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Steve has many annoying quirks.  Given the smallest opportunity, Danny will elaborate on them at length to anybody who asks - and even to those who don’t if he’s feeling particularly spirited.

The truth is, though, that Steve is as endearing as hell.  He’s loveable, loving, a jumbled up mess of vulnerable badass sweetheart, and Danny loves him deeply.

He’s also a complete and total goof in bed.  Oh, he’s great in bed - they’re great in bed, thank you very much - but once the show’s over, he turns into a hilarious lump of limbs, pleased as punch to be naked and satisfied.  He loves a good snuggle, and, really, Danny is more than happy to oblige.

“You’re a goof,” he says, smiling when Steve draws him in, closer, tighter, warmer.  Oh yeah.  This is some tip-top snuggling, this is.

I’m a goof?” Steve harrumphs, stretches out a kink in his back before relaxing back into the mattress.  “I’m not the one who told Charlie about my time-outs.”

“Hey!  It’s not like I gave him specifics.  What do you take me for?”


Danny rolls his eyes.  “Still, nothing.  I made it sound like I put you in a cardboard box in the corner for 30 minutes, not that I-”

“-strip me naked in 5 seconds flat?  Have your wicked way with me?  Cunningly use to your advantage the fact that I like a good catnap after sex, and if I’m asleep then I can’t be blowing anything up?”

“Well I don’t see you complaining,” Danny responds, poking a finger into Steve’s side.

Steve captures the finger, lifts it up for a kiss.  “Of course not.  I love my time-outs.”

Klance headcanons

(Hello! How are ya going? Have you eaten today or drunk water? Because if you haven’t and you can and have access to it you should probably should do so now! Please take care of yourself even if it may be hard sometimes just take a rest and drink a glass of water or even eat some toast or a piece of fruit. Make sure you are doing ok on at least those points, and even if you aren’t able to everyday, try to when you can. It is fine if you sometimes can’t, but just try. 😊 sorry if that was strange just wanted to make sure people were ok in those two aspects. And now some klance headcanons in celebration of Klance week! WOOOO! I am not going with the theme today…mostly because I am terribly tired and will only write headcanons tonight…tomorrow though I will! Enjoy my dudes!)

.When Lance felt homesick or just missed Earth Keith would always listen and try and comfort him. Recognising that Lances’s feelings mattered and he could vent to Keith when he needed to.
.They both made sure that they knew how much they cared and were there for one another constantly.
.It was always incredibly sweet and necessary.
.One time back on Earth Lance found out Keith never watched Highschool Musical.
.They watched all of them that night.
.Lance also started having an in depth speech about how the second one was the best for everything and that the others would never compare, the songs were the best, the acting was the best, the scenery was the best.
.Keith ended up saying how so much drama happened in like, a week maybe even a few days.
.Lance had to admit that he DID have a point.
.But whenever someone said ‘what time is it’ Keith was officially going. To whisper under his breath 'Summer time’ in every situation.
.You have joined us Keith.
.Back to space and how before they dated the flirting was amazing.
.It was slowburn…but that flirting.
.Actually both would be incredibly embarrassed on the inside (especially Keith) but neither would show it!
.After every mission it became a tradition that they would hug or kiss.
.One time Lance had gotten captured and it really impacted Keith terribly.
.However once they retrieved him there was the most emotional one of all.
.Lance sometimes will just tiredly hug Keith from behind draping over him when he is tired.
.Keith enjoys it a lot.
.When Keith is tired and Lance is sitting down he will just head but him or nudge him and Lance will take the hint and opens his arms for Keith to lie in.
.Lance enjoys that a lot too.
.Keith will sometimes just…not be in a good mood or not havin g a good day at all.
.It happens to all of us Keith shhhhh, it’s ok.
.Except he will sometimes say things that he doesn’t and never would say or mean at all.
.It pains him for this and he hates that he snaps that easily on those days because nothing works for him.
.Lance will sometimes leave him be when needed but also sometimes he will take Keith out of the room and. Just tell him to breathe a little bit.
.Keith will comply and apologise a lot, while Lance says how it is ok.
.There is one thing that Keith will never understand.
.Lance’s beauty…he is so amazing how does he do it my gosh it is incredible…
.Lance is so amazing…and Keith is dating him.
.Keith will be so shocked by it…
.It is adorable.
.“Hey Keith, knock knock”
.“Uhhhhh…ok then who’s there?”
.“You’re a…”
.“You’re a who?”
.“You’re a giant cutie!”
.“Well, I mean, you are the cutest…”
.“Ah but you are too cute for words!”
.“You are too cute for existence!”
.“You’re cuter!”
.“No you!”
.This went on for two hours straight.
.It turned into a whole debate whether who was the cutest.
.Turns out it was both of them.
.They share a birthday (yes I am getting in this bandwagon!) and are firstly not to happy with it…
.But they secretly love it and now that they aren’t pretending to overly dislike each other they admit it.
.So many birthday plans.
.I also wanna say that Keith’s favourite cupcake/muffin flavour is blueberry while Lance’s is red velvet.
.It fits with each other’s lions!
.This is now making me hungry…but anyway it is pretty coincidental! And when they find out they think it’s the funniest shit ever.
.Just an amazing couple all together.

Skillz //Colby Brock

Request: Colby imagine where you show off your flipping skills

Warnings: fluff ;), swearing possibly?

A/N: another will come out tonight :) again I’m sorry for not posting yesterday! Also yes I do realize this doesn’t have a title. Tumblr hates me

Tag(s): @honeycombharrison

I pulled on my black bikini and pulled my hair into a high pony. Height was never a fear of mine thankfully. I claimed the tall ladder and stood at the edge, breathing in then throwing myself forward. I flew through the air and flipped before I landed into the cold water.

“Wow you’re better than Sam.” I heard a voice when I had resurfaced. “Well duh he couldn’t even flip off the 4 foot.” I laughed, grabbing Colby’s hands that he had out for me to grab. I pulled myself from the cold water and smiled at him.

“Go get your bathing suit we can flip together.” I smiled and ran back to the ladder. “Okay I’ll be out in a minute.” I nodded and continued doing random flips, landing them all almost perfectly. I used to be in cheer so it came naturally.

A few minutes pass and the whole house walked out, dressed and ready to swim. “Hey look who it is!” Elton pointed the camera at me and I hid my face with my small hands.

“Come on do a flip!” Elton yelled to me and I groaned. I back flipped off and then resurfaced to clapping hands. “Damn Sam can’t even do that.” Elton laughed and Sam pouted.

“Are you forgetting I’ve cheerleaded almost my whole life?” I asked and went to the edge of the pool and pulled myself out. “Oh yeah.” He nodded and turned the camera to Corey who was now on the platform.

“You look good in that.” Colby winked down at me. “Oh do I?” I asked sarcastically and once I knew nobody was jumping in I grabbed Colby’s waist and moved so I could fall into the pool, pulling him along.

“Y/N!” He groaned when we both swam to the top. “It was so tempting.” I smiled kissing his cold cheek. “Yeah I bet.” He smirked and pushed on my head so I went under the water.

“Elton!” I gasped for air and he turned toward me, camera still in hand. “He tried to drown me!” I yelled and Colby laughed along with Elton. “Youre both just jealous that I’m better than you.” I pouted and got out of the pool, leaving my best friend behind in the water.

“Move.” I pushed Elton out of the way and climbed up the platform. I did a double back flip and resurfaced to everyone, jaws dropped. “Suck it.” I stuck my tongue out and swam over to a pool floatie and held onto it.

“I can go better!” Colby said climbing the ladder. “Oh really?” I smirked at the boy and leaned forward on the pink float. “Is that a challenge?” I smiled and he nodded. “Double back flip.” He said and jumped off, only getting one and a half.

“Ha you suck!” I yelled smirking and hitting the floatie with excitement. “What is the prize if I win?” I asked when he finally came up from the very bottom of the pool.

“Whatever you want.” He said and got out of the water. “I’ll figure it out once I win.” I smirked following him out and to the ladder. “Elton! Put the pink flamingo like right there and try to keep it there please.” He nodded and handed Sam his camera.

“Colby back out now.” Sam called to his best friends and Colby scoffed. “You’re supposed to believe in me!” He hit his thighs in disbelief. “I do every other time but everyone knows she will win.” Sam laughed and I shushed the two boys so I could focus.

I breathed in and ran, pushed off the edge and flipping twice, surprisingly landing in the middle of the float. I didn’t think I’d make it. “Yes!” I yelled and hit the water with my small hands.

“Dammit.” Colby groaned and climbed down the ladder. “You win.” He put his hands up in defense and fell like a whale into the pool. “Y/N wins!” Elton and Sam jumped around. “Its not like its a surprise.” Corey laughed and jumped off the 4 foot into the water.

“What do you want from me?” Colby asked, a look of defeat on his beautiful face. “You’ll see later.” I smiled and climbed out of the pool, grabbing my towel and going inside to shower and get ready.

“So you never told me what you wanted. ” Colby walked in a few hours later as I finished off my dark red lipstick. “Oh yeah.” I said remembering. I walked over to him and kissed his lips softly. He was surprised but kissed back.

His arms found their way around my waist and pulled me flesh against his body. I pulled away and smirked at him. “Thats all. You’re free to go now.” I smiled and he looked at me stunned.

I’ve never been a confident person but around Colby I was for some odd reason. I was just as surprised as he was when I kissed him. I didn’t expect him to kiss back.

“Wait thats all?” He grabbed my hand, stopping me from leaving the room. “Yeah.” I nodded, suddenly nervous that he didn’t like it or something. He smiled and brought me closer, kissing my lips again. This time I was the one in shock.

“I have been wanting to do that for years.” He said and pecked my lips again. “Too bad it happened when you had that lipstick on.” He said and wiped his lips in disgust. “Ah you’re all right just go clean it off with water.” I smirked and kissed his cheek, leaving a red mark.

“Thanks a lot.” He groaned and grabbed one of my makeup wipes from my dresser, roughly wiping at his cheek. I sighed and took it from his hands, lighting wiping it off. “Being aggressive won’t help.” I laughed and threw the stained towel in the garbage.

He grabbed another and went to wipe at my lips but I grabbed his wrist stopping him. “What the hell are you doing?” I furrowed my eyebrows together. “I want to kiss you again.” He said and broke from my grasp, wiping at my lips.

“There all better.” He smiled down at me and dropped the towel, grabbing my cheeks and pressing his lips to mine. “Yeah all better.” He laughed and kissed me again.

constellations // corbyn besson

request: none but i was inspired by the lyric “i can see the stars baby in your eyes” from invitation

this was weird to write bc CORBINA FOR LIFE but during the livestream corbyn said he wanted to work for nasa so this is what came out of it. also if there are any scientific inaccuracies bc i know little to nothing about space i’m deeply sorry. hope you like it!


triggers: none i think just a lot of fluff and cheesy corbyn heh

“it’s so beautiful out tonight,” she mumbled, burrowing herself further into her boyfriend’s chest. a fuzzy blanket was draped over the couple, the warm chill of autumn washing over their bodies.

“not as beautiful as you,” corbyn commented back cheekily, making y/n groan and hit him on the chest. “hey, it’s the truth,” he pressed a swift kiss to her forehead before looking back up to the sky.

the two were laying down on the roof, stargazing. it was corbyn’s idea since he wanted to “be the most romantic and aesthetic boyfriend ever”. so he decided to set up a date, which consisted of laying down a fluffy blanket on the roof and bringing a few gatorades to go stare at the mesmerizing, blackened sky.

the pair laid in silence for a few minutes, looking up at the star dotted sky up above them.

“see those stars up there babe?” corbyn broke their peaceful silence, pointing up to a group of stars in the dark azure. “that’s perseus, the hero,” he traced the outline of the constellation with the tip of his finger.

“and that one right there? that’s ursa major. and there’s orion, the hunter. and if you look really closely right there, you can see cassiopeia, the queen. and over there is-” corbyn listed off more constellations, pointing and tracing out each one to his bewildered girlfriend.

“babe, as much as i love listening to you talk about the stars like the genius you are, where did you learn this all?” she questioned, shifting her position slightly so she could look up at his features. he blushed slightly, running a hand through his hair.

“well, before i met you and before this whole band thing started, i wanted to work at nasa. i’ve been obsessed with space and the stars and stuff for as long as i can remember,” he smiled down at her.

“but for some reason, i never got to learn about the most beautiful constellation of all until i met you,” he continued, and she sent him a puzzled look.

“and what constellation is that?” she inquired, propping her head up on both her hands as she stared at the beautiful boy in front of her.

“the sparkling, fascinating constellations i see in your eyes,” he spoke cheekily once again, but there was an earnest tone in his voice. she blushed, hitting his chest once again at his cheesiness.

“how in the world can you be the cheesiest, most adorable person i’ve ever met in my whole life?” she said, being met with his signature grin.

“it’s just a talent i guess,” he flipped his invisible long hair back, a mock cocky tone laced in his voice.

she shook her head, laughing at him. he pulled her closer, her body heat warming his body and heart. she leaned up and kissed his cheek, snuggling into his form.

“i love you babe,” he mumbled, studying the features of the alluring girl in his arms.

“i love you more,” she kissed him, smiling at the sensation of his warm lips pressed against hers. she pulled away quickly, causing corbyn to pout.

“hey,” he dragged out the “e” sound. she sighed and kissed him again, this time pulling away right when the both of them were running out of breath.

“better?” she questioned, being met with a pleased look from corbyn.

“much.” he kissed her hair as she settled back onto his chest, hearing the steady beating of his heart.

they gazed up at the sky, slowly falling asleep in each other’s arms underneath the stars they both adored so much.

New Series!!!

Okay y’all I love all your requests, and I’m gonna write them but I had an idea for a new series. It’s gonna be a song series, but you gotta help with song requests. Imma provide a list, but if you have song you don’t see on the list feel free to request. 

Just ask me the number you want and I’ll write about it! 
Hope this works out! 
(Ps, hoping for another imagine tonight, super fluff)

1. A Little Too Much - Shawn Mendes
2. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
3. Love on the Weekend - John Mayer
4. Ex - James TW
5. Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
6. Please Keep Loving Me - James TW
7. One Call Away - Charlie Puth
8. This Town - Niall Horan
9. Slow Hands - Niall Horan
10. Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
11. Leaves - Drake Bell
12. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s
13. I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
14. Tattoo - Hunter Hayes
15. Never Be Alone - Shawn Mendes
16. Kid In Love - Shawn Mendes
17. Versace On The Floor - Bruno Mars
18. House Party - Sam Hunt
19. Body Like a Backroad - Sam Hunt
20. Hoodie - Hey Violet
21. Home To Mama - Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson
22. Steal My Girl - One Direction
23. Would You Mind - PRETTYMUCH
24. Ours - Taylor Swift
25. Our Song - Taylor Swift
26. She’ll Be The One - Shawn Mendes
27. Marry You - Bruno Mars
28. Toothbrush - DNCE
29. Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur
30. She Will Be Loved - Marron 5

Frustrated - Yixing Fluff

Announcement coming later tonight! Keep an eye out! Happy Yixing Day! -T✨

Originally posted by baekshitbyun

The front door slammed.

“Yixing. Babe? Is that you?” My brow furrowed. He was not usually one to be aggressive like that.

He rounded the corner of the room and stared at me, arms folded. He looked frustrated.

“Are you okay? Did you have a bad day in the studio?” I did not understand his attitude, and I was afraid that it would be directed at something that I had done. I rewound my day rapidly back through when Xing had left in the morning. We had not fought all day and I had been in bed reading since lunch time.

“I’m frustrated,” he finally spoke, “I’m extremely frustrated.”

“Why, baby,” I sat up and pat the bed next to me. I wanted him to explain himself. I wanted to help him talk it out and help him get past this horrible mood he seemed to be in. I had planned on having an awesome dinner and a fun evening ahead.

That plan seemed to be going out the window quickly.

Instead of sitting by me, Yixing paced across the room.

“I fucked up so much at the studio today. I couldn’t remember words to songs. I kept missing my introductions. I was so damn distracted all day.”

He turned to me before I had the chance to console him.

“It was extremely rude of you.”

My head jerked toward him. My jaw dropped slightly and I said, “what was rude of me?!”

Yixing finally came near me. He crawled on the bed and hovered over me.

“It was extremely rude to distract me all day. All I could spend my time thinking about was how in love with you I am.”

I jerked up quickly, causing him to fall back slightly. He laughed as he lost his balance. He smiled at my taken aback reaction.

“Did… Yixing… did you just say…” I stuttered, but he nodded before I could get a full sentence out.

“Yeah. I did. I’m in love with you. So, so in love with you.”

I beamed.

“I can handle you being upset that I was your distraction,” I teased, followed by, “and I love you too.”

Happy Father's Day

Originally written last week for the ever-lovely jj91s as a short thank you fic. With her permission, published here.

Just a tiny little domestic fluff ficlet. Set roughly in the same verse as this drabble and Bedtime Story, but neither need to be read to know what’s going on here. 

Enjolras hummed off-key as he shifted his weight from one foot to another, adjusting Max’s position in his arms to ensure that the milk wasn’t coming too quickly out of the bottle.

It was only their third week after having taken Max home from the hospital, and in truth, Enjolras was more exhausted than he had even known it was possible to be, and since Enjolras had once spent so many hours working on the text of legislation regarding nonbinary individuals’ rights back in his university days that he had almost wound up in the hospital from exhaustion, that was saying something.

But it was a different kind of exhaustion.

Back then, it had been exhaustion coupled with stress coupled with, though he would never admit it to Grantaire, the feeling of utter futility at the entire damn process.

This, right now, with Max blinking unfocusedly up at him, sucking rhythmically on the bottle, this was the same kind of exhaustion that Enjolras felt at the end of a successful protest. This was the kind of exhaustion that told him that he was doing something right.

And that was a pretty amazing feeling.

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Always Read the Margins

Chapter 10 here, all parts here

Genre: Chaptered. University AU, fluff, eventual relationship that can be taken as either platonic or romantic

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a master’s student, Dan is a nervous first year. Phil is in the library when he has to look up a reference in a law textbook, and there is a scrawled note in messy handwriting down the side that makes him laugh. On a whim, he scribbles a reply, but he doesn’t expect to get a response…

Warnings: A bit of swearing and stressed out, angsty Dan

Word Count: Around 3-4000 per chapter

A/N: Here’s another update, and this is the second last chapter! Thanks so much to everyone reading/sending me feedback, it’s so unexpected and lovely <3

Chapter 11

As Dan very quickly learned, the second term of university was hell.

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Viktuuri #37

Setting fires [Adventure]
“ Yuuri smiled and rubbed a finger over Victor’s lips. “Thank you, Vitya.” He straightened up and focused on the now terrified Fowler, who’d just come to the conclusion that he’d made a terrible mistake-

Victor was not in charge here. 

“or: the mafia au i desperately needed

Love in knots [Fluff]
“What am I even going to say? ‘Hi, I’m Yuuri, a total stranger who checks you out in the park sometimes, I think our dogs should go on a date?’ This is a terrible idea Vicchan, why’d I let you talk me into this?”

–A story in which Vicchan and Makkachin take to match-making, with startling success.

Calligraphia [Fluff]
“Victor has been inspired by his experiences in Japan, where he coached the supposedly washed-up Yuuri Katsuki to his astonishing silver medal in the Grand Prix,” says the English-speaking commentator in Yuuri’s headphones. “It’s clear that Japanese culture means a lot to him! We do not have a translation yet for the Japanese characters he has chosen to, er, include in his costume, but this acknowledgement shows the graciousness we have come to expect from Nikiforov -”

(or: Victor Nikiforov’s Bad Tattoo Choices)

Lessons in love [WIP - Fluff]
All Viktor wants is for his son to be happy - and if that means spending countless hours at the ice rink, a million more in the ballet studio, and devotedly cheering for Katsuki Yuuri at every competition he enters, then that is precisely what he’ll do.

He just didn’t expect to become a fan, too.

(He didn’t expect to fall in love.)

Finally here [Fluff]
Yuuri is the King of Night and Viktor is the King of Day. Grateful to the Night for allowing him to rest, Viktor leaves meaningful roses for Yuuri. The roses show how he feels, but Yuuri always returns them…

Strawberry bubblegum [WIP - Fluff/Angst]
Smile, skate, win. Wash, rinse, repeat. It grew so mundane, after a while. Years and years of being at the top inevitably soured the view, no matter how beautiful. Victor was tired; tired of trying to surprise people, tired of living without love, and tired of making history without anyone to share it with. It takes one night, one dance, and 16 flutes of champagne for Victor’s life to be flipped on its head.

A soulmates au

Walls [WIP - Angst/Fluff]
There are many walls in Victor Nikiforov’s life. After his sudden retirement, he has nothing, hears nothing, and is lonely, injured and traumatised. Nothing goes right.Until he meets a cute barista with long black hair and glasses who makes a sweet, sweet latte.

The cashmere train [Fluff]
Yuuri shouldn’t even buy it, but he has to touch it only once to know that he’s not leaving the store without it. He stands in front of the display for way longer than he probably should, rubbing it against his cheek and imagining what the deep burgundy will look like against Victor’s pale skin.

When he brings it up to check out, the saleslady pastes on a smile and tries very hard to make it seem like molesting sweaters is completely normal and that she definitely hadn’t been reaching for the panic button.

Drunk in love [Fluff]
“You’re an idiot,” Yuri doesn’t bother looking up from counting his tips.
“I prefer to think of myself as an innovative business man—we’re the only bar in the city who does this.”
“That’s because this isn’t how happy hour works, Victor!”
“Well, It’s the happiest hour of my day.”
“You giving him hundreds of dollars of free drinks every week isn’t a sustainable business model. I don’t need an MBA to figure that out.”
“He pays his tab in pole dancing, Yuri,” Victor sniffs, busying himself by pretending to re-arrange the glasses on the shelf behind them.

Victor runs a bar, Yuuri is his favorite customer.

Are the stars out tonight [Fluff]
Even with Phichit along to support his rinkmate, not much changes at the Grand Prix Final- Yuuri still crashes and burns, still gets blackout drunk at the banquet, and still has no idea what to do with his career.And yet…In which Viktor is bad at karaoke, Yuuri doesn’t know how to people, and having Phichit meddling in their relationship somehow makes everything better and worse at the same time.

Sky of endless love [Fluff]
In a Realm far above the Earth, the King of Day leaves behind roses of vivid red - all in the hopes of having his feelings reach the King of Night.

Meanwhile, Yuuri wonders why Victor keeps dropping his roses.

sharing stories...

This comes from a combination of prompts, one from drunkenssoldier for pizza and netflix (sorry, forgot the pizza!) and euphoric-melancholyy who asked for more cuddling. Just a ball of fluff set in the happy six weeks between 4A and 4B, with a sprinkle of Captain Cobra Swan for good measure… 

At the end of their second date, she’s the one to ask for another, her smile as wide as his when he had done the same after their first. She reminds him of her invitation to come over and watch Netflix, an activity that at the time still a mystery, but will eventually become one of his most cherished of pastimes.

The first night, they’re seated shoulder to shoulder on the couch in the loft, Emma’s portable magic box on the coffee table in front of them as she tries to explain the rather complicated technology this Netflix entails. Realizing she may grow weary of his inability to grasp this realm’s magic, he merely nods as if he understands, making a note to seek out young Henry for a lesson the next day.  He’s proven quite helpful during their weekly sailing trips, doing his best to explain electricity and cell phones, microwave ovens and even airplanes, a contraption he hopes to never need the aid of. The swell of the ocean beneath a sturdy boat sounds infinitely safer than a flying metal bucket, no matter what engineering has supposedly mastered its buoyancy.

He couldn’t tell you the name of any of the stories Emma chooses to watch, the flashing pictures and franticly paced dialogue often a bit much for him, but being next to Emma for this prolonged stretch of time manages to make it all worthwhile. 

The second time she invites him upstairs and they stretch out on her bed, the movie she chooses this night is one filled with fantastical characters and singing, the story of a young princess fighting her way through a labyrinth to save her younger brother from a seductive king’s grasp. Finding himself completely engrossed in the vibrant images, he almost flinches when Emma covers his hand with hers, embarrassment tinting the tips of his ears as he tangles their fingers together and her head falls to his shoulder. The end of the film comes too soon, both for the entertaining story and the simple intimacy of feeling her hand warm in his with no intention of letting go.

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Better Than Bar Hopping

Hey y’all! Here’s a fun little story I wrote when I heard the song “Different For Girls” by Dierks Bentley. I hope you enjoy. Thank you to the new followers, I’m so excited about y’all! You rock! Have a wonderful Wednesday guys! 

Warnings: Drinking, teeny weeny tiny bit o angst, language, fluff

Originally posted by trandafirr

“Come on, (Y/N). We’re all going out tonight. You have to come.”

You were perched on the end of your bed facing Natasha who was leaning on your doorway.

She sauntered over to your closet, pushing aside the leggings and sweaters that were hanging until she found a short, light pink dress that had a low v neck front and an open back. She knew it was your favorite. 

“I haven’t seen this in a while.” She was succeeding in her mission to convince you to come to the bar. 

“And these. I miss these.” She held up the nude pumps that had been pushed to the back of the closet. She knew she had you when your lips curled into a grin.

“We’re leaving at nine. It’s going to be fun, I promise.”

You sighed in defeat. “Fine. But I get to pick what you wear.” 

Natasha smiled at you and you followed her down the hall to her room. 

You found yourself getting excited. You hadn’t been out in a couple months. Avenging didn’t leave much time for things like Friday night drinking or Saturday night dancing. And though you never admitted it to yourself, you were still a little hung up on a guy you had dated before you became an Avenger. Until now, the thought of going out on the town only reminded you of him, but tonight you had friends to dance and drink with and you were thrilled to have a good time that was long overdue. 

After your legs were lotioned, your faces primped, and your hair curled, you, Natasha, and Wanda who had joined you, went downstairs to meet the others. When the elevator doors opened, Wanda and Nat were able to ignore Sam and Tony’s cat calls, but you didn’t have the same composure. They caught you off guard and Sam’s “Damn girl” turned your cheeks the color of a tomato, which they continued to poke fun at. 

“Oh, stop teasing her. You look beautiful (Y/N).” Steve saved you from their fire engine and beet red jokes. 


As the group walked out the door and down the street to their usual bar, you couldn’t help but notice Bucky looking your way out of the corner of your eye. Probably at Nat, you decided. 

The lights in the bar were turned down low, however, the music was turned up loud. You turned and saw Bucky suddenly next to you, instead of Steve who you had been chatting with on the walk over. 

“We’re all gonna lose our voices tonight” you yelled, laughing.

He bent down to your ear. “Just means we have to get closer.” A smile had crept its way onto your face with his words. 

“Smooth” you teased, pushing his shoulder.

“Hey, I still got some moves (Y/N), I’m only 99.” His low chuckle grumbled in his chest.

“Yeah? Show me some of those moves, old man.”

As soon as you finished your command he grabbed your hand and pulled you on the dance floor. Under the disco ball he threw his metal arm around your waist and coddled your body, pulling you close to his muscular frame. You slung one arm over his shoulders and danced with the other.

You were laughing and giggling the whole time, you were not smooth or flirty. He knew that about you and he was simply smiling at you, glad you were having fun. 

You felt him tangling his fingers in your long hair with the hand that was around your waist. He was doing all the right things to send shivers down your spine. 

At the end of the song you heard Steve call Bucky’s name. You turned around and saw him waving two shots in your direction. 

The whole team clinked the glasses together in a cheers and downed the liquor. At the sting in your throat, your nose scrunched and your eyes squinted shut, only opening when you heard Bucky laughing at you.

Your eyelids flew open and you stuck you tongue out at him, the mature thing to do. He shook his head and grinned your childish actions.

He looked really good tonight.

The two of you had become fast friends when you joined the team, you knew each other pretty well. Of course, you had noticed how handsome he was, but he had never affected you the way he was right now. Your eyes traveled down his frame as he leaned on the bar next to you. His long hair was lightly gelled back, still allowing some to fall forward in his eyes.You followed his sharp jaw down to the black button up that was clinging to his chest. The sleeves were rolled up, revealing the veins in his right forearm and the metal plates on his left. The black fabric was tucked into a pair of jeans that were hanging low on his hips.

You shook the darkness out of your eyes as Steve finished his conversation with Bucky and started to walk away from the bar.

Bucky turned his attention back to you.”You look beautiful tonight, by the way.”

You were floored. Before your brain could string together a thank you he asked if you wanted a drink. 


You watched him gracefully spin around to face the bar and get the bartender’s attention. Attempting to pull yourself together you looked away from Bucky and your eyes landed on a gorgeous blonde girl leaning on her wedding ring clad hand at a table on the other side of the dance floor. You froze when you watched her happily kiss the man she was with.

“You okay, doll?”

It didn’t matter how much fun you were having with Bucky or how sweet he was to you, if you stood in that bar for one more minute you were sure you would throw up.

“Um yeah. Well, no. Um, this-this is fun, Buck, you’re, hah, you’re great, but I just, uh, m’gonna go. I’m really sorry.”

You flew out of the bar, the sound of Nat’s heels clicking followed you out the doors. 

Little did you know, Bucky had asked Wanda why you left. She explained that the guy in the corner had broken up with you a few months ago before you had joined the team. You hadn’t seen him since he broke your heart and now, he was already married to someone else.

And you would never find out how Bucky strolled over to the couple, lifted the man out of his seat by his shirt collar, and broke his nose. 

You only knew how he insisted on walking you home.

“No, I’m fine, really. Buck, stay here and have fun.”

“I’m not going to have any fun while you’re back at the tower.”

He rested his jacket on your shoulders and led you down the street with his hand on your lower back. The two of you silently walked the short way back to the tower. As the noise of the bar got father away, you waited for heat to fill your cheeks and tears to fill your eyes, but they never came. 

Actually, you oddly felt lighter. There was almost a spring in your step. Seeing your ex-boyfriend with his new wife didn’t upset you as much as you thought it would.

Even though the elevator kept you safe from the cold outside air, you kept Bucky’s jacket on your shoulders, enjoying the smell of his cologne surrounding you.

“(Y/N).” His soft, pitiful call pulled you out of your trance. Did he think you were crying?

You propped your hair behind your ears and turned to him to show him your face. He gave you a look of pleasant surprise when he didn’t see any tears streaming down your face.

The elevator doors opened and your heels clicked on the floor as you walked down the hall. You heard his soft footsteps following you.

“I’m okay Buck, I swear. I was just caught off guard.” You were in your room now, slipping off your pumps. “Apparently they got married two months ago. Some people just move on fast, I guess.”

“You’re too good for him” he said quietly, leaning against your door frame. 

“Mmm” you hummed, sitting on your bed, facing him.

“You’re gonna find someone special, (Y/N).”

“I think I already have.” You pretended to be deep in thought. You shook your head. “But he’s too old for me.” You smiled at him and he understood.

“He’s still got some moves though.” He winked.

You laughed and agreed. “He does.”

The smile was bright on his face. He tapped the top of the door frame. “Good night, (Y/N).” He started to walk away.

“You don’t have to go back to your room.” This time he didn’t get the hint.

“It’s okay, you’re tired-”

“Bucky, don’t go back to your room.” You amended your statement. 

His smile turned into a smirk and he closed the door behind him as he walked over to the bed. 

“Keep up old man.”

“Ha. Ha.” He said sarcastically as he sat next to you, leaning on the headboard with his arm around you. You leaned into his shoulder as he played with the hem of your dress. 

This was much better than bar hopping, you decided. 


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Boxer!y/n meeting jins friends (bts) & family during a gathering and her being worried that they wouldn't think she is right for him cos' she is a boxer but all turns out well with fluff fluff fluff (:

tonight was a night that you were scared to your brains of.

no doubt, you had confidence in yourself - in almost everything you do but… it’s moments like these where you feel your light of blocking any negativity fading when - “babe, we’re going to meet up with a couple of friends for dinner, okay?”

“sure but uh… haven’t we met them already?”

“no, there’s three more,”

“kay, just let me know when we’re going.”

“tonight, actually.”

“…shut the fuck up.”

which brings the both of you to now where you’re waiting outside of a restaurant down the block of where you live. you’re incredibly nervous but seokjin applauds to how you manage to suppress it all with a small smile (compared to how he was the other night with your group of mates, this was barely even to his level). he squeezes your hand placed atop of his lap, offering you a smile, “they’ll love you, trust me,”

“i do,” you reply softly, shrugging a little, “just… can’t keep my hopes up too high or i’ll crash and fall off my ass,”

seokjin snorts and shakes his head, “now i’m positive they’ll love you.”

fifteen minutes go by and seokjin was right. the past five minutes left waiting. the other ten was the rest of his group of mates sitting down at a table for eight with you being the one between seokjin and taehyung (thank god you know the guy beforehand) along with jimin beside taehyung, completing the first row.

the row opposite you consists of faces you’ve never quite seen before. apart from jungkook right in front of seokjin, said people namjoon, yoongi and hoseok are new faces (but seokjin predicts you’ll be liked and adored just fine).

“so, y/n, what do you do?”


“why don’t we just show him?” jimin pipes from the corner and you snort, leaning back to eye him upon cutting your reply back to namjoon (who by the way, was seated opposite you), “aren’t you a happy camper today,”

“hey, free food and hyung’s paying? i’d be happy everyday,”

“even if you fall on your ass from your chair?”

“how am i going to-” jimin apparently remembers that time you kicked the leg of his chair and he fell off and it was such a horrifying experience that a couple of drinks toppled over him because of some mindless remark he made and now in front of his hyungs so- “y/n don’t, this is a public area! and that was accidental!”

“i didn’t even say shit,”

you feel your back being tapped and you’re looking over your shoulder to seokjin, “yeah?”

the raise of his brow makes you sigh and you subconsciously pout at him subconsciously, “c’mon i censored myself. i said shit, not fuck-”


“you act like i’m cursing in front of five year olds,”

“technically, you are,” hoseok snorts and you face him with a grin, “i guess this was a babysitting meal, not a ‘get-together-with-friends’,”

“hey, who are you calling kids here?”

you roll your eyes at taehyung, “unless you want me to refresh your mind of how you stopped me from driving just to talk about how pretty the sand looked, you might want to pipe it down,”

taehyung opens his mouth to answer, only to seal it shut with a fuck it.

“hyung,” yoongi calls out from the other end, and seokjin leans forward to - “yeah?”

“please never break up with her. she’s fucking amazing,”

“can i get a hell yeah?”

“…language, yoongi,”

“i complimented her and all you have to reprimand me on is my language,”

“tell me about it,” you breathe, and yoongi stretches out to offer you a high five and that just - “wow, you get along well with yoongi-hyung,”

“which is a rare encounter,”

“all in favor for them to get married say aye,”


((”well, guess i can’t run away to boca now and claim to be single, huh?”

“i fucking love her humor. hyung, where’d you find her?”

“the same place she’ll show you what she does.”


“so… here’s where you work?”

“mhm, not around here but,” you climb onto the ring, where the spotlight shines and jungkook lets out an exhale before he gets in to be a test bunny because they all know if you can take jungkook down, they’re all done for and seokjin only laughs when in less than two seconds, jungkook’s flat on his chest, cheek down with a wince, arms folded behind his back as you remain atop of him and the five of them are in awe (excluding seokjin’s smirk and jungkook’s blank face that screams he’ll need to sleep on a couple of mattresses for the night)

“holy fuck.”))

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Could you write a scenario about a person who has a crush on Furuta but thinks they don't have any chance because he only likes "pretty people". Sorry if this is too specific.

(It’s not too specific! It’s good to have something to go on sometimes. Also I wrote this kinda toward the beginning of re: and with the love interest as a ghoul investigator. I hope that’s okay!!! <:3c)

Furuta had been entertaining himself for the past few minutes by observing one of his coworkers fidgeting with their hands outside the door to the office he shared with his squad. He was fond of them, a promising new graduate from the academy, they were polite and a tad shy, but they were pleasant company and usually managed to keep up with his humor. And he was fairly certain they were harboring quite the little crush on none other than himself. He had been making mental notes for quite a while to try and steal away more of their time, so their appearance at his office definitely interested him. The reason they were stood outside his office looking like a school child about to give their first presentation was also worthy of investigation, so he put a friendly smile on and made his way toward them.

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Can i request a scenario where you and jisoo are dating and you two just spend a lazy day together at the dorm while the other boys go out somewhere? ^^

What Was That? - Jisoo Drabble

Originally posted by choivernon

pairing: Jisoo x Reader

genre: literally so much fluff

rating: PG

word count: 721

warnings: so much fluff and possible fangirl meltdown

The boys are going out tonight, wanna come over and watch a movie or something?

The text from your boyfriend reading over in your head a few more times as you tapped your thumbs against the tanned leather of your steering wheel to the beat of ‘mansae.’ You smiled and slightly bowed at the secretary who easily recognised you considering you spend pretty much more time here than at your own apartment.

You strolled through the hallway, making your way toward Seventeen’s dorm when the performance unit’s dance room seemed to be occupied by a brainstorming Soonyoung who caught your eye.

You cracked the door slightly without letting him notice you; tip-toeing quietly up behind him.

“Naega Hosh!” You practically shouted, causing the blond to jump.

“Damn Y/n, you’re louder than me,” he joked, clutching a hand to his chest. “Here to see Jisoo-hyung?”

“Yeah actually, he said you guys were going out so I figured I’d keep him company,” you stated as Soonyoung shot you a disgusted glare.

“J-Just, don’t do it in my bed please.”

“Wha- No! Hoshi that’s not what I-”

“Hoshi-hyung let’s go!” Lee chan’s voice cut you off as the dancer ran out of the room with over-exaggerated enthusiasm.

You sighed, pinching the top of your nose in frustration before a giggle managed it’s way past your lips. These boys are annoying - and quite the handful - but you love them just the same.

You typed in the keycode to the dorm and creaked the door open, kicking your shoes off in favor of some house slippers you always ‘forget’ to take home. You continued your way into the dorm, sandals padding against the oak floors that are littered with empty wrappers and lost socks. You breathed in deeply and the familiar smell of over-cooked food and an unnecessary amount of axe body spray; a disgusting smell to most, but to you, it’s home.

“Jisoo, where are yo-” you paused, eyes shooting open quickly at the sight in front of you.

Joshua just so happened to be walking out of the shower, half naked with a towel in hand drying off his damp locks. Small water droplets dripping down his toned stomach earned from hours of endless practice. Your eyes scanned up to see your boyfriend having the same expression as you on his face.

“A-ahh, Y/n you'r-re, I-I, one second,” he stuttered out, blush tinting both of your cheeks as he ran off into his room.

You sat down on the couch, rubbing your warm cheeks as you thought about what he looked like. Gray sweatpants, water dripping down his chest as a he used a white towel to slowly dry his hai-

“I’m back, and fully clothed,” Jisoo joked, snapping you out of your daze and you looked over to see him now in a black muscle shirt, and his fluffy, auburn hair disheveled oh-so-perfectly.
honestly, not making your situation any better.

“So, movie night? I’ll make the snacks and you pick a film out, okay?”
You nodded, swallowing hard as you watched him turn and walk into the kitchen.

“God the things he does to me,” you mumbled to yourself as you scrolled through the millions of options glowing on the television screen.

Jisoo soon returned with piles of junk food and some drinks in his arms, you had opted for an English film considering it was easier for the both of you to understand anyway.

As the movie continued, you felt your eyelids start to become heavier. You rested your head on Joshua’s shoulder and his grip on your waist tightened, causing an involuntary squeak to escape your lips.

“What was that?!” Jisoo barely managed to say between laughs.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you stated bluntly, trying to avoid the subject.

“I’m talking about this!” The boy exclaimed before tickling your sides.

You squeaked loudly, giggling uncontrollably as you squirmed under him.

“J-Jisoo! Sto- HA Stop! Please!” You choked out, gasping for breath.

“Fine, fine.” He sighed, resting his forehead on yours before pecking your lips.

“And what was that?” you giggled.

“Just showing some of the love I have for my for my girlfriend.”

A/N: I’m so sorry it’s sooooo short but anything else I tried to put just didn’t work so I hope a drabble is okay! All requests are open so feel free to send in anything~

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When it happens, it’s nothing and everything Keith thought it would be – bloody, messy, unexpected.

Shiro stands before him yet there’s no recognition in his eyes. Only destruction, pain, and a bestial ferocity reminiscent of the Galra. There’s not a trace of him left in the vessel that was once his body.

Keith grips his bayard tightly, grits his teeth. He knows he’s only stalling, holding on to the hope that Shiro will still come back like he always does. But Keith’s ribs are broken, his right leg has gone numb, and his fingers have instinctively wrapped themselves around the microbomb trigger.

Shiro had been the one to insist on it, had Pidge manufacture the tiny destructive chip and had Coran inject it into the sweet spot in his neck. Keith remembers wanting to break down when it’s him that Shiro entrusts the detonator to.

Sometimes he can just be as cruel as he is kind.

Now there’s nothing left of that kindness, consumed by the overwhelming dark that has been lurking inside him, slowly eating away at the man Keith has long since sworn his heart to.

This time, he’s just not coming back anymore.

Keith drops his bayard, stands his ground.

All too quickly, a glowing metal arm pierces through his armor and punctures a hole in his chest, and Keith feels numb, feels oddly liberated. He holds Shiro tight against his broken bloodied frame, rests his head one final time against his shoulder.

“Takashi,” he whispers, and suddenly there’s noise, there’s smoke, there’s blood and gore.

Then, stillness.