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a.n: so this is for @fourtristattoos spring festival, and the theme this week is dad!shawn so i’m gonna try my best with this! 

genre: fluff af

synopsis: shawn is a single dad to Holly Mendes, who is one of the kids you teach at the preschool you work at.

“Then what happened, Miss L/N!” 

Shawn was leaning against the doorframe of your classroom as he watched you tell his daughter, Holly, a fairytale about a mermaid princess who had changed to a human so she could be with her prince. You and Shawn knew this story as The Little Mermaid and even though Holly had seen the Disney film a million times, it was something about the way you told it that didn’t compare to the movie adaption.

“You tell me, Holly,” you said, “what did Princess Ariel do when the evil Sea Witch, Ursula, revealed herself?”

“Noooo! I want you to tell me,” Holly whined, looking up at you from where she sat on your lap.

One day, when Holly got bored of waiting around for her dad to pick her up, she had suddenly asked you for a story. You had offered her a book for her to read, but she insisted that you tell the story, and for some reason, The Little Mermaid was the first thing that popped into your head. Since then, every day when all the children had gone home and she was left with you, you two would go to the reading area and you’d tell her the same story until Shawn came.

Shawn thought it was adorable, Holly had expressed her love for you and your stories to him many times on the way home from school and today was the first time he ever saw it in action. Holly curled up in your lap, you with your hands in her chocolate brown hair, fixing the braid he had so poorly done this morning, and reciting the fairytale from memory.

“Well, the sun had set,” you told Holly, sadly, as you brushed your fingers through her hair, “which meant that Princess Ariel did not fulfill her end of the bargain. She had not kissed Prince Eric before the sunset on the third day.”

“Oh, no!” Holly gasped.

Shawn smiled, his heart swelling at the sight of you with his daughter. He loved the way you were with Holly, how much you cared for her and how you acted motherly toward her when her actual mom wasn’t in the picture. Shawn remembered one time where you had come over to babysit Holly while he had to work overtime. Shawn wasn’t comfortable entrusting his little girl with just anybody, but you were someone he trusted with Holly more than anything. So, he asked you one morning if you could drive her home and watch her until he got off to which you agreed. That night, Shawn came home to find you and Holly asleep, cuddled up next to each other in her bed. 

Maybe it was that day when he realized he was in love with you. 

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boyfriend taehyung

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◦ Tae is such a cute boyfriend, like with tae you get a boyfriend and best friend all in one

◦ but he’s also such a random boyfriend you literally never know what to expect with tae

◦ one minute you’ll both be cuddling on the brink of sleep on the sofa, the next he has you pinned down tickling you until you can barely breath

◦  will only stop tickling if you give him a kiss

◦ one of the clingiest out of all of the boys, barely leaves your side when he’s with you

◦ loves hand holding

◦  and resting his head on your shoulder 

◦ and napping on you

◦  okay this boy just really loves skinship

◦ wants to have a million kids with you

◦  will literally say he wants a million kids and you eventually get him to settle on 7 max

◦ makes you send him at least 1 selca a day minimum but wants more

◦ will literally remind you to send him one if you haven’t already

◦ he just really likes your face

◦ loves making you laugh bc he thinks it’s really cute

◦ he will literally go to no end to make you laugh, pulling dumb faces, shitty jokes, tickling, anything just to see you laughing or smiling

◦ prank wars!!

◦  super jealous

◦ super petty when he’s jealous

◦ if he sees you cuddling another member he just gives you the silent treatment until you cuddle him 

◦ literally will get jealous if you hold yeontan for too long bc he wants your cuddles instead

speaking of yeontan she lowkey loves you more than tae

◦ his lock screen is also of you cuddling yeontan, bc even if he get’s a lil jealous it still melts his heart every time he sees you bonding with his baby

◦ you can both be super weird around each other and literally never worry about the other judging, ever

◦ takes so many pictures of you, because he wants to document every little moment with you but 90% of the pictures look horrible and he just laughs while showing you the horrible pictures he took

◦ sends you random ugly selcas whenever he misses you just so you can have hi on your mind

◦ you’re always around all of the boy’s so you’re basically family with them by now which tae adores

◦ always sitting on his lap

◦ if he’s away expect to facetime multiple times a day, whenever he’s not busy he’s talking to you

◦ rap battling even if you both sound bad which leads the rest of the rap line to record and laugh at the both of you

◦ loves talking about the future with you, basically already has your entire wedding planned, and just started talking about baby names.

◦ but he does let you know his intentions and how family oriented he is in the beginning of the relationship so it’s pretty mutual, this kid just loves the idea of a family life

i love this kid so much

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types of dates!!

◦ expect fun dates with this kid

◦ loves taking you to little fairs

◦ and riding roller coasters with you, and then making fun of your faces when you go look at the pictures after the ride is over

◦ ice cream dates

◦ will shove a little icecream on your nose and kiss it off this kid is weird i swear

◦ will tone it down every once and a while and take you on a nice quiet walk in the park, and look at the stars together afterward

◦ expect a cheesy line about how your the stars in his sky

◦ loves just behaving like little kids with you and not caring about what anyone around you thinks

◦ will start competitions during the date

◦ so like be prepared to see who can get the most highfives from strangers before the hour is over

◦ little midnight painting dates where you both just sit down and paint whatever just a little relaxing night 

◦ but will end in a paint war no doubt

◦ if you get food on the date be prepared to share everything you get with him because he needs to make sure it’s good

◦ also likes it when you feed him

◦ will take so many pictures, videos during the date

◦ makes sure everyone around knows you’re his though, his hand will not leave yours for the entirety of the date

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◦ such a little fucking tease

◦ loves to get you worked up in public, just to act oblivious to what he was doing afterward, which gets you even more worked up

◦ hand on your thigh rubbing little circles on it when he’s in the mood

◦ this boy is a dom through and through fight me

◦ kinky not jimin kinky but he’s kinky

◦ calls you kitten

◦ loves roleplaying

◦ will buy you kitten ears and a collar to hold up to the pet name

◦ loves fucking you from behind  so he can pull back on your hair while he’s balls deep inside of you

◦ loves eating you out 

◦ could literally get off from it he has a couple times

◦ hates being teased himself, if you do expect him to be relentless

◦ will deny your orgasms for an entire week if you piss him off enough

◦ loves nudes

◦ will ask for them nearly every day he’s away

◦ get’s really blushy sometimes though

◦if you bought a lingerie set just for him expect him to be a cocky motherfucker, but also blush the entire time because he can’t believe you’re for him only

◦ slight exhibitionism kink

◦ mirror sex, just so he can see your face while he’s fucking you hard and slow

◦ this little bitch loves leaving hickey’s in places he can only see, expect a plethora of hickey’s on your inner thighs.

i swear i’m a namjoon bitch, Tae just really has my ass too

ships, and headcanon ,blurb, and reaction requests open, no imagine requests please.


Request: Could u do a imagine where, they are out (S and reader) and some “fans” want picture w Shawn but, he says that he wants to eat and they call him selfish and he starts having anxiety attack and starts crying, but reader tells him its that OK, and she hug him and all this, really fluffy. (Maybe u have readed this, but in london while ago, S had anxiety attack when some “fans” told him his selfish becouse he wont take pictures). So yeah based off of that.

A/N: I still can’t get over the fact that people can’t treat celebrities with respect. They’re human, just like us, so stop harrassing them over something stupid like a picture. If they don’t want a picture, they don’t have to take a picture!

Warnings: panic attacks


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The tour bus had stopped to get some food, to celebrate a great show the other night. 
Despite the fact that you all had disguises on, someone still recognized Shawn. You heard a group of teens, couldn’t be more than 16 or 17, chatter as you approached them. You could feel that Shawn was planning on passing by them and try to get out of there as quick as possible. It had been a hard day for him, which meant his anxiety got a bit worse and that didn’t help the situation.

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Falling for the Dork, set 3

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8.      A Favor Only You Can Do

When Marinette called and asked him for a favor, the only correct answer was yes. He didn’t even know what he was doing other than going over to Marinette’s house, but that didn’t matter because she was his best friend and if she needed something, he’d happily assist.

“Honey, I’m home!” he called out teasingly as he headed up to her room.

When he caught sight of her, she was beet red and her smile was forced. “Uhh… welcome home?”

Her forced smile was much more of a cringe now. Adrien felt like that was his fault because all Marinette seemed to do lately was blush in front of him. If he knew how to approach the subject of what was happening to his best friend, he would. However, he had enough social skills to know that asking a woman why she blushed all the time was not the way to handle anything.

So, he ignored it and did his best to try to make her relaxed around him by being the biggest dork possible. “You called; I came. What do you need help with?”

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Fic: Slow Dance

Reddie / IT fandom

For @ayyyymichele

Art by @whatidoisxsecret

Fic by @stellarbisexual


@whatidoisxsecret​ and I just wanted to make a nice giftie for @ayyyymichele​, so Xan commissioned me, and here it is.  It is Reddie, and it is all puppy love fluff and nothing hurts. 



Eddie’s only fourteen when he first realizes he’s in love with Richie Tozier.

To be fair, the revelation isn’t as advanced as, “I’m in love with him.”  It’s more, “There’s no one I’d rather spend this much time with.”  The thought comes to him as he stares at Richie’s profile under the slowly lowering sun: big sparkling blue eyes and surprisingly full lashes, full lips and the flimsy start of a mustache just above them.  Eddie wants to make fun of it almost as much as he wants to kiss it.  

“That one looks like Bill’s dick,” Richie says, pointing at one of the clouds above them.  

Eddie lands one of his curled up fists onto Richie’s stomach, a little too hard.  Richie smacks him back on the arm halfheartedly.  “How would you know?”

“You haven’t seen Bill’s dick?”  Richie looks at him finally, all eyes and open mouth.  

No!  When did you?”

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Arthur Morgan x Reader | “Draw me like one of those french girls”

Good lord it’s been a long time since I saw that film lol! Thank god for youtube. Some nice chill fluff in this one; a couple of lines are lifted from that actual scene in Titanic for a bit of fun. Enjoy! 

AO3 link

Guidance: Fluff and nudity. Gender neutral reader (Female was requested, but actually managed to write it without making that explicit).

Words: 1.3k

“That picture I gave you. It will be worth something someday! I can feel it!” Charles Châtenay shouted back to you and Arthur running along behind him. You’d just extracted him from his…rather entertaining art exhibition and were now escorting him to somewhere to lie low, or more accurately someone to lie low under.

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Han Jisung - The clingy possessive

  • Jisungie has a lot of insecurities
  • he tends to feel sensitive most of the time
  • soft
  • but…not so pure
  • he doesn’t like seeing you hang out with anyone
  • especially when you touch them or they touch you
  • he hates it the most
  • he believes he should be the only one you should touch
  • even the simplest handshake irks him
  • not that he doesn’t trust you or thinks it’s your fault
  • he doesn’t trust anyone
  • he can’t
  • he can’t lose you to someone else
  • he won’t survive a day without you
  • You actually noticed before how easily pissed of gets when you mention another person’s name
  • he tries not to show it though, but he really can’t help it
  • but you never ask him why
  • until this one time on campus
  • it was during dismissal time and you were waiting for Jisung in your usual spot, just like any other day
  • one of your old high school friend saw you for the first time in years
  • so their initial greeting was to give you a friendly hug
  • to which you accepted and gave back
  • because it’s just platonic, right?
  • and Jisung, who just got out of his class, saw everything
  • he saw how your friend was making you happy
  • he saw how your eyes shone with joy
  • and he hated it
  • so fucking much
  • he hated the way your friend looked at you
  • and the way you gave them a smile
  • that smile should only be for me! he thought
  • fear crossed his mind, and he lost control over himself
  • jealousy overpowered him
  • he immediately walked up to your friend and pushed them away from you
  • you didn’t even have the time to react
  • because the moment you opened your mouth, he was already dragging you to his car
  • it was so unlike him, and it was the first time you saw him react that badly
  • his hand was gripping your wrist so tight you’re sure a bruise would appear tomorrow
  • the ride home was deafeningly quiet
  • the air in the car was thick and suffocating
  • and Jisung’s knuckles were white, hand on the steering wheel the same way he had on your wrist earlier
  • you both didn’t dare to speak
  • Jisung was aware he was doused in rage, so he didn’t want to say anything out of anger
  • you, on the other hand, knew you didn’t have to explain yourself. if anyone had an explanation, it’s Jisung.
  • you were pissed at him for being so impulsive, so quick in his actions
  • but at the same time, you were scared of what he could do to you
  • the car parks in your shared apartment
  • with gritted teeth, you unlock the car door before Jisung does for you
  • he chases after you, calling your name
  • and you chose to ignore him because you were full of his shit
  • when you both got into the apartment, his iron grip was back on your wrist
  • he pulls your wrist so you’d face him
  • “You really have the nerve to get mad at me after all that flirty skinship with that friend of yours, huh?”
  • He was looking down at you; low, like the tone of his voice
  • it was unbelievably scary
  • it wasn’t like him.
  • Your eyes widened in fear, but you kept your body stern
  • “And it’s my fault now? It wasn’t me who couldn’t control myself, almost beating the goddamn shit out of my friend. What the fuck, Han Jisung?! You’re lashing over something purely platonic?!”
  • Jisung furrows his brows and lets go of your wrist. He’s having a hard time containing himself. But seeing you all upset is making him feel worse.
  • So he chooses to just apologize as a solution to stop all this stupid argument.
  • He doesn’t like fighting with you.
  • Hell, he hates making you feel upset.
  • Hands on his waist, he closes his eyes and sighs.
  • He cups your cheeks and lets out a genuine “Baby, I’m sorry.”, looking straight into your eyes. “I just so scared of losing you.”
  • And you forgive him, of course.
  • You reassure him you won’t ever leave
  • like it’ll stop him from thinking about people stealing you from him
  • You love Jisung, and you know he deserves all these chances you’re willing to give him.
  • You know he’ll change his ways
  • won’t he?
  • To say you are beautiful is an understatement to Jisung
  • it almost feels like an insult
  • because to him, you are a goddess
  • you are a someone no one can resist
  • he knows anyone can fall for your charms
  • and what he needs is that to be prevented
  • so his hands are (always) either holding yours tightly or wrapped around your waist
  • just to let everyone know you’re his and only his
  • he’ll send death glares to anyone who tries to pry on you
  • and if they don’t stop
  • then they’re next on his list
  • and it just makes you feel so nice that Jisung is always right there holding you
  • always making you feel like a queen
  • like you’re always on top of the world
  • Jisung takes care of you so well
  • He’s always there for you
  • You both are cuddling all the time
  • it’s so soft and cute
  • it’s the days you love the most
  • for Jisung, nothing is better than spending the entire day with you
  • you don’t think otherwise.
  • Jisung isn’t aware of how much damage he has caused in you
  • all he knows is that he’s okay, you’re okay, everything is fine
  • even if it’s not
  • You don’t know he’s fucked up in the head.
  • Jisung is delusional
  • sometimes you see that in him
  • especially when he takes simple things too far
  • but what do you do?
  • you ignore it
  • you pretend like you didn’t see it because the thought of it makes you feel like you’re crazy
  • and because you don’t want to argue with him
  • But at the end of the day, you know he loves you as much as you do.
  • You are a fool for loving him deeply. And that’s why you always choose to stay.

gif credits to:  @hanones

Let’s Try Again - Ben Hardy x Reader

Summary: part 2 of Out Of Love

Pairing: Ben Hardy x Reader

Word count: 1836

Warning: most of it is angst with fluff at the end.

A/n: I will try go edit it to check if there are ant errors, but if I don’t have time I apologize in advance.

I know it took a long time to update the second part but I hope you all like it.


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You kept your promise of not wanting to hear about Ben again, it hurt so much, but with the circumstances you were living, it all seemed right. It took Ben almost two weeks to call you, and even then you decided you didn’t want to hear his voice, you let all his calls go to voice mail not being sure if you could be brave enough to hear his voice.

It all was so hard, a part of you missed him like mad, which made you feel really weird since you last encounters were anything but pleasant, but still there were days when you remembered his smile and the way he laughed, you found yourself smiling at the thought of him chuckling when you said something funny or how cute he use to look when he just woke up, but seconds after you remember how terrible things ended and that smile you once had was replaced by a couple of tears threatening to roll down your face.

Every day you look in the mirror realizing that your tummy was growing, you smile at the image and caress it as you mutter some sweet words to your baby, it always made you feel better and it help you realize you weren’t completely alone in this.

Since Ben was such a public figure, you decided to move to a small house in the countryside, it was adorable and it seemed you were as far from society as possible, your friends visited you at least twice a week wanting to keep you company and helping you with everything you needed, you appreciated their help so much and you adore talking to them as they distracted you from your usual thoughts.

“Ben went to my house yesterday,” your best friend suddenly said after what you thought was a comfortable silence.

“What?” You question her though you heard what she said clearly “and?”

“I did as you told me, I told him I didn’t know anything about you,” She muttered with a weird smile on her face, she seemed to be telling the truth, but you knew there was something she wasn’t telling you.

“Good,” You mumble standing up and placing your cup of tea in the sink, you then turn around to face your friend that was studying all your moves “What?”

“He seemed… wrecked,” she said as you rolled your eyes not being sure what you were feeling at the moment “it’s true! Maybe you should…”

“Maybe I should What? Give him another chance? You know what happened when we tried to solve this… to solve us,” you yelled hating when you felt tears rolling down your face, you quickly clean them and you sat on the chair next to your friend “it’s better to leave thing like they are now, I don’t think I can handle it again, not now that I have him… or her.”

You rub your stomach as your eyes scan your friend, you knew she wanted the best for you, but you didn’t have more energy in you to fight for a relationship that seemed to be a mistake.

“You are right, sorry,” your friend kissed your temple and stand up to clean the dishes.

After that, you change of topic making sure not to say anything more about it, but it all kept on the back of your head even when the conversation had anything to do with Ben.

“I have to go, I’ll see you on Friday, is it fine?” You friend announce grabbing her purse and walking to the door.

“You are always welcome,” you said kissing her cheek, you rest on the door frame as you watch her get into her car and drive off, you wave your hand and chuckle when she did the same almost hitting a tree that was on the way.

You close your door and walk to your sofa where you left the book you were reading, as you sat down you hear a knock on the door, you curse at your friend knowing she must have forgotten something.

“As much as I love having you here walking around to open the door isn’t help me with…” your ramble was interrupted when you saw that your friend wasn’t at the door “Ben…”

“Hi, y/n,” Ben simply said giving you a nervous smile.

You stare at him not sure what to do, your mind was raising and when you open your mouth to ask him what he was doing here, you realise you were about to puke. You ran to the toilet not caring if Ben was following you or if he was still at the door.

It wasn’t until you felt him rub your back and move your hair so it was out of the way of the toilet and the vomit, he then handed you a piece of toilet paper so you could clean up, you weren’t able to hide how shock you were, and it was quite difficult to understand if it was cause he was here or cause he was being this nice to you.

You clean your mouth and without saying anything more you walk to your living room hoping Ben was following you.

“What are you doing here?” You finally ask when both of you were sitting down.

“I am here for you… and the baby,” Ben said still having a weak smile on his face “look I am…”

“Ben I thought we left all clear, I don’t want to see you again, the moment I have the baby then we will have time to discuss the arrangements,” you interrupted him, Ben seemed to be surprised at your words which made you frown.

“You don’t mean that,” Ben mutter as he tried to grab your hand, you remove it quickly and sat a little bit farther away from him.

“I do, you hurt me so much Ben, and I know you meant to do that,” you said trying your best to hide your emotions “we tried to solve this and we end up screwing it even more, I can’t do it again, Ben, I just can’t.”

You stand up and walk to the door opening as you motion him to go, Ben shake his head and instead of heading out, he walks towards you.

“Please don’t do this,” Ben mutter and you chuckle at his words not hiding anymore the tears that show him how you truly felt.

“And What should I do then? Forgive you and wait for everything to go to hell again? Just wait till our baby is older to hurt him too? I can’t do that,” you yelled hating how much you wanting him to be by your side again, hating how much you miss his touch and how hard it was for you to accept this would never work.

“I still love you,” Ben scream interrupting you, he then cupped your cheeks as he tried to read your reaction towards his declaration.

You stop your rambling and stare back at him as tears kept rolling, you noticed how Ben was crying too and you close your eyes almost as if you wanted to forget that image.

“Please don’t,” you begged as sobs left your mouth, you kept repeating those words not being able to look back at him.

“I love you and I thought I didn’t do anymore, but fuck, thinking that I truly lost you and realizing how much I hurt you made me feel so dirty,” Ben’s voice was raspy and from it you thought that in any minute he would stop talking, but he continues “every day I woke up thinking about you and every night I fall asleep remembering you, you were in all of my dreams and the moment I woke up you were still there with me, I know I hurt you, but I still love you and I am here proving that I still do.”

Finally you open your eyes to his words and you hug him, you weren’t sure why, if it was cause you forgive him or it was cause you miss him, but having him closer made you feel better and even though all the problems you were having were because of how much he hurt you, you felt secure in his arm.

“Please tell me you still love me too,” Ben begged, pulling you closer to him almost as if he was afraid that in any moment you would be gone again.

“Ben…” you took a step back to face him and with the back of your hand you clean your tears, a sigh left your mouth and you weren’t able to stop the giggle that escapes from you “I do.”

Ben look at you with pure fondness in his eyes, he stroke your cheek and took a step towards you, he leans and just when he was inches away from you he stops waiting for you to say something, you simply nod as you stare at his lips eager to feel them against yours.

The kiss was long and sweet, your hands explore each other’s bodies, not in a sexual manner, it almost felt as if you wanted to remember each other all over again. When the kiss ended, Ben pressed his forehead against yours as a big smile was adorning both of your faces.

“What comes next?” Ben question you as he kisses your forehead waiting for you to give him an answer.

“I am not sure, but I think we should take our time,” you said with determination, Ben look at you with clear confusion in him, you chuckle at his expression and proceed to explain things further “I know we aren’t that fond of that, but we shouldn’t rush this out.”

You look at Ben as you bite your lip hoping he would agree on that, he nods at your comment and gave you a peck before he pulls you to your couch so you would be sitting on his legs.

“You are right,” Ben agreed as his hand travelled to your tummy “is a boy or a girl?”

“I’m not sure,” you whisper with clear emotion in your voice “I made an appointment tomorrow to find that out, you want to come?”

Ben look at you and you saw a single tear run down his face, you clean it knowing how important it all was to him.

“I would love to,” Ben mutter as he laughs at the situation, for both of you it all seemed unreal, being together again and finally being able to start a family with someone they truly care about.

You caress Ben’s cheek while you look at him remembering every part of him, your eyes travelled all over his face until they landed again on his green eyes, Ben was staring at you too doing the same as you, neither of you had anything more to say, you just stay like that a little longer as the feeling of happiness finally settle in again.

Some Birthday Fluff

It’s Thomas’s Birthday! And honestly, I had to write something birthday related to celebrate!

Fandom: Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides

Pairings: None, it’s all platonic goodness here!

Summary: It’s literally what the title says. Birthday fluff.

Word Count: 1,603

Trigger Warnings: None!

Today was important.
If only Thomas could remember why.
He laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling, attempting to remember why he thought today was so important. Was he supposed to film today? No, that wasn’t it. Did he have plans? Not that he could remember. So what was-
“Um, excuse me, why are you awake?” A familiarly annoying voice snapped, followed by the obnoxious sound of slurping.
Thomas rolled over at glared at the aspect. “Hmmm?”
Remy, as the Fanders had dubbed Thomas’s Sleep, seemed to roll his eyes behind the dark lens of his sunglasses. “It’s seven am, babe. Too early to be up. It’s me time, back to bed.”
“If you’re not going to appreciate me, I’m going to go out for the whole week.” Remy threatened.
Thomas sighed, rolling back over and burying his head in his pillow, “Only an hour.”
“Mmmhmm, so like three.” Remy tossed his empty Starbucks drink onto the floor, sitting on the edge of Thomas’s bed and pulling out his phone. As soon as he heard Thomas began to snore, he sent a simple text. “he’s out. get ur shit done down there, babes.’
Downstairs, hell had broken loose.
Patton was in the kitchen, electric mixer in one hand and can of sprinkles in the other. His eyes kept glancing to the handwritten recipe book on the counter, and cake batter was spattered all over his clothing. The kitchen smelled like vanilla and sweets, and containers of food dye were thrown half-hazardly across the counter.
Sitting on the living room floor was Logan, holding a pair of scissors as he cut through the wrapping paper. Scraps of the colorful paper covered the floor by his feet, and pieces of tape were stuck on his arms. A small pile of presents was stacked next to the logical side.
Roman was practicality hanging off a ladder, trying to put up a banner with a suspicious amount of glitter decorating words written in fancy cursive. Virgil was holding the ladder, stabilizing the equipment so the dramatic side on the ladder wouldn’t fall, and making sure the banner was straight. (Even though Roman claimed he was incapable of hanging it straight and had to hang it gay.)
And Deceit was sitting on the opposite side of the room, admiring the pure chaos in front of him. The phone in his lap went off, and the local snake looked down, reading the message. "Remy says he got Thomas asleep, but he doesn’t know for how long.”
Now, that last part hadn’t been included in the message, but Deceit couldn’t help but snicker as the announcement caused the other sides to become even more panicked. Deceit continued to observe the chaos, calling out occasional helpful tips such as, “Patton the cake is going to burn,” “Logan, you ripped the wrapping paper,” or “Roman you’re about to fall off the ladder.” (The last one was practically the most fun to say, as it caused Roman to actually almost fall and Virgil freak out about how dumb the creative side was.)
What? Just because Deceit agreed to help the others with this celebration didn’t mean he wasn’t going to have fun with it.
Thomas woke up again, his mind much clearer. How long had Remy gotten him to sleep for? A look at his clock showed it was almost ten. Thomas sat up abruptly, scaring the annoyance that was his sleep. “Babes- more sleep?”
“No, it’s time to get up.”
After a brief argument with Remy, Thomas rolled out of bed and stared at the wall for a solid minute. He was forgetting something, but he still couldn’t remember what-
A loud crash echoed from downstairs. Thomas jumped, “What was that?”
Remy shrugged a little too quickly for it to be nonchalant. “I’m sure it was nothing. Hun-”
But Thomas was already out the door. He scrambled down the stairs, expecting a thief or a murderer to be standing in his living room.
Instead, he found his sides. Patton had icing in his hair and was sticking candles into a cake. Logan was standing over his shoulder, counting the number of candles Morality put into the desert. Roman and Virgil were sprawled across the living room floor, both looking tired, Roman glaring at a ladder that was on the ground next to him. Anxiety was lecturing Creativity about “How god damn stupid are you to fall off the ladder-.”  Deceit was lounging on the couch, and he was the first to meet eyes with their host. “The jig definitely is not up.”
That caused a round of chaos, Patton almost sticking his hand into the cake and Logan almost stabbing Patton with the candle he was holding. Virgil and Roman got off the floor, both a bit red-faced. The room was quiet for a few seconds before Patton broke it with a soft and bright, “Happy Birthday!”
Thomas tilted his head, staring at the room. The cake Patton and Logan had the words “Happy birthday, Thomas!” written in blue icing. A stack of presents was next to the cake, all wrapped expertly. The room was filled with a rainbow of balloons (though there were more red and purple balloons than any other color) and a big banner proclaiming the same words as the cake.
Oh. It was his birthday. Thomas looked back up the stairs, where Remy was leaning against the wall. “You were in with this, weren’t you?”
Remy grinned lazily. “The sides asked for me to keep you distracted. Think of it as my birthday gift to you, a few more hours of sleep. Now, I’m out of Starbucks and that simply doesn’t work, babe. Ciao!” With that final remark, the aspect vanished in a cloud of white.
Thomas blinked, glaring at the spot where Remy once was. “He better come back tonight.”
“Don’t worry about that, happy birthday kiddo!” Patton gave him a bear hug, nearly knocking him over.
Thomas laughed a bit. “You guys planned me a party?”
“It was mostly Logan doing the planning,” Virgil noted, and Roman nodded picking up the ladder and leaning it against the wall. The logical side seemed a bit smug as he nodded to the other’s statement.
“You guys didn’t have too-”
“But we did! Now, no more talking, I made a cake.” The fatherly figure of the group dragged Thomas to the kitchen, forcing him to sit. The others crowded around him, and as soon as Logan finished lighting the candles, the lights were switched off. A quick rendition of happy birthday filled the air, with Roman singing like it was the climax of a Broadway show and Logan rapping it. It was a strange thing to listen to, but Thomas was too elated to care. As soon as the song stopped, Thomas took a deep breath and blew out the candles. It took three tries, but he managed to extinguish all the flames.
“Did you make a wish?” Roman asked.
Thomas winked at the fanciful side. “You know I did.”
Patton begins to cut the cake (with Virgil reminding him every three seconds to be careful with the knife). The moral side had made a layer cake, each layer forming a rainbow, with rainbow sprinkles mixed into the white icing.
“This is horrible, Patton,” Deceit said with a mouthful of cake.
Morality’s face fell. Logan sighed, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Deceit is lying, Patton.”
“Oh! Thank you then!” Patton ran over and gave the snake-like side a hug. Thomas couldn’t help snorting at the confused expression on Deceit’s face.
Once the cake had been finished, Roman clapped his hands excitedly. “Present time!”
Thomas’s attention was drawn to the stack of presents on the counter. “You guys got me gifts?”
Virgil nodded, and from his position on the counter, right next to presents, handed him the gift on top of the pile. “Logan wrapped these, but I’m pretty sure this one’s mine.”
Thomas carefully unwrapped the paper, revealing a small roll-on bottle.
Before Thomas could ask, his anxious side said. “I’ve been reading up on ways to help with anxiety, and I saw that essential oils can help? I know there’s orange and cedarwood in there, but I can’t remember the rest-”
“Thanks, Virge. I really appreciate it.” Thomas beamed at him, and Virgil flashed a peace sign before grabbing the next gift.
“I think This one’s Logan and Roman’s.”
Thomas blinked. “Logan. Roman- you worked together? Without setting something on fire?”
“Hey! We can work together perfectly fine!”
Logan nodded along. “We had similar ideas, it made sense to collaborate.”
After unwrapping the present, Thomas looked down at the small journal in his hands.
“It’s a book of poetry.” Logan supplied.
“Logan and I took turns writing poems, and there’s 356 in there, one for each day in the year!”
Another smile formed on Thomas’s lips. “It’s fantastic. Thanks, you two.”
As Virgil handed over the last gift, Patton bounced up and down on his heels. “That one’s mine!”
The wrapping paper removed, Thomas held up a scrapbook. “Patton, did you make this?”
“Yes-sir-re! I found some old photographs lying around in my room and decided to make this!”
“That’s so sweet, thank you!”
Logan looked over at Deceit. “Did you get him a present?”
Deceit rolled his eyes, flicking his hands out in jazz hands. “I’m here, and I’m not causing problems. Isn’t that a good enough  present?”
Thomas gave him a light smile. “It works for me.”
It really did. The warmth in Thomas’s chest made his smile grow, and he knew this was going to be a birthday he remembered.

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Ben has the day off from filming, so the two of you spend it inside with Frankie all day.

You woke up and immediately became aware of two things; Ben’s arms around your body, and the rain pattering quietly against your bedroom window.

You groaned, mentally discarding all your plans of hanging out with Ben and Frankie at the park that day. Your boyfriend had the day off from his new project, and the two of you were wanting to spend it all in the sun, feeling the warmth on your faces.

Ben stirred, pulling you closer to him. “Hey, babe,” he rasped. “How’d you sleep?”

You smiled, rolling over and pressing a kiss onto his nose. “Fine,” you answered. “I just wish it weren’t raining.”

Ben looked over at the window. “Well, damn. It is raining.” He sighed. “Well, what do we want to do now?”

“Hmmm…” You pondered your options for a few moments. “We could stay in bed, cuddle, watch movies, eat junk food…”

Ben smiled. “That sounds heavenly.”

Right after Ben had put on the first movie of the day, Frankie jumped up onto your bed, a raggedy chew toy in her mouth. She dropped it on Ben’s lap, wagging her tail.

“You want me to throw it?” Ben asked in a high-pitched voice. “Want me to throw the chew toy?” He grabbed the toy and threw it across the room, causing Frankie to dive after it. She took it in her mouth and jumped back up on the bed, placing it in your lap this time.

You and Ben took turns throwing the toy for the puppy until she was worn out from jumping up and down too much. She curled up between you, placing her head on your leg.

“She’s so cute,” you commented, scratching behind her ear.

“Yeah, she’s a little cutie pie.” Ben pulled you into his side, causing Frankie to shift positions and lay on one of your legs and one of Ben’s.

You chuckled. “Our legs are going to fall asleep,” you said.

Ben shrugged. “It’s worth it.” He hit “play” on the remote, and the movie from earlier began.

Normally, you didn’t like the rain. But that day was the exception.

(Sorry this took so long! I hope y’all like it!)

𝙙𝙖𝙙!𝙦𝙪𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝙖𝙪


  • oh my fucking god
  • an actual dad before he even was one
  • so big compared to ur smol kid(s)
  • his big nice hands u love for good** reasons are so huge in comparison to the little child u had together
  • he tells them stories and will sometimes sing softly to them so they’ll sleep
  • sometimes YOU need him to sing to u softly and tell u its alright
  • hes always there for the kids and definitely ur needs
  • if ur feeling a little stressed he’ll maybe eat you out or fuck you just like you want it
  • and then the baby will start crying and ur back in reality
  • he looks at u like ur an inspiration and u make him want to be better everyday
  • “the baby’s-” “i’ve got it, baby. relax”


  • “he’s peeing on me- why is he peeing on me?” “that’s what babies do!”
  • probably will accidentaly teach ur kid swear words and omg ur little baby saying “fuck”
  • “ROGER” “oh boy”
  • a rockstar dad but still has time to love u and take care of u guys
  • he loves ur softness and probably wants to have a few more babies with u in a few years
  • the only time he doesnt like ur baby is when the kid pulls his hair
  • “hey you fucker-” “oh my god”
  • 5/10 dad but hes good at cuddling so we’ll give him five more points


  • “shh. googoogoo. googoogoo. babies like that, dont they, honey?” “freddie what are you saying-”
  • omg honestly an AMAZING and loving dad
  • spoils ur kid ROTTEN and turns them into a total daddy’s baby
  • loves swinging the kid on his hip while he attempts breakfast before u wake up
  • “how do you think that would sound on the new album, darling?” he asks the 6 month old baby, who looks at him. “hm. me too”
  • “i love you! i love you! my precious baby! my little angel!” he would sing to ur giggling kid as he showers them with LOVE
  • 50/10 dad but still has his ‘im a rockstar’ tendancies


  • wow and i said FREDDIE was the best dad? wait just a minute
  • he will fill u with his babies till the sun goes down!! no joke!! he loves seeing u be a mommy!! he loves the fact that he did that to u!! that hes the reason ur breasts look particularly good and ur insatiable
  • you guys had a ton of kids together and he treated each one of them like the first
  • such a gentle soul and a beautiful father
  • all he does is spew affection and offer ur family toothy grins and crinkled eyes
  • “oh my god” he would groan to himself through a mouthful of cereal right in front of ur kid when u would reach over the table to fetch a spoon
  • duh of course he cant help but look at ur breasts theyre right there and all his
  • and when ur pregnant again he cant help but love your stomach and ur thighs and ur hips and breasts and everything about u a little more
  • lets be honest he loves sex and loves it a tad more when he knows he can put another baby in u
  • breeding kink…? maybe…..
  • so attentive and makes sure ur comfy and fulfilled and pleasured to the max
  • 81929282828/10 dad
  • uhh y'all wouldnt be mad if i wrote a little sum sum with this would u?
  • smut + fluff daddy!deacon in the near future……
  • some send me an ask or comment for me to do it I WANT A MOTIVE GODDAMIT

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40, 17, and 53 with Jason Todd. Love you!!! You deserve way more than 200 followers.

love YOU!!! sorry this is so late! 1.6k words of Jason x reader fluff in which you’re stuck in an elevator. 

17.“Did you just… agree with me?” “Oh, I wish I could take-““Nope! You said it! No take-backs!”

40.“You’re a psychopath.” “I prefer creative.”

53.“I hate you.” “Why? I’m lovely.”

In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t such a wise idea to take the elevator during a raging storm, but you could only be so functional after a three-hour British literature final exam. 

Massaging the palm of your hand and gnawing anxiously on your bottom lip, agonizing over your concluding paragraph, you hit the down button with your elbow and had barely half a mind to acknowledge the torrential downpour outside the walls of Gotham Academy. 

The elevator dinged dismally and you trudged inside. 

Wordsworth said to fill your paper with the breathings of your heart but you couldn’t stop worrying that you dumped the jumbled thoughts of your mind onto the lined pages. You were fretting so intensely that you barely heard the pleas to keep the elevator door open. 

“Wait! I need to catch the elevator! Pretty please!” 

You startled and moved to press the open button, but a body barreled in through the doors and hit the wall with a slightly concerning bang before you could do so. 

The figure was broad and sinewy from behind, a backpack hanging off toned shoulders and veiny arms showcased thanks to a snug black t-shirt. Something about that admittedly nice butt was awfully familiar, and then the human canon turned around. 

“Oh. Hey, Y/N.” 

You stiffened and braced yourself, though you were unsure what for. “Hi, Jason.” 

He cracked a smile, slow and warm, and your heart skipped several beats before settling into a panicky rhythm. 

Oh. That was why you braced yourself. 

He quirked an eyebrow and nodded to your hands. The fingers of your left dug into the palm of your right so hard, your knuckles turned white. “Still recovering?” 

You dropped your hands. “In more ways than one.” 

Something about Jason always had you on edge. You two were notorious for getting into heated debates regarding humanist theory and the best Romantic era poets, and you’d nearly lost your mind when you worked together because the professor assigned partners for a literature analysis presentation – he pushed your buttons excessively. 

Maybe it was because he was so hard to read, but he was able to read you with startling clarity. You didn’t know much about him, only that he was a few years older, enjoyed blasting Bobby Brown, had strong opinions on bread, and knew Keats better than his own name. You had known him for four months, but he already knew that you despised untied shoelaces, snapped a rubber band against your wrist when you were nervous, and owned two cats. Your guard was highly fortified because people who’d known you for years barely knew one of those tidbits; who did Jason think he was, waltzing into your life and making you self-conscious every time you exhibited a nervous tick?

Your unease around Jason Todd might also have to do with the fact that he was so beautiful, he left you flustered and babbling angrily much more often than you’d like. 

“How’d you feel about it?” 


Jason laughed and you blinked in surprise at the sound of sunshine on this rainy day. “About the exam, Y/N.”

“Oh. Uh. I wish I felt better about it. You?” 

His shoulders lifted in a dismissive shrug. “I’ve been through worse.” 

“Who’d you focus on for the last question?” You asked as the doors glided shut with a groan. 

He snorted. “Coleridge, of course. Who else?”

You frowned. “Barrett Browning.” 

He shot you a dubious look. “Is it because of Sonnet Forty-Three?” 

Flummoxed, your frown deepened. “No…” 

“Mmhhmmm,” He nodded, mouth sliding up into a playful smile. 

“Well. Maybe a little.” 

“Quite the hopeless romantic, aren’t we?”

You opened your mouth to retort defensively but betrayed yourself; you locked eyes with him and suddenly found yourself lost in a sapphire ocean. “Yeah,” You sighed in resignation. 

His eyes widened, eyebrows raised in bewilderment. “Did you just…agree with me?” 

You blushed deeper. “Oh, I wish I could take –”

Jason waggled a finger accusatorially. “Nope! You said it! No take-backs!” 

You jutted your chin out and crossed your arms over your chest. Maybe you should have been concerned when the elevator groaned a little in dissent, but you couldn’t hear much above the little voice at the back of your head scolding you for not being more vigilant around him. 


His smile softened, gentle like the Caribbean, and much to your dismay, so did you. “It’s not a bad thing.” 

“I-I guess. I don’t know.” 

You did know when the lights flickered and died with a buzz and a few concerning sparks. 

You also knew when the elevator jolted and dropped a few feet, bouncing unevenly because it pulled a shriek from your throat, and you flung yourself at Jason Todd. 

He stumbled back a little with an “oof” but didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you. 

He smelled of jasmine and old books and some kind of spice. You were in the middle of a third deep inhale, safe in his arms, when the elevator groaned again, reminding you where you were. You wrenched yourself out of his embrace and slammed against the wall opposite of him with a jolt, pressing the help button frantically – but to no avail, it looked like the whole array was shot.

The elevator made another agonized noise and panic seized your lungs. 

“Well. I think the elevator’s stuck.” 

“It still m-moves. What if – what if it falls all the way d-down? We’re gonna – oh, fuck, we’re gonna die in here, aren’t we?” You warbled, slowly sliding to the ground. 

Jason’s brow furrowed, shadows dancing against his skin beneath the dim emergency light. “We’re not going to die in here, Y/N.” 

You squeezed your eyes shut when thunder rumbled irately, practically shaking the walls. “You can’t guarantee that.” 

“We’re probably not going to die in here.” He simpered, taking steady strides over to you and the buttons. 

You had to choke back whimper when the elevator tilted slightly. 

You heard him shifting slightly, setting his backpack on the ground and kneeling next to it. 

His knee bumped your eyes and your eyes snapped open, but he continued shuffling around in his bag, unbothered by the physical contact. 

You didn’t want to die before you could find out who scored higher on that exam, but you refrained from voicing this aloud. For the moment. 

“So, you’re scared of centipedes and dying in an elevator. What else?” He asked in a low voice. 

In spite of the slightly dire situation, you flushed, reminded of the unfortunate insect incident in the library a few weeks ago. 

The answer left your mouth before you could swallow it. “You.” 

You were unsure of how serious that response was and maybe he was too, because the corner of his mouth quirked up into a smirk. “Me? I’m harmless.”

As these words left his mouth, he unearthed a daunting piece of technical equipment from his backpack. 

You wanted to tell him that he was actually quite harmful to your emotional stability, but instead you asked, “What the hell is that?” 

His smirk grew into something even more dangerous, setting your heartbeat awry again. “Our way out.” He pressed a button and what might be a laser flashed and buzzed menacingly. 

“You’re a psychopath.” 

“I prefer creative.” Jason told you cheerily, turning away from you to wiggle the suspicious tool beneath a panel near the bottom row of buttons. 

There were some more unsettling buzzing noises, but he must have known what he was doing because several moments later, all of the lights blink on. 

He pressed the help button with his knuckle, and it rang shrilly in acknowledgement. 

“Now, we wait.” He scooted back a little so he could sit in front of you, cross-legged and almost boyish in the way he looked at you expectantly, more like a patient puppy than a muscly twenty-something with threatening equipment and novels in his backpack. 

You felt your face heat up again. “Oh. Great.” 

He leaned forward a little, one dark brown arched in inquisition. “Are you really scared of me?” 

Your stomach flipped a little because he was striking up close, pink mouth and strong nose framed by handsome angles, earthy olive skin littered with storybook scars, and eyes that whispered the most tragic of poems in a language you couldn’t quite understand. 

“I’m trying to figure it out.” 

“You must not be completely petrified because you seem quite calm, considering we’re in a confined space together. Also, you threw yourself at me.” 

You gaped at him indignantly. “I hate you.” 

“Why? I’m lovely. At least three different people tell me on a daily basis.” 

It was your turn to arch an eyebrow. “By people do you mean drooling college girls?” 

That smirk returned. “Old ladies crossing the street and soccer moms occasionally, too.” 

You crinkled your nose in distaste. “Bleh.” 

“Beauty is meant to be appreciated.” Jason stated, fixing you with a look of saccharine reverence that made you think, perhaps, he wasn’t referring to himself through the eyes of appreciative grown women. 

Bashful, you broke away from his gaze, finding sudden interest in your sweaty hands and playing with your fingers. 

“That’s why poets exist.” You muttered. 

“Shakespeare, sonnet eighteen.” 

You narrowed your eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 

Now, his smile was all sunflowers and chirping birds on a summer morning. “It means you’re beautiful and I want to compare you to a summer’s day. And take you on a date when we get out of this elevator. If you’ll let me.” 

It took a few moments to shake you out of your daze. “If we can get out of this elevator and avoid a Shakespearean tragedy, sure.”

Tom Holland x Reader ~ A small kick

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A/N: A cute little Tom fic-let that I got inspiration for enjoy 😊

Word count: 909

Warnings: none

“Hey guys!” Tom spoke in a hushed whisper just loud enough for the microphone on his phone to hear. He gave a small wave to the camera before directing it to the sleeping body beside him or more specifically her stomach. “Me and Peanut wanted to say hi!”

Tom looked at his wife as she snored lightly, his smile was so large that it almost hurt him, but nothing could ever make it fade, not on mornings like this. “And Y/n too.” He chuckled quietly.

The video was purely for friends and family. Moments like this were sure to ruined by the paparazzi in some way or another. And plus, Tom enjoyed making them. He had documented most of y/n’s pregnancy ever since he had found out. He couldn’t get enough of watching their little peanut grow more and more every day and he could never get enough of y/n either.

Tom rubbed y/n’s round stomach and started to talk softly. He moved himself so that he was closer and peppered a kiss or two near to her belly button showing affection for both his wife and his child. The video was capturing every moment and Tom had just turned to smile to the camera once more, planning to say goodbye when he felt something kick his hand.

He gasped and turned back to look at where his hand rested. He looked for another sign of a kick and then just as y/n stirred awake, it happened again. Tom saw a little foot-sized bump pop up and then back down. “Oh my god.” He was whispering for a whole different reason now – amazement. His hand traced where his baby’s foot had been with fascination.

“Tom?” Y/n’s voice was full of sleep as she woke up fully. She peered down to see her Husband looking down at her stomach with tears almost in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” She asked concernedly. Tom’s eyes darted up quickly to see Y/n and he smiled largely.

“The baby! It kicked y/n! Our little peanut kicked!” He ran a hand over her stomach again before remembering the video was on and flashing it a larger than life smile before turning it off. He put his phone down and focused all his attention on the moving life of his unborn child.

“It did?!” Y/n’s voice was full of excitement as her hand went down to trace her bump. She frowned deeply. “I’m so sad I missed-.”

And then as if on cue, the little foot reared again causing y/n to jolt and then gasp. She couldn’t help but notice that Tom’s cheeks were also wet. “Babe, are you crying?” Y/n’s free hand moved to stroke her husband’s face and he gave a watery chuckle with an affirming nod.

“I mean, there’s a baby in there.” Tom was once more overcome with fascination and love. “My baby.” He placed another firm kiss to her stomach.

“It took you 5 months to figure that out?!” Y/n laughed cutely as Tom gave her a playful glare.

“No, it’s just so much more real you know?” Tom smirked up at y/n who returned a loving smile. She nodded and looked back at her stomach. The baby seemed to have calmed down from its kicking spree.

“I do know. I also know that your little peanut has just rested on my bladder.” Y/n grimaced as Tom laughed. She got up and walked to the bathroom, rubbing her stomach as she went. Tom watched her walk away, the smile never for a second leaving his face just as it hadn’t since he found out he was going to be a dad.

It was so strange to think of himself as a parent, but it was also the most exciting thing to think about. Both him and y/n had decided to leave the sex of the baby a surprise, but he was desperate to know. He didn’t mind either, of course. But he knew that he would protect him/her as well as y/n from any danger. He had to be careful, being so in the public eye had its dangers and he was determined to make sure that his family didn’t come under any fire because of that.

Just as he was deep in thought about it all, a thought occurred to him – a very awesome thought. Y/n waddled out of the bathroom with a smile as Tom patted the space next to him. She immediately curled into his warmth as she settled back into bed.

“Y/n I just thought – peanut could be a footballer with those kicking skills!” Y/n laughed loudly, and Tom relished the sound, despite what y/n said, her laugh was beautiful as was she.

“How long did it take you to think of that?” Y/n said through more laughter.

“Shut up.” Tom laughed with her as he ran his fingers through her hair. She hummed in appreciation of the gesture with a smile.

“Tom.” Her voice was playfully warning of his choice of words. Y/n laughed as did her Husband, his hand once again finding her stomach bump. He kissed the top of her head as she drifted back off to sleep, her head resting on his shoulder. He felt sleep take over him as well as he watched his beloved sleep. Just before he fully succumbed to slumber, he felt one last small kick against him palm and smiled to himself at the thought of teaching his little peanut to kick a ball. 


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PART 1 – reader (25, curves) lost virginity with dean and are in love with each other but Sam thinks is in love with her too, D is so possessive about her and after Sam kiss her, D punch Sam and start a fight so reader stop them and hugging crying dean she leaves the bunker because don’t want to separate the brothers and she go to bobby (he adopted her when she was in her twenties because has no family) and Sam see how dean for a month acting as a ghost … PART 2-when Sam calls Bobby he tells him “the girl not going good” and with the help of Bobby, Jody and the girls Sam plans a dinner and take them to Jody, and when the reader and Bobby arrives Dean just keep looking at her and she’s in pain trying to hide tears, Bobby and Jody resolves the situation and dean keep her in his lap both crying and she tell him it’s going always be you why do you think I waited for you to be my first and Sam say his sorry and I was wrong see her like sister, angst smut end

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Bobby Singer, Sam, Jody Mills, Claire Novak

Warnings: angst, violence, sad reader, confused feelings, tears, starving, fluff, comforting, smut, unprotected sex, making out, Impala Sex

“Hey, don’t say that! My music ain’t that bad.” You mutter.

“Baby, I love you but your taste in music is beyond bad.” Dean chuckles kissing your forehead softly.

“Sam tell him my taste is great.”

“Huh? Oh…” Stammering Sam stares down at you. His heart starts beating faster as he was busy watching you again. Lately, his feeling for you seem to change.

“Whatever! I’ll grab a snack. Do you want something too?” Dean asks.

“No. I’m not hungry. Sammy?”

“I had a salad.”

“Good.” Walking toward the kitchen Dean can’t see the look on Sam’s face. When he gently strokes your cheek, you stare up at Sam like a deer in the headlight.

“Sam?” You ask right before he presses his lips to yours.

Pushing against his chest you want to slap his face, but Dean is faster. Seeing his brother kissing the woman he loves. His girl let Dean see red.

Fist smashing into Sam’s face Dean yells and curses. “She’s mine! What the fuck, Sam!”

Pushing his brother away Sam wants to hit him too, but you are faster. Standing between the brothers you start crying. Shaking your head, you hug Dean tight.

“Stop, please. I…will leave. I can’t separate you too. I love you too much to destroy your bond with Sam.” You whisper. Kissing Dean, softly you hold back more tears.

When you run out of the library Sam wants to say something, but Dean shakes his head.


Standing in the doorframe Dean watches you packing your belongings. Still crying and with shaking hands, you put the last things into your duffle bags.

“Please don’t go. I can’t be without you.”

“I can’t stay, and you know it. I don’t know why Sam kissed me out of the blue but be honest. In the end, you will always choose Sam. I can’t get between the two of you. You would be torn between me and your brother. I’m not worth it Dean.” You whisper leaving the bunker without looking back.


“Hey, Pumpkin. Do you want to eat something?” Bobby asks worriedly. Since you came home a week ago you barely eat. The moment you came through his door Bobby knew somethings off.

After talking to Dean, Bobby knows why you left. You can’t come between the brothers. Making your decision you left and now you suffer every day more.


Watching Dean sitting in the library pouring himself another drink Sam wants to say something but what can he say? That he is sorry? That he was just confused about his feelings and wanted to be sure?

Staring at the picture in his hands Dean tries to hold back the tears. It’s a picture of you and him sitting on Baby’s hood. Smiling you wave at Sam who took the picture.

“Dean?” Sam tries but he doesn’t answer. “We should talk about what happened?”

Still not answering Dean grabs the bottle to go to his room. Ignoring his brothers worried face Dean remains silent.


“Kiddo you need to eat something. It’s been almost three weeks now. Come on. Dean wouldn’t want you to starve to death. The boy loves you.” Bobby tries again but you just lie onto the bed curled into a ball.

Crying once again you hold the picture of you and Dean in your hands.


“I don’t care why you kissed my daughter but she’s not doing well. In fact, she’s crying on her bed refusing to eat anything. You have to fix this, Sam. Seeing her suffering, I can’t bear it any longer.”

“What can I do? I tried to talk to Dean, but he refuses to answer me. He walks around the bunker like a ghost. Drinks too much and barely comes out of his room.”

“Then we need to bring them back together.”

“Can we not ask Jody for help?” Sam asks.

“Wait. I’ll handle her the phone.”

“Sam? We need to help, Y/N.” Jody says worriedly.

“What can we do?”

“How about you and Dean come around for dinner. Bobby and Y/N can come too, and we bring them back together.”

“Sounds like a plan. I will tell Dean you need our help so he will not say no again.”

“Good. Bobby will bring Y/N and then those two lovebirds can talk.”


Not looking at his brother Dean drives toward Jody’s house. Sam, on the other hand, hopes he can make it up to you and Dean. He made a mistake a terrible mistake.

“Jody really appreciates our help.” Sam tries.


“Claire would’ve done the hunt on her own.”


“Will, you ever talk to me again?”



“Come on. Jody wants to see you. Claire will be there too. Please. For your old father.” Bobby pleas.

“For you.” You whisper following Bobby out of his house.

“Good. Tonight, you will eat something.”



Looking at the food on the table Dean debates to leave or just to drive around. He can barely bear being close to Sam since he kissed you.

Already walking toward the front door Dean’s eyes widen when Bobby enters the house with you. An arm slung around you Bobby has to steady you.

Looking pale, eyes puffy and red you look shocked at Dean. Starting to shake you paw at Bobby’s arm. Trying to push the tears away you watch Dean watching you.

“Y/N?” Dean whispers.

“Uh…you’re here. Sam and I…along with Bobby and Claire planned this dinner. You two are doing miserably without each other. You two need each other. Look at Y/N. Another week and she needs to go to the hospital!” Jody says and you look at Sam.

“Listen, I was confused. I kissed you to be sure. I love you…like a sister. I’m so sorry for messing things up between Dean and you. Please come home. He barely eats, drinks too much. Y/N, he needs you. We need you.”

“Dean?” You whisper.

Walking toward you Dean moves his arms around you. Kissing your hair softly he picks you up. Sitting down onto the couch with you in his lap he gently caresses your back.

Clinging to his body you cry into his shoulder. “It’s always been you. Why do you think I waited for you to be my first?”

“I know, Baby. I love you.” Dean sniffs into your hair.

“I’m sorry…I know I hurt both of you. Please. Can you forgive me?” Sam stammers tears in his eyes.

“We talk about forgiveness tomorrow. Now my girl needs some food.” Dean mutters kissing your hair softly.

Hearing your stomach rumble everyone starts laughing.

“Wait. I’ll bring you something right now.” Jody says smiling.


Yawning you snuggle into Dean’s chest in the backseat while Sam is driving you back to Bobby’s. Bags need to get packed and you need some sleep too.

“ ’M sorry,” Sam mumbles again.

“I know, bitch. Next time you touch my girl I’ll shove a stick up your ass.” Dean threatens.

“I won’t. Dean, I know it’s only friendship I feel. I needed to be sure…I’m sorry.”

“Good. I hope she will forgive you too.” Dean mutters while you start sucking a hickey into his neck.


“Y/N…uh…” When you start palming his cock through his pants Dean starts panting heavily.

“Missed you D’.” You whisper in his ear. Biting his ear shell playfully you giggle when he slaps your ass.

“I’ve missed my bad girl too.”

“Guys. Really?” Sam groans.

“A month! A whole fucking month without her!” Dean mutters starting to move his hands under your shirt.


“Fuck, you lost weight. Back home I will stuff you with bacon burgers and pancakes.” Dean grunts into your neck.

Hands pawing to his shoulders you start grinding against the growing bulge in his pants. Licking his lips, he stares up at you with lust-blown eyes.

“I’m out!” Sam mutters parking the car a bit further away from Bobby’s house.

Not caring about his brother’s outburst Dean shoves your shirt upward. Tossing the fabric into the front seat he rips your bra open. Shaking your head you kiss his lips roughly. His hands roughly knead your breasts while you grind against him.

“Need to feel you, Baby.”


Shoving your skirt upward you let Dean rip your panties apart. With shaking fingers you unbuckle his belt. Opening the zipper you help Dean shoving his pants down.

Mouth watering you stare at his hard cock. “Later. Now I want to feel you.” Dean groans.

“But I want to taste you…”

“Later…we can keep Bobby and Sam awake the whole night. Now I need to be inside of you.”

Smiling you straddle his lap. Lifting your hips you let Dean coat his cock with your slick.

Watching you full of adoration he carefully pushes the tip in. Hands clawing at his shoulders you slowly sink down onto his thick length. A moan leaves your lips when you feel him completely inside of you.

“Fuck. I’ve missed you. Still so tight for me.”

“Only for you.”

“I never doubted that, Y/N.”

Arms wrapped around his neck you start rocking your hips. His mouth catches one of your nipples to such at the little nub.

Feeling his cock twitch inside of your tight cunt you know he can’t hold back for long. Whining Dean starts thrusting up into you. Moving in sync with the tall hunter you can start cursing.

Yes, harder and his name leaves your lips when you feel the coil snap. Crushing your lips onto Dean you feel him filling your belly with his cum.

“We didn’t use anything.”



“I wouldn’t mind seeing you round with my baby.”

“You do?”



Chuckling Dean wraps his arms tightly around you. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too.”


Three hours later…

Hearing you and Dean grunt and scream Bobby looks at Sam. “Why did we bring those two back together again?” Bobby asks.

“Uh…you only hear them tonight. I have to bear this for the rest of my life.” Sam groans.

“Well how about a drink and some music?”

“Anything is better than hearing my brother screwing with your daughter…”


“Wow! That was awesome.” You giggle.

“That was round three. Give me some time and we can go for four…”

“Count me in.” Sleepily resting your head onto Dean’s chest, you smile up at him.

“I love you.”

“I love you, Dean.”

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