picture this;
i can’t tell whose legs
are whose anymore.
they’ve been tangled
together for so long,
and the bed sheets are
almost as messy
as my thoughts used to
be. but for now,
my headspace is clear.

picture this;
our heartbeats
together create music.
you’re humming
a melody alongside
them and i never want
you to stop singing.
i think your voice will
remain in my head
forever now.

picture this;
we don’t have to say
the words ‘i love you’
anymore. i can
feel it when our palms
touch, when our cheeks
kiss, when our hearts
bump messily into
one another. you still
whisper it to me
as surely as the sun
rises. my heart has
never felt so calm.

—  picture this. // r.e.s