This Day in History October 17th

This Day in History October 17th, 1970

The FLQ Crisis continues

Pierre LaPorte Killed by FLQ

 Chronology of the day: 6:18 pm - Front de libération du Québec Chénier cell strangle Pierre Laporte 1921-1970; 7:30 pm - FLQ announce the ‘execution’ of Laporte; 10:00 pm - Quebec government issue communiqué deploring the action; 10:30 pm - St-Hubert Airport security reports suspicious Chevrolet sedan parked beside a hangar; 11:15 pm - police arrive at St-Hubert Airport and start checking the car for signs of a bomb; 12;15 am - police open the trunk and discover a body, apparently Laporte’s, strangled with the chain of a religious medal; 2:45 am - Pierre Laporte’s body positively identified; Quebec Labour Minister was kidnapped by the FLQ Oct. 10.

This Day in History October 15th

October 15th, 1970

Montreal Quebec - October Crisis continues as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau sends the Canadian Army into Montreal at the request of the Quebec government. Chronology of the day: 9:00 pm - Premier Robert Bourassa rejects conditions imposed by the FLQ for freeing hostages James Cross and Pierre Laporte; 10:00 pm: FLQ lawyer/spokesman Robert Lemieux declares that his mandate is over; 4:00 am following - Trudeau proclaims the War Measures Act, giving police sweeping powers to arrest and detain without warrant anyone suspected of involvement with the FLQ.