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How BTS Reacts To You Wearing Just Their Shirt

I absolutely love this situation. But that’s probably just because I do this constantly. Also I’m sorry it took so long but my computer died again while I was finishing up Jimin and now I have to start over. I need to learn to save as I go. Oh my fluffing god it did it again I’m so sorry this should have been up like an hour ago I’m so pissed it’s making me restart every time I get going. Fluck this.

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anonymous asked:

*kills blake* mwaaha *run away*

1. what the fluck? who gave you permission to kill mah boi

2. WHAT?? an ask about about Blake?! how wonderf- but wait its not a real ask..ok :3

3. out of all the pther things you could ask why kill him xD

and 4. dont just dont

“Brother… hold my son for me.”

“Oh dear….” Papi takes Fennel from Sylphy.

“Alright THAT ANON THAT threatened my baby and my family….. I have a message for you anon. Hey there buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal i don’t mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg but i gotta warn ya if u make one more diddly darn threat towards my family im going to have to diddly darn snap ur neck….understand? You hurt my baby or my family… I will end you.”

“Have a SWELL night sir!”


This day, November 11th, we celebrate Mr. Gregory Jackson’s birthday. Over the years, this man has given us countless smiles, like these ones~

Some impossible ships, like these……..

Lots of Fangirl material

A shocking realization that his ass is way better than most girls’ asses…

Too many boob squeezes to count

Some moments we just do NOT know what to think of………….

He’s made us want to cry

He’s made us laugh til our bellies, sides, and faces hurt…

But most of all, he’s given us all incredible inspiration

So, happy birthday, Onision. Thank you for existing, you beautiful fluck <3

Saying ‘stop forcing your opinion’ to onision is like saying 'stop stealing my stuff’ to someone you willingly gave your personal possessions to. Onision makes YouTube video and has social media sites which he voices his opinions on, at no point does he force his opinions on anyone watching, as the person watching willingly chose to click on the video/status and look at it themselves, onision didn’t tie you to a flucking chair and force you to flucking watch it and/or agree with it. I also believe that Onision voicing his views is a really flucking good thing as so many people have been helped by his videos, me included, and a small message to anyone who’s offended by Onisions videos, STOP FLUCKING WATCHING, click off the video, and never watch it again, don’t hate on him, his videos are well made with good content and 9 times out of 10 they’re hilariously funny, there’s literally 0 reason to hate on him but the fact he offended you. This also is just my opinion, you do not have to agree with me or listen to anything I’ve said, but I’m still posting this, Ooo stop me I’m forcing my opinion 😒

Yeah you miss me as a friend? Bull Shit

If you did you wouldn’t be treating me like I’m not important. Making me feel like shit every time I try being nice. I’m tired of being the one praying for you and still having hope in you when everyone else gave up. I never told your secrets or tell your story to people. Just remember, I was the one that respected you. I was there at your weakest moment. I believed you could be great. I stood by your side knowing that I would get hurt. I fought for our friendship. I still care. So next time try being a little more understand. Yeah your problems are important but it doesn’t mean mine isn’t. Thanks for making me feel like shit and worthless. It opened my eyes to what I don’t want. It helped me motivate myself to make important decisions for college. I’ve became a stronger person without you in my life. I can’t believe I’m holding onto something that holds me back every time I try. So I'm going to stop starting now and if you want to be in my life as a friend again, you need to man up and find a heart.

a-cold-lie-a-pretty-face  asked:

I don't see why people tell you not to use words like 'retard' as an insult. don't try and pretend like you don't do it all the time haters. anyway most of us find it funny, they just have no sense of humor.

Hanging out with people like that is such a buzz kill.

You: That show is so retarded.
BK: Don’t say that, I know someone retarded.
You: The mirror?
You: Stop being gay.

Guess what, people can use whatever words they want, this is MERKA, it’s not illegal to use the words “gay” and “retard” whenever the flipping fluck you want to.

Re. Hurt Feelings Over Opinions- Owning This Bastard

“I just wanted to talk about people who get really offended”

But yes, please continue you hypocrite.

“People who betray their fanship of me because we have a difference.”

No, you don’t sound like an ego-centric asshole at all, Greg.

Then he goes on and says how if someone said that people who get divorces are evil, he wouldn’t freak out about it.

Onision, we are 52 seconds into the video and you’ve already lied to your “fans” why don’t you just stop while you’re ahead?

“I don’t feel insecure about my decision.”

Of course you don’t, pal. you are a sociopath. Haven’t we gone over this?

“Or you could say that people who were depressed before are mentally unstable.”

Two things wrong with this statement, Greg.

a. I highly doubt you ever had depression with the way you make fun of people who have depression. a few bad days does not count as a depression, Greg, and to be frank, I have a feeling you never really attempted suicide. Just because of how you treat suicide. I’ve attempted before, Greg. You wouldn’t be this much of an asshole towards depressed people if you really have.

b. YOU DID SAY THAT! several times! in various videos! so shut the fuck up!

 Also, I seem to recall you saying in the video “Psycho Therapy” that your licensed therapist was full of shit and you didn’t really have depression. Here is a link of him SAYING that if you don’t believe me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De8MTeiNKFA

You don’t get upset when people say you are a psychopath? Really Greg? You freak out all the time about that, pal. Stop lying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVrVst-8k74

“You’re upset about this because you’re wrong.”

…No. I’m upset about this because you made a video saying cutters should not be in relationships you dumb ass motherfucker…does he really believe this bullshit?

“Ask yourself the question; ‘what if you’re wrong?’”

Okay, let’s try that. Huh…maybe i’m wrong…maybe my ex was right to dump me over voicemail because of scars that were a year old when I was dating him. maybe cutters are deranged crazy people who don’t deserve love or happiness. Huh…

Maybe you’re the one who is wrong, Greg. Ever thought of that?

Omg! Onion boy doesn’t support circumcision? Omg, I only knew that because he mentions it every five fucking minutes. Also, also. Did you know Greg is a vegetarian?! I know!

See, Greg, what you are saying is it is stupid to not like you because you oppose a view of ours. But the thing is, when you mock cutting and suicide and say something totally offensive like calling me fucking UNSTABLE that goes beyond an opinion. That is being an asshole. JK Rowling believes in God. but I still love Harry Potter because she isn’t an asshole about it.

Oh wow, looks like we stopped with the Fluck bullsht, huh?

“Obviously you lack confidence”

Because I get upset when you call cutters mentally unstable? When you encourage people to leave cutters? I lack confidence? Sorry, but I don’t feel a need to bully people that are so depressed they cut themselves. Who has more confidence, the people who stand up for the depressed, or the asshole who mocks them?

“There’s a significant possibility that you are wrong which is why you lack confidence.”

My conclusion…Onision…leave this cutter thing the fuck alone, you don’t know shit, kay? And I doubt we are the wrong one’s, kay dumbass?

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Hey Mitch, you're a really cute person like extremely out of this world really flucking cute. Also, you remind me of a flower. A dainty but very chill, well spoken, masculine flower and I want your type of flower planted all around my house and everywhere I walk b/c you're that great.

literally all i want to be is a flower so this is v good news for me, thank you