Mother 4 headcanons

(I’m sick and have been stuck in a car for 6 hours so let’s do this.)

Age: 13 years old
Birthday: October 12th 1963
Gender: male
Personality: As a child, Travis lived underneath the shadow of his older brother Zack (who was the captain of the wrestling team and all together the man of the town.) He was soft spoken, shy and outcasted by society. Travis had always been different because of his psi, and most people avoided him in fear. Because of his telepathy, Travis was able to befriend and talk to animals (also humans, for one of his favorite activities was reading people’s thoughts.) When he was chosen to save the world from the modern men, Travis had to learn how to grow out of his shell and become confident in himself and his psi. Floyd, Meryl and Leo are Travis’ first and best friends and he would do anything to protect them.

Age: 14 years old
Birthday: June 28th 1963
Gender: male
Personality: As a child of wealthy farm owners in a small farm town, Floyd has always been an outsider. He was brought up in a more luxurious lifestyle, and adapted to more of a pretentious and snarky attitude. As a result of being constantly praised, Floyd was more likely to express and become confident in himself (sometimes his head gets too big.) He also has a bit of an attitude and a short temper. When he was finally intergraded from homeschool into Pennyburg’s public school system, he became the subject of bullying among his fellow peers for his more feminine attire, his flamboyant personality and his choice to join the cheer squad. To protect himself, Floyd starting using bribing as a tactic to save himself from his bullies. Travis was one of the first people to reach out and become his friend.
(Meryl and Leo will be up soon)
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Weisst du was ich manchmal denke?
Es müsste immer Musik da sein.
Bei allem was du machst. Und wenns so richtig scheisse ist, dann ist wenigstens noch die Musik da. Und an der Stelle wo, wo es am allerschönsten ist, da müsste die Platte springen und du hörst immer nur diesen einen Moment.
—  Floyd