"Flowy is a mobile game designed to combat panic attacks. Flowy aims to limit symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, all while playing puzzles designed to help your breathing, with kittens, monsters and robots!

We are designing Flowy to monitor your use and help you understand your triggers, give you the confidence to stop avoiding people or places, and alert you to seek help if your symptoms get worse.

Flowy uses Breathing Retraining Exercises to reduce the severity and frequency of panic attacks. Breathing Retraining Exercises have been proven to relieve the symptoms of a panic attack in 80% of cases.

We are absolutely committed to making sure that Flowy works. We are making sure it does by doing our research, collaborating with experts and by testing Flowy with people who experience anxiety and panic attacks.

We will also be clinically evaluating whether Flowy works with a pilot study assessing efficacy and feasability to be published later this year in collaboration with the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London. We promise to share our data with you.”

For all of those who suffer symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks, I thought I’d share this with everyone. My friend is part of the London-based research team who is currently working on this project, and though it’s not quite finished yet, you can definitely look forward to its official release :3
If you want to be updated on the progress & informed of the release of this game app, do feel free to check out and like their facebook page.
If you’d like to know more about this app and how it helps calm anxiety, or if you’d like to know if this game would be in any way effective for you, all the answers can be found on the app website.

If you’d like to contribute to the advancement of this app, you can take a survey that will help their pilot study they are currently conducting to maximize the effectiveness of the app :)

I hope this will help some of you out there dealing with such troubles, and please do spread the word and share with your friends & followers ; this might be exactly what they need!