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Artwork by Floyd Gottfredson. Floyd was originally hired by Walt Disney as an in-betweener in 1929. In 1930, Four months into it’s publication, he began to  temporarily work on the Mickey Mouse comic strip while Disney himself looked for another artist to work on it full time. Long story made short, Floyd ended up working on strip for 45 years straight!

In 2003 he was posthumously awarded the Disney Legend citation and was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards’ Hall of Fame in 2006.


My first Barks stories were random 10 pagers or occasionally longer adventures, that were printed in the German weekly “Micky Maus” magazine. There were maybe four or five Barks stories a year in that magazine. There was another magazine, “Donald Duck Sonderheft”, that was being published bi-monthly and most issues featured  longer adventure stories that had that “classic” feel. As a matter of fact it turned out that these stories were mostly Barks stories. However you never read that name anywhere. Also, only maybe every other issue was a Barks issue. The remaining issues covered content mostly from Tony Strobl, Barks’ successor so to speak. Though he never could fill Barks’ shoes, for me he was able to create his own style and feel, even though it felt a bit “cheap” most of the time.

The real thing for me however came with these oversized albums as can be seen in the pictures. There were one or two albums for each of the main Disney characters: Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy. While the Mouseville-related albums featured stories of Floyd Gottfredson, the Duckburg albums featured Barks stories only. Again, the name “Carl Barks” never fell though. However, it was apparent that the stories in these oversized albums were the real deal! So one Christmas I asked Santa to bring me these albums. I received two albums for Donald Duck, two for Uncle Scrooge, and one for Huey, Dewey & Louie. These albums were my essence of Barks at that time and I just loved them! I can’t remember anymore how the information, that these stories all were Bark’s work, slipped through to me but I remember that at the time I wanted these albums, I already knew about Carl Barks and was aware that these albums covered Barks’ work. I also remember that it was about this time that Another Rainbow started to publish the Carl Barks Library. Well obviously I was not aware of a full Library being published but I saw the huge slip cases with the three hardcover books inside, standing around in a comic shop. They were just too expensive, so I chose to ask for the cheaper albums pictured here.

These big albums, as awesome as they were for me, weren’t the real thing for the Barks purist and serious collector. The panels were drastically rearranged and even shortened or cropped in order to suit the oversized format. Even worse, the early versions of these albums from the mid 1970s were translated in a very sloppy manner. So reading about Donald “wanting to smash someone’s face in” in “Christmas for Shacktown” wasn’t what you would expect to read in a Disney comic.

Anyway, these albums provided my first serious contact with Carl Barks and I enjoyed the oversized format of the stories. Unfortunately I sold these albums, all along with my childhood comic collection, decades ago. So what you see here is one album I bought on a garage sale not too long ago.


After visiting Walt Disney World in Winter of 2014, my fascination with classic Disney characters was rekindled. I also became a new found fan of legendary Disney comic strip artists Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks.

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1. Bunnie Rabbot [Sonic the Hedgehog]

2. Revolver (Revolver Ocelot) Ocelot [Metal Gear Solid]

3. USS Iowa [Kancolle]

4. Wonder Woman [DC Comics]

5. Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse

6. Daniel Craig’s James Bond

7. Rachnera Arachnera [Monster Musume]

8. Clownpiece [Touhou]

9. Jar Jar Binks [Star Wars]

10. Kosaki Onodera [Nisekoi]

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