netflix shows i really want: Falcon: The Sam Wilson Story
More than ‘Cap’s best friend’. More than his wings. More than what you know.
In the heartfelt Netflix Original Documentary ‘Falcon: The Sam Wilson Story’, assassin-turned-director James Barnes (Tribeca Audience Award–winner ‘The Red Room’) and producer Nancy Rushman (Peabody Award–winner ‘Shield?’) explore the man behind the legend, and how he copes when his feet land back on solid ground. [x-]

i just know i have found the place my heart belongs by scagnetism
word count: 32,549

“Gracie loves faeries, don’t you, little love?” Louis asks, cutting through Harry’s thoughts, and she spares a glance over her shoulder at her father, nodding quickly before looking back at the house and touching it with gentle fingers.

Harry looks up at him, and they share a small smile, Louis making him feel warm, warm, warm. “This is her house, and it’s my favorite thing in my shop,” Harry explains, and Louis crouches slightly so he can see it better.

“’S beautiful,” he murmurs, and Harry smiles appreciatively at him.

Harry looks at Gracie again, blonde hair falling into her face as she inspects the glittery house, and he instinctively tucks her hair back behind her ear. “I’ve never seen the faerie,” he says to her softly, “but sometimes, when it’s very quiet, I can feel her.” He closes his eyes, taking in a breath, just sitting like that for a few seconds for the effect. “That’s how I know she’s watching over me.”

Or, the one where Louis has a quiet little girl, Harry has a toy shop with a magic faerie house, and they were made to fall in love.

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remember that anon who requested a patater engagement?


Kent’s sitting on their couch on a random Friday night, blindfolded and laughing as Tater feeds him something round and cold.

“Another grape,” he says once he’s finished chewing. “Come on, give me a challenge.” They’ve been at this for half an hour. Tater came home with the idea in his head that they try the Sensory Challenge, whatever that was, something from Russian Youtube. It involved people blindfolding each other and then making them feel, taste, smell, or hear things and then guessing what the things were.

So far, Kent’s had to guess the feel of the TV remote (”Easy.”), the sound of a Tater shaking one of their house plants (”Tater, if you hurt one leaf on Alejandro, I’m going to murder you.”), and the smell of Tater’s socks from practice (”Alexei I am going to murder you.”)

After the socks, Tater started feeding him various fruits and veggies out of their fridge, as well as spoonfuls of ice cream, so Kent’s decided that Tater is forgiven. Tater told him earlier that he could take the blindfold off, but Kent’s having too much fun. He was half expecting this to devolve into something kinky. But Tater’s just playing the game, having fun, and Kent’s having fun, too.

That’s the thing he loves about Tater: the guy never lets him get bored. Tater’s always bringing something new into Kent’s life, a joke or a book or a recipe, a new perspective on life that Kent’s never seen before.

Kent’s eaten this brand of Rocky Road a million times, but with his vision gone and only his nose and mouth to inform his experience, it’s like a whole new flavor.

“Mm, you should kiss me now,” Kent says, smacking his lips.

Tater does. It’s a short peck; a soft, warm contrast to the hard, cold feel of the ice cream-laden spoon from a moment before.

“Now my turn,” Tater says against Kent’s mouth.

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Cookies and Conversations

Jack disentangles himself from Bitty without waking him up.

It’s a skill he’s perfected over the years but he’s always proud of himself when he pulls it off.

The layout of the room is unfamiliar. He’s only spent a handful of days in Bitty’s childhood bedroom but he knows it well enough to make it to the door without stubbing his toe on the dresser or the desk.

Bitty’s parents went to bed hours ago but he still tip toes down the stairs trying to make as little noise as possible.

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Paper Hearts (Part 8)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 3.0k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7  Part 8

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To Be Close To You [P. 2] (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by dmentr

✩ prompt: p2 of this and a request i had to write an angsty story about newt still being in love with leta lestrange. also i strongly recommend listening to “portrait gallery” by luke howard and “sparks” by coldplay whilst reading and after if you’d really like to wallow in melancholy.

✩ word count: the number of eddie's freckles

✩ warnings: melancholy angst and mild fluff 

To Be Close To You [P. 2]

She really doesn’t know how long they’ve been like this. How long they’ve been close like this. How long they’ve felt close like this. 

But, right now, in this moment, she’s allowed herself to be in love. Allowed herself to want more than just a freckled smile, or the glint of his eyes, allowed herself to indulge in the warmth of his chest and the heat of his breath on her skin.

She’s allowed herself, in these dissolving seconds to pretend they’re in love. To pretend that his closeness is not fleeting, that his touch isn’t out of friendship and that the kiss he plants on her forehead isn’t meaningless.

It seems like he’s everywhere and nowhere all at once. Because there are layers between them, that aren’t just clothing. 

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Anon asked: “Manon’s first period with Dorian. She bleeds through the sheets one night. Doesn’t know what to do, Dorian’s magic wakes him up cuz of her blood???”

First of all, this fandom is OBSESSED with periods. AND I LOVE IT.

Second, this was a PREMIUM ask. Please. Keep them coming. Manorian angst is LYFE.

Third, I’d be lying if I said this fic wasn’t partially inspired by one of @itach-i‘s yet-to-be-posted Manon theories.

[You’re All Right - Manorian]

Dorian’s magic woke him in the middle of the night. It spiked and thrummed just beneath his skin. Up, up, up, it seemed to say. It’s the witch, wake the witch.

Dorian turned over, scanning the room, Manon. Nothing was out of place.

She fidgeted in the bed next to him. He moved closer, lighting one of the lamps on the bedside table with his magic.

Her brow was furrowed, and he could tell she was breathing heavily, panting. The thin white nightgown she worn clung to her chest, slicked by sweat that coated her skin.

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happy birthday to my princess 👸🏻💖

Made with Vine

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- Viktor has personalized gold bladed skates so he thinks it’s a good idea to get Yuuri a matching pair for his birthday too. 

- I like to think that Viktor actually flew back to Russia after the Rostelecom Cup because he wanted to show Yuuri where he grew up in St. Petersburg (it’s only fair since Viktor knows Yuuri’s hometown so well.)

- When he arrives back in Moscow, the two take a flight to St. Petersburg. The first thing Viktor does is take Yuuri to meet him mother. Sadly, Viktor’s father passed away a few years ago. 

- Viktor looks just like his mother and she’s delighted to finally see the man who stole her son’s heart and welcomes Yuuri with open arms. Yuuri is beyond nervous because he fears Viktor’s mom won’t like him but he’s dead wrong. She only wishes her husband were alive to see the happy couple too. 

- The next day, Viktor secretly picks up the skates before taking Yuuri out. He takes Yuuri to a remote place surrounded by trees and right in the middle is a frozen pond. 

- The place is ethereal and with the light from the pale winter sun, it looks like something out of a fairy tale. 

- Viktor tells him he came here with his father during winter when he was 5 years old because his father loved hiking in such places. When little Viktor first stepped onto that frozen pond and glided across the ice, he knew he wanted to be a figure skater (even though he fell right after). 

- Viktor then has Yuuri close his eyes and sits him down carefully on a fallen tree trunk. He takes out the skates from his bag and puts them on Yuuri’s feet. 

- Yuuri is surprised and a bit worried since those skates look really expensive but Viktor hushes him with a kiss. When Yuuri looks closely at the skates though, there’s his name etched into the leather on the sides.

- Except, it’s not exactly his name. It reads Yuuri Nikiforov

- Viktor, still on his knees, pulls out a velvet box with a wedding ring inside. It’s actually his mother’s, who insisted Viktor have it when he told her his plan to propose to Yuuri.  

- Yuuri is a speechless and can’t stop the tears from escaping his eyes. Of course he says yes and tackles Viktor into a hug and both just lay in the soft snow. 

- They skate together on the pond to Serenade for Two well into the evening. 

anonymous asked:

supercorp + outed

“Kara.” Lena hissed. “Kara wake up.”

“Wh-” Kara rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock reading 3am. “What’s wrong?” Kara frowned.

A bright phone was shoved into Kara’s face. “Ugh, Lena you’re blinding me.”

“Read it.” Lena said tersely.

Kara sighed and squinted at the phone. Sources Find CEO of L Corp and Reporter Tangled in Illicit Affair.

“Illicit?” Kara laughed. “You’re my girlfriend, not my mistress, these sources need to get it together-”

“Kara, take something seriously for once!” Lena snapped. Kara looked up at Lena, who looked to be fighting tears. “Someone’s trying to ruin my career.” She choked out.

“How is this going to ruin your career?” Kara said gently.

“No one knows I’m a lesbian.” Lena whispered. “If my- if my mother finds out-”

“Your mother shouldn’t affect you anymore. Not after what she did, Lena. She doesn’t deserve you.” Kara said angrily. Kara took a deep breath. “Lena, honey, come here.” She opened her arms.

Lena scooted closer to Kara, resting her head on Kara’s chest, sighing contently when she felt Kara’s arms wrap around her. Lena listened to the steady heartbeat underneath her ear.

“Nothing’s going to change.” Kara whispered. “I’ll help you through this.”

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you probably get asked this a lot but i just discovered your blog recently, and man your fanart has revived my drarry obsession! so i would like to ask, what are your all time fave drarry fics?

Actually, I’ve never had this question asked so thank you for asking! I’d love to share my all time favs and considering that I’ve been reading Drarry for over a decade (fuck me I’m old), I have quite a few. Get ready, my dear, because you have just opened a can of worms…:D

Note that I’m a big bottom!Harry fan so all of these fics are bottom!Harry or switching fics (if there is any sex, that is)

I also live for angst so many of these may contain abuse, noncon, super angst, etc etc.

Happy reading! 

AU Hogwarts Years

1. Once Upon a Sleepless Night by Daaro Moltor: Voldemort has figured out a new way to cheat death; somehow he has managed to manifest himself inside of Harry Potter’s head. Harry is on the verge of jumping from the Astronomy tower when Hermione figures out that all they might need is a pureblood… *** Super fun read with original plot. It’ll suck you in.

2. White Horses by Jackie Stevens: They say that there are no white horses - those that we think of as white are really just a faded and deceiving grey. Names can be misleading, and definitions can be false, and yet through the maze of artifice and deceit, we might just find something true. When Harry returns for his last two years at Hogwarts School, he will find that boundaries are shifting and not everyone is who he thought - including himself. He will have to learn that change is like those elusive white horses: swift, beautiful and irretrievable. ***This story is so incredible and poignant; I really have been wanting to draw fan art for it! Ultra fave. 

3. Faith by Dragongirl16: What if the wizarding world turned its back on Harry? Who will stay true? Who can he turn to? What will he do? ***A few words about this one: This story was written during the golden age of HP fanfiction (early 2000s) so the many cliches that we all make fun of today are included in here. HOWEVER, I do believe that those many fics were actually modeled after this one. The writing is nothing amazing, and could’ve benefited from a beta (were there even betas back in 2003..?) but the plot is actually one of the most original that I have ever read. I wasn’t able to put this story (and its sequel!) down. I still think about it to this day. This story with its sequel amount to over half a million words fyi.

4. My Hero by XxRoGuExHeArTxX: When Harry is brutally beaten & raped by a mystery assailant, a very unexpected hero comes to the rescue in the form of Draco Malfoy. Nothing at Hogwarts is as it seems though, and Harry & Draco soon realize all they can depend on is each other. ***Another golden age fanfic that I followed for five years until it was finished. Once again, more Drarry tropes here but fics like these were the reason why those tropes were so popular back then. 

AU Deathly Hallows

1. Dirty Business by ILoveToChin25: Harry is captured after setting off on his own to find the remaining Horcruxes, and is kept alive for Voldemort’s own nefarious games. Draco Malfoy is assigned to look after him, and does so to protect his own self interest. Or does he? ***This story is a friggin epic. It’s around 185k words so buckle up. 

2. (Bound By) Clandestine Addiction by Shinguresan: They were drawn together, irrationally, irrevocably. In the face of fear, hate and pain they always felt the pull to return. For a bond unwittingly formed by Harry’s fatal spell? Or something…else? ***And this one is over 250k words! Awarning that the sex is very explicit yet the writing is fantastic. Excellent characterization and feels-a-plenty.

AU Eighth Year

1. The Silent World Within You by @femmequixotic, @noeeon : Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more. *** I fucking love Mpreg. No Shame. This story is beautiful.

Post Hogwarts

1. Magic Eight Ball by tigersilver: Hermione brings a Muggle device to their usual after-work drinking sessions; Malfoy is utterly fascinated. Harry is not, especially as Malfoy keeps asking it questions about his personal life. *** This fic is on the lighter side compared to the others on this list. One of the only stories that has caused me to squeal.

2. WORM FOOD by Elysium2: The battle is over, but Harry is still fighting. He’s thanking his lucky stars that he learnt long ago how to properly ignore his problems. And Draco Malfoy. ***Very original plot and excellent writing. Gave me all the feels. This is another that I want to draw fan art to. Super love.

3. Post Tenebrus Lux by Cjblack: It had been five years since the light had fallen under the Dark Lord’s reign. The Wizarding World assumed Harry Potter had been murdered by Voldemort days after his capture; few knew the truth. And sometimes the truth can be much, much worse. *** Mpreg. Angst-a-plenty which is right up my alley. And so heart-wrenchingly romantic. This is one of the best stories that I’ve read in a long time. If a story is able to make me feel something, then it’s good. I was feeling all over the place. 

Totally AU

1. The Masks of Real Heroes by @aelys-althea: One desperate decision has unimaginable consequences. When Harry received his letter at eleven, he turned down the offer to attend Hogwarts. He had to; it was his only chance to escape. Five years later and, in the brief moments he recalls his decision, he feels nothing but regret. Until an incident causes the opportunity to arise once more, and he is finally given the chance to escape that which has smothered him for so long. *** Another rather dark fic that was recently finished along with its sequel. Harry’s characterization was brilliant and the entire story was very well written. I’ve already read it twice :)

2. Dismantle Repair by shamrocker531: How a random meeting in a coffee shop can change everything. Nonmagic. *** You want a fic that’ll put you on an emotional fucking rollercoaster? READ THIS. I can’t listen to Dismantle Repair by Anberlin now without getting goosebumps, and it was one of my favorite songs even before this story. Goddd the song is in my head now as I’m typing this and it still gives me feels. If you choose to read this, LISTEN TO THE SONG FIRST. Anberlin rocks. 

If anyone knows the tumblrs of any of these authors, feel free to tag them!

Reprogramming 3 (Remedy side story)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluff, mentions of smut, submissive behaviour, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

(the mentioned incident in which Y/N doesn’t recognise Bucky for a few seconds, and Bucky does the exact thing he shouldn’t have in that moment)

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

I’m a selfish, selfish man. It’s my fault, I should have payed more attention to her state. Now I’m enjoying her clinging to me as if she’d die if I were to pull away. I guess I enjoy feeling needed.

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Gingerbread House

Summary: Just a lovely Christmas get together with the most important men in your life.

Type: Fluff

Members: BTS x You

Length: 4.1 K

Hello everyone! Nice to be writing after so long! Now, now, I happen to adore the Christmas season very much. So my plans are to post a few Christmas scenarios before, well, Christmas. So this is the first one, that I happened to be inspired by because of my family’s usual plans for the winter holiday. I apologize if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t mean to offend anyone. So if you don’t particularly enjoy Christmas, or just don’t celebrate it, of course you don’t have to read!

But if you do happen to enjoy Christmas, this is purely fluff, which I hope you can enjoy as a in-the-spirit of Christmas read. Also, I came back to add that this is kinda long and I dearly apologize for it. I didn’t expect it to be, but I know that I enjoyed every bit of it. So hope you like it!!

-Admin Gray

Originally posted by notkimtaehyung

“Jimin! Come here really quick!” You hollered, alternating between holding up the cream colored sweater and the forest green one up to your body in the full length mirror.

“Give me a second! I’m busy!” He called back, his voice muffled. You sighed out in exasperation, wondering why you invited him early before the dinner. Though he proved to be helpful at times, today he was not living up to your standards. In the morning he had sat around, being slow about helping you clean up. During the afternoon, when Jin showed up to help you start cooking and baking, Jimin was being helpful… by eating everything he could get his hands on. 

“Jin!” You called, stomping out of your room and venturing to the kitchen. You inhaled the smell of chocolate chip cookies and almost combusted, it smelled so delicious. Walking into the kitchen, you spotted Jimin just as he reached for a cookie while Jin had his back turned. At your call, Jin had turned and spotted him just in time.

“Hey! That’s it, get out! That’s the third time, Jimin! What are you doing here if you’re just going to sit around and eat before anyone is even here?” Jin, his voice frustrated, said as he swatted Jimin out of the kitchen.

“Who am I, Cinderella? I swear, all you guys just want me around to do stuff…” That’s all of the complaints you heard out of Jimin’s mouth before he stormed out of earshot.

“Geez, Taehyung would be more helpful and you know how he was with the Christmas tree last year,” Jin grumbled, turning back to the bowl in which he was stirring what you assumed was cake batter.

“Yeah, he almost lit the presents on fire after he thought it was smart to plug in the Christmas lights all at once,” You smiled fondly at the memory, forgetting why you left your room in the first place, before it sprung into your mind. “Jin! I thought I decided yesterday, but I’m back to square one. Should I wear the cream sweater or the green one?”

“It’s just us, you know. I don’t know why you’re flipping out.”

“Because this is my favorite holiday. I need to look my absolute best,” You said as if he should know. He just shook his head with a sigh before looking over his shoulder and scanning the sweaters. He hummed in thought before turning to the bowl and exclaiming, “Go with the green.”

“Thanks! You’re the best,” You stepped forward and embraced him tightly from behind, which in turn got you scolded for messing up ‘his groove.’ With that, you exited the kitchen and headed back to your room to finish getting ready for the night. After all, it was only a couple of more hours before the other boys showed up. And you couldn’t be any more excited.

“Guess who!” You heard the deep rumble of an enthusiastic voice before you actually saw him. Hearing the jingle of bells, you peeked your head out from the kitchen and smiled brightly at the sight of Taehyung entering the house. Jimin and him greeted each other with a friendly handshake and pat on the back, before Jungkook appeared from outside. His hands were full with two big bags of presents, and you almost shook your head at the sight; you were positive a large portion of them were from Taehyung since he overdid it every year.

“Are we the first to get here?” Jungkook asked Jimin, and when he received a nod in response he hollered in excitement before fist-bumping Taehyung.

“Why the excitement?” You inquired as you came into their view. Both their faces brightened at the sight of you, but while Taehyung took initiative to step forward and crush you in an embrace, Jungkook answered. 

“Hoseok decided he wanted to challenge me on who would arrive earlier. Since, you know, Tae likes to take his sweet time wrapping presents on the last day,” the last part was said pointedly, his eyes narrowing towards the man being accused.

Taehyung, ignoring the youngest’s words, pulled away from the embrace and grinned down at you before swooping down and pressing a sloppy kiss into your cheek. You yelped in disgust as he exclaimed, “My favorite girl looks absolutely wonderful tonight.”

“Hey! Hands off her, you weirdo,” Jimin uttered, acting as if he were going to step up and fight him. You shook your head at their antics, sneaking away from them and intercepting Jungkook before he could make it to the kitchen.

“Y/N! Hey!” He said softly, giving you a brief hug before pulling away.

“It’s nice to see you, Kook. How’s your Christmas Eve been so far?” 

He blew out air from his cheeks, his eyebrows scrunching together before a small smile tugged at his lips, “Well, other than the fact that Hobi has to pay me for getting here after me, the day has been kinda dull.”

Your face became blank. “Dull? You’re saying your Christmas Eve has been dull?”

“Yes?” He said, questioningly, not understanding your dip in emotion.

“This is one of the most significant holidays of the year, and it’s been dull! That has to change. I’m now making it my mission to make this your best Christmas ever.”

Jungkook chuckled before slipping past you, ruffling your hair in the process. “We’ll see about that, kid.”

“Who are you calling kid-”

You were cut off by Jin’s scream of, “Jungkookie! You’re here!”

The night was going extremely well, progressing smoothly as you all waited around for dinner to be finished. You passed the time by watching a Christmas movie, but soon Taehyung and Jimin were getting restless and Tae took it into his own hands to play Christmas carols on the radio. When Hoseok and Yoongi arrived, there was of course a brief argument over the bet, but Hoseok conceded and coughed up the money he owed Jungkook. After that, it was only a matter of time before Namjoon arrived and the dinner would be in full swing. 

Though this was the third year you were holding this dinner, you still felt the usual excitement and joy that came with being with your favorite boys on your favorite holiday. You lived far from your family, so you usually would visit them a few days after Christmas for New Years. You had met Jungkook and Jimin three years ago your first week at the university you all attended together. In turn, you introduced them to a family friend and the only person from your old hometown, Taehyung, and the four of you instantly formed a bond. They were like brothers you never had, and it became an unbreakable bond you all believed would last for a long time. 

Because Taehyung happened to be a social butterfly, he eventually introduced Seokjin to you guys, who wasn’t in college anymore, but worked as a vocal teacher at a nearby musical arts school. It fit his angelic and sweet voice that he only showcased when he was feeling particularly confident; ever since you met him, you tried to convince him to sing you a Christmas carol during this season, but he always refused.

It was two years ago, when you met Namjoon. He was collected and timid, and you met him in a class that tended to bring you a lot of stress. One day, Namjoon had approached you about a set of notes that you had but didn’t understand all that well. After reading over them, he broke it down for you and launched into a passionate discussion about it. It was funny that you couldn’t even remember what you had first talked about, you just remember how bright and enthusiastic he was, and how when you offered to buy him a coffee, he was too surprised to refuse. After that, you two were inseparable as friends for a while.

Once Jimin got angry enough to bring up your unavailable nature, you brought Namjoon to meet the other men in your life. They almost loved him more than you did. Namjoon, who easily fit into your group of friends, incorporated the last two males in your life, Yoongi and Hoseok. And your life had been complete ever since.


You snapped out of your thoughts, your hands gently placing your steaming mug of hot chocolate down before meeting Jin in the kitchen. You nodded your head in question, your mouth practically salivating upon the sight of all the food that would soon be eaten. 

“Yes, Jin?”

“Can you make more hot chocolate? If Tae comes in here one more time asking for some, I am going to smack him with a ladle.” You didn’t question the oddity of his words, you just knew he was serious. So you quickly got to work. 

You noticed Hoseok in the corner, working hard at whatever Jin had assigned him, so you struck up a conversation with him. The mood had increasingly become calm and warm, nothing but happiness and fondness being passed around the kitchen- until it was shattered by shouting from the living room. Jin sighed out loud, glancing at you and Hoseok and uttering through his teeth, “If I go out there, someone is going to get murdered so…”

It didn’t take you long before Hoseok and you rushed to find out what the commotion was about. You were met with Jungkook and Jimin wrestling, your coffee table having been moved out from the center of the living room and into the hall while the two tried to gain the upper hand over each other. Taehyung was the one shouting, egging Jungkook on and saying something about ‘needing to beat Namjoon.’

“What is up with all this betting?” You questioned aloud, but going unheard as you watched Hoseok battle with what he wanted to do. You know he secretly wanted to join in on the fun, but he was too kind to leave Jin working alone and to create more ruckus. So he wiped his face of any humor and shouted, “Hey, you two! Knock it off!”

Jimin and Jungkook froze, their bodies disconnecting from each other as they stared up at Hoseok with bewilderment. They glanced at each other, before they sighed and dramatically grumbled as they stood up.

“Hey! I bet money on that-” When Tae saw Hoseok’s pointed stare, he held his hands up in surrender before going over to Namjoon and hashing it out. You caught the phrase, ‘Kookie is obviously stronger-’ before Namjoon screamed out in rejection.

“Well, well, well. It’s quite attractive seeing you use your authority over them,” You joked, poking Hoseok in the stomach. He brushed off your words, his face growing slightly red as he led the way back to the kitchen. It was time for dinner.

Once the table was officially set, and everyone was seated, there was a brief moment of talking before everyone dug into the splendor that was the Christmas feast before you. You stared in awe at the magnificent meal in front of you, and as you studied your friends around you, you were grateful for the joy that the seven of them brought you for a long time. You could say, without a doubt, that you were never going to let any of these boys go.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Jin voiced, before taking a sip of his wine. Sighing in content, he flashed you a dazzling smile before raising his eyebrows in question.

“Yeah, sorry, I was just thinking,” You told him before digging in yourself.

“Less thinking, more eating,” Yoongi said through a mouthful of food, waving his spoon in your direction. That led to Jin smacking him across the shoulder and a grumble of protest before it returned to silence, save for the clinking of silverware or the sounds of approval.

“Hoseok,” Jimin called, a hint of mischief in his voice.


“There’s a spider on your sleeve.” 

Hoseok shrieked in terror, shooting up out of his seat and brushing at his sleeves aggressively. Jimin and Taehyung burst into laughter and high fived across from the table. Noticing their actions, Hoseok’s face darkened as he slowly walked around the table and towards Jimin. Jimin slipped out of his seat and held his hands out, pleading to forgive him.

You only shook your head in amusement, catching Yoongi rolling his eyes and Jin looking extremely annoyed as usual. You knew it was only a matter of time before there was an explosion from one of your oldest friends, so you racked your mind for any remedies. When you figured it out, you clapped your hands in excitement and grabbed everyone’s attention.“Guess what I have planned after dinner?”

“Opening presents?” Jungkook guessed, his cheeks full and making him resemble a bunny. You shook your head.

“Another Christmas movie?” Taehyung asked, before exclaiming, “Ooh, I know this really good movie that I watched in July about this family who-”

“Wait, you watched a Christmas movie in July?” Namjoon interrupted, his eyebrows raised.

“Yes, but that’s not the point. Anyways, so the family settles into this new neighborhood that is all about festivity and being in the spirit and whatnot and-”

You cleared your throat, effectively silencing him. You waited a few beats, in case anyone wanted to speak anymore, which made the boys impatient. “Spit it out, Y/N. You’re killing me over here,” Jimin complained.

You smiled slightly before saying, “Two words. Gingerbread houses.”

“Okay, first off. How come you bought so many gingerbread houses?” Yoongi uttered, his eyes studying the boxes laid out in front of him with mild disgust.

You shrugged, stepping forward to open one of the boxes. “I figured we would all end up making them.”

“And if we didn’t?”

“Then I’d save them for next year.” You laughed at the suggestion, and the horror in Yoongi’s eyes made it worth it.

“Jimin, back off! I’m in charge of the icing,” Taehyung’s hollering was never a surprise, and Jin’s shouting back wasn’t either.

“Stop yelling, Taehyung! I bet everyone on this street knows who you are!”

“What are you doing right now? Talking to me in a quiet voice?!”

“But my yelling is justified-”

“Both of you shut up,” Namjoon groaned, handing a small packet of gummies to Jungkook. You turned your attention to Yoongi, who was still opening the box for the gingerbread house. You didn’t say anything about his struggling, though he noticed you covering up your laughter and shot you a cold glare in response.

“Uh, Y/N, what do we do with this piece?” Taehyung asked from the end of the table, holding up a broken piece of gingerbread. You watched as Jimin’s eyes trailed to the piece in Tae’s hand and his face morphed into anger. You didn’t care to listen to their millionth argument of the night, but you knew it would be the same cycle of at each other’s throats, a few punches on the arm, and moving on with their lives.

The next several minutes were spent in silence, the scented candles Hoseok lit earlier filling the air with a pleasant smell and the yellow lighting making the atmosphere more serene. For those few moments, you felt at peace. The presence of your closest friends in your quaint home, and the weight that life tends to put on your shoulders was lifted around this time of year. If you capture any feeling you’ve ever felt in your life, it would be the one you felt in this moment.

“We should bet on who has the best gingerbread house-”

“No, Tae.” Namjoon sighed, sneaking a gumdrop into his mouth. You watched as he chewed on it, made a weird face, then spit it out into his hand. “What even are these gumdrops?”

“They’re candy, Joon. What else?” Jimin snickered, loving whenever he got a chance to pick on Namjoon. The latter, on the other hand, didn’t like it all that much.

“Oh really. Then tell me, Jimin, how does this taste?”

“How does what taste-” He had no chance to react as Namjoon reached over and shoved the gumdrop that he had previously had in his mouth, into Jimin’s own agape mouth. Jimin’s eyes widened in shock, his mouth refusing to chew as he stared back at his friend with wide eyes. Then, he smirked slightly before spitting it straight into Namjoon’s face. This commenced another round of loud arguing and accusations that hardly had to do with what just occurred. 

This time it was Yoongi’s turn to shout at the younger boys, complaining about why he even bothered showing up to this get together every year.

“Because you love me,” You whispered to him, smiling as you iced the side of the gingerbread house. Yoongi stopped his hand that was squishing a gumdrop onto the roof, his eyes on your face before he sighed. 


You screamed in joy, your voice way more high pitched than all of their own. Everyone stopped, looking over at you in perplexity before Jungkook groaned. 

“Y/N, please don’t ever do that again. It’s enough having to hear Taehyung’s loud voice all night. We don’t need you mixed up in it too.”

“But Yoongi just admitted that he-”

“Is tired and is going to lay down on the couch.” Yoongi butted in, stepping away from the table and throwing himself across the couch.

“Yeah, I’m done as well. I’ll just leave the rest to you, Joon.” Right as Jungkook said that, Namjoon accidentally broke off a big chunk of the house. Jungkook stared down at the house for a moment before shaking his head and joining Yoongi in the living room.

Gradually, everyone finished up their gingerbread houses, leaving you still working hard at making you and Yoongi’s nice and presentable. You didn’t quite understand the importance of finishing off the house, but when you stepped back and looked at the finishing product, you knew why. Your heart swelled with joy, not really comprehending why the little gingerbread house reminded you of your own home, but it did. And you loved it.

Listening to the lull of the boys’ voices, you fetched several of the gingerbread men that you had also happened to buy from the store. You worked quietly, your lips stretching into an uncontrollable smile as you men the gingerbread men resemble the seven boys.

“What are you doing?” Namjoon’s voice made you jump back in fright, you laughing it off as you motioned towards the gingerbread men splayed out in front of you. His grin was almost blinding, his dimples prominent in his cheeks as he wrapped an arm around your shoulders to pull you into his side. “Why are you so cute?”

You shrugged, feeling shy at his words. Though you loved showing your friends affection, not all of them loved showing affection themselves- Namjoon was one of them. So whenever he complimented you, it always got you flustered.

“What are you two over there cuddling about?” Jin called, Namjoon glancing over his shoulder.

“None of your business, old man. We’re having a moment over here that you so graciously interrupted.”

Old man? Who are you calling old man? Don’t make me get up from this rocking chair- Why am I sitting in a rocking chair?!” You laughed, stepping out of Namjoon’s hug to adjust the gingerbread men around the house. You leaned Jungkook, Tae, and Jimin up against the little gumdrop bushes you had cleverly made to be in front of the house. You put the other four up against the house. It made your gingerbread house complete. Just as the boys made your own home complete.

“Cute,” Namjoon gushed, giggling for some reason.

“What’s cute?” Hoseok asked, his eyes falling on the gingerbread house. His mouth dropped open as he shouted, “Aw!” and whipped out his phone to take a picture. “Guys, come look at this!”

You pressed your hands into your face in embarrassment, hearing the others rush over to see what was happening. Hearing all of their cooing and shouting made you even more embarrassing, and feeling Taehyung’s familiar bear hug, you only laughed as he lifted you up and kept calling you cute.

“Yoongi, where are you going?” Jin asked, everyone’s eyes following his gaze and spotting Yoongi in the kitchen doorway.

He scowled, muttering, “I’ll be back. Just hold up.”

You felt your stomach oddly drop, wondering if somehow you made Yoongi upset by making the gingerbread house. Soon after, you got distracted by the boys and how they were still complimenting the house and the little versions of themselves. You brushed off Jimin’s complaints about having ‘a little amount of hair’, and just smiled away as they broke off into their own conversations.

Feeling someone’s presence behind you, you turned to come face to face with a shy looking Yoongi. You were confused as you watched him, his eyes avoiding yours as he held his hand suspiciously out of view. “Uh, Yoongi, what’s up?”

“Well,” he cleared his throat, running one hand over his hair before his eyes met yours and said, “Your gingerbread house was missing one important detail.”

He revealed what was in his other hand, and you gasped out in surprise. Sitting in his hand was a gingerbread woman, albeit decorated a little sloppily, but still beautiful to you. For some unknown reason, his sweet gesture made your eyes well with tears, which in turn made him alarmed.

“Y/N! I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry, I thought it would make you happy-”

You lurched forward, crushing him in a hug. He was frozen for a moment, before his own arms wrapped around you and hugged you back just as tightly. The other boys were oddly quiet, before you heard the sound of a phone’s camera going off and shouts of ‘Hoseok!’ going around. “What? This is a cute moment! We need to capture it!”

Pulling away from him, you gave Yoongi a watery smile that made him snicker and poke your cheek before stepping around you and placing the gingerbread version of you right next to his own. “Who knew Y/N would make Yoongi soft?” Jimin cooed, holding his hands over his heart.

“Don’t get smacked, Minnie.”

“Hey! Only Y/N calls him that!” Taehyung defended, which earned him a glare from Jimin.

“You guys argue too much,” Jin sighed out, though the fond smile on his lips contradicted his words.

“That’s what makes us great though,” Taehyung argued with pride.

“Sure it does,” Namjoon sarcastically exclaimed. You only giggled at all of them before making eye contact with Hoseok. Holding his arms open, you stepped forward into his embrace and adjusted so you were facing the others. 

Though the night had been filled with petty arguing, all you remembered was the smiles on everyone’s lips. And the embraces. The fighting that was more playful than harmful. And of course, your lovely gingerbread house.

“Hey, if you don’t mind, I’m just going to eat gingerbread Namjoon because he looks good-” Everyone was silent as they witnessed Namjoon’s hand somehow knock into the house so aggressively, it broke apart and ruined the masterpiece you had made.

The yelling that ensued filled the air once again. However, no one seemed to notice how happy you were. And how although your gingerbread house had crumbled, your own home was still intact and still held everything you needed in life to be happy. You caught Yoongi’s eye at the last moment, a quirk at the side of his lips as he shot you a quick wink. 

“Merry Christmas,” he mouthed. 

“Merry Christmas,” You said aloud.