fluff 8ecause i am 8ored

-Mindfang had woken today with a pulsing thinkpan, angry at her for the previous night’s events. she was huddled in a corner of her hive, she seemed to have not gone to 8ed so much as drifted off nursing a 8ottle of mystery drink. she threw the 8ottle far out the window, a smash sounding after around 8 seconds, she felt warm.

Groggily she opened her eyes to find she was covered in the shawl she had left, the only memory of the slave girl “The Virgin” she had, the usual poker face she adopted while recovering would trem8le at the seams, her 8rows shifting and a slight quiver at the lip.

She pulled it off of her, inspecting it with mournful eyes, the soft jade spiralling she had used to stitch up the many holes the garment as she had 8een forced to recover from the death, the now sweet smell of the fa8ric from her careful storage of it in a scented container reminiscient of the perfumes she had given the slave in that last few months of her existance.

She got up and staggered for the first few steps to the case she kept the shawl in, a display not too far from her 8ed, and after carefully folding, put it away without a second thought, Thinking a moment of her, and then thinking of Kanaya, on thinking of her Married her frown would turn to a soft grin, she was lucky to have 8een given a second chance at this and she intended to make good, if only she could 8e sure whether to trust the Orphaner not to try anything.

Dismissing the thoughts from her o8noxiously painful head she went to fetch something to eat and drink, a honey sweetened tea mixed with some troll kahlua for now, she thought lazily.

She fetched some coconut rum toasted 8read aswell. The morning would not 8e a kind one she thought with a tone of indifference, and while chewing the slice of sour dough she resigned to dealing with it.-