but he barley looked at you. You were worried for him because this has been happening for a few weeks now and he is getting very distant.

Past (in cinthea): Your father was teaching you another lesson today and today it was the magic of love and a soulmate. “A soulmate is the most valuble thing a person could have. They make part of you and everything you do is because of them.” He talked about this for a little bit more. You sat there on your small red mat with your magical dust prepared to make another spell. But, while he was talking you could only imagine who your soulmate could be. But the most important question came to you, (hint, hint it’s important), “Papa, how do you know when you have found your soulmate?” IT was a question that bothered you the most. “Well my darling Y/N, you know when you have a strange feeling where your stomach is, it is a little bit like a knife is stabbing you there. But, only magical beings like us can feel it, organisms like humans cannot.” “Getting stabbed with a knife doesn’t sound fun Papa.” “No, no, Y/N that is just the feeling you get.”

Present day: You watched Bucky pull himself up the stairs of your house. You were worried yourself because the feeling your father had talked about years ago never came. You loved Bucky, truly but you started to guess he wasn’t feeling the same way. You turned your phone down after throwing your high heels on the ground and stretching out on the couch. You looked at your phone and you guessed Natasha, Wanda, and your best friend from when you were a kid Y/Bf/N were having the time of their lives partying in the avengers tower with all the other avengers. You read through the messages.

Wanda: This party is awesome but I wish Y/N would’ve come with us.

Natasha: Yeah, she’s been so sad lately I wonder why.

Y/Bf/N: I can tell you why, Bucky has been so distant for the past few weeks that it’s been really affecting her/him.

Wanda: She just needs to spend some time with her best girls beside what’s a better way to cheer someone up than a girls night out!

Natasha: Xbox?

Wanda: NO. To cheer someone up they need human contact not virtual contact.

Y/Bf/N: Wanda is right about Y/N needed some friends to cheer her up. So how about tomorrow starting at 7.

Natasha: sure

Wanda: of course!

You were thinking about each message they sent. Was it obvious that your and Buckys relationship were dying?

You had to talk to someone about your relationship but you refused to go to Nat, Wanda, or Y/Bf/N because apparently they already had something in store for you. You didn’t want to go to Steve because you knew every time you talked badly about Bucky he looked like a sad golden retriever puppy. If you went to loki he would try to persuade you into going out with him. Lastly, you refused to go to Tony, mostly because you hated him. He was the most egotistical person you had ever met and he always made fun of your powers like calling you Harry potter. You last choices were between T'Challa or Thor. You decided to go see T'Challa. He was a great friend to you. He treated you like you were his little sister and always made sure you were safe. You love your guys’ relationship and you could always go to him if you needed help.

The next morning: Bucky was still asleep next to you but he looked like he had just worked out. You got up a kissed hi head but he had no reaction. You got pants and a shirt on then got your favorite winter jacket and headed for stark tower. T'Challa was working with Tony for some new vibranium creations but you didn’t find T'Challa on the couch where the bar was, it was Tony sitting there.