No one could ever accuse of the uncovered FFXV event of being predictable

To start, the 3d amano work

Theme tune is a cover of Stand by me by Flozza and the machine.

The car radio plays FF classics.

There’s a free 5 part chocobros anime, part one available now. 

And a feature length CG film. 

Lena Headey, Sean Bean and Aaron Paul are in it.

Regis is Sean Bean. We all know what that means. 

Both anime and film will be released before the game.

There’s also a special edition FFXV Audi. I want it. 

The ingame mini game is a cross between pinball and an old school rpg. It will be available on windows, android and IOS, out before the game.

The demo is a surrealist standalone dream piece played as a young Noctis. There’s fireworks, a squeaky hammer, you can drive around in toy cars and tranform into monsters, and its available tomorrow. 

There’s a fancy yacht. 

The Regalia transforms into an airship. 

Square Enix. They go big or go home. I love them.