Soul To Soul (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: 196- ‘Is it really you?’ 386- ‘You’re safe now. I’ve got you,’ 

A/N: This a soulmate!AU and OH MY GOD IT’S SO CUTE. Plus it allowed me to geek out over Plato, so yeah. Thank you to the mysterious anon who sent it in :) 

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Early Morning Wake-Up Call

Written for the prompt: Okay, I don’t want to be that jerk but our building has a strict No Pet Policy and your cat will not stop meowing and I WILL report you and oh no you’re cute

In which Dean’s neighbor’s cat keeps waking him up in the middle of the night, and knocking on said neighbor’s door to complain about the situation doesn’t go the way Dean expected. (1.3k)



Dean blinked and looked around, trying to get his bearings in the dark room as he was unceremoniously jerked out of his dreams.


He heard it again and groaned. Every night this week, he had been woken up by the same cat, owned by some idiot who apparently didn’t realize that this building had a No Pets policy. He glanced at his alarm clock and sure enough, it was midnight, right on schedule. He had no clue why this cat decided to meow really loudly at midnight every night, but it had been going on for a week and Dean was really starting to get pissed. He worked at his uncle’s auto parts shop and taught mechanics classes at the local community college, which meant he had a full schedule that required sleep – something he’d been sorely lacking recently. Thankfully, after a few minutes, the cat’s meowing finally started to die down, and he guessed it was safe to attempt to sleep again, grumbling something about asshole neighbors with their asshole cats as he slowly drifted off into sleep for the second time that night.

Sunlight poured in through the window when Dean woke up the next morning. He was worried for a second that he was late for work, but then he remembered that it was Saturday. No work to go to or classes to teach. He sighed gratefully, sinking deeper into his mattress, determined to savor his time before the sun completely rose.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he heard it: the unmistakable mrow of his neighbor’s feline.

“That’s it!” he grumbled, deciding to go and give this neighbor a piece of his mind. He climbed out of bed and grabbed the first clean clothes he saw, putting them on quickly and leaving his apartment, determined to voice his complaints.

He knocked loudly and impatiently on the door of the apartment next to his, but no one answered, so he banged harder until finally the door opened.

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“phil?” “yeah, love?” phil looks down at dan, who’s curled up between his legs as they watch a movie together. “have i ever told you that you taught me how to love? like i never thought i’d love anyone and that they’d love me back but then i met you and everything made sense?” “dan-,” phil is cut off by dan’s continued ramble. “and i’ve never met anyone who makes me feel so at home and who i love so much? holy fuck i love you so much. thank you.” phil tries as hard as he can to suppress his smile. “woah, where did that come from?” he giggles, “you get sappy when you’re tired.” “i dunno. i was just thinking about how desperate i was to be loved before i met you and i never thought i’d feel so sure about anyone? but this morning i woke up and you kissed me and told me i’m beautiful. and now we’re cuddling and watching a movie that i honestly couldn’t care less about because i’m with you and that’s all i ever want to do? i don’t know i’m being dumb,” dan sighs and leans into phil.

suddenly, phil is overtaken by a wave of love and admiration for the boy in front of him. “i love you so much, dan,” he smiles. without saying a word, dan turns around between his legs and kisses him like it’s the last time he ever will. he wraps his arms around phil’s neck and leans in even closer so their chests are pressed against each other. they don’t say anything after that, but the smile plastered on dan’s face and the way phil holds dan a little tighter tells them both that they don’t really need to say anything.

Think of Me Fondly

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Description: Modern Au, Bucky and Y/n used to be best friends when they were younger, until Y/n moved away. Years later and she’s coming back to her home town to see Bucky, only he doesn’t want her to see what he has become.

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She was coming back. 

Steve had told him 5 minutes ago, gently and slowly as he always did when he was unsure how Bucky would react. Bucky had nodded when he’d finished speaking to show he understood. His best friend had looked at him with concern and told him it’d be ok.

Now Bucky was sitting in his room, staring at the ceiling and wondering what she would think of him now.

He’d grown up with Y/n. He, Steve and her had been best friends, he still couldn’t remember everything but he knew in nearly every memory he had with her he was smiling. The exception being when she moved away when they were 17. He remembered watching the car drive away, his chest feeling tight as he waved. He’d gone home and cried that night, not even Steve knew about that part.

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Sickness Sentence Starters

“The doctor said to get plenty of bed rest.”
“Did you take your medicine?”
“You’re burning up!”
“Do you want me to get you another blanket?”
“If you’re not better by tomorrow, we’re going to the hospital.”
“You’ve been sniffling for ten minutes. Just blow your nose!”
“Let me feel your forehead.”
“You just need to sleep this off.”
“You can’t go out like this!”
“Come on, you need to eat.”
“Do you want me to make you some chicken soup?”
“Maybe some steam will clear you up.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll clean it up.”
“I don’t think it’s allergies.”
“Did you eat something weird?”

Arranged: Young!Sirius Black x Reader


Request: Hey! I really love your imagines! You are a great writer. I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Sirius’ mother made an arranged marriage for him and he wasn’t going but when he learned that the girl will die if he didn’t he went but he likes her. I am terrible at requesting. I just hope you got the main idea. Thanks :-)

Warnings: Brief mentions of death and drugs

I actually really enjoyed writing this one

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Sirius rolls his eyes at his mother's’ continued instructions, her bantering and annoying voice.

“Sirius Orion Black, you better be on your best behavior.” She hisses, as they come to a stop outside the door of the towering building.

 It had been a solid two days since Sirius had come back from Hogwarts for summer vacation, and the moment his mother had spotted him at the train station she had told him to prepare himself for his arranged marriage. Not now, of course, but  after the two graduated Hogwarts. He had protested, yelled, and done everything in his power to say no. Not only did he not want to get married to some girl he didn’t know, but he didn’t want to do the one girl commitment thing either. It just wasn’t his deal. The only thing he knew about the girl was that she was Slytherin.

 “Why can’t it be Regulus?” He grumbles, swatting his mum’s hand away from his hair. 

“Because, Regulus is doing more important things at the moment.” His mother beams proudly. 

Sirius rolls his eyes in annoyance, by important things, his mother meant serving his purpose to the Dark Lord.

The door opens and a butler greets the two, ushering them into the house and into the grand foyer. Sirius greets the parents, sharing the necessary pleasantries and glancing around the room. It was dark, furniture black and elegant, white marbles floors and a huge staircase leading upstairs. 

And that’s when he sees her, emerging at the top of her stairs. She has y/h/c hair, long and curled.  She’s wearing a black dress, one that lands just above her knees, accompanied by a pair of black heels to match. What catches Sirius’ attention the most though, is her eyes. They’re the most vibrant  y/e/c  he had ever seen, scanning the room as she descends the stairs. 

“Ah, there she is, Y/N, come say hi.” Her father says standing up.

 She smiles meekly, wringing her hands for a moment before letting them fall to her side as she approaches his mother, who throws her arms around the small girl, engulfing her and causing her eyes to widen in shock, but pat her back nonetheless. 

Sirius watches her carefully, as his mother pulls back and pinches her cheeks in her meaty hands. If the girl was uncomfortable, she certainly didn’t show it. A small smile on her face as she blushes, eyes downcast. She really was quite beautiful, now that Sirius had gotten a good look at her. 

“Y/N, this is Sirius.” Her mother coaxes, pushing her towards him. Y/N squeaks slightly, frowning at her mother, before turning to greet him. Sirius nods at her, at a loss of words. She blinks at him, her eyebrows furrowing together for the briefest of seconds, before she bites her lip. “Hello.” Her voice is soft, melodic, almost like a piano note.  His own dark brown eyes pour into hers, searching the endless depths of color. The parents start laughing loudly around the pair, causing Y/N to break her gaze from Sirius’ and stare down at her shoes, shuffling them together and back out nervously.

 “How about you two get to know each other?” Her father suggests. 

“Father.” Y/N pleads, shaking her head slightly. 

Her father’s nostrils flare, glaring at her, ‘You’ll do as I say.” He growls bluntly. Sirius watches between them as the girl backs down, and nods slightly. 

“Go on Sirius, and be a gentlemen.” His mother hisses, pushing him after the girl as she walks down the hall.

He follows her into a room down the hallway, and she leaves the door slightly ajar before turning around at staring at him. He looks back at her, and she pushes herself off the door, before moving to the far corner of the room. He watches after her in awe, as she pulls out a book from a huge stack, and flips open the cover. She’s graceful, her every move nimble and effortless. She pulls out a joint, slamming the book shut with a quick clap, before she reaches into her pocket to pull out her wand. 

“Incendio.” She murmurs, lighting the tip and taking a long drag, her eyes closing in pleasure. Sirius watched her in awe, who the hell was this girl? 

She opens her eyes, and sees him staring. “Oh, sorry. How rude of me. Would you like some?” She asks, offering the joint to him.

 Sirius hesitates, since when did he hesitate at a joint? What was this girl doing to him? 

“It’ll make this less awkward.” She chuckles tilting her head at him. 

He nods, taking it from her and taking his own drag. 

She was mysterious, and he was intrigued. She leads him to a set of couches in the opposite corner, kicking off her heels as she sinks down. She winces, rubbing her feet for a brief moment before tucking them to her side. Sirius takes a seat across from her, joint still in hand. 

“I didn’t want this.” She speaks bluntly, twirling a piece of hair around her finger. Sirius looks at her in shock, how can she, a Slytherin, be so.. Calm, so collected?

 “I know you didn’t either.” She adds, looking down at her palms.

 “It was a bit of a shock, yes.” Sirius say. She smiles at this, looking up at him. 

“So you do speak. I was beginning to thing you left your voice back at Hogwarts.” She teases. Sirius laughs at this, a good honest laugh.

 “Can I have that now?” She asks, leaning forward.

 He nods, handing her the joint. “How did you get roped into this?” Sirius asks, leaning back into the couch.

 Y/N blinks, twirling the joint between her fingers as she contemplates an appropriate answer. She licks her lips slightly, before speaking, “My life depends on it.” 

Sirius laughs at this, grinning at her crude sense of humor, until he notices that she is dead serious. 

“W-what?” He croaks out.

 Y/N concentrates on the lit tip of her joint, her voice as hard as the marble floors beneath them, “If you don’t say yes, he’ll kill me.” She whispers.

 “Your father? I highly doubt that, Y/N.” Sirius says, hoping she’s being dramatic. Y/N chuckles at this, dry and hollow. 

“No, not him. I could handle him. Voldemort.” She says bravely.

 Sirius can’t help but let his jaw drop, he hadn’t heard anyone use his actual name accept for his friend group. “Why?” He asks after he’s collected himself. 

“Why does he do anything?” Y/N counters, finally meeting his gaze.

 Sirius looks at her, confused. 

She sighs, shaking her head and taking a long drag. “My father didn’t carry out his last task as asked. Didn’t kill the bloke. This is his punishment. My punishment.” She supplies, eyes closed as the high begins to set in.

 Sirius feels his heart sink, and his veins course with anger a moment later. “No.” 

“You don’t have to do this, Sirius. I can handle death, from what I’ve seen it’s quite quick. Bang of green light, and it’s over.” Y/N speaks after a moment, her brave voice laced with exuberant anxiety.

 “Stop it.” He growls, getting up and sitting next to her.

“Look at me.” Sirius demands, watching her face with concern. 

 Y/N opens her eyes in shock, watching him carefully. 

“I won’t let anything happen to you. Alright?” Sirius mutters, staring into her eyes as he reaches over and grips her joint free hand.

She stares at him in shock, wondering if the high is really hitting her now. “Why would you do that? Forgive me, but you don’t seem like the marriage type.”

“ Listen, sweetheart, you know nothing about me. I don’t care if it’s arranged. I’m not letting you die.” Sirius hushes, shaking his head at her.

She smirks slightly at him, her eyes lighting up once more. “Well, sweetheart, I suppose we should get to know each other than.” 

The Post-it Poet

Destiel, PG-13, 4k, AO3 link

Summary: Dean has a secret admirer who is leaving love poems for him at the store where he works. Although flattered, after a few months Dean’s had enough, and decides to hatch a plan to catch the guy and find out who he is.

“Dean! He’s left another note!” At Charlie’s excited cry, Dean looked up from where he was restocking the washing powder and eagerly abandoned his task to go and see what his mystery admirer had left for him this time.

It had started a few months ago, when Garth had found the first note taped to the side of the cash register, hidden from view and only discovered after closing time when they were cleaning. The note had simply said:

To his own embarrassment and the delight of his co-workers, Dean’s first reaction had been to blush violently. He’d quickly snatched up the post-it and crumpled it in his hand. “Alright, alright haha very funny guys. Who was it?” He looked accusingly at Garth, Kevin, and Charlie, who all looked completely innocent. Which, Dean thought, had to mean one of them was guilty.

“Hey, don’t look at us!” Charlie said, holding up both of her hands with her palms facing Dean. “Is it so hard to believe you might have a secret admirer, Dean?” She caught Kevin’s eye. “I mean, Lord knows what they see in your dumb ass but it’s a fact that the demographics at your queue always skew very much in favour of the fairer sex. Right Kev?”

Kevin nodded in agreement, as did Garth. It was well-known that women tended to favour Dean’s register over any other cashier’s, even accepting a longer wait as long as they could be the recipient of a patented Dean Winchester smile and a “have a nice day”. His co-workers never missed an opportunity to tease him about this.

“It’s Wordsworth,” Garth said, examining the crumpled piece of paper Dean had dropped on the ground. Dean hadn’t even seen him pick it up.


“William Wordsworth. You know, the English romantic poet? Lived in the 18th and 19th century?” Garth raised his eyebrows at Dean’s flat stare.

“Yeah, I’m not much into poetry…” Dean trailed off, embarrassed even though he had no reason to be.

“Well,” Garth continued, “this is one of his poems. But the funny thing is, it was actually written for his then future wife. The pronouns have been changed.”

“Oh, that’s interesting,” Charlie said, taking the post-it from Garth and examining it more closely. Kevin walked up to stand next to her so he could examine it too.

“Hey, guys,” Kevin said hesitantly, “I know a thing or two about different kinds of handwriting because I used to be really into calligraphy and different scripts, and in my opinion this looks a lot like a man’s handwriting.”

“Really?” Charlie squeaked, “Ooooh the plot thickens!”

“Guys, just stop okay? I really don’t care if it’s a man or a woman or an alien from outer space,” Dean said, snatching back the post-it and slipping it into his back pocket. “If they want to get to know me, they should just have the guts to come up to me and ask me out or something. Not do this. Now let’s forget it ever happened” With that, he stalked off to finish closing so he could go home.

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Summary: Dan makes an online dating profile, attracting all sorts of strange people. He nearly gives up altogether before he receives a message from a man that he never would have expected to be a match for him. The man is adorned with pastel colors and a sweet demeanor, and is he really about to go on a date with someone that’s arguably his exact opposite?

Words: 3,655

Tags: pastel!phil, punk!dan, opposites attract, humor

“THREE…TWO…ONE…HAPPY NEW YEAR!” everyone shouts, clapping as the clock strikes twelve and a new year rolls in. but for dan and phil, they’re less focused on the passing of the year and more on each other. phil has his arms wrapped around dan’s neck, and dan has his snaked around phil’s waist as they lean in to each other, their lips locking together like they were made for each other, bodies moving together as if nothing else matters except for the two of them. everyone quiets down, and appreciates the couple’s embrace. “damn, they love each other,” zoe whispers to tyler, who laughs and whispers back, “no shit, have you seen them?”

“i love you so much, dan,” phil gasps, leaning out and looking at his boyfriend. “happy new year, love,” dan smiles and kisses phil one more time. “it’s not fair!” tyler murmers to zoe, who giggles quietly. “i think they were made for each other.”

More than the pictures of the ceremony, or the posed shots at the park, or the candids taken of he and Dean—still tux-clad—whispering to each other on the swings there, Castiel favourite wedding photo is taken more than halfway through the reception.

It’s in the low lighting of the hall, Dean and Cas both seated at the table of honour with empty dessert plates littered across the white table cloth before them. Cas’s tie has been loosened and his first two buttons undone, while Dean seems to have lost the former altogether. The pair are smiling at each other, heads bowed together and expressions soft and sweet… but Cas’s favourite thing about it—above and beyond the way their hair is wild from dancing and their clothes are messy from cuddling each other the whole night—are Dean’s glasses. Dean’s big, thick, nerdy glasses that he put on because his contacts had started bugging him; the same ones that get in the way when they kiss, and make him look effortlessly sexy despite the fact that he says they make him look like a geek.

The photo is so quintessentially them, with their rumpled appearance and gentle affection, that Castiel immediately falls in love with it.

Jealous Little Ex Boyfriend - Draco Malfoy Smut

Request: hi can you do an imagine where the reader is going out with someone else and Malfoy is her jealous little ex and pulls her out of class and takes her to his room and fucks her relentlessly bc he’s ‘showing her how much better he treats her’

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Rating: PG

Warning(s): Slight creepiness


I sit quietly in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Umbridge teaching something useless, and Cormac McLaggen’s hand is sliding further up my leg with each slimy word she says. I attempt to slap his hand away, as my face is bright red and darkening by the second. Not to mention the fact that I can feel Draco’s eyes on my every move. 

“Cormac, stop. We are in the middle of a classroom. I’m sure you can wait a little bit longer.” I scold him rather angrily. He sinks down in his seat and crosses his arms, pouting like a child. I turn back to my notes, only to be told that class is dismissed. As I’m stuffing my parchment in between the pages of one of my notebooks, I feel Cormac’s hand on my ass. I jump and squeal, causing everyone’s eyes to dart to me. 

“Come on, babe. Let’s skip dinner and let me show you a good time.” He says in my ear with a semi-disgusting tone that makes me want to gag. I just stuff my books on my bag and roll my eyes as I sling it over my shoulder.

“Not today, Cormac. I’m hungry and exhausted. I’ll see you in the Great hall in a few minutes. I’m going to go drop off my stuff.” I tell him. He huffs and storms out, muttering a ‘fine then’ somewhere along the way. As soon as he’s gone, however, I feel a hand wrap around my wrist. I turn to see Draco glaring at me with an iron frown and fire in his eyes. “What do you want, Draco?” I ask, not in the mood for his shit. 

“I hate seeing his hands on you. It makes my blood boil.” He states, making my eyes widen. 

“So, what? We broke up, remember? We are over. You don’t get to be territorial over something that isn’t yours.” I say, a bit of cruelty in my tone. He looks hurt for a moment, before his jaw clenches and his grip tightens. 

“Oh yeah, We’ll see about that.” He mutters before beginning to drag me down the hall to the Slytherin common room. I try to pull away, but his grip is strong and a part of me wants to see what he’s planning. You know, the lower part. 

He pulls me into the common room, checking to see if the coast is clear before slamming me up against the wall, but only hard enough to show me that he’s in charge.

“Draco-what are you-” I’m cut off by his lips crashing onto mine, the soft warm feeling completely obliterating any sense of self control from my body. I instantly kiss back, the taste that I have craved so long, so welcoming. I wrap my arms around his neck and his snake tightly around my waist, pulling me closer to him. 

His lips devour mine, the taste of mint on his tongue making me attack his mouth with just as much enthusiasm. I reach up, pulling his soft blonde hair and causing his to groan against my lips.

Desperate to get some sort of relief, he wraps my legs around his waist and carries me over to the couch. He sets me down and instantly bows down, pulling off my skirt and panties. 

“Oh how I’ve missed your delicious body.” He mumbles as he lowers his head in between my legs before diving into my core, abusing anything he can with his tongue. I scream out in pleasure, the sudden jolt of electricity in my body spreading to every cell. He spreads my legs apart even more, casing me  to throw my head back as a wave of heat rolls through me. 

I’m about to reach my high, when suddenly he pulls away and sits next to me on the couch, leaving me breathless, frustrated, and exposed. To day the least, I’ve had enough of his attitude. 

“What the hell, Draco?” I nearly scream. He smirks and taps his foot, gesturing for me to take a seat. I turn bright red and do so, straddling his leg and facing him. He grins and slides his hands around my waist, landing them on my bare hips and gripping lightly. 

“Enjoy the ride, baby.” He says huskily into my ear, his warm breath sending a shiver down my spine. I can’t help but grip his shoulder once he starts tapping his foot and I begin bouncing against his thigh. The friction creates a delightful sensation to course through my body, making a loud cry to escape my mouth. 

I hear a low growl escape his mouth before his lips attach to my neck, sucking on my sensitive skin. He bites down lightly on my sweet spot, making my eyes shut even tighter.

“Oh god-Draco!” I moan as he works on leaving a dark love bite on my neck. His hands that are still on my hips stat to force me down harder onto his leg, making the pleasure even more intense. “D-Draco I d-don’t know if I can h-handle much more of this.” I stutter out, my limbs turning into jello. I rest my head on his shoulder, not having the energy to hold myself together. 

“Aw, but sweetheart, I’m not done with you yet.” He says, his words chilling and sexy at the same time. He lays my tired body on the couch and sheds his clothes until he’s completely exposed. “See, I don’t like seeing another man’s hands on you. Not one bit. Now, who do you belong to?” He asks, the absence of contact making me squirm. 

“You.” I say, trying to buck my hips up to his. 

“And who makes you feel good, baby girl?” He taunts. I whine a little as his finger reaches down and he starts to rub my clit.

“You.” I repeat, trying to keep my voice from shaking. 

“Alright then.” He says calmly before thrusting into me, full force. I latch onto his arms that are resting on either side of my head, my head digging into the couch cushions and my lips parting as a loud moan escapes them. 

“Fuck, Draco! Move faster!” I beg, my eyes screwed shut tightly. He reaches down and wraps my leg around his waist, hitting me even deeper. I reach around his neck and pull his face to mine and leaving red nail marks in his back. His lips connect with mine and we instantly deepen it, his tongue fighting mine before he pulls away. A loud groan leaves his mouth, causing me to smile.

“Damn, Y/N. You’re so tight. You feel so fucking good, baby.” He moans, making me to inch dangerously close to the edge. “God, you’re so beautiful under me like this, kitten.” He mumbles into my neck. 

“Draco-I’m gonna-” I get cut off by a groan.

“Me too. Let go for me, darling.” He says before plating a gentle kiss on my lips. We both let go at the same time, our lips moving in sync and pleasure flowing through us both. 

He flops down onto the couch and I curl up in his arms, My legs intertwining with his as our breaths steady and our heart beats slow down.

“I love you, Y/N. I hope you’re not going to go running back to your eager excuse for a boyfriend and forget about this. I want you. I need you. I adore you, and I need you to stay with me.” He says quietly, vulnerability in his voice, clear as day.

“I love you too, Draco. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to stay. You have me.” I promise him, making a grin to erupt on his face. He pulls a blanket over us and snuggles me close. We start to drift off to sleep before we both hear someone drop their books on the ground and shout ‘what the hell’.

“What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?” Cormac screams. Draco just smirks and hugs me tighter.

“Taking care of her. Something you obviously can’t do by yourself.” Draco spits back, making me smirk.

“Yeah, McLaggen. When I said I wasn’t in the mood, I meant I wasn’t in the mood to fuck you.” I add, making Cormac’s already angry expression get worse.

“Fine! I don’t need you! I can have any girl I want! I don’t need a whore like you.” He says, trying to insult me. I just snicker and smirk at him. 

“Keep telling yourself that, sweetie.”

sjiek-de-friemel  asked:

There's never enough wing!au. How about Jack's first flight with Gabe?

There is never enough fluff man. Kudos to you <3

Looking over the cliff, Jack has to admit he is rather petrified. Even the warm press of Gabriel’s chest against his back can’t quell his bubbling anxiety.

“There is no way I can make this.” Jack huffs, and then scoffs at the puff of laughter against his ear. Looking over his shoulder, he can’t help but feel envious. His sad, half-grown pair of thirteen feet long wings are completely dwarfed by Gabriel’s marvelous twenty-foot pair. How the sun is playing with the gold specs on his beautiful white feathers is whimsical and, despite his mixed feelings, Jack feels a surge of pride in his furiously beating heart.

This. This is his.

“Just relax, sunshine.” Gabriel chuckles. His pet name still still rather confusing to Jack, though he doesn’t want to offend his mate by asking, concentrating on the feeling of how Gabriel’s wings are coaxing his black ones into stretching to their full length, thick arms encircling Jack’s waist firmly, “Do you trust me?”

“With all my soul.” He answers without hesitation.

When they jumped, and they did, feeling the wind rushing in between their wings, frantically beating his own pair to match Gabriel as they gained altitude above the blue, blue sea, Jack let all his fear and doubt flow out into the clouds.
Box of Rain
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

by indirection

Length: 26k

Rating: 8/10

Louis is definitely not the next Muhammad Ali, just an illegal boxer with no prospects for the future. Harry is a hippie Uni student that in his free time informally works as a ring boy. Somehow he manages to always get tangled on the ropes and at the same time charm the pants off of all the fighters and patrons. They meet in Manchester in 1977 and, even though they don’t seem to have much in common, they… Well, they just sort of click, really.


The one with a friendship ruiner game of Monopoly, Harry always ending up in jail for wanting to save the world, Louis face to face with his archenemy and way too many references to 70s music.

Also staring Zayn as a brooding anarchist punk rocker, Liam as the nerdiest and nicest boxer in all Britain and Niall as a bookmarker that can easily convince people to bet fortunes, but can’t make his friends realise their mutual crush on each other.

Ao3, One-Shot