Gardens of the Witches

Already starting to plan this years garden so I thought I should do a post on Witch Gardens

Moonlight Garden

A garden that blooms in the moonlight, a great place to perform night time rituals, meditations, or to just take a midnight stroll. A garden that is full of magick even after the sun sets. 

Plants to add in your moonlight garden:

  • Moonflower: (Ipomoea alba) A nocturnal relative of the morning glory. Has fragrant flowers that open at dusk and close by dawn.    
  • Evening Primrose: (Oenothera biennis) Has beautiful, scented flowers that bloom only at dusk. 
  • Night Flox: (Zaluzianskya capensis) A sweetly fragranced flower that only unfurls its pinwheeled shaped flowers after dusk. 
  • Four O’Clock: (Mirabilis jalapa) Its scented flowers bloom at around 4:00pm (hence its name) and do not close up until morning. 
  • Queen of the Night: (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) A species of cactus whose flowers only open at night. Attracts moths and bats!!!
  • Night Blooming Jessamine: (Cestrum nocturnum) Strong, sweet scented star shaped flowers that only bloom at night. Attracts moths and bats!!! All parts are toxic, do not ingest!
  • Angel’s Trumpet: (Brugmansia) Produces a strong scent on warm summer evenings. All parts are toxic, do not ingest!
  • Evening Stock: (Matthiola longipetala) Produces lots of small blossoms that produce a perfume described as a mix of vanilla, rose, spice, and cloves only after the sun sets.
  • Ever-Flowering Gladiolus: (Gladiolus tristis) Release a strong almond fragrance after dusk.  
  • Lilac: (Syringa vulgaris) Although has a perfume during the day, it is said to be a lot stronger after dark. 
  • Flowering Tobacco: (Nicotiana) Open in the late afternoon and have a fragrance that smells of jasmine. All parts are toxic if ingested!
  • Summer Snapdragon: (Angelonia angustifolia) Preferably in white, to reflect the moonlight. Has a scent apple-scented foliage. 
  • Silvermound: (Artemisia schmidtiana) Has thick foliage that will shimmer under the moonlight.
  • Jack Frost: (Brunnera macrophylla) Hdeart shaped leaves of silver and green, perfect to add more highlights of silver to your moon lit garden. 

Any plant that blooms after dark or has white, lavender, pale pink, pale yellow on it is a perfect addition to your moonlight garden. 

Things to add:

  • Stepping stones that have the phases of the moon.
  • Fairy lights
  • A place to sit
  • Candles
  • A small fountain to sing along with the insects and birds of the night
  • String charms and bells on tree branches for a soft jingling every time a gentle breeze passes. 

Herb Garden

For witches who need a more practical garden for uses of healing, tea crafting, drying, and growing plants used in their practices.

Plants to add to your herb garden:

  • Anise: Helps to ward of the evil eye, find happiness, and stimulates psychic abilities. 
  • Basil: Use for anything pertaining with love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears & weakness. Drives off hostile spirits.
  • Bergamont: Corresponds with money and prosperity. Provides with protection from evil and illness, improves memory, stops interference, and promotes restful sleep.
  • Borage: Corresponds with courage and psychic powers. 
  • Cat Nip: Is sacred to the Goddess Bast. Brings forth beauty, happiness, good luck, and good spirits.
  • Chamomile: Corresponds with love, healing, and sleep. Is known to reduce stress.
  • Chervil: Brings a sense of the higher self, placing you in touch with your divine, immortal spirit.
  • Coriander: Corresponds with love, health, immortality, and protection.
  • Dill: Corresponds with money, protection, luck and lust. 
  • Lemon Balm: Corresponds with love, success, healing, and psychic/spiritual development. 
  • Marjoram: Used to cleanse, purify, and to dispel negative energy.  
  • Mint: Promotes energy, communication and vitality.
  • Oregano: Corresponds with joy, strength, vitality, and added energy 
  • Parsley: Calms and protects the home.
  • Rosemary: Protects, cleanses, purifies, and aids memory. 
  • Sage: Used for self purification and dealing with grief and loss.
  • Thyme: Attracts loyalty, affection, and the good opinion of others.

Things to add:

  • A place to dry herbs
  • A place to compost any herb scraps
  • Rocks
  • A place to leave offerings before you harvest

Bee Garden

Make yourself a sanctuary to watch bees frolic and thrive

Plants to add to your bee garden:

  • Bee balm
  • Lavender
  • Crocus
  • Snow Drop
  • Wildflowers/Any native species
  • Catmint
  • Borage
  • Anise hyssop
  • Heliotrope
  • Sunflower
  • Oregano
  • Yarrow
  • Coneflower
  • Black eyed susan
  • Asters
  • Goldenrod
  • Foxglove
  • Marigold
  • Pansies
  • Sweet peas
  • Nasturtiums

Things to add:

  • Bee houses
  • Bee waterers/bee baths
  • Bee feeders
  • A place for offerings to the bees

Some other ideas for your garden:

  • Hummingbird garden
  • Medicinal garden
  • A garden whose plants and decorations represent/correspond with your practice.
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Faerie Garden 

The options are endless! I hope this gives you some ideas for this years garden.

Happy planting!

==Moonlight Academy==


I’ve got the full lineup of dolls that’ll be available this weekend at the New York Faerie Festival ready and we are on the road to the land of Fae! If you’re in the area, definitely come check out this great event–I’d love to meet you guys! Find out more about Faerie Fest if you haven’t already!

I’ll be there with my work from 11-7 Friday, 6/23, through Sunday, 6/25

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For a project, I had to create a map. I picked my favorite band from each state (or where the majority of where the members are from), filled with the image with each’s best album (in my opinion). Done in illustrator. 

perfectlyrose  asked:

7 + a ship of your choice :)

7:  if I could do this all over again, I would

(kelsey, you have no idea – i’ve been trying to finish this draft for what seems like a million years and your prompt finally pushed me to do it! i hope you enjoy it <3)

running scared | AO3

(Just running scared each place we go
So afraid that he might show) 

“God, I’m tired,” she mutters and laughs—breezily—rubbing her eyes. “I don’t even know what’s my name anymore. Did we really have to chase that Flox up to here?”

He grins helplessly and shrugs his shoulders, as though to ask, ‘what can I say?’

She chuckles again. “Yeah, forget I asked that.”

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Esci dalla statale a sinistra e
scendi giù dal colle. Arrivato
in fondo, gira ancora a sinistra.
Continua sempre a sinistra. La strada
arriva a un bivio. Ancora a sinistra.
C'è un torrente, sulla sinistra.
Prosegui. Poco prima
della fine della strada incroci
un'altra strada. Prendi quella
e nessun'altra. Altrimenti
ti rovinerai la vita
per sempre. C'è una casa di tronchi
con il tetto di tavole, a sinistra.
Non è quella che cerchi. È quella
appresso, subito dopo
una salita. La casa
dove gli alberi sono carichi
di frutta. Dove flox, forsizia e calendula
crescono rigogliose. È quella
la casa dove, in piedi sulla soglia,
c'è una donna
con il sole nei capelli. Quella
che è rimasta in attesa
fino ad ora.
La donna che ti ama.
L'unica che può dirti:
“Come mai ci hai messo tanto?”

Find Solitude on an Idaho Wilderness #mypubliclandsroadtrip! In Idaho, BLM currently manages 541,812 acres of wilderness.

The Owyhee Canyonlands is a huge and remote area of eastern Oregon, southwestern Idaho and northern Nevada. Hidden within this vast high desert plateau are deep canyons carved by the Owyhee, Bruneau and Jarbidge Rivers. The rivers of the Owyhee and Bruneau-Jarbidge systems offer something for nearly every level of boating experience. The Owyhee and Bruneau-Jarbidge river systems provide visitors with unsurpassed solitude in canyons of unique beauty and form. From placid pools to turbulent whitewater; from vertical cliffs to steep grassy slopes; and from wildlife, such as California bighorn sheep to wildflowers, including the Bruneau River flox, these rivers and their canyons present visitors with challenging and extraordinary experiences.

Idaho is home to some of the newest Wilderness in the nation including the beautiful Boulder-White Clouds complex of central Idaho. These protected areas, designated in August 2015, preserve approximately 276,000 acres of high mountain backcountry with crystal lakes and abundant wildlife. The BLM manages 23,916 acres in the Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness.  This mountainous and dry area features hiking, fishing, hunting, and equestrian use, as well as opportunities to just “get away” and enjoy some solitude. The Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness area also includes the upper Herd Creek watershed with one of the most intact native plant communities in the state.  This patchwork of riparian willows, abundant bunch grasses, forbs, aspen and conifers provides critical habitat for fish and wildlife species in the wilderness area.  A great way to get to the wilderness is to take a short hike from the end of the road to Herd Lake A hike to the top of Jerry Peak will greet you with great panoramic views of surrounding mountain ranges.  Jim McClure-Jerry Peak is the least visited of the three new wilderness areas, so if you want to enjoy solitude, great vistas, and the natural environment with minimal impacts, this is a great place to visit.

See more beautiful photos on BLM Idaho’s Flickr.

Are You Sure? : A Dr. Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: Howdy! So, I got a really nice request from an Anne-Nonny, who asked for where Reid x Y/N are together, but Reid starts to feel as if Y/N is in it for pity etc. I improvised on the names, like “Mark” etc. I’LL ALSO BE MAKING SOME OUTFITS ON POLYVORE AND STARTING IMAGINES WITH OUTFITS INVOLVED :) 

Rating: 14A

 Warnings: Well, sad Reid.. And Y/N brings up some sad stuff from their history to make a point to him. 


You adored his vests, his dress shirts, his ties. You adored every style of his hair, and believe you, there were quite a few. However, you were partial to his purple or blue outfits, and his short-ish hair with the tussled top. 

This morning, on your way into work, you had looked over at him and smiled brilliantly at just that, and you couldn’t have been more happy than when he caught you peeking, and, with a startled look, asked you rather impatiently to “Keep your eyes on the road for the sake of the world!”. 

You had responded, “Yea, for the sake of MY world” and he had had a rather strange reaction. He had winced, then turned away and resumed looking out the window at the city roads passing by. 

You had wondered if maybe your comeback had been taken in the wrong context, but it bothered you the rest of the way to work, and continued to bother you as you sat on the bench. 

Watching the next person file in through the door, you stretch, and bring yourself to ramble on the same speech that you just had said about 20 minutes ago. 

“Hi, my name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, and I’m here to supervise your testing. Basically, what I want you to do is show me that you can un-holster, load, fire, and holster your weapon with accuracy, precision and speed. The last thing any agent needs in the field is an error with their gun that could end lives. 

If you could please follow me, we’re going to sit down at my desk, and I’m gonna get you to go over your paperwork and then we can officially begin. It should take 30-45 minutes, and the other supervisor, Mark, has another student in the next firing range over, so it may be bothersome, but you’re here to show me that you can focus”. 

The obviously nervous young woman nods her head, and you gesture to your desk. You were a trainer, supervisor and certified special agent of the FBI, but currently you were working as a supervisor with the new batch of students coming in to work their way up to agent status. 

Your job was to make sure their personal information was correct, and to make sure that, with confidence and security, you could advance them on. You needed to make sure that they knew their way around a gun, and could use one properly. 

“What’s your name?” you stare at her, and she starts to clear her throat before every answer, as if there’s a bundle of nerves caught. You knew the feeling, you had that feeling when you did your testing. 

“Vanesia Flox, 24 years old, from Tampa, Florida. I have 16 years of gun experience, as a hunter and target shooter”. She does a room sweep, stands up confidently, and un-holsters her gun. 

Instantly you spot a red flag, she drew it with no idea of where to aim. There was very clearly a large, red target to the back of you and yet she points it at you, yourself. 

You were in this situation more than once over your history as a trainer and supervisor, but you remember the day that that situation was almost deadly.

It was last year, and you had a student who was just passing the bar. You noted some aggression problems in your initial interview, and when he drew his gun, he had pointed it at you. 

When you had calmly said, “You drew it with ease, but you’re pointing it at me, which tells me that you weren’t set on the appropriate target. Doing that could lead to excess time trying to aim it and calibrate your surroundings again, and that could give the unsub time that they need to end your life, or make their move”. 

He had become angry, and fast, and the next thing you remembered was knowing what it was like to be shot. 

He had pulled the trigger at whatever he was aimed at, which happened to be your right shoulder. After months of intense physiotherapy and three operations, you still had trouble. 

Thinking of that, you set down your pen and smile, so does she. “Now Vanesia, you did that with clarity and precision, however you’re currently aimed at me. Can you see why that would be a problem?”. 

Forty minutes later, with an impressive passing result, she exited the room alongside you so that you could get some lunch, and turn in her paperwork.

You hand it to her, signed and sealed, and shake her hand. That’s when you spot Reid at your usual table, buried in a book and his lunch off to the side. You sling your bag around your good shoulder, and join him, kissing him gently on the cheek, as to not disturb him, before sitting down. 

“How was your morning?” you ask, opening your lunch, and he shrugs. “It was okay. JJ and Hotch are trying to decide over our next case”. He’s very to the point, and never looks up from the book. 

Your brow furrows, and you nod. “I was aimed at again this morning, but she recovered beautifully. I’m sure she’ll end up in the BAU as soon as she possibly can”. 

He nods, and you can just see the top of his head over the pages. You start to worry, what if you really upset him this morning? But even if you did, this wasn’t okay. 

When you had been shot, he had been the first on scene, and the last one in the hospital that night. You had talked to one another, and eventually, in physiotherapy one morning, he had stumbled over his words. 

He was spotting you, basically watching your work to assure that you were okay, and that you weren’t pushing yourself too hard. You had been on the rowing machine, trying to get a wider range of movement back in your shoulder, and he had said, 

“You know Ernest Hemingway once said, "You are so brave and quiet, I forget you are suffering”“. You had faltered in your row, and let it go, so that you could rest. 

"Did he? That’s a beautiful quote.. What brought that up?”. His face had flushed a beautiful red, and he had looked at his feet, his hair falling to cover his face. “I relate it to you. You don’t look like you’re in pain, or that you’re hurting.. You just keep going”. 

You had smiled, “Awe, thank you Spence. Wanna know what quote I relate to you?”. He had stayed silent for a few, fleeting moments, before mumbling a “Sure”. 

“It’s another Ernest Hemingway one, he says, "Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”. You want to know why I think that? Because you are the most wondrous person, your mind is incredible, and yet I struggle to find the supreme happiness in you". 

He had looked up, and smirked at you, a genuine smirk. “You know, I see you being happy a lot, but I live for that true, radiant happiness that come every once in a blue moon and takes over your face. Your eyes light up, you cheeks show that amazing smile, and you just glow. I live for that day, because I love it Spencer”. 

By that night, you were a couple. It was quick, but it was real, and yet now, as you sit across from him, he seems to have lost the reality. 

“Please Spence, tell me what’s wrong” you long for the truth, and he’s slow to give it to you. He sets down the novel, and you know that he was done it before you had even walked up and kissed him, but now you can actually see him. 

You see the bags under his eyes, and the slight pale tint that hides in his facial features. 

“Are you with me because of pity?” he says it without flinching, his eyes on your fingers, which were playing an invisible piano moments before but had now stopped dead. 

“Pardon me?” you stutter, and he shakes his head, his hair even more tossed about. “I want to know if you’re only with me because you pity me. You pity the geek who goes through books like food, you pity the lost little boy who has Mum issues, and has trouble finding exactly where he fits in. You pity me, everything about me”. 

You set down your water, and slide your hand closer to his. He pulls back, and you’re stuck, thinking about the moment this morning where he flinched. He thought you had been teasing him. 

“Reid.. How could you think that?” you feel hurt, and yet you know exactly how he feels at the same time. 

“Just tell me the truth” he replies, tentatively touching your outstretched hand. “Of course I don’t pity you” you answer. 

“If I pitied you, I would have told you the moment you said your Hemingway bit. All of those things you said? Your books, your intelligence, your Mum, fitting in.. I love you because of those things. 

Your books? You can show me worlds I would have never known through the books that you read. You can tell me all of those things, because you’ve taken yourself there. When you let me sit on your knee and you play with my hair and talk about the most recent novel you’ve read. I live for those days. 

Your intelligence? You can tell me so many things, and you can help me understand what I can’t. When I’m lost, I look to you to help me, because somewhere in that never-ending amount of brilliance there is something that will bring me back from the edge. When you hold me tight just by what you know. I live for those days

Your Mum? The fact that you had the strength to do what you did is part of the reason I love you so much. I know that you persevere, and yet despite what happened, you still love her and treat her with so much kindness and understanding that it shows me who you really are deep down, and that’s just like you are on the top. When you talk to me about how it all makes you feel, your worries and your strong points. I live for those days. 

Fitting in? Well for the love of all that is holy, I have pride in the fact that the love of my life doesn’t fit in. If you really wanted to, of course you could, but the beautiful thing is that you don’t. The moments when you look at me with such curiosity, and ask me how I make it so easy, is when I look back and tell you that it’s not worth making it easy. I live or those days. 

And you know what, I’ve changed my favourite Hemingway quote that makes me think of you. It’s now "And you’ll always love me, won’t you? Yes. And the rain won’t make any difference? No.” because no matter what happens, I will always love you, and there is not one ounce of pity in that love, except maybe when you struggle to explain a book, or when you struggle to understand your feelings, and if I were to ever pity you more than anything, it would be the day you decided to fit in. I promise you, I love you for the reality of us". 

He looks as if he’s been struck by lightning, and his hand closes around your own, and you slide over to join him. 

“Pity isn’t for the lion, nor is it for the lamb”

Examples of experimental models of human cancer and their use. Modelling human cancer in other organisms allows us to observe and monitor the effect of therapies against the cancer before actually administering it to patients. This is best done in animal models as their biology is most similar to humans’. Non-animal, eukaryotic models are still useful for studying oncogenic processes in pathways that are conserved between the model and humans.

Genetic strategies

Classical transgenic mice use a tissue-specific promoter to drive the expression of an gene. The aim is to express the gene only in a particular tissue, and see if it causes tumours to form. It should also identify driver and passenger mutations. The downfall of this strategy is that oncogenes usually acts to de-differentiate the cell, so that would switch off the promoter that is driving its expression, resulting in a self-inhibitory feedback loop. Classical knockout mice have one or both copies of a gene knocked out in the germline, so all cells have the knockout. This is good for studying sporadic versus familial loss of heterozygosity events, but there is no control over where and when that gene is deactivated.

Inducible systems include the tet on and tet off systems, where tetracycline/doxycyline results in the induction (tet on) or inhibition (tet off) of the transcription of a gene. In tet on, doxycyline binds a transactivator that drives transcription; in its absence, there is no transcription. In tet off, the transactivator binds the locus without doxycycline; in its presence, the transactivator dissociates from the gene.

Cre-lox systems work by recombining DNA across lox sites. Any sequences occurring in between the lox sites are said to be “floxed”, and is removed upon Cre presence.

The ER-Tam system is a switchable system that works on the protein level. Proteins fused with the estrogen recetor (ER) are not functional unless tamoxifen is present. Tamoxifen can be removed to make the protein nonfunctional again.

in vivo models

Mouse models are widely used due to their evolutionary and genetic similarity to humans. Differences do exist, such as telomere length and mutation rate. They can be the recipient of xenografts and their cancers largely resemble human cancers.

Flies and yeast do not get cancer, but instead serve as models for oncogenic pathways. They can be subject to genetic and chemical screens to identify putative driver mutations causing pathway deregulation, and to identify drugs that can combat such mutations.


Cell cultures are generally not useful for monitoring tumours, because tumours are complex organs made of many cell types, and culture conditions usually maximise prolferation. Organoid culture allows growth of organs in 3D from a patient biopsy. This can be subjected to functional assays, drug screens, and genome editing for truly personalised therapy that is specific to the patient. However, this shares a common downfall with cell culture in that there is no contribution from the tumour microenvironment in a culture.

Further reading:

  • Sharpless, N.E.; DePinho, R.A. 2006. “The mighty mouse: genetically engineered mouse models in cancer drug development.” Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 5 (9):741-754.
  • Vidal, M.; Cagan, R.L. 2006. “Drosophila models for cancer research.” Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 16:10-16.
  • Xu, H.; Tomaszewski, J.M.; McKay, M.J. 2011. “Can corruption of chromosome cohesion create a conduit to cancer?” Nature Reviews Cancer 11 (3):199-210.

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When the Kingdom of Colour had all it’s colour drained by a drought, the citizens perished. The only one who did not was Tawny Stardust, daughter of the King. Tawny is a witch, so she was able to stop herself from draining to white, but she was unable to help the rest of the kingdom. To honour those who passed, Tawny will re-populate the kingdom using suitors from fellow lands to bring colour back to the kingdom and honour the work of her father. A curse put on Tawny as a baby means that all the children will be girls. 

I gave in and I am doing a 100 baby challenge ;D I have honestly debated for weeks but I have decided to give it a go. I have been inspired by so many of your challenges but have my own take on things as usual. I decided not to have a white founder because the charm’s had one and I want to try and love both saves equally and not get bored of one. 

This will be the type of 100 baby challenge where there needs to be an heir to take over for the next generation. The heir will take their colour from the heir of their father, but keep Tawny’s eye colour to keep some of the heritage of her family. The heir must be a witch so she does not fade to white while the challenge is happening. So the requirements for the heir are father’s hair, mother’s eyes and witch powers. 

And so I need your baby daddies! Despite this challenge sounding like a supernatural or medieval challenge it isn’t, so normal daddies in normal clothing is absolutely fine. Please read these notes before sending me a daddy though:

  • I will be uploading the spares from the challenge, so you need to be okay with that. Full credit will go to you for being part of their genetics.
  • I am known for not finishing challenges, though I am trying to overcome that, but I don’t want to promise I will actually finish this (though I plan to give it a really good go). If I don’t finish it I may do a ‘what the children would have looked like’ but who knows.
  • Please send me .sim files only.
  • It’s absolutely fine for the daddy you ask me to use to be a sim you have already uploaded.

Either comment on the post or message me to reserve a spot. It will be first come first serve. I will need the first colour’s daddies asap so I can start the challenge. 

I’m only using 8 colours. This is a banilla/berry challenge.

Light Blue

1. Bluebrush Tiger-Noir simmerbutteryouth

2. Mar Azure  pixlle

3. Aero Mist Steel ninjaofthepurplethings

4. Sprite Opal nerdupthesims

5. Skylar Breeze winchestersims


1. Oasis Calico ♥ simacaroni

2. Tangelo Yam Carnelion  plushieplumbobs

3. Mango Zest  moontheberrysim

4. Pumpkin Foxtail cuteplumbbies

5. Spicey Melon Vixen shipofsims

Pale Pink

1. Peach Cider Blossom  space-sims

2. Harlequin Valentine faithtrustandpixels

3. Foxglove Folly apileofpixels

4. Rieger Keen shyplumbiess

5. rayscho


1. Basil Yarrow  ginn-x

2. simmersticious

3. katkitsimmer

4. Viper Moss Green whispersinthesims

5. Clover Wallace cdionnea1999-sims


1. Plum Violet  cityofheavenlysims

2. Merlot Pinot Noir ♥ berrysweetboutique

3. Plum Wisteria simphonious

4. Thistle Flox sportingsims

5. Oxalis Aubergine  readysetsim


1. Macaroon Corn popadopalissims

2. itsalexandraxosims

3. candy-candy-candy-candysims

4. Firefly Candle  lynekosims

5. Linden Mimosa blobsandberries

Hot Pink

1. Thulian Rouge sugarlumpies

2. Amaranth Papaya kraicha

3. Raven Lynch  sinfulwunders

4. fishiiiiiii

5. inverseoperasims 

Dark Blue

1. Azure Nile  elvination

2. Neptune Cadet  starblastedmuffin

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