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kyungsoo’s blind (inspired by hyung) and a virgin. his girlfriend decides it’s finally time for him to lose his virginity. idk what i was thinking. enjoy.

[blow job + smut + dirty talk]

His hand clenched the seat under him tightly, his adam’s apple bobbing as he struggled to swallow.

You opened your mouth wider to take more of him inside, his cock throbbing on your tongue as you forced it down your throat. You hummed and had to contain the smile that threatened to break across your face as you heard him choke. You slowly pulled back and nipped at the tip before letting the tip of your tongue press into the slit. His hips bucked as he let out a sob.

“Do you like that?” you asked, holding the base of him tightly as you wait for an answer.

He nodded vigorously, his hands shaking.

You licked the underside of his cock, paying the vein there extra attention. “It’s so big.” you praised, watching as precum dripped from the slit, and took him down your throat again.

“I-I’m going to..” he gasped, his knuckles white from holding onto the chair’s handles so tightly.

Immediately, you stopped and moved away.

“Please,” he begged, his hips bucking as his cock twitched. He opened his eyes, though it made no difference as he couldn’t see either way. His hand moved through the air but as luck would have it his attempts were futile.

You watched him from a few feet away as you completely removed the dress from your body.

He sat perfectly still, his every sense buzzing as he waited for something, anything, that could be used to his advantage. “Please.”

You slowly walked over to him, your hand roughly tugging his head back with his hair, “Be a good boy.” you chastised. You carefully straddle his thighs, purposely rubbing yourself against his cock. You brought your lips to his collarbones and suckled the tender skin there, “You didn’t think I’d let you come so easily,” you aligned him with your entrance, “did you?” you slid all the way down until your thighs were pressed firmly against his.

His hips involuntarily bucked up into yours, the tight warmth and wetness around his cock almost unbearable.

You leaned down to nip at the lobe of his left ear, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?” you circle your hips, feeling him enter you deeper, “I want you to fuck me,” you pleaded, moving down to his neck to lick the prominent vein there, “please, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

What happened next was a blur; one second you were straddling him and the next you found yourself pressed into the carpet beneath, his hips pistoning in and out of you at a speed you had thought him incapable of reaching. All you could hear were his ragged breaths in your ear as his cock continuously brushed against the spot inside you that had you seeing stars, and your own cries of pleasure.

He lifted one of your legs higher which, as if it were even possible, allowed his cock to hit you deeper, making you cry louder from the overwhelming pleasure. Too soon you felt your orgasm encompass you, causing your back to arch and your body to tremble. You unconsciously pulled him closer to you as you rode your high.

Gently, you ran your fingers through his hair and tightened yourself around him, smiling when you heard him groan, “Aren’t you going to come inside me?” you asked, your voice soft in his ear, “Fill me up.” he let out a strangled moan at that.

You pushed him back enough so you could press your lips against his own plush ones, “I want it, please, Kyungsoo,” you begged, your lips ghosting over his. Suddenly he froze, his cock pressed deep inside of you, and came with a whimper as he released himself inside of you.

You comb his hair as his hips continue to stutter and his breaths come out in pants, “I love you,” you whisper and kiss his nose, which somehow makes his ears turn a darker shade of red.

“I love you too.”

okay so i had the most horrible idea for a kagehina scene so now you all have to suffer with me - 2.4k, rated t, :( but then :)

Hinata found him behind their gym. His uniform jacket was stuck to the prickly cinderblocks half-way up his back like he’d leaned and slid down into the grass instead of sitting on the ground in the first place, like he couldn’t bother with normal human actions and just melted down the side of the wall out of spite or something. His messenger bag lay upturned and half-way gutted over the green ground in front of him, with his shoe dangerously close to the crime scene. It looked like he’d kicked it himself in anger.

Hinata bit his lip, wringing his hands as he stepped around the corner and approached Kageyama. 

He’d planned it all out, researched the best ways to go about it and the best poems–even read some in Japanese and English to see which language would sound cooler in the moment–and the best day in the week to do it. He’d talked to Yachi about it, and then Noya, who were both more in touch with this kind of stuff (especially compared to him). He’d thought about how tired they would be just after lunch versus at the end of the day (he couldn’t do it in the morning, because what if it went terribly wrong and Hinata would have to go to school with him all day instead of being able to escape at any point–best to avoid unnecessary embarrassment if he was rejected). He hadn’t anticipated this, though.

Just before last period, he’d pulled the piece of paper out of his trouser pocket–the one that he’d nearly scribbled and erased and scribbled down to pulpy nothing, the one he’d read and reread so much that the blue lines across it were fading at the edges from his restless thumbs (the one that he’d nearly thrown in the wash the other night)–and held it in his hands as he walked up to Kageyama in front of the sciences building. As usual, the volleyball team tended to gravitate toward each other during any sort of between-class downtime, so Tanaka, Ennoshita, Yamaguchi, Yachi and a couple of the first-years were all sprawled or leaning or loitering on the lawn with Kageyama, who sipped at his box of milk through a straw and slouched in the shade of a scraggly tree, listening to another one of Tanaka’s stories. 

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And the danger was always there. But he didn't care. Or maybe he didn't know.

Battleground Bruises

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could a Newt x reader where she is injured really badly after a some battle and tries to hide it from the squad because doesn’t want them to worry but later on passes out in front of Newt because of the blood loss? In other words a lot of angst but fluffy and cuddly happy ending!:) 

Word Count: 3,462

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Everyone quiets when you enter Tina’s kitchen, trundling in with a giant bag.

“What’s this about a lead?”

Newt jumps to answer. “Nothing that should concern you, love.”

You drop the bag full of groceries you’d bought onto the counter and spin around, leaning back and crossing your arms. “And yet, it does.”

He shifts from foot to foot before he sighs. “There are rumors that Grindelwald was spotted in Kentucky. We aren’t sure, so there’s no need to come along.”

“I want to.”

An awkward silence stretches one minute, then two as everyone looks at everyone else. Only you and Newt maintain any sort of eye contact. You are not going to let him leave you behind.

He rubs the back of his neck, aware of your stubborn side. “Could we speak in another room?” Without waiting for an answer, he steps forward and links his fingers with yours. You follow him down the hall and into his room. He shuts the door and faces you, taking in your slight frown.

“I know you want to come along-”

You don’t let Newt finish his excuse. “Did they find signs of Grindelwald?”

He takes a deep breath. “Yes.”

“Then I’m coming.”

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“Why do you always stare at me when I’m around you?” you questioned.

Bucky looked at you in shock. Looking for the right words to express his self,  he couldn’t keep his feeling in any longer.

“It’s because I am in love with you, (y/n). I have always been in love with you ever since we first met. The way your hair falls around your face, the color of your eyes sparkle like the stars ,the way your lips curls up when you smile. I can’t help but to stare at you.


In which Carmilla make a deal. Her total loyalty to her vampire family against Silas’ (and therefore Laura’s) safety.


The dust of dust.
We are the apple of God’s eye.
We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.

“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right.”

With golden string
our universe was brought to life,
that we may fall in love
every time we open up our eyes.

Sleeping At Last - SUN


(sorry for the long post, and for my undecipherable handwriting)

Mark said I would hate him and Lucifer after this....damn. I'm shaking I'm so upset. But I don't hate him. I'm mad and crying my eyes out but I don't hate him.

*don’t read my Tags if you don’t want spoilers*


09.04.17 Happy Birthday To Moi~

Yusss today’s mah burfday so I drew myself a pic or two to celebrate 0w0 Yoosung tells OC Amy to quit her job (she does World Hacking i.e. hacks her way into other Worlds, some of which can be very dangerous) since he’s worried for her safety. Amy is all, bich that’s mah life’s work okay, and Yoosung…well he just kisses her 8D

i get to love you

an: So, I died. And I needed to write a little something. Goodbye. (tagging @operationfirebird because she asked <3)

Emma has never been one for holidays. She hasn’t ever had anyone to spend them with, and she hasn’t ever wanted to waste the time celebrating or buying anything to support a holiday that goes by every year without anyone around her to enjoy it with.

It changes when she finds Storybrooke thanks to Henry, and it changes even more when she finds her parents and lets them into her life.

But she doesn’t get to really celebrate all of these holidays until all of the emergencies are gone from Storybrooke and there aren’t any villains to defeat.

Instead, there’s Killian, Henry, and a new baby in a big house that’s all theirs.

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Request game :: Wonho + Intimate (with a little angst if you can) 

Note: This was so hard to write because Wonho is so sweet and he’s really not in this. Please note that this drabble includes sexual content and swearing. Read at your own risks!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Originally posted by garisanee

Your body felt so worn, but it was not, and you gasps were still sounding between Wonho’s lowly moans and cursing as his hip movements became loose and lazy, but still gave you a head spinning pleasure, your hips meeting his halfway even though you were seeing stars and your body felt ready to collapse.

He stopped, his face falling into the crook of your neck as he lay comfortably in your embrace; intertwined. He brushed his lips against your shoulder, pressing a light kiss. He’s not much of a talker after having intimate time. In fact, he’s not much of a talker altogether; in some respects.

It hadn’t always been like this, and to be honest, you can barely remember how it came up. But you do remember the agreement before it started; the typical ‘no strings or feelings.’ You knew it was a bad idea from the beginning, with your growing, vulnerable heart, but you were stupid enough to fall into his game, and it was fated to end in tears and hurt from the moment it started.

He shifted his body, moving off you and taking to his feet. You sat up, rubbing your sleepy eyes as he reached for his clothes. “You’re leaving?”

He turned back, looking somewhat taken aback from your question. “Yes? Is that a problem?”

You swallowed, looking away from his eyes. “No.”

Is this what your life had come to now? You felt tearful, why had you been so stupid to trade his smiles and friendship for something that caused you so much pain and want. You wished you could run to him, pull him in by the locks of his air and kiss him until his lips turn pink, then blue.

“You’ve been acting weird lately,” he observed, pulling on his boxers, “You seem like… I don’t know, you don’t tell me anything anymore. You know we’re still best friends right? The sex doesn’t change anything.”

The sex changes everything.

“I know, that’s what we agreed, right?” You felt worse saying it aloud. It brought reality to your brain; and that’s the last thing that you want.

“Right,” he nodded, “Except, I know something’s still wrong. I also overheard Kihyun and Changkyun talking. Kihyun is under the impression you like someone. Is this making it awkward for you? I won’t be annoyed if you want something more serious with someone.”

Your heart dropped to the floor. There was no trace of regret or sadness, he was so quick to let you go; so easy to dismiss like you were nothing at all. How was it that you were holding on for dear life, yet he finds to so easy to push you over the edge and let you fall.

“Kihyun’s an idiot, and Changkyun’s even more so.” You state, finally pulling your clothes onto your body. You feel agitated now, and sad, and you feel like screaming.

“You didn’t answer my question.. Well, statement. Is this what you want, or do you want something else.”

Something snapped inside of you. You closed your eyes, trying to concentrate on breathing as you pull your skirt over your waist. “I want something else Wonho, but I can’t have it, so I settle for what I can get. Does that answer your statement?”

Wonho stared at you for a long moment, and for a split second, you thought he was going to fire something back. Instead, he shook his head and muttered “unbelievable.”

“What do you mean, unbelievable?”

“For fucks sake, {y/n} you’re being ridiculous! I should have known this would happen.” He hissed at you, and it seemed to rid of your anger and replace with sadness. Did he really not care at all how you felt? Did he not see how much he was torturing you already without the harsh words.

He must have sensed your upset, because he sighed, placing his hands on his hips and let his head drop. He stayed like that, his hair hanging over his eyes. You couldn’t do anything but watch. Even in this moment, your heart thudded for him. You hated it. You wanted to hate him. You couldn’t.

“We promised we’d end this if one of us started getting feelings for the other.” Wonho looked up, “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’m selfish.” You told him, “If I couldn’t have you, then I didn’t want anyone else to either.”

He sighed again, clearly in conflict with himself. “It needs to end. You need to move on and get over me before you fall too deep.”

“Can’t you see that I already have?” You asked him, your eyes watering now. You were finally seeing the regret in his eyes.

Like the blade of a knife, his words had cut you. He didn’t reply, but he reached for his bag, and wordlessly turned towards your bedroom door.

“If you leave right now, everything will be ruined.” You shakily tell him.

He turned back. “It already is.”

And then he was gone.

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A Little Emotional (ao3) - TheUKAmazingDan

Summary: After being a cheeky little shit at dinner, Phil decides Dan needs a little help controlling himself.

Daddy’s Princess (ao3) - Phil_Precious_Lester

Summary: Dan is horny and wants anything except going to a dinner party he and Phil have been invited to. Phil insists they go and Dan teases him the entire time, smut ensues.

Intoxicated - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: the birthday fluff fic everyone asked for gone wrong, turned into the birthday sin fic no one asked for.

King Of Fools - silverluminosity

Summary: Dan and Phil’s April Fools’ pranks go a little too far and cause them to venture into some previously unexplored territory.

Not Just a Student - steampunkhowell

Summary: Although Phil is a substitute, he is definitely not a sub. Aka, Dan flirts with Phil till he fucks him in detention.

Patience - analester

Summary: “Dan, I swear to go-“

“I’ll do it if daddy asks nicely.”


Picture Perfect Sex Life - analphancones

Summary: Phil is out with a friend and Dan wakes up hard and unable to get rid of it. He sends Phil some sexy pictures, hoping to god Phil will come home and give him the angry, hot sex he needs to solve his issue and luckily, he succeeds. So cue rough anal sex, edging, daddy kink and just general sin.

Please Don’t Tease - jilliancares

Summary: Dan can’t come until he begs, which he most certainly will not.

Punishing Phil - omgdatphantho

Summary: Phil upsets Dan. Dan punishes Phil.

Ribbons (ao3) - somanydestiel

Summary: Phil’s Birthday Surprise.

Right There by analester

Summary: Phil builds Dan up till he’s begging to let him come then Phil makes Dan come so many times he passes out.

Stereotypes (ao3) - peoplearenotokay

Summary: In their relationship, everyone expected Dan to be the dominant one. He was taller than his boyfriend, obviously stronger, and was prepared to fight anyone who so much looked at Phil weirdly. Phil wasn’t. Phil was soft, gentle, nice to everyone, and angelic.

The 12 (24) Days of Christmas - sinfullyphan

Summary: Phil cockcages Dan and doesn’t let him come until Christmas.

The End Of The Sexy Endscreen Dance (ao3) - SuperTeenWizard

Summary: Dan and Phil have a fight and when Dan goes to apologise things don’t go exactly as he had expected them to….

Seven Years Gone (Part 4)


CHARACTERS-Sam, Cat/Mickie(Me), Dean, Castiel

WARNINGS-Disappearing Winchesters, not much else.

SUMMARY-Seven years after losing Sam to Lucifer, his girlfriend Mickie is now a hunter known as Cat. What happens when she discovers he’s still alive and himself.

A/N-I haven’t abandoned this, my life has just been really screwed up lately.
Many thanks to @abbessolute for beta reading for me and catching a really stupid mistake. Tags are at the end.

Cat’s POV

               We parked the cars down the block from the office building just before sunset.  I sat in the Bird watching Sam and Dean get out of Baby, my emotions in turmoil.  Of all the weird things I’d seen as a hunter having Sam alive again ranked right up there.  I was happy that he was alive and terrified that Lucifer was still lurking in there, playing Sam so well that he fooled Dean and everyone who’d ever known Sam.  I had to take more than a few deep breaths before I could lock it all down and get to the job at hand.

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