Scientists Find Brain Hormone that Triggers Fat Burning

Biologists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have identified a brain hormone that appears to trigger fat burning in the gut. Their findings in animal models could have implications for future pharmaceutical development.

“This was basic science that unlocked an interesting mystery,” said TSRI Assistant Professor Supriya Srinivasan, senior author of the new study, published in the journal Nature Communications.

Previous studies had shown that the neurotransmitter serotonin can drive fat loss. Yet no one was sure exactly how. To answer that question, Srinivasan and her colleagues experimented with roundworms called C. elegans, which are often used as model organisms in biology. These worms have simpler metabolic systems than humans, but their brains produce many of the same signaling molecules, leading many researchers to believe that findings in C. elegans may be relevant for humans.

The researchers deleted genes in C. elegans to see if they could interrupt the path between brain serotonin and fat burning. By testing one gene after another, they hoped to find the gene without which fat burning wouldn’t occur. This process of elimination led them to a gene that codes for a neuropeptide hormone they named FLP-7 (pronounced “flip 7”).

Interestingly, they found that the mammalian version of FLP-7 (called Tachykinin) had been identified 80 years ago as a peptide that triggered muscle contractions when dribbled on pig intestines. Scientists back then believed this was a hormone that connected the brain to the gut, but no one had linked the neuropeptide to fat metabolism in the time since.

The next step in the new study was to determine if FLP-7 was directly linked to serotonin levels in the brain. Study first author Lavinia Palamiuc, a TSRI research associate, spearheaded this effort by tagging FLP-7 with a fluorescent red protein so that it could be visualized in living animals, possible because the roundworm body is transparent. Her work revealed that FLP-7 was indeed secreted from neurons in the brain in response to elevated serotonin levels. FLP-7 then traveled through the circulatory system to start the fat burning process in the gut.

“That was a big moment for us,” said Srinivasan. For the first time, researchers had found a brain hormone that specifically and selectively stimulates fat metabolism, without any effect on food intake.

Altogether, the newly discovered fat-burning pathway works like this: a neural circuit in the brain produces serotonin in response to sensory cues, such as food availability. This signals another set of neurons to begin producing FLP-7. FLP-7 then activates a receptor in intestinal cells, and the intestines begin turning fat into energy.

Next, the researchers investigated the consequences of manipulating FLP-7 levels. While increasing serotonin itself can have a broad impact on an animal’s food intake, movement and reproductive behavior, the researchers found that increasing FLP-7 levels farther downstream didn’t come with any obvious side effects. The worms continued to function normally while simply burning more fat.

Srinivasan said this finding could encourage future studies into how FLP-7 levels could be regulated without causing the side effects often experienced when manipulating overall serotonin levels.


é quem recebe carinho mas prefere ficar sozinho.
É você mesmo, idiota.
Colheu todo o amor que cultivou mas o estragou com mentiras.
Você é a erva daninha que estragou não só o meu jardim, mas vários outros. Todos que te regaram verdadeiramente e viram o amor se transformar em adubo.
Confuso é você continuar por aí, fingindo que nada aconteceu. Sabendo que estragou vidas. Dormindo tranquilo.

How is it that you say I don’t care, but yet I’m over here trying my hardest to maintain our friendship. I miss talking to you every night. Texting you every morning/day. Seeing you whenever I pleased. Everything changed so rapidly. You WERE my best friend. We argue and get over it, that was our thing. But why all of a sudden did things get so out of hand. My eyes cannot help but get watery at the thought of losing you as a friend. We’ve been through so damn much within three years to jus throw everything away. It sucks so bad to know that the person you love and do anything for is willing to throw everything away over something so ignorant. I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of always being the one caring so damn much. I’m tired of this, but no matter what I’m tired of, hate, or dislike I still put up with it because of the fact that I thought our friendship was stronger than anything. I guess I was wrong. If this was what you wanted then I’ll be sure to leave you alone as long as you’re happy. Thanks for all the memories. Hope to cross paths with you one day soon.


I might stream tomorrow in the afternoon, to get some animation commissions done, might also get some tunes done.

But I’ve also been thinking about making a Patreon, and the content I’d put there. Probably nothing more than $1 pledges. Now first and foremost, I don’t wanna put any sort of paywall whatsoever, but I think a lot about what I would put in there.

I would like to put more focus on music and animation; A thought was I’d put in WIP songs, the raw .flps, animation storyboards and concept art, and tutorials on both.

But also on the other hand, if I had to put in exclusive content, it would be more things you’ve seen before, like old flipnotes reanimated and colored in Flash or things of a similar caliber.

But I’d like to hear what suggestions you guys have, totally open to them. I wanna put out good quality worth-a-buck stuff.

Things I like about Seventeen

I just wanted to make a list of personality, idol and physical aspects that i like of my boys. ♡


  • good leader
  • disgusting aegyo
  • nice eyes
  • rapping voice 
  • likes sniffing people’s hair that’s not weird 
  • has 12 children to look after 
  • looks good in q&a 
  • s.oups
  • hyung line


  • eldest maknae 
  • is 20 but acts like a child
  • hyung line
  • china line official translater
  • b.a.p’s 1004 
  • named himself angel lmao 
  • dork
  • beautiful singing 
  • high notes  the perfect man performance almost gave me a heart attack ok
  • laugh
  • deep voice
  • cheese burger aegyo
  • sarang ingeol
  • pikachu song
  • big beautiful coffee brown eyes
  • manly hands
  • can go from cute to sexy in 0.3 seconds you gotta be careful with this kid 
  • bLAck hair 
  • blue hair rip
  • shoulders
  • doesn’t like candy yet he is sweet  ♡
  • has pretty and manly features 
  • plays base guitar 
  • morning voice 
  • lowkey greasy boy 
  • sexy english voice
  • bare face jeonghan is better 
  • is it obvious that he’s my bias?


  • dorky laugh
  • hyung line
  • all i hear is raindrops falling from the roof top
  • arranged adore u acoustic version  and because of you  ♡
  • this chicken will heal our hearts
  • is half american and half korean 
  • can speak spanish
  • oh i’m like jackson i dance around 
  • hands
  • mokcha
  • brown deep sparkly eyes
  • bare face
  • another dork sigh
  • gentle man josh


  • derpy jun is the bEST
  • handsome
  • short hair
  • quiet
  • yet confident when he speaks chinese
  • singing
  • back flp S i
  • is very greasy 
  • one half of the china line
  • vampire jun
  • if there is such thing as too sexy it’s jun as a vampire 


  • eYE smiLE
  • smile
  • naega hosh
  • braces + black hair is jusT
  • hand tricks
  • hoshi momochu
  • dAncING sKILSS
  • voice
  • 10:10
  • seventeen project debut video no
  • mounteen


  •  aEGYO 
  • shyness
  • seems cold yet is v v sweet 
  • emo 
  • serious face 
  • laugh
  • mario
  • nose crinkle
  • such beautiful hands ♡
  • black hair
  • tol boy
  • snapbacks
  • flower prints from adore u era
  • adore u era
  • raPPING V oICE duh
  • smile
  • wondork
  • maneul
  • sloth


  • oh no
  • jihoon-ah ~
  • denies he’s not cute yet is living aegyo
  • horrible aegyo
  • seems like wouldn’t hurt a fly 
  • but he would 
  • writes and composes all seventeen’s songs
  • is this big pile of fluff that is very dangerous towards his members
  • blondish-pink hair
  • eye smile 
  • h ANDs
  • im older than him by 10 months exactly lol
  • adore u orchestra version
  • slip into the diamond life 


  • big smile
  • eye smile
  • fluff fluff fluff
  • high note challange from seventeen project i just love his face lmao
  • emotional aw 
  • sun flower 
  • voice 
  • high notes !!!!
  • is slightly tanned??
  • baby dork 
  • didn’t get any toothpaste form seungcheol 
  • is jeonghan’s pabo
  • shining diamond yeah
  • likes dogs 


  • germgyu
  • legend has it that he’s one of the tiddiest members of the group but has no hygiene
  • passed his college entrance exam
  • t A nned skin
  • is handsome and he knows it 
  • left younghee at the subway station lmao
  • his part in adore u and mansae
  • looks like he’s part of the hyung line but is actually the first one in my dongsaeng list ;-; why u do this to noona??
  • smile
  • hair style from mansae era 
  • 186cm dork 
  • what is it with dorks and this group?
  • someone pls give him tissues and sanitizer
  • worked in a coffee shop 

  • other half of the china line
  • ice cream hair 
  • thug 
  • loves china
  • is more confident in his korean aw 
  • martial arts
  • looks dangerous yet is cute 
  • piercings suit him
  • his part in drift away 
  • is probably the leader of a mafia group


  • sasskwan
  • emotional baby  ♡
  • oH ladies ~
  • loves his mom v v much
  • cute
  • hates aegyo
  • singing abilities 
  • under cut 
  • jeju-do
  • likes to knee kick his hyungs 
  • boonon


  • pull up on you wacks with a mac fully loaded, ah
  • deep voice 
  • singing voice  ♡
  • meme boy 
  • once you vernon you can’t vernoff 
  • is dangerous for the noona fans 
  • hansol and gretle 
  • half american half korean
  • another dork sighs again 


  • micheal jackson version of a pink’s no no no
  • such a talented dancer 
  • rapper !!!
  • is so naive with girls that it’s cute  ♡
  • wanted to go with younghee to the the chimjil bang and crack eggs on each other forheads
  • s.coups: girls hate that
  • dino: shiroyo?! his face is everything lol
  • is jeonghan’s baby
  • dino, nugu aegi?
  • *deep sigh* jeonghan hyung 
  • shares february as his birthday month with his hyungs and noona 

So in conclusion, Seventeen are 13 dorks who didn’t even have to do any effort for me to gyro drop into the diamond life  ♡