Awesome night yo. First battle here in LA. 2v2 all style battle at USC. Out of 25 dope crews, me and CB4 made it all the way to top 8 and the bros X and Sam made it all the way to the finals and put in work. Above everything…. They know what’s up now.
Felt good to keep hearing Flooridians over the mic. It’ll happen more often. #FLPA #Flooridians #D2d #RatchetHairGang (at University of Southern California)

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Ring-tailed mongoose (Galidia elegans)

The ring-tailed mongoose is a euplerid, a carnivoran native to Madagascar. It is usually 32 to 38 cm (12.5 to 15 in) long and weighs only 700 to 900 g (24 to 32 oz). Ring-tailed mongooses are very agile, and good climbers. They are quite playful and are active during the day. Their habitat consists of humid forests. Their diet is mostly of small mammals, invertebrates, fish, reptiles and eggs, but they occasionally eat insects and fruit. The population of ring-tailed mongooses has decreased by 20% over the past ten years due to habitat loss.

photo credits: Konrad Wothe / www.flpa-images.co.uk, Nick Garbutt / naturepl.com