The Glacier in the Winding Way
Howe Caverns, near Cobleskill, N.Y.

An almost pure white specimen of flowstone, having a glossy sheen which gives it an appearance of ice. Modern passenger elevators, electric lights, well-kept brick walks and pure air make the walk through the most spectacular natural wonder in Northeastern United States easy and never-to-be-forgotten.

ironshade  asked:

#Mailbag: So, how did Rath work exactly? Did the successive Evincars just steal swaths of people to populate it or did the artificial Plane pick up unwilling hitchhikers as it grew and "vibrated" through other Planes of the Multiverse? I've heard both explanations, but only the second one really explains those trapped in the Shadow world of not-quite-Rath. The second one also reminds me of Memnarch's Soul Net tech.

The Evincars needed samples of various landscapes to calibrate the flowstone to replicate it. Places like Skyshroud and Rootwater were taken wholesale from other worlds to provide a sort of template for Rath to form from.

The first such place taken would have had to have been the Stronghold’s volcano, but from where it was taken is a complete mystery. From the volcano, the rest of the world was created as flowstone was produced beneath, using geothermal heat as its energy source. Once the land expanded past a certain space, they began to abscond with land as a dual experiment. One to test the limits and practicality of their overlay technology, and the second as a means to acquire more raw resources, including land and labor. One such incursion is what ultimately killed the rogue bloodline researcher Gatha.

Aside from that, it is very important to note that Rath was not a rogue plane, but a stationary one because it occupied the same space as Dominaria. They had massive portals and very advanced technology acquired from Mercadia and Phyrexia that facilitated their more far reaching thefts.