fluevog swordfish

PSA for gothy types on a budget

Make sure you take a look at cheapassgoth. Because maybe by looking at one of the auctions they’ve found, you end up looking at other auctions by the same seller, and then you manage to score a pair of vintage Fluevog Swordfish boots for under $10. 

(It was a miracle. A miracle being a seller who took really bad photos, had no idea what the boots actually were, and listed them as “pointy-toe goth boots, used”. When the universe presents you with this sort of opportunity, you scrape together whatever available cash you have, beseech the Dread Spirits of Ebay, and obsessively watch the auction.)

FLUEVOG SWORDFISH BOOTS! These boots are older than some of you. Oh, how I longed for them when they hit the stores, and OH, how they were out of my budget. WELL THEY’RE MINE NOW!