Idea behind painting (see description) on Flickr.

This thing is what my painting was based upon. We were supposed to create a sculpture of some sort of egg and I twisted that concept a bit and made this seethrough mussel out of sticks, chicken wire and golden wire. The “pearl” is some sort of thin, bendable metal wrapped in wire. So the idea would be that my fish lady is growing inside the pearl. Easy, right? :>

Stemningsbillede fra DANS BETON! Vol. 2.

Et lowtempo screenshot optaget i begyndelsen af aftenen. Ofte spilles der en del højere, mere larmende og hurtigere end dette. Genre varierer ligeledes meget. Vokal skiftevis indgår og ikke indgår. Vi spiller stort set ikke indøvede numre eller covers, det er mere fra hoften.

The banner for my upcoming birthday party.

I picked a Chinese theme due to me going away to China on 3 week’s holiday two days after the party.