fluegel der freiheit

Fluegel der Freiheit (English)
  • Fluegel der Freiheit (English)

Just thought I’d give it a sing.I made my own lyrics based on some translations! 


Well my friend, here is your victory 

This is the First Gloria 

Oh my friend

Let’s Celebrate today, before the next battle

I won’t let anybody say 

That they died in vain

Not until, I’m the last one

The enemy is gruesome, they will die

The enemy’s gigantic,      we’ll jump high 

We grip two blades of gloria

Song of victory and have the Fluegel der Freiheit 

Determination held tight to our hearts

We are breaking free out of this ring of madness

Into blue sky, Fleugel der Freiheit!

can we just talk about the second SnK opening for a second

‘Der Feind ist grausam - wir bringen.

Der Feind ist riesig - wir springen.’

'The enemy is cruel - we will prevail.

The enemy is titanic - so we will jump.

There’s just something about these lines, particularly the second one, that really gives me chills. I think it’s beautifully representative of the series as a whole, humanity’s knowledge that they are hopelessly outgunned in this battle, yet their resilience is incredible. One of the things that makes humans so superior is our ability to adapt to change, a trait not shared beyond a certain degree by any other animal. This lyric illustrates that beautifully: 'The enemy is titanic, so we will jump.’ It’s very matter-of-fact about it, as if this is the most natural thing in the world. They’re fifteen metres tall? So what, we’ve got 3D Manouevre Gear. Even in the face of overwhelming odds, humanity holds onto hope.

I’m not doing a very good job of explaining this right now but basically I get tingles down my spine every time this line comes up and aaaaaaaa


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Delete all your dead accounts and allow bigger files for group icons or icons in general instead. I think that sounds like an awesome plan, DA, so you better listen and make it come true! 8T


Many thanks to all of you! 

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