fluff marathon


pairing: lams (hamilton/laurens)

modern AU

request: anon: Okay so on twitter there is a john Lauren’s bot and there is one tweet that says “alexander punched the mirror and now his hands r bleeding and i am kissing them better” and me and my friend said that would be a great fic idea and you’re a great writer and I was wondering if you can write it. I would appreciate it so much but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Thank you if you do and thank you for reading this ask😘

word count: 1119 (finally a decent ish length again)

warnings: swearing

a/n: I’M SO SORRY I’VE BEEN SO INACTIVE I HAVEN’T POSTED IN OVER A WEEK. i’ll go back to updating regularly soon. maybe. i made this longer and added domestic stuff, hope you enjoy :)



There’s a loud shattering sound and John winces, recognizing the sound of breaking glass. Alex is in the bathroom, and he’s probably broken that little mirror that John doesn’t even know where it came from.

But nope, there’s a loud holler of pain from the bathroom, followed by a string of curse words from Alex. Worried now, John hops up and knocks on the door. “Alex? You okay?”

“No,” Alex growls, his voice filled with pain. “Because Thomas Jefferson exists.”

“Alex, babe, I know Jefferson’s horrid, but why are you hurt? And why is the mirror smashed?”

Alex opens the door and presses a washcloth to his hand, wincing. “Um.”

John peeks past his boyfriend. The large mirror above the sink has been punched, and shards of glass litter the tiled floor. “What the hell?”

Alex half-grins. “Let me explain.”

“What did Jefferson do to make you break our mirror? Good luck explaining this one,” John says, accentuating the words mirror and this.

“He somehow got my number and sent me half a dozen texts while I was washing my hands and my gosh he just makes me so mad, John, you gotta understand! And he goaded me, and wouldn’t shut up and uggggggggh. So, I, uh…”

“Punched the mirror,” John supplies, and Alex nods, unable to meet his boyfriend’s eyes.

John sighs and grabs some bandages to patch up Alex’s bleeding hands. He doesn’t say a word, and neither does Alex, not even when John puts the ointment on and it has to hurt.

“Thanks,” Alex mumbles when John’s finished. John lifts Alex’s knuckles to his mouth and kisses the bandages. Alex breathes in sharply.

“What?” John asks, a teasing glint in his eyes. “Something wrong?”

“You…just…still wanna kiss me after I ruined the bathroom?”

“Not till you clean up the broken glass,” John shoots back, and he leaves the room.

“JOHN LAURENS!” Alex shouts, but John can tell that there’s no real anger behind it. He grins to himself.

Some time later, Alex emerges from the bathroom with the remainder of the mirror in a baggie. “What do we do with this?”

“Put it over there,” John says, waving in the direction of the corner. “Not sure. I’ll Google it later.”

Alex sets the bag down and then sits next to John on the couch. Silence lasts a full six seconds before he bursts. “I’m sorry, John.”

“Sorry for what?” Alex apologizing for anything is rare, and John wants to draw it out, savor the moment.

“For breaking our mirror.”

John nods. “And?…”

Alex looks confused. “And what?”

“For being…”

“No. I am not apologizing for that,” Alex says. John turns away. “No, please no,” he whines. “That asshole doesn’t deserve it.”

“I’m not kissing you till you say you’re sorry for getting mad.” John doesn’t even look at Alex, and he wonders how long it’ll be till the other man cracks.

Alex lasts an impressive seven seconds this time before cracking. “Fine! Fine! Fine! I’m sorry for getting so mad at Jefferson! I won’t even block his number! Fine! Will you kiss me now?”

“Say it in a nicer tone,” John instructs, holding in a laugh. It’s cute how Alex gets so worked up over silly little things like this.

“I’m. Sorry. For. Getting. Really. Mad. At. Jefferson. And. Breaking. The. Bathroom. Mirror.” Alex’s tone is even and measured, and even though he pauses after every word, it’s good enough for John.



“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Snow White is playing on the TV. John and Alex’s daughter, Mindy, is captivated by the movie. She’s about three and has recently discovered the exciting world of Disney. Alex shoots John a glance as the evil queen talks to her mirror, and Alex suppresses a giggle.

“Remember that day?” John asks, not taking his eyes off the screen. He tries to be quiet, but Mindy still turns around and gives him a shushing motion. He nods.

“Yeah,” Alex breathes into John’s ear. It tickles. “When I broke the mirror, and you made me apologize.”

“And then the next day I made you apologize to Jefferson. To his face.”

“That scarred me.”

“But then you and him stopped being at each other’s throats twenty-four seven, and I got to hear about things that weren’t Jefferson being terrible. That was nice.”

Alex laughs soundlessly. “I did talk about him a lot.”

“You’d think that you were secretly soulmates or something.”

“Ha. No.”

“Will you guys shut up, please?” Mindy asks, turning with a look of indignance on her face. “I can’t hear.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” Alex says, kissing her forehead. “You wanna restart it?”

“Just back to the mirror scene,” the little girl decides, snuggling in between her dads. “That’s the good part.”

John doesn’t want to laugh, but he does, and Mindy fumbles for the remote, hitting several different buttons before finding pause. “What’s so funny, Daddy?”

“It’s a long story,” Alex explains.

Mindy crosses her arms. “We got time.”

“I see you’ve taught her well,” John mumbles to Alex. Alex grins with half of his mouth.

“So back before we got married, before we adopted you, your daddy had…issues with this one guy he worked with,” John starts.

“He made me so mad,” Alex adds.

“It’s not good to be mad at people, Daddy,” Mindy says. “It makes you mean.”

Three year olds are so pure.

“Anyway, he sent your daddy some texts that made him very mad, and so he punched the mirror in the bathroom and broke it.”

Mindy’s mouth falls open. “Daddy!”

Alex holds his hands up. “Guilty.”

“That’s why the mirror scene is so funny to us,” John finishes.

“Didya get a new mirror?”

“I think so. I hope so,” Alex says, worry creeping into his tone. “Wouldn’t want someone to be renting that apartment and find no mirror.”

Mindy giggles. “Okay, can we watch the movie now?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart.”

Some time later, Mindy’s fallen asleep, and Alex carries her to bed and tucks her in. “Goodnight, kiddo. Sweet dreams. Don’t punch any mirrors.”

“Is that just gonna be a running inside joke now?” John asks. Alex nods and then kisses him briefly. John tries to melt into the kiss, but Alex is already pulling away.

“Where are you going?” John mumbles, uncertain.

“To finish the movie, duh,” Alex shoots back. “We can cuddle on the couch.”

John happily skips after him and settles next to him. Alex hits play and then kisses John, and it’s nice, it’s so nice to be here and in love and raising a daughter and having inside jokes, even if the jokes are about Alex breaking a mirror.


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The first time that Kurt and Blaine said “I love you” in front of Burt uwu

“Okay, explain it to me again.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, tipping his head back onto the couch, as Blaine bites his lip to stifle his laughter. Pinching his nose, Kurt touches his cheek to Blaine’s arm—wrapped snugly around Kurt’s shoulders—and exhales, “Barty Crouch Jr. is the bad guy, Dad. He was pretending to be Mad Eye Moody using Polyjuice potion.”

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Movie Marathon

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Anon Request “ How about reader having a lazy day in the bunker and snuggling on the sofa watching nerdy movies with Dean? Idk like lord of the rings or something XD”

Words: 492

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry it is so short! Writer’s block hit me hard with this one and I tried for days to make it longer.

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Foul Ball (Part 3 of Curve Ball)

Originally posted by darlingiamobsessed

Summary: Derek Hale college AU; Reader and Stiles become close friends, and the reader gets some interesting news.

Author’s Note: Yaaaaaay! The next part is FINALLY here! This was a ton of fun to write, so I hope you all like it! The next part will hopefully come a bit quicker!

As always, thanks to @snipsnsnailsnwerewolftales for beta-ing this, and for all the wonderful input and suggestions! Basically the whole movie section was written by her since I was having some writer’s block, so tell her how much you enjoy it as well! c;

Warnings: Just some language


“You’re going out tonight, right?” I asked Lydia, plopping down on my bed. She was busy inspecting the clothes in her closet as she answered, tossing a few things onto her bed.

“Yes,” she said, voice soft as she concentrated on her fashion choices. “I don’t plan to be back until probably Sunday. Aiden and I are hanging out.”

“For three straight days?” My tone came out as more shocked than I meant it to be,  maybe even a bit naive, earning a half-hearted glare.

“He says he wants to spend time with me and work on our relationship,” she defended, drawing out word as if it tasted bitter on her tongue, a hint of sarcasm laced somewhere underneath, poking the metaphorical elephant in the room. I was only half-listening now, pulling up tabs on my laptop and keeping an eye on my phone.

“So, you’re going to have sex all weekend,” I deadpanned, my voice a monotone of stating the obvious. Lydia turned to me and offered a wicked grin, making me laugh. “Just be careful.”

“What are you going to do while I’m gone?”

“Oh, a friend is coming over. We’re gonna binge watch Star Wars and probably eat lots of popcorn,” I explained, eyes scanning over the syllabus I had pulled up on my computer screen for one of my classes.

“Have fun with that,” she mumbled in reply, making me grin. Oh, the joy of being a nerd. Lydia left about an hour later, receiving a text from Aiden saying he was there to pick her up and whisk her away for their weekend long ‘important relationship building bonding alone time’, and, let’s face it, a very… eventful evening. I waited until she was out the door before scrambling for my phone to text Stiles and let him know he could come over any time.

Me: Time for a marathon, I hear it is. Ready and waiting, I will be. Get your ass over here, you should.

Me: Sorry. Yoda stole my phone, the little green bastard. Anyway.

Me: My roommate left so come over any time. :)

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Movie Marathon

Warnings: fluff, harry potter spoilers?
(Tom Holland x Reader)
Summary: You and Tom have a movie marathon
Requested: yes
A/N- You really get to see my Harry Potter side on this one

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(gif isn’t mine full credit goes to owner)

“Nothing to do absolutely nothing to do.”, I say to myself walking around my apartment on a pretty boring Saturday. I sigh looking around my apartment. I was suppose to do things today but then they all got cancelled. I decide to try and text Tom to see if he is busy. 

(Y/N)- I’m bored!

Tom- Weren’t you going to go do something with (Y/B/F/N) today?

(Y/N)- Yeah but it was outside but it is raining so it was cancelled for next weekend

Tom- Oh bummer

(Y/N)- Yeah. I am still bored!

Tom- Okay give me like 15 minutes and I will be over at your place soon

(Y/N)- Okay

*15 minutes later*

I scroll along Instagram when I hear a knock at the door. I go up to get it and on the other side I see a smiling Tom with his hands behind his back. “What do you have behind you?”, I ask him

“Well you said you were bored and what better thing to do on a rainy day then a………………….. movie marathon!”, he says pulling out all of the Harry Potter movies. 

“Yay!!”, I say to him grabbing to set of movies and going over to my couch. I turn on my t.v and the dvd player. I put in the first movie and i can hear Tom in the kitchen making some popcorn. 

After a couple of advertisements the movie starts and Tom walks in with the popcorn. He sits down on the couch and you cuddle up to him. You press play and the movie starts. You snuggle up to Tom and take a big handful of popcorn. 

*The Sorcer’s/Philosopher’s Stone*

“You know the sorting hat makes no sense! Like the hat is sorting them based on when they are 11? I don’t know about them but I am totally different from when I was 11.”, I say

“Well it is a magic hat so I imagine it knows what it is doing.”

“well yeah but it still makes no sense.”

“Also it just seems so clear that Hermione belongs in Ravenclaw, Harry in Slytherin, Neville in Hufflepuf, and Ron is the only true Gryffindor.”

“Okay but like Gryffindors value bravery and lets be real they are all pretty brave.”

“Well that isn’t the only thing that they value.”

“You say that Harry should have been in Slytherin? Then how did he see the sword in The Chamber of Secrets. You heard what Dumbledore said only a true Gryffindor could have seen it.”


*The Chamber of Secrets*

“You know Ginny is like the luckiest fangirl ever. She married Harry! The person she was obsessed with!”,I say

“Also she is like amazing.”, says Tom

“She really is. Like she is a total badass.”, 

“She is just like you!”, exclaims Tom

“What do you mean?”

“She is a badass person who ended up with the person she was obsessed with.”

“I was not obsessed with you.”, I say

“You had an Instagram and Tumblr dedicated to me!”

“Had? I still run them! I have the best update account”

“That doesn’t prove your point.”

*The Prisoner of Azkaban*

“I would love to participate in Hagrid’s class. Buckbeak looks so fun”, I say to Tom

“Well you are only seeing him through a screen imagine actually being there and seeing a big eagle horse. Terrifying”

“First of all he is a hippogriff not an eagle-horse and second you have to approach them correctly. You have to bow and let them make the first move. If you know what you are doing I imagine it is fine.”

“I bet you would be terrified.”

*The Goblet of Fire*

“You know I think that if I were to be in this you would be the one I would need to get from the lake.”, says Tom as we are watching Harry try to find Ron in the lake

“Really? I think that you would be mine.”, I say to him

“What would you use to breathe?”, he asks

“Well Cedric gets first and he used the bubble-head charm so I think it would use that. Also the gillyweed that Harry used kind of scares me.”, I say

“Really? I think it is cool.”, says Tom

“Yeah no, I think it is so weird. I mean it is cool to breathe underwater but the gillyweed is just weird”

“I think that he has an advantage because he can probably swim faster.”

“He did win did he?”

“He was heroic and saved two people I think that is good enough”

*skip to order of the pheonix (that is the 5th movie for people who don’t know)*

I let out a yawn. Tom and I have been watching movies all day and it was getting late. “You getting tired?”, says Tom

“A little but I am going to stay up.”, I say to him

“Yeah I have heard you say that before”, he says with an eye roll

“That one time was different it was a long day.”

“Yeah okay. Press play.”, says Tom. I cuddle up with Tom and press play. About an hour into the movie I feel my eyes getting droopy and before I know it. I am asleep.

Tom’s P.O.V

I look down at (Y/N) only to see her asleep. I let out a little laugh “I knew you weren’t going to be able to stay up.”, I whisper grabbing the remote and pausing the movie. I gently get up and get the popcorn bowl to the  kitchen and go back to the living room. I see (Y/N) on the couch sleeping. Wow she is beautiful. I go over to the couch and pick her up.

I take her to her bed and tuck her into the covers. I look around her closet knowing that she is bound to have some clothes of mine. I eventually find a shirt and some sweat pants. I get into bed and cuddle up to her. “Goodnight (Y/N)”, I whisper giving her a kiss on the head. 

anonymous asked:

ok so like what do you think would happen if you were a fan and were like asking him for a pic or smth and then you kinda starting chattin and he really took a liking in you and wanted to get to know you more :)))) a girl can dream right?

Darling, a girl can ALWAYS dream. And does. 

I went a little off script, and I hope you don’t mind! (also it got wicked long and I took forever and I’M SORRY but I really hope you like it cause I do.)

(Requests are Open)

* * * * * * *

They weren’t moving. Hadn’t moved for three minutes. Three minutes and twenty five seconds. Twenty six… You rested your hand on the horn, but didn’t press. Move, you ass

It was 5:18 in the morning and you were dangerously close to being late for work. You’d taken the side road- the one that wound through the back of town- to avoid stop lights, which were a nuisance so early in the morning when there was no traffic and a red light meant minutes wasted. Usually this route was faster. Usually there wasn’t a goddamn rover parked in the middle of the street. The road was barely one lane wide- basically a glorified alley- and you’d never seen anything larger than a jeep navigate it. Until now. Although, navigate was probably a slight exaggeration. The mammoth vehicle hadn’t gone any faster than a crawl the entire time you’d been behind it and it finally appeared to have given up.

Five minutes. You shit

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i feel like michael is someone who really knows how to marathon?? like maybe you wouldn’t hear from him for a few days or his answers would always be really short and to the point and you’d start to get a little worried, a little pissed c’mon clifford it isn’t hard to answer a text every now and then and you’d eventually get off your ass and go check on him because you know how he can get caught up in things and he’d emerge in low slung sweats with his hair sticking straight up and a bowl of popcorn under his arm like “sorry babe, daredevil season 2 just came out on netflix” and you’d be like are you KIDDING ME except a few minutes later you’d find yourself sitting on the couch starting from the beginning because “i can’t believe you’ve never seen daredevil what’s wrong with you” and it would be the other boys who have to come looking for you eventually and find the two of you curled up under fuzzy blankets gaping at the tv screen because suddenly you care so much about matt murdock and his wellbeing and what is going to happen next damn it netflix

King Of The Lab

Summary: Dan and Phil are forensic anthropology students. Phil makes a tv show reference that only Dan understands, they go back to Dan’s flat and have a marathon.

Genre: fluff and smut

Warnings: swearing, handjobs, mentions of death and murder

A/N: the reference is out of a tv show called Bones. Extremely good show 10/10 would recommend. There’s a couple terms you may not understand if you aren’t into bones and medical stuff so the ones that come to mind that I’ll define for you are:

Maxilla - upper jaw bone
Zygomatic arch - cheekbone
Forensic anthropologist - scientist who studies bones and helps determine how victim died
Para-mortum - before death

I really liked writing this! Hope you enjoy!


It was the early hours of Thursday morning when the group of students got called into the lab. They were studying to be forensic anthropologists and often got called into the Madison Lab to analyze bones. It just so happened on this particular morning though, that two students got switched into the group. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, but these two specific students hadn’t ever been together, and soon after, they forget what it feels like to be apart.
“I found a small fracture on the maxilla, adjacent to being punched, but this still isn’t cause of death.” Jared grumbles as he looks over the bones. It’s been a long morning and all the students were getting really tired of looking at the same fractures and breaks and discoloration that they had found 3 hours ago. Missy was falling asleep standing up, Jared just stormed off the platform, and Olivia had gone to get coffee. Now the only two left working on the bones were the two students who got switched in, Dan and Phil. Dan was working on the pelvis, trying to find evidence of cause of death from getting hit by a car, but so far coming up dry. Phil was working up at the spinal cord, not looking for anything specific, but just hoping and praying he could find something.

Dan sighs, abandoning the pelvis as there’s no more evidence to be found there and moves onto the feet and ankles. There were tons of breaks there, all para-mortum, but none indicating cause of death.

Phil continues looking at the skull and spine, squinting as he brushes his finger over the zygomatic arch. There are lots of fractures, but not bad enough to be cause of death. He swings the magnifying camera around and positions over the fractures. He peers into the lens and his eyes widen.

“So Phil, the only conclusion I can come to is the victims feet and ankles got run over by the murderer’s car as he drove away. But that can’t be cause of death so I’m stumped.” Dan says.

“I-I’ve got it! I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it!!” Phil exclaims. Dan rushes over and high fives him.

“Yes! Finally! What is it??” Dan asks.

“Okay so we know that our victim got hit with a metal pole, which caused the fractures on his zygomatic arch. Just fractures can’t kill someone on that part of the body. But, intercrainial bleeding can. So what happened is that the murderer hit our victim with the metal pole, which caused him to black out. Blacking out causes intercrainial bleeding. He stayed unconscious long enough for the bleeding to kill him. But before he was dead, the murderer ran over his ankles and feet with his car as he drove away, so that if he did become conscious again, he wouldn’t be able to move. And I know all of this because of the staining that you can see if you look in between the cracks. It’s slight, and that’s why I couldn’t see it without the magnifier!”

“Hell yeah Phil!!” Jared exclaims.

“Good job mate!” Missy says.

“King of the labbbbb!!!” Phil shouts.

Dan starts cracking up, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

“Oh my god Phil, who are you, Hodgins?”

“Of course I am, he’s king of the lab, I’m king of the lab, we are one.”

Dan chuckles, wiping the tears off his face. The two of them turn towards the other students, and are met with very confused faces.

“Wait” Phil says, “have you guys never watched Bones before??”

Jared shakes his head. “Sorry mate I’m lost.” Missy nods in agreement.

“You guys are forensic anthropology students and you’ve never seen Bones?? Are you sure you belong here?” Dan inquires.

“Nope. But since Mr. King Of The Lab here figured out cause of death I’m gonna go take a nap so I don’t fall asleep on top of a skeleton. See you guys later.” Missy says as she walks off the platform.

“Same here. Good job mate.” Jared says, following Missy down the stairs.

“Dude that honestly made my day. I can’t believe they’ve never seen that show.” Dan says to Phil as they tidy up.

“Me either. That show is my life. It’s what made me wanna study forensic anthropology.” Phil answers.

“Same man.” Dan says. He hesitates before speaking again, he just met Phil but he’s already developing feelings for him. The chances of him liking guys are slim, but might as well try anyway.

Dan turns to face away from Phil, takes a deep breath, and speaks.

“Any chance you’re interested in a Bones marathon at my place? I’ve got popcorn.”

Phil smiles and responds with, “I’d love to! I don’t even have any coursework that I need to get done so I won’t be panicking the whole time. It’s been a while since that happened.” Phil chuckled.

“Awesome!” Dan responds, a flood of relief washing over him that Phil agreed. He didn’t think anything would come of it, but hey, at least he has someone to fanboy with.
The drive from the lab to Dan’s flat is short. Phil hums along to the radio comfortably and glances at Dan every once in a while. They share small innocent smiles, Dan jumping to conclusions like usual. Oh he’s smiling at me bet he wants to fuck. Yeah, of course that’s what that means.

Dan unlocks his flat and Phil is greeted by a small room littered with little trinkets Dan has collected over the years, most given to him by family and friends.

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn. Make yourself at home!” Dan calls out, heading into the kitchen and leaving Phil alone to snoop. He walks over to the couch and picks up a coffee mug that is on the end table. It has the Jeffersonian Institute emblem wrapping around it. Phil grins, thinking about the same mug he has in his cupboard at home. He places it back down on the table just as Dan walks in with a huge bowl of popcorn.

“Like the mug?” Dan asks.

“Yeah it’s awesome, very familiar. I have the same one at my house.” Phil responds.

Dan grins. “Well you have quite the taste in mugs. I was thinking we could have the marathon in my room. Sorry if that’s weird, but Netflix takes forever to load out here and the wifi in my room is pretty good and-”

Phil places his hand on Dan’s hip, causing him to stop mid-sentence and take in a sharp breath.

“Dan, it’s fine. I don’t mind at all.”

Dan smiles and lets out the breath he was holding. “Oh okay. Um let’s go then. It’s just down this hallway.”

Phil follows Dan down a dark hallway lined with little framed pictures of funky modern art. They seemed to fit Dan’s aesthetic quite well. Even knowing very little about him, Phil could feel that there was something between them. And though the chance of Dan liking guys was slim, he hoped that it might work out anyway.

Dan flipped the switch on in his bedroom and Phil was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The bedsheets were checkered with black, white, and gray, and he had fairy lights around his headboard. There was a piano against one wall, and a huge mirror across from it. And it the corner, there was a plastic skeleton with a sign taped to its ribcage reading, “Joe”.

“I like your room” Phil says with a smile. “Very aesthetically pleasing.”

Dan blushes. The words sound so sweet coming from Phil’s lips. The lips he wants presses against his own, becoming swollen from making out on his bed for hours on end. But of course, those thoughts had to be pressed way way down.

Phil hops onto Dan’s bed and he gets a sudden thought. This is Dan’s bed. The bed where he probably sleeps in nothing but boxers, the bed he’s probably jacked off in, the bed where he’s probably fucked girls. Because the chances of Dan liking guys, are slim.

Dan clears his throat to end the awkward silence. Phil snaps his head up, realizing he’d been staring at the bed for way longer than appropriate.

“Sorry I had a stare, um shall we start?”

“It’s okay, yeah let’s do it.”

Dan switches off the lights and sits on the bed next to Phil. He grabs a tissue box off his nightstand and leans his phone against it so neither of them would have to worry about holding it. Phil shuffles down the mattress, laying on his side with his head propped up on his hand. Dan stays in the same position, thinking it’d be a bit weird to copy him.

“So should we start with the first episode or…” Dan asks.

“Nah, let’s do season three. That’s one of my favorite seasons. As much as it pains me to see Booth and Brennan not together, I love the episodes.” Phil answers.

“Same actually alright let’s do season three.” Dan selects season three episode one and hits play.
It was 4 episodes in where the cliché, “we both reached into the popcorn bowl at the same time and our hands touched this is awkward but my heart actually skipped a beat”. It was 6 when Dan’s arms got tired from holding himself up for so long. It was 8 episodes in when Dan and Phil were curled up together and had moved the phone so they could still watch while cuddling. And it was 9 episodes in when Dan’s arm had fallen asleep from it being wrapped around Phil’s torso for so long.

“Phil, hey I’m really sorry but my arm is asleep.” Phil laughed and sat up.

“Sorry” he whispered.

“No no it’s okay believe me, I am quite enjoying cuddling with you.” Dan replies. Phil smiles and snuggles up into Dan’s chest, grabbing Dan’s hand and playing with his fingers.

It finally came to the part in the episode where Carolyn was forcing Booth and Brennan to kiss under the mistletoe in order for her to do what they wanted. This was one of Dan’s favorite parts of season 3, as he shipped Booth and Brennan more than any couple in the world. The camera panned up to show the mistletoe and Phil let go of Dan’s hand and paused it, the mistletoe staying on the screen. Phil sat up and just as Dan was about to ask what the hell he was doing, Phil raised the phone into the air and looked up at it. Dan looked up, then back at Phil, then up again. He swallowed and tried to keep his breathing steady. Was this actually going to happen? Is this Phil trying to get me to kiss him? Am I supposed to lean in? Is he going to lean in? Oh my god universe help me what on earth am I supposed to do??

Phil opened his mouth slightly and faintly whispered, “can I kiss you?”

Dan had gone speechless. All he could do was nod. Phil leaned in, still holding the mistletoe above the two of them, and pressed his soft lips onto Dan’s. They both took a second to realize what was actually happening, but soon they had a rhythm, and could taste the butter and salt on each other’s lips. Phil put the phone down and grabbed Dan’s jaw, deepening the kiss. Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist and pulled him closer, wanting to be as close as physically possible. Phil began to move to the left, rolling himself down so he was laying on top of Dan. He moved his hands from Dan’s jaw to his stomach, lifting his shirt a bit and pressing his thumbs into Dan’s hips. Dan bit Phil’s bottom lip, earning a small moan from Phil. He detached from Phil’s lips and Phil began to whimper, but soon stopped as Dan flipped them over so now he was on top.

He sat up and removed his shirt, tossing it onto the ground, and then played with the bottom of Phil’s, asking permission to do the same. Phil nodded and Dan tugged it off. He latched his lips onto Phil’s jaw, sucking and biting to leave hickeys. Phil let out a breathy moan as Dan moved to his neck and found his sweet spot. Dan continued to suck and bite and lick on the hickeys, blowing on them every once and a while to send a shiver of pleasure up Phil’s spine. Dan kissed down Phil’s chest and left small bruises that faded away easily. He went back up to Phil’s mouth and kissed him hard. Phil was getting harder by the minute. He decided to take matters into his own hands and flipped them over again. They could hear the faint sound of the episode of Bones playing but ignored it.

Phil started grinding on Dan, eliciting deep moans from Dan and breathy ones from Phil. Phil started sucking on Dan’s neck and Dan’s breathing got erratic. He arched his back off the bed and bucked his hips up, begging for friction, needing Phil to grind on him again. Phil kissed his lips again and fumbled with the button on Dan’s jeans. He popped it open and pulled the zipper down, Dan’s cock springing free from the restraint. Phil continued to kiss Dan, now simultaneously palming him through his boxers. Dan moaned into Phil’s mouth, Phil’s already aching dick starting to leak precum at the sounds. Dan undid Phil’s jeans and slid them down his thighs. And in that instant, Dan and Phil’s worries were gone, and that slim chance of either of them liking guys, was actually proven correct.
Dan grabbed the tissue box they had knocked off the bed and wiped off their chests. Both boys were sweaty and had extreme cases of sex hair. Dan threw away the tissues and pulled Phil into his chest, letting out a content sigh as he held the boy in his arms. Phil turned slightly and pecked Dan on the lips thinking, hey he might’ve fucked girls in this bed, but he’s also fucked me. Dan’s nerves had completely gone and were replaced but happiness and security, knowing that no matter what happens after this, Phil will be by his side. And as the sun sets and turns the sky pink and orange, Dan and Phil fall asleep, cuddled together, bodies pressed up against each other, not wanting any space between them self and the boy they loved. Their breathing evens out and soon they are both asleep, dreaming about adventures to come, all done together. And as the sun fully sets in London, a message appears on Dan’s phone, “Are you still watching, ‘Bones’?”



Run Life’s Marathon

@lilyheartglee won the 4th and last place in my Followers Give Away, and she prompted me something with Early!Klaine and one of them needing to be comforted 

I hope this fills your demand, my dear :)

Blaine is not a straight As student.

He’s a good student, obviously, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to be accepted into Dalton Academy, but it’s not always roses and puppies, and his monthly report has the occasional Bs.

But C?



He has never let his grades slip that badly, and he can already hear his parents about it.

About how he has too much on his plate–perhaps those extra activities are not essential, if they are affecting his grades like that.

About how the Warblers are not that essential to his routine, and maybe could he just be less involved in it.

Or how about it must be his “friend”, taking so much of his time, and don’t think we don’t know that there isn’t much homework done in that room of yours when he comes …

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