Goals. This guy’s got skills for DAYS.

So I spin a glowing staff outside my dorm. Saturday night= drunk people. Sure I knew I was going to get attention. What I didn’t expect was for someone to look out their window, see me and then shout “GO LIGHTSABER BITCH!” Honestly, I like the name.


January 22 was the first #manitouflowjam of 2015!! It was truly exciting and empowering. There were so many types of flow artists and people willing to learn. Hoop, poi, flow wand, and staff. My happy moment of today was shared with a new friend who wanted to learn how hula hoop (@shewolfspirit) as well as someone who showed me a glimpse of hooping a few years ago. I nailed the ankle to leg hooping pop up. I have attempted it over 5 months now and today it clicked!! Come catch our jam every Thursday in #manitousprings!! Thank to everyone who showed today! #hooplove #coloradohoopers #gratefulhoopers #unityofthehulahoopers #hoopspam #hoopersofig #hoopflow #hoopfurthur #sacredcirle #flowwand #staff #flowstaff #poi #flowlife (at Soda Springs Park)

Who the fuck is awake rn? Thinking of posting a quick little clip of me spinning my flowstaff (when my last battery is finished charging). I just want to show you the colors for right now, I’m not trying to do anything incredible (yet) as I’ve just started and I don’t have a big enough space to practice anything other than simple spins and wrist rolls.

So I’m spinning my flow staff in the treehouse and these kids are walking down the road and go “flowtoys in the house!”

Proud as fuck that someone recognized it (well, I AM on the west coast where flowtoys warehouse is located, I think?), I replied “yeaaaaah!”

Then I thought I heard “upgrade your flow, son”

Yo, I’m working with a five foot staff in a tiny little roofed treehouse. Not much I can do here, “son.” 👌 Edit: except spin elsewhere probably 😵