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Pink Floyd: They're all in the PINK!

Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 8 April 1967

THE PINK Floyd burst on to the London club scene in a kaleidoscope of colours some months ago. Literally, because colour, shapes and light gave impact to the staggering, tumultuous waves of sound which made up their act.

Pop—or pop in Britain, at least—was never like this before. Pre-Pink Floyd groups were content to go onstage and grind out a succession of old hits or bad copies of American records.

The Floyd have denounced this visually boring performance. “Our lighting man is the fifth member of the group” they say—and engulf the audience in a symphony of weird shapes and violent colours which confound the senses as much as their driving, thirty-minute-long songs.

But are they just a brief bubble on the pop scene, or have they the ability to last?

Offstage and collectively they could be just another group; individually they’re obviously intelligent.

Well, what are they like?…

FOR A start, there’s lead guitarist SYD BARRETT. Born 21 years ago in Cambridge, Syd is the best looking of a rather ordinary bunch. His interest in music began at seven with piano lessons and ended abruptly after two weeks.

Afterwards it was art school in Cambridge, closely followed by art school in London. He became a part of the Pink Floyd because he lived next door to bass player Roger Waters.

The Pink Floyd have a definite place in pop society despite the apparent swing to the squares, he says. “Teenagers in Britain are great. Possibly, they are not buying the bulk of records, but they come to life as audiences. Just because Humperdinck, closely followed by the Ken Dodds, is doing so well is not indicative of apathy on the part of the teenagers.”

Syd himself is the most colour-conscious of the colourful Pinks. He dresses in clothes like black corduroy jackets, wine-red pants and white shoes. “Freedom is what I’m after,” he comments. “That’s why I like working in this group. There’s such freedom artistically.”

RICK WRIGHT plays organ. He is also 21, rather quiet, very easygoing and exceedingly absent-minded, which explains why he locked the group’s car and left the keys inside.

He went for education to Haberdashers and talks like it, too. “Then I went to Regent Street Polytechnic to study architecture and gave up in boredom after a year. So I started going abroad, to places like Greece. Then came home to earn a bit of money in jobs like interior designing and private decorating.

"But I was very unhappy and turned to studying music. I gave that up two months ago, but only because the Pink Floyd bad become a full-time occupation.”

He still hopes some day to complete his musical studies “and write a symphony or something.”

Pink Floyding it, however, is quite enough compensation for his future plans. “We’re playing something completely different from what has gone before. Like jazz musicians, we improvise all the time, both vocally and instrumentally.”

A bit of a drifter, with his scarf stuffed untidily into his shirt, but pretty content at present with being a part of the Pink Floyd.

ROGER WATERS, 22 and the bass player, says “I lie and am rather aggressive” and attempts to act the part by shooting down questioners if he can.

Why don’t the Pink Floyd try to expand as personalities? “We give the public what they can see for themselves—we don’t want to manufacture an image. We don’t want to be involved in some publicity build-up.”

Not even a dress image? “We dress as we feel at the time.”

How did the concept of the stage act come about? “There is no concept about it. Our music just comes from the fingers—there’s no preconceived arrangement. Perhaps there was an idea dreamed up in as much as we use images as well as sounds, but otherwise it’s all improvisation.”

Roger, for the record, was born at Great Bookham in Surrey but moved to Cambridge when he was still a baby. After Cambridge schooling, he studied architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic before drifting into the group.
Was there any musical background in his family? “Well, my mother’s stone deaf, my father’s dead and my grandmother bought her first pop record last week. It was a disc called ‘Arnold Layne’.”

NICK MASON, the 22-year-old drummer from Birmingham, describes himself as a “very mediocre, ordinary youth” and thinks his arrival in the Pink Floyd was possibly remotely connected to his grand father once penning a “fine, regal march” entitled 'Grand State March’.

Being the grandson of such a composer, Nick says sadly: “I take life easy but I am a bit paranoic. I feel everyone has a down on me. I want to be successful and loved in everything I turn my hand to.”

He may succeed. He is, for one thing, the easiest to talk to. Joining the group came largely because he hated working in an office. “I had studied architecture for three years at the Polytechnic and then spent a year working in an office.
"It’s only just lately, in fact, that the Pink Floyd have been doing much work. In the past we played about one date a fortnight and spent the rest of the time sitting in pubs and saying how nice it would be to be famous. Only when we got a manager who started organising us did we get beyond just dreaming.”

He hopes, naturally, things will get bigger and better for the group.

Blue Flame (Chato Santana x Reader)

Originally posted by cldiablo

The night was falling. Dark blue spread to the sky and twinkly stars appeared.

But, your mission was far from over. It was the second night you would have to spend in this place. It was not that bad, but still, the abandoned building in which you had camped in wasn’t comfortable or warm.

You followed the rest of the team as you felt your limbs growing heavier and heavier, the weariness of the day had finally started catching up with you.

You knew that this time of the day would be the most difficult. Some members of the squad suffered from nightmares and sleeping wasn’t something easy for them.

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vintagesam  asked:

lavender and canary!! :)

Lavender: Songs I connect to
• Pendulum by Pearl Jam
• Fear by Andrew Judah
• Black Honey by Thrice
• Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
• In My Head by Queens of the Stone Age
• Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zeppelin
• Dream On by Aerosmith

Canary: Songs I listen to on a sunny day
• Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stone Age
• Rebel Rebel by David Bowie
• Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
• Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless
• Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses

So the sunny days playlist is more upbeat and I usually listen to it while I’m out, but of course my lavender playlist is those songs I listen to at least twice a day. (Bonus: Pink Floyd has a special place in lavender list but I couldn’t list all those songs)

Murdering Contest (Floyd Lawton x Reader)

Warnings: reader is wounded, mentions of blood and murder

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You had taken just a wrong turn and now you were separated from the rest of the team. At least, Floyd with you. A goon had managed to give you a mean cut to your right leg, so it was good you were accompanied by someone. Especially Floyd who would shoot dead anyone who dared to threat you.

“Can we rest a bit?” you proposed as the wound in your leg had started sending stinging pain waves. “Yes, of course.” Floyd agreed and helped you sit in an armchair nearby. 

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Best Friends (Harley Quinn)

word count: 679

requests: Can you do a Harley X female best friend one shot or something idk what just something ❤️


Hi! Could you write something with Harley Quinn and a female reader? Maybe them being together or one of them realizing they love the other?

requested by: anons

a/n: sorry i haven’t posted anything in forever! it’s saturday night and i did my laundry, finally cleaned my room and gonna try to write some more. requests are open! 

another reason i haven’t updated was bc i was always checking if there was an agents of shield season 4 trailer but THERE’S NOTHING! i wouldn’t be this obsessed with an aos trailer, but ROBBIE! i need to see gabriel luna as robbie in action! pictures are not enough!!)

anyway, hope you enjoy!

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January 20, 1968: 46 years ago today, Syd Barrett’s final performance with Pink Floyd took place at Hastings Pier, Hastings, Sussex, England. David Gilmour had joined the band a few weeks earlier, the idea being that Gilmour would cover for Barrett’s eccentricities.

For four concerts over a nine day span (January 12-20, 1968), Pink Floyd was a five piece band with both Barrett and Gilmour. But for the next gig on January 26, Syd Barrett was left behind when the rest of the band decided to not pick him up on the way to a show at Southampton University.

The band quickly made plans for Barrett to have a new role: to stay home and write wonderful music as a non-touring member, similar to Brian Wilson. But the result was the aptly titled Have You Got It Yet?, a composition which changed each time Syd played it for the rest of the band, making it impossible for the band to learn it. As he played the continuously changing tune, he would sing “Have you got it yet?”, and they realized that they never would. “He was our friend,” said Roger Waters, “but most of the time we now wanted to strangle him.” By the end of March the band was talking with its management partners, Peter Jenner and Andrew King of Blackhill Enterprises, about making Syd’s departure real and permanent, and on April 6, 1968, it was official.

In what soon proved to be a major business miscue, Peter Jenner and Andrew King chose to continue to represent Syd Barrett (believing he was the sole creative force of Pink Floyd and seeing no future for the band without him) and dissolved their management agreement with Pink Floyd. Steve O'Rourke became Pink Floyd’s manager, it was a role he retained until his death in 2003.

May 12 - The Games for May concert by Pink Floyd took place on this day in 1967. The show featured the premiere of Floyd’s quadraphonic sound mixer known as the Azimuth Co-ordinator, a pre-show tape of ambient nature sounds prepared by Roger Waters, a man dressed as an admiral handing out flowers, and a bubble machine which resulted in Pink Floyd being banned from performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall again because the bubbles stained the furniture.

Games for May was further immortalized in the lyrics of See Emily Play, which was recorded 11 days after the concert.

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Chris hadn't been seen or heard from for days... mainly because she wanted to disappear. After a week of being missing, she went to Floyd's place and knocked, tear stained cheeks and her arms wrapped around herself.

he had searched for her. but had seen hide nor hair of her for days.he began to think that he had done something wrong. eventually he decided to just see if she ever turned up. when he the knock at the door he quickly got up and answered it. Hopping it was her. seeing it was her he wrapped his arms around her seeing her in the state she was in and ushered her inside